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Hive Mind

Daniel Martin-McCormick's Ital project finds a new home and its first full length release on Planet Mu. It's clear to see why Mike Paradinas has signed this material as there is something quite charming about the sound and the simplistic approach to its creation. 'Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him)' samples fragments of Lady Gaga and Wh...view item »

You Stand Uncertain

I like this NY champs stuff. Coming from a junglist background hasn't decimated his love for more soulful grooves. His output is pretty consistent, quality-wise and you're always gonna be on safe ground when a record opens with a guest vocal spot from the gorgeous Anneka. Her silky dream-like voice glides along, virtually dripping off the...view item »

Chesus & Organ Grinder

Cooly G
Playin' Me

I love Cooly G, from the moment I first heard her mix for Fact some years back I knew this was someone to follow. Buying up pretty much all she has released the standard remains high. Early tracks like Narst and Weekend Fly marry dubstep, deep house and futuristic hip hop sounds to create a sound that is somehow uni...view item »

SFV Acid
SFV Acid #2

Really like SFV ACID, a.k.a Reseda, California’s Zane Reynolds. His debut for PPM (‘New West Coast’) and the recent 12” he put out on 100% Silk were both sick. Zane returns with a ‘sort of’ new album in the guise of SFV ACID Vol #2, which is, infact, a c...view item »

Last Days Of 1984
Wake Up To The Waves

Judging by the cover of this CD I thought it was going to be some kind of twee psych-pop, but actually what is on the disc is Balearic hippie ecstasy music. Lotsa synths, echoey motivational vocals and lazy summer holiday beats. It's alright....view item »

Cupp Cave
Retina Waves

The debut release from Ramp Recordings (impressively on vinyl as well as budget priced CD) almost got into difficulties being only millimetres away from touching my discarded apple which was stupidly left on the desk. Yes, I have not heard of bins. Following that near-disaster, I'm really...view item »

Steve Moore
Primitive Neural Pathways/Vaalbara

Right. Busy Lady has just wet her knick-knacks over the list of this chap's expensive synths. His synths are so amazing & sought-after that he probably keeps them in a titanium lined nuclear bunker deep in a forest. Where currently he doodles around and builds authentic homages to Jean Michel-Jarre, the only 70's synth pioneer it's not actua...view item »

Vision Quest One - Spaceships Over Topanga

Vision Quest. A native American rite of passage, but more importantly a classic eighties high school wrestling drama featuring Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino. You might know it as Crazy For You, since they wanted to cash in on the mint Madonna theme tune in some markets. Topanga. A canyon, but more importantly the girl from Boy Meets World ...view item »

†‡† (Ritualz) Vs. Fostercare

Magic Touch
I Can Feel The Heat

This is the work of Damon Palermo (Mi Ami/Jonas Reinhardt) and here he's in full on disco swing looping up a sax riff and a whole tonne of samples for an upbeat disco stomper that echoes the likes of folks that have done this before; Armando (tune I cant think of its name), Paul Johnson, Daft Punk, Anthony Shakir, etc. and a ton of Chicago (...view item »

Black Devil Disco Club

Pharoah Roche/ The Unknown Stuntman
The E By Gum EP

Lazer Sword
Lazer Sword

I'm a big fan of complex kick/snare combo, synthesised piano and funky sounds. These guys have that in spades. Quality is exactly what you would expect from these fine gentlemen. Crazy chopped up beats and sci-fi reverb effects blended with vocal loops and the occasional lyrical track, which is always so far off centre it's not even in the same ...view item »

DJ Roc
The Crack Capone

OK, I'm not gonna make any claims to understanding anything about the mechanics of, or the artist's involved in Chicago's vibrant Juke scene, neither will I make any claims to understanding why a UK electro label Planet Mu would want to expose this music to a public and culture that probably doesn't really 'get' what the phenomena is all about. ...view item »


At first you would immediately label this album 'cheesy' and simular to music that was made on a child's toy. The thing is the longer you let it play the better it gets and then when you play it again it shows it true grit!! Aksel Schaufler from German, aka Superpitcher, really does know how to make some tunes and the arrangement/production on t...view item »

The Prodigy

This is an album that you really have to listen to several times before you can really appreciate it. If all you know about Prodigy is Breathe and Firestarter, then you might be disappointed by this album because it is nothing like The Fat of the Land. The first 3 tracks are the best especially Jericho and Wind It Up. By the end of the album, th...view item »

Girl Talk

Girl Talk continues his copyright-smashing on Unstoppable, a marked improvement over Secret Diary. He's starting to pull his ideas together here, so that "All Eyes on Me" has a solid line to unify its snips and cuts. The dirty-minded "Non-Stop Party Now" has some of his (soon-to-be-famous) juxtapositions coming in; "Bodies Hit the Floor" continu...view item »

Bomb The Bass
Back To Light

Tom Simenon of Bomb The Bass has largely ditched the sample-heavy Hip Hop sound of his earlier hits (songs like "Beat dis", "Megablast" or "Winter in July") for a more sublime Eurodisco sound (akin to Pet Shop Boys or Delphic) more in line with 2008's "Future chaos", although this is a bit more upbeat than that largely melancholic effort. My fav...view item »

Hercules & Love Affair

Scotty Coats & Wes The Mes
Double Fisted

A Touch of Class
A Touch Of Class Still Sucks

The mixing is tight, there's plenty of energy and it strikes a fine balance between eclecticism and monotony. But in the end, too much of this just seems like uninteresting pop rock fused with dance elements we've heard before. No doubt this album would go over well in a club or at a party because there are plenty of dancers and listeners who wi...view item »

Justus Kohncke/Nerk Dirk Leyers
Speicher 43

Daft Punk
Human After All

Alright, let's get the criticisms out the way first: Yes, it was rush-recorded. Yes, the sound has that experimental/demo quality. Yes, it's arty, over-repetitive and minimalistic. But despite all this, Human After All remains a very good album, although it's still seen by many as a sharp contrast to Discovery that pretty much broke the hearts o...view item »

Dirty Dancing

Sometimes thing are really hard to label, Swayzak is hard to label, it's not techno, it's certainly not house, it's not ambient, it's not electro it's whatever. It is however very minimal clear cut tech, with a hint of electro (80's) and even goth (track #3). I have to be honest, I never was a big Swayzak fan but this album it just excellent, ev...view item »

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