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DJ Rashad
Double Cup

Chicago footwork master DJ Rashad gets busy on his MPC for his third Hyperdub emission and first full length album proper with ‘Double Cup’. If you’re familiar with the term “Drank” then you’ll know what that means. Thsi 2LP/ CD is packed with some...view item »

Daft Punk
Alive 2007

Some electro purity from the club barons Daft Punk. Alive 2007 is their double Grammy winning live experience. Paving the way for so much of the populous EDM of today, they show their live chops and prove their ability to work a crowd. Featuring favorites from Homework and Discovery on this 4LP coloured vinyl/book/...view item »

Theo Parrish
Black Jazz Signature

Arguably one of the world’s most important underground dance music producer/DJs lends his hands to selecting and mixing a set of jazz and funk records licensed from and originally released on the Black Jazz label 1971-1976. Theo gives special attention to fellow Chicago musicians The Awakening (3 consecutive t...view item »

Patrick Cowley
School Daze

A unique compilation of works from the late electronic pioneer Patrick Cowley. School Daze features over eighty minutes of music from two gay porn films 'Muscle Up' and 'School Daze'. From Moroder-esque synths to musique concrete it’s a remarkable testament to his compositional skill and wide-ranging ambitions. Ou...view item »

Bombay Disco Volume 2

Cultures Of Soul take you deeper into the bazaars of India than any other label. A second Bombay Disco adventure is upon us. Gleaming disco explorations, marching funk and hidden alley grooves will get your skeleton going. Greats on this include B Lahiri, A Bhosle and RD...view item »

Happy Meals

Minimalist disco and sultry synths are the order of the day on Glasgow-dwelling duo Happy Meals's debut album. Boyfriend / girlfriend Lewis Cook and Suzanne Rodden have been making sweet music together since high school. Cook is also a member of Scotland's premier Hawkwind tribute band, trivia fans! On vinyl or CD. Do you want fries with th...view item »

Disco 2: A Further Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1976-80 

Disco 2: A Further Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1976-80, to give it its lovely full title, is a premium collection of just that, compiled by the good sorts at Soul Jazz. Plenty of gorgeous material you might not have heard here. Released as two separate double LPs, or as a double CD set....view item »

Seth Troxler

The latest installment in the DJ Kicks series sees Seth Troxler stepping up to the decks. This isn’t a peak-hour club mix, but one that can be enjoyed in multiple scenarios. Tracks from Derrick Carter, Herbert and Sun Ra to name but a few. Different tracklistings ...view item »


These guys really found their sound in Diver. No song on this album is filler, they all have their moment and message. You will definitely have at least one song on this LP speak to you in a way that makes it all worth it, if not the majority like I did. This is masterfully crafted and a work of art, you can't go wrong here if you love dance/ele...view item »

Clay Pedrini
New Dream

‘New Dream’ is released as part of series of rare Italo Disco club hit reissues from Dark Entries Editions. Originally released in 1984, it is Milan musician and singer Clay Pedrini’s only single release. Pedrini’s fusion of electronic and analogue instruments made him an influential player in the eighties electro Italo s...view item »

The Chemical Brothers
Born In The Echoes

Brand new, full length record from The Chemical Brothers, the first in quite some time! These massive dance-smash tracks are full of familiar Chemical goodness, though also reinvigorated with some 2015 energy. Vocalists include Beck, Q-Tip and St Vincent! CD, de...view item »

Jabru / Will Saul & Komon
Church feat. Joel Culpepper / Two For One

The next instalment of the neat little DJ-Kicks format of putting a new original track next to a remix of same, providing instant fresh perspectives. Jabru with Joel Culpepper (plus a Zedd Bias reworking) on the A side, Will Saul & Kommon (with an Appleblim ...view item »

Eats Tapes
Sticky Buttons

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Secret Diary

The superb synthpop soundtrack to 2011’s ‘Drive’ has been a resounding success and a strong seller here over the past year or two. It’s already made a minor star of Kavinsky, whose slick debut LP of electro-house synth wizardr...view item »


I turned the stereo off when the new Chromeo single came on yesterday. 'Tenderoni' is the cheesiest pile of sub disco toss I've heard in ages. Naff vocoder vocals... why oh why? This has some horrendous sound effects in it...... What is it with everyone sounding like a shitter version of Daft Punk these days. Check out some late 70's Stevie Wonder ...view item »

House of Beni

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Major Lazer
Peace is the Mission

Major Lazer is a dancehall collective headed by Grammy nominated producer Diplo in collaboration with Walshy Fire and Jillionaire. ‘Peace Is The Mission’ will be their third studio album featuring an impressive collection of guest contributions from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Elliphant, Wild Belle, MØ, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Tra...view item »

Hardcourage (Album)

Falty DL has been causing an increasing stir, his work on Planet Mu becoming increasingly accomplished, not least the Love Is A Liability long player that is increasingly looking like a classic in its genre. So what of the move to Ninja Tune? Well Dre...view item »

Cerrone IV - The Golden Touch

Apparently there’s never enough European French disco to go around. Straight from the late 70s, Cerrone is finally being reissued on vinyl. We know this is the moment you’ve been dreaming of ever since you heard Music of Life, so that’s why Cerrone IV - the Golden Touch is brought back to life...view item »

Cerrone VII - You Are The One

Definitely one of Cerrone’s even more groovier efforts, Cerrone VII - You Are the One is an undisputed classic among the lively crowd of Cerrone connoisseurs. Originally released in 1980, it has stood the time as a boogyin, swingin, transposin and high pitched masterpiece of disco europop. Get your boogie on!...view item »

Marquis Hawkes
Raw Materials

Dancefloor beat pioneer Marquis Hawkes’ latest release ‘Raw Materials’ revisits the primal house rhythms he made a name for himself with during his time with Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Citing influences such as house originators Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt and Roy Davis Jr, ‘Raw Materials’ title track is a dreamy analogue...view item »

Tropical Disco Hustle Volume 2

There is surely no title like Tropical Disco Hustle to prompt happiness and a will to dance… apart from Tropical Disco Hustle 2! This carefully compiled collection is full of tracks both classic and rare from various Caribbean countries, and is delicious as you might expect. Double LP or CD from Cultures of Soul....view item »

Disco Dildar

The fantastic Finders Keepers has dug deep once again, this time into some mighty fine Indian and Pakistani party tunes to create Disco Dildar. It’s funky and plain crazy synth, drum machine tunes in the same vein as those great obscure pop odd-balls such as William Onyeabor or Bru...view item »

Who Do You Love? Feat. Robyn

Cheerful and upbeat vocals dance over a phat 80s beat on Who Do You Love? Robyn’s singing is nicely supported by Kindness’ thick organs and strings, which provide an overall religious experience. EP includes remixes by the three Js (Jam City, Joakim and ...view item »

& Also With You

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Bob Chance
It's Broken

Oh bloody hell what on earth have they gone and released now? Its some kind of madcap release from 1980 by Bob Chance who looks like a cross between Tony Hancock and Lee Trevino. The sleeve notes, of course, are suggesting a lost genius  - a phrase at odds with the first track &lsquo...view item »

Ghost Culture
Ghost Culture

Sultry synth-pop with just the right amount of sleaze in its crisp arpeggios and ice-cold vocals. Ghost Culture’s debut for Because is a dancefloor romance that’s never left the bedroom and an extremely confident debut connecting up snotty electroclash and lonely 1980s new wave reference points. Gatefold vinyl LP and...view item »

Bjørn Torske

Supremely smooth vibes for all who feel best served in the morning by coffee and dub: Trobel is Bjorn Torske offering us a wild ride but then flattening it out into sweet, inoffensive beats; he carries out a few controlled synth implosions here and there, keeping the mood light and easy. A little bit...view item »
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Klein & MBO
Dirty Talk

Total electronic immersion from Klein & MBO. The classic Dirty Talk is getting a face lift from the likes of Ruf Dug, Daniele Baldeli & DJ Rocca and Toby Tobias. Oozing with futuristic disco sleaze, italo funk and deliciously robotic drum machines, you'll wonder where you put your origin...view item »

TX Connect
Trixxter EP

Getting dangerously loose with TX Connect. Trixxter EP is the new release from the mysterious Texan. This synth-centric record will frazzle all yer brains with the squelchy groove of "Trixxer" before spooking you into dancing with the unearthly "Intramountains", and finishing with a journey...view item »

Marcellus Pittman
Do You Like Music EP

Doing it for the thrill with Marcellus Pittman. Do You Like Music EP is another scorcher from one of Detroit’s finest. Bringing it down a bpm or two for three slices of groovy & spaced out house numbers. With all yer favourite drum machines, atmospheric synths and raw production you would expect...view item »

The Prodigy
The Day Is My Enemy

The Day Is My Enemy is the new album by The Prodigy. It’s an album for people who like The Prodigy, like Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe who saw fit to award his accolade of Hottest Record In The World to the typically uncompromising new single, Nasty. Today Is My Enemy is available...view item »

Daft Punk
Alive 1997

Live album from the kings of contemporary electronica Daft Punk recorded in Birmingham’s Que Club way back in 1997 when they had just released their debut album. The roar of the crowd as they drop funky melodies and awesome beats gives this album a real exciting ambience. A must have for fans of the duo. On vinyl....view item »

Basement Jaxx
The Singles

House duo Basement Jaxx made a lot of prime pop cuts back when the 1900s switched over to that weird new era called the 2000s, primarily hitting it big with the boisterous and in-your-face "Where's Your Head At". 'Singles' is their definitive collection, and it's now being issued on vinyl for the first time. Some might say the Basement Jaxx subv...view item »

Myron & E
Do It Disco

Woo! It’s funky fun times in review corner as the platter is graced with Do It Do It Disco, a glossy 12” single from Stones Throw which captures the spirit of that lad or lass doing endless pirouettes in the centre of a loud, packed room. Weirdly, the press info claims it to be an homage to sleeves - that’s right, slee...view item »

The Cyclist
Bones In Motion

Fuzzy house musician The Cyclist continues to send his vibes over from Northern Ireland with 'Bones In Motion', his new record for Leaving Records and the follow-up to 'Dual Form' on that label. The record brings together two distinct aesthetics -- tape music and traditional electronica -- and sees what it's like when they intersect.&n...view item »

Da Sampla
West Side Sessions

Disco samples and drum machines; these are rawest-of-the-raw, analogue house jams from Da Sampla, one of Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir’s pseudonyms. As well as collaborating on some of the sessions, Detroit techno veteran Kyle Hall’s record label have outdone themselves with this package, a 12” and 7&rdquo...view item »

EX (Performed live at the Guggenheim, NYC)

Plastikman’s new album ‘EX’ is the first album release since 2003’s ‘Closer’ and was recorded live at the Guggenheim, New York’s iconic art museum. This very special performance was at t...view item »

Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxxx are a Venezuelan three-piece samba-tech boom-bap outfit famed for sporting used girls underwear purchased from japanese street vending machines and wearing those hi-vis jackets like men what work on motorways do and also the Sir Julian Copes who, whilst presenting Top of the Pops, once did too. They have different groovy hairstyle...view item »

Shit Robot
We Got a Love

Second album from Shit Robot a.k.a Marcus Lambkin for the prestigious DFA label and it’s an all-star affair with the likes of Jamie Lidell, Townsell (jackin’ it), Reggie Watts, Museum Of Love, ...view item »

The Peak Twins
Pump Me Up

New York DJs Lloydski (Night People/Tiki Disco/Dither Down) and Ter Khan Lawrence (Nurvous) join forces as The Peak Twins with this debut 12" on Dither Down. Two fresh cuts of bouncy rave-inspired (have you seen that video?) NY house full of repetitive sample snippets and crisp beats, plus an Ultracity re...view item »
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Art Fine
Dark Silence

Art Fine was the duo of Fabrice Bellini (electronics, vocals) and Rush Blakemann (guitar, synthesizer) from Tuin, Italy. They met in art school and became friends, inspired by New Wave, dance and electronic music. They recorded their only single “Dark Silence” in November of 1984, which was released by Discomagic in 1985.  Fabri...view item »

Pipe Bomb

Elusive Chicago native Andres Ordonez aka Speckter, releases his debut 12” on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature Label. Like always, Theo seems to know what is good for you, especially with this mysterious stratospheric sledgehammer. Beginning life in 2006 and handed out to few as a CD-R, “Pipe Bomb” was left in white...view item »

Prins Thomas

Without wanting to show off too much and stick to a tradition that he has developed over his previous two albums, I and II, Prins Thomas decided to call his third long-player, III. Thomas does admit, however, that musically it belongs somewhere between his first two albums, less freeform than his first...view item »

Bobby B
History / So True

A moody pair of deep house numbers from Bobby B. After a couple of EPs on 100% Silk as Bobby Browser, Andre Ferreira showcases his deft touch with these blissed-out tracks. A subtle nod to Detroit and an underlying California warmth provide the two poles of this release. The second 12” features intriguing remixes from ...view item »
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My Own Blood

Blacksmif is wearing his heart on his sleeve on this one. My Own Blood is the enigmatic Londoners newest single release. Rooted around a gently anguished vocal about self-confessed 'fucked up' family issues, it slowly builds with ethereal synths and minimal housey percussion. Out on 12" vinyl from RAMP....view item »
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Everyone needs some Kompakt in their life from time to time don’t they? The Cologne electronic label has long been teaching the value of repeating the beautiful sonic slice into infinity, and this new 12” from Coma is no exception. Atlantis contains three delicious tracks, and will quite possibly make you ha...view item »

Hercules & Love Affair
The Feast Of The Broken Heart

Get on your spandex and pop a gary or five with Hercules & Love Affair. The Feast Of The Broken Heart is the third full length from the pi-atti starters. This one is packed with all your favourite synths, bass grooves, hot vocal hooks and classic house kicks, hats and snares. A strong 90s vibe through...view item »

Kyle Hall
Girl U So Strong / Take Me Away

More fairly imprenetable stuff but this time the bleeps and bloops start to forge a cohesive pattern and half way through ‘Girl U So Strong’ starts to make a kind of wayward sense. Its post dubstep, cut and spliced with some huge bassy tones jutting like shards out the mix. Flip it and there’s a speedy piece of four to the floo...view item »

10 Years Of Full Pupp: Selected, Edited and Mixed by Prins Thomas

Getting you up and most definitely onto your feet with 10 Years Of Full Pupp: Selected, Edited and Mixed by Prins Thomas. Lovingly assembled and brimming with enough electronics to shame NASA, is this retrospective look at Thomas' Full Pupp label. Thirty two cuts of grooves, pops, synths and drum machines from a multitude...view item »

Wild Beasts
A Simple Beautiful Truth

Clint just walked into the office as I was cranking up this hand-stamped white label on the old plate warmer over there. He laughed and exclaimed that he'd had a dream last night that he was at work reviewing this very record. I saved a man from his dreams coming true. What an awful cad I am! Clint is the resident office 'Beasts fan but ...view item »

Principles Of Geometry

A 12” vinyl from Principles of Geometry, here we have the single Streamsters, a lush '80s synth tune which flirts with soul through the vocals of 1970s/80s duo the Alessi Brothers, and it even breaks into some kind of sonic trance music with those glistening synths building ever higher. Re...view item »
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Mental Space / Human Science

Really been enjoying this 12” by Madder Modes. It delves full on into deep house territory with some low end bass rumbles and clattery percussion. Crucially this is married with some eerie synth style noises and dub inflected percussion rattles resulting in a beautifully soulful track, probably more at home in your minimal loft apartment r...view item »

De Lux

Skateboard tricksters Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco make up LA duo De Lux. Voyage is their debut album. Their sound can be described as new romantic punk meets LCD Soundsystem with elements of Talking Heads and Brian Eno. If you didn’t know any better you would ass...view item »

Steve Mason
Greg Wilson and Derek Kaye Remixes

The Twins
You've Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic)

'You've Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic)' has to be my favourite song title of the day. Here's a 12" of epic late-night house darkness from mysterious international duo Twins. The sides play at different speeds and there is absolutely nothing in the artwork to even hint towards this, which means I just accidentally found the first two minut...view item »

Brandt Brauer Frick

Techno is good, but a techno mix is better. You know this. We know this. Brandt Brauer Frick definitely know this, and their DJ Kicks mix drives the point home. With two vinyl records thumping onward, they have made it possible for you to lose yourself in smooth mixes of today’s finest techno artists....view item »

Justus Kohncke
Justus Kohncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band

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Samantha Vacation
Samantha's Vacation / Postcards From Mssr Perdu

Twisty mutated house from Samantha Vacation. Here first 12” release for L.I.E.S, White Label consists of two side long tracks that fuse Detroit techno, bass music and a definite leaning towards a headphone listening experience. It’s wickedly warped and a little uneasy. Out on 12” vinyl from L.I.E.S....view item »
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Films & Windows Remixed

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Saâda Bonaire
Saada Bonaire

I’m so obsessed with the ‘80’s these days that I’m seriously considering buying a ticket to ‘Lets Rock Leeds Live’ - the family friendly 80’s festival featuring Alexander O’Neal, Brother Beyond and Nick Heyward amongst others. C’mon it will be great.   Sadly not confirmed to play...view item »

Hayat Zor EP

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Nosaj Thing
Home Remixes

Lace Curtain
Falling / Running EP

This record has a sticker on it declaring it the “New project from Mikey Young, David West and James Vinciguerra from Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox et al&rd...view item »

Films & Windows

Been quite enamoured of this guy for a while, although his albums seem to be a little on the scarce side so I sadly don't own anything by him. However, this one is shaping up to be one of my favourite minimal albums of the modern age. Shaking off the old emo-house tag he and his own highly regarded Dial imprint...view item »

Daniel Avery
Drone Logic

Despite pretty much just listening to electronic music these days I rarely write about it. I don’t really know why that is but looking at the records I’ve listened to and enjoyed the most this year they all seem to be electronic. Daniel Avery is a new name to me but it looks like he’s been knocking about for a while and has gar...view item »

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra
Vendetta (Mark Pritchard & Marcellus Pittman Remixes)

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That Magik

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Dream On

Dark Acid

This is the first in the tasty Dark Acid series of 12s exploring the outer reaches of techno / dance / acid...and if that sounds too vague for you I can only recommend diving right on in. Those Clan Destine folks are on curation duty, taking us on some dark techno journeys from Dungeon Acid, Ron Hardly, ...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £3.40

TD-W700 / Leazes

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

Kai "KZR" Alce
World Causes EP

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Lrusse & Bleecker
Dot Product

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Kowton Vs. Bashmore
Mirror Song EP

Jamie Hustle
Pleasure Dome

  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £2.74

John Roberts

I thought I’d show this some love as it’s a really lush sounding album and I was really into John Roberts previous album ‘Glass Eights’. Basically what we have here is some expertly-crafted, adventurous, deep house music. There’s an oriental, playful feel running th...view item »

Kirk Degiorgio
Presents Sambatek - The Remixes

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Christian Piers
Clocked Decay

  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49

Raw Solutions

Left My Heart Some Place Grooved EP

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

Drum Patter

Royal Dust
Royal Dust

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Acid : Mysterons Invade The Jackin' Zone Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1986-1993

Soul Jazz follow up their 'Can You Jack?' compilation from some years ago with this dual 2LP / 2CD set compiling some gems from the golden era of house music 1986-93. Chicago house / acid house in one of my real musical passions. To this day I still discover lost gems and obscurities that excite me. This collection bundles together a ...view item »

It's Quite

  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49

My Orbit

Karen Gwyer
Needs Continuum

I’m so tired today I misread the press release of this. It says she “makes slow-burning and sexy ‘bath house’” and I read that as bath noises... Making slow-burning and sexy bath noises is a world apart from bath house! Either way she’s in the bath and cleanliness is next to godliness and you gotta love a clea...view item »

Tony Carey
Explorer + Yellow Power

Black Strobe
The Girl From The Bayou

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Roots EP


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Selfish Beat

A Night At The Hac

Ignore EP

This is great, if you sometimes steer clear of Hyperdub due to the dark dubstep, then look back in, as this is funky, good time electro boogie deep house type dubstep that you wiggle your bum as you're doing the washing up and pretending that your getting down at 2 in the morning at an inclusive, but word of mouth,...view item »

Don't Be Shy

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  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Hercules & Love Affair

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Elbee Bad, The Prince Of Dance Music
The True Story Of House Music

  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £6.49

By Your Side

Chesus & Organ Grinder

  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £3.74

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