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Larry Levan's Paradise Garage - The Legend Of Dance Music Vol. 4

Larry Levan’s colossal reputation still grabs the attention today, many years after the end of the original Paradise Garage where he held court. This compilation is the fourth installment of Levan’s own favourite cuts from the world of original disco, and it contains three whole LPs-worth of funky gr...view item »


After a couple of EPs on World Building and All Caps, Vancouver based producer brings two versions of his Dvote track onto wax through Pacific Rhythm. A smooth and groovy house track focused around a thick bassline and heavily edited vocal sample turned hook taken from Robin S’s Show Me Love. Deep groove....view item »

Fred Schneider and the Superions
The Vertical Mind

Fred Schneider is of course known to us all as a member of party-starters The B-52s, but here he is backed by his new group The Superions. The Vertical Mind is also stacked with party power though, being a wryly amused set of pop-disco-new wave thrillers. Good fun stuff, released by Hap...view item »

Benjamin Ball
I Just Keep Dancing

Taken from Benjamin Ball’s 1984 debut album Paulina and the second single taken from Cultures of Soul’s Boogie Breakdown compilation of South African synth disco alongside The Cannibals and Harari. Contains original disco boogie mix, backed with an edit by Boston de...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys singles always get the proper old-school pop 12” treatment, and Undertow, the latest from their recent Super record, is no exception! The track itself gets remixed twice by Tuff City Kids, while Baba Stiltz gets to work on ‘Burn’. Plus a new vers...view item »

KMFH (Kyle Hall)
The Boat Party

New Build
Misery Loves Company

Hot Chip. It's fair to say I'm no fan. Still, I'm a very nice man really so I'll put all my prejudices aside and take this New Build record on its own terms. It features two members of Hot Chip alongside another chap called Tom. According to the press release they aspire to &l...view item »
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Todd Terje feat. Det Gylne Triangel
Maskindans / Erol Alkan Rework

Todd Terje teams up with 80's Norwegian synth-pop veteran Det Glyne Triangel for his latest slab of disco wax, get yourself down to his smooth and crispy lounge dance while driving through downtown New York in your Delorean with your jacket sleeves rolled up, remix duties turn to recent Ride producer Erol Alkan....view item »

The Boom Not The Slump Is The Time For Austerity

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Sir Stephen
House Of Regalia

Massively indebted to the Brand New Heavies and Black Box,  this is an album full of house so retro you’d swear you were working in a petrol station in Wetherby and it was 1992. The title track is a virtual re-write of Technotronic’s ‘Pump Up the Jam’. Elsewhe...view item »

Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter
Mister Saturday Night, Then & Now

What started as “just” a party became a movement. Now, 250 parties later residents of Mister Saturday Night have put together this compilation of tracks which they feel define what it’s all about. Includes Kerrier District, Marcellus Pittman, Dennis Ferrer, and...view item »

Replicant Moods


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White Haus
White Haus EP

White Haus is the alter-ego of ex X-Wife chappie Joao Vieira, who’s pulling no punches on this debut EP of hard-hitting post-punk house action. The obvious comparison here would be LCD Soundsystem, keeping a chaotic live vibe going with dense polyrhythms and cheeky neon synths and ice cool spoken vocal...view item »
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Nick Höppner

A resident at Berghain’s Panorama bar and label manager at Ostgut until he resigned in 2012 to commit to his solo productions, Nick Höppner has since released 6 EPs and is now on his second full length for Ostgut. Refining his techno production to perfection Work spans all corners of the genre and beyond, fro...view item »

D. Wilson & L. Carson
Tracks From The Tape

Theo Parrish has unearthed a pair of previously unreleased vintage Chicago, late 80’s acid house gems and given them a well deserved vinyl issue via his Sound Signature label. I adore this golden era of house music. You can hear how stuff like this booming out...view item »

Dan Lissvik

First post-birth (of his baby, not of Dan himself) album from Dan Lissvik, who used to play in Studio. Midnight is so titled because that's when Lissvik could creep away from his fatherhood duties to tinker with sounds. And these 8 cuts do have a late-night swing to the...view item »

Body2Body2Body EP

NO ZU drag a pair of tracks off of their Afterlife album and hand them over to Jonny Sender of Konk and legendary band A Certain Ratio for reversioning. The latter is particularly interesting, as it marks the first time in eight years that the Ratio hav...view item »


Remastered specifically for vinyl re-pressing, Marilyn is the 1985 creation of Italian disco project of Flying. This is clearly the brainchild of two minds that were locked firmly in the science behind legendary synth instrumentation such as the Roland Jupiter-8 and the Elka Synthex. Retro gold. ...view item »

Panthera Krause
Solar System

After a couple of EPs on Riotvand and Uncanny Valley, Panthera Krause returns to Lobster Theramin with a huge EP filled to the brim with all corners of dance music covered. Acidic house, driving arpeggiated techno, and a couple of deep and chilled numbers. Pretty useful, a track for every time of day....view item »

New Jackson
From Night to Night

From Night To Night is New Jackson’s first full-length album, and it pleasingly takes the proper approach of working to the album format rather than stringing together lots of 12”-suitable cuts. Make no mistake, much of this record is made up of clubtastic deep house tracks: but ambient passages and careful ...view item »

Ron Trent

The Chicago house kingpin that is Ron Trent gets on with his ‘Dancefloor Boogie Delites’ series of 12”s with Touch. These two new tracks are smooth and sweet and slickly funky, with absolutely everything you’d want from a Trent house classic. 12” vinyl release on the Music ...view item »

Guy Cuevas

Originally released on Island Records in 1982 Guy Cuevas’s smooth and soulful boogie slant on the disco sound made him pretty much legendary. A DJ at Le Palace in Paris his sound was iconic, injecting heightened sensuality into the mix. Reissued and limited Trad Vibe bring the original layout with two mixes of Obsessio...view item »

Braccio D’oco
Baby Steps EP

Pépé Bradock and Braccio D’oco present four tracks of somewhat weirded electronics. The Baby Steps EP sounds like a computer has been taught how to generate danceable electronic music by itself, but has fudged the process somewhat and produced these stuttering oddities instead. Delic...view item »

Planing / Sickos

Sami, the producer from Washington DC with fingers in the 1432 R pie, has cut two new tracks just especially for your listening pleasure. Planing is led by a breezy jazz-cool flute part hovering over some major drum machine clatter, and B-side Sickos is just as much of a big-hitting swinger. Good dancing times ...view item »
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Hifi Sean
Ft. Excursions

Hifi Sean is indeed Sean Dickson from late 80s indie band the Soupdragons but whilst a lot of his contemporaries are busy totting up the reformation money he's pushing forward making fun and danceable music or "electronic psychedelic soul" as he self-describes. Here he's reworked a bunch of the tracks but what is startling ...view item »

Jerome Derradji & Rob Sevier Present
The American Boogie Down

In celebrating a decade of the disco-infused funk of Jerome Derradji & Rob Sevier Present, comes a vinyl pressing of a stonewall classic - The American Boogie Down. Including an exclusive poster and liner notes by Sevier, this re-issue is a treat not to be missed fans and lovers of the genre i...view item »

Clinically Blasé

Whilst its tasty selection of rhythms and groove's are firmly rooted in a retro glut of dancefloor-ready genre's, M.O.O.N's blend amounts to a much more forward thinking method. On this occasion, Clinically Blase is a 10-track slice of synth-heavy and jazz-chord-fuelled expedition....view item »

Throwing Snow
Mosaic VIPs

Three tracks from Throwing Snow’s full length LP Mosaic, remixed for Record Store Day. On this limited edition EP (340 for the UK and Ireland) his tracks have attained a catchy feel, geared towards opening sets or the last songs you listen to before you head out to the party. A must-have for the collectors!...view item »

God Song (Frank Wiedemann Remixes)

Record store day release of Toydrum’s God Song, taken from their Evangelist album made with Gavin Clark and has been remixed by German producer Frank Wiedemann (Âme/ The Howling) and turned into a thumping, synth-heavy house track. ...view item »

Stump Valley

Stump Valley claim to have moved all their studio gear out into the woods when they sat down to record this release. Although that feels a little doubtful (all those synths and drum machines sure sound connected to a power supply), the blissful unhurried tone of these Balearic-style recordings feels about right for such a contex...view item »
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The Chemical Brothers
We Are The Night

The Godfathers of British electronica, The Chemical Brothers, have repackaged their sixth and stonewall classic full-length release - We Are The Night. Boasting its original sleeve artwork, this re-release is a must for any fan of one of the most inspiring, unique and pioneering groups their genre...view item »

The Music Scene

Arthur Russell / Dinosaur L
The Definitive Sleeping Bag Recordings

Christmas has come a little early for Arthur Russell enthusiasts with this dazzling deluxe 4LP set in a hand silk-screened box printed in red and metallic silver inks. The set expands 1981's '24-->24' album to include remixes and rare versions, while the third and fourth discs collect addit...view item »


There actually is no end to the talents of Piero Umiliani. The veteran Italian soundtrack and library music composer apparently also had a little sideline in disco production, using the name Rovi. Discomusic is a great little suite of sweet groovy action, with all the cool odd touches you’d expect...view item »

Moon Theory

Three short new pieces from soulful producer SMBD, who here toys with spacey ambient and deep house styles with playful aplomb. Moon Theory is a single-sided 12” vinyl release, but SMBD squeezes in more than enough goodness to justify the pressing, especially with the attractively marbled design. ...view item »

Ron Trent

Ron Trent adds a second instalment to his planned Humans, Drums & Machines series, which gives this EP the utilitarian title of Drums. These two tracks do not disappoint on the promise of that name, whipping listeners into a cool frenzy with those crucial house drums and fine synth twinkles. 12” on ...view item »

Messages 045 EP

Soulful producer SMBD presents three new tracks and one new remix of one of those new tracks by new artist World Air. The Messages 045 EP is a shiny-bright good time thing made for dancing and smiles, particularly in the case of the track ‘Ping Pong Love’, which features a distant echoed sam...view item »

The Chemical Brothers
Come With Us

Wedged between Hey Boy Hey Girl and Galvanise was It Began In Afrika-ka-ka-ka Or rather between Surrender and Push The Button, came Come With Us. Perhaps their last psychedelic-tinged album before completely breaking into techy big beat smash hits. Reissue of their 2001 album on double heavyw...view item »

Tiny Cities feat. Beck (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix) / Take A Chance feat. Little Dragon (Kölsch Remix)

The amount of talent contained on this 12” is so weighty, it's amazing that the record can even be lifted. Producer Flume has enlisted Beck and Little Dragon to contribute vocals to Tiny Cities and Take A Chance respectively, and those tracks have then been tastily remixe...view item »

John Talabot


French polymath Joakim dabbles in pretty much everything - running his label Tigersushi, designing the artwork, producing for bands (!!!, Zombie Zombie), remixing Robyn, Todd Terje amongst others, fashion design and contemporary art. Now he returns to his solo l...view item »

Go Remixes

Rex The Dog and Woodtick both look back to Moby’s classic old tune Go, giving it a fresh spin of their own. These remixes of the famously Twin Peaks-...view item »


Succhiamo does the almost-unthinkable here on this eponymous two-tracker, by cheerfully remembering the much-lamented music of electroclash. That means two big and brash funtime bangers, with lyrics about sex and supermarkets and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. A very welcome release to see in a ‘serious dan...view item »
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Livy Ekemezie
Friday Night

Livy Ekemezie’s album Friday Night is a gorgeous slice of disco from 1983, recorded when your man was only just out of school. His fresh vigour combined with a sharp and funky talent makes this a crucial cut from the old Nigerian scene. This reissue is put together by the brand new label Odion Livingstone, who ope...view item »

Jimi Bazzouka
Edits Vol. 4

More weird house edits and sly disco variations from Jimi Bazzouka and the Crowdspacer label. Edits Vol. 4 on vinyl 12” borrows the sounds of the 1980s Japanese new wave and turns them into surreal bangers and eccentric floorfillers, all dedicated to the life and work of genius Ryuichi Sakamoto....view item »
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Prins Thomas
Gerd Janson Remixes

House and disco wizard Prins Thomas hands his soulful productions to best pal Gerd Jansen. The results, on this vinyl 12” from Smalltown Supersound, are playful and heavy, full of lush instrumentation and tough percussion. The wax includes two remixes as well as two new tunes from Thomas himself....view item »

Paul Johnson
Bump Talkin’

A cornerstone of Chicago house for three decades now, Paul Johnson’s 1995 debut LP gets a well-earned reissue here. Those familiar with the Windy City’s best will find plenty to love in these jackin’ cuts, and in a capable DJ’s hands the 8 rollers on show here will be a boon to any mix. Double LP....view item »

Various / Call Super
Fabric 92: Call Super

Call Super has received the call to step up to the mark of Fabric’s legendary mix-CD series, and he’s delivered in full. The idea here was to capture something of the mood that settles into the club just after peak hours have passed, making this mix as well suited for dreaming as for dancing. Features tracks by the l...view item »

Omar S
Hit It Bubba

The one and only Omar S lays down his trademark groovy house on 12" vinyl for the FXHE label. i696 sees the Detroit veteran crafting four tracks of strange, soulful dancefloor killers that draw from his unique approach to house,as well as his encyclopedic musical knowledge. No one else makes the...view item »
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Mr Tophat feat. Robyn
Trust Me EP

Excellent pop star Robyn’s latest appearance is on Trust Me, an excellent slice of sexy modern electro-disco by Mr. Tophat. The 12” features a nicely stretched-out ten minute version of the tune, as well as a punchy radio edit of ‘Right Time’ and another track called ‘Disco...view item »
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Moby Remixes

As one of the most important dance figures of the 90s, Moby continues to pioneer his spaced-out ambient trip-hop over a whopping 38 years since he set initially the ball rolling. Until his next full-length release, we are treated to Moby Remixes that includes more dancefloor-friendly takes - such ...view item »

The Chemical Brothers
Push The Button

Yeah, what can I say? I was totally underwhelmed by this yawn-fest of an album. I really enjoyed 'Galvanize', and i really had high hope for this album but 'Galvanize' is literally the only decent track here and it makes me think that the Chemical Brothers just did this album on autopilot, the tracks just meander and don't make a point, let alon...view item »

John Tejada

What better way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Pallette Recordings label than with four slick new cuts from producer John Tejada? His Therapy is a delicious bundle of smartly turned-out house bangers, ripe for the enjoyment of the groovers. Happy birthday Pallette Recordings! 12” EP....view item »

Peace, Love & Earth: Mental DJ’s Vol. 2

Geena goes fully New Age on this Antinote release: the title Peace, Love & Earth and the stunning sleeve art should leave little doubt about that. Balearic-flavoured psy-ambient for when you end up partying long into the next day. 12 inches of “yeah, man” tunes and atmospheres, pressed to wax by Antinote...view item »
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Dro Carey
Queensberry Rules feat. KUČKA

Returning after a mini hiatus from his relentlessly great release schedule, Dro Carey is back on vinyl 12” from Soothsayer. Queensbury Rules sees the house-not-house producer joined by KUČKA on vocals, and he just about manages to keep his experimental ideas in check...view item »
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The Chemical Brothers
Exit Planet Dust

The very first album by The Chemical Brothers, released over 20 years ago in 1995. Exit Planet Dust instantly established the pair’s big beat britpop-electronica sound, bolstered with guest vocals from Tim Burgess and Beth Orton. This 180g double LP reissue on Universal puts this ...view item »

DFA Compilation#1

Originally released in 2003, you know, when everyone used CDs. Now revisiting their first compilation, which put them down as a more than credible source of new productions, DFA are releasing it on vinyl for the first time. Featuring several unique visions of dance music from The Rapture, LCD Sound System, ...view item »

Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle
Candida Cosmica

Patrick Cowley is often uttered in the same breath as Giorgio Moroder as being a pioneer of electronic dance music, and is probably most known for being a leading producer of the “Hi-NRG” sound. Candida Cosmica is a much more minimal affair, a collaboration with his roommate of the time ...view item »

Jacques Greene
Afterglow / You Can't Deny

Canadian producer Jacques Greene has been away for a couple of years, but has returned to his home label LuckyMe with a new single and refreshes his already fresh output into the electronic dance world. A visceral blend of techno, bass-come-garage, and neo soul. Both tracks are extended versions for vinyl only....view item »

Vibe Telemetry

The creative mind behind Telephones is keen that Vibe Telemetry be seen as a fully ‘proper’ album, as opposed to the ‘bunch of floor-fillers’ approach some electronic artists take. So there is a proper development here, with some tracks avoiding beats for sheer atmosphere. Also, big respect is du...view item »

Red Lips

Marc Cerrone is a legendary disco producer from near Paris and has sold 30 million albums worldwide! At the age of 54 he has released this brand new album of disco funk moves to get yer feet a dancin' and your hips a swayin'. It uses all the old techniques that made his 70's work so lauded. Please place your dancing shoes on you...view item »

Todd Terje
Snooze 4 Love (Dixon & Luke Abbott Rmxs)

A slice of excellent and lovely Todd Terje gets looked at in two new ways by two fairly different producers. The UK’s Luke Abbott adds a warm ambient haze over the whole thing, while Berlin producer and bakery owner (it's true, look it up) Dixon puts Snooze 4 Love on an intensive ...view item »


This 12” from Boredom isn’t a misprint of a Japanese experimental record, but the debut release of Andy Moss (who runs Melodic Records) and James Cook (who fronts the band Delphic). Together they flaunt their fresh disco-groove production chops. Geometry fea...view item »

J Velez

Lost in the cosmos with J Velez. Ausland are two hot efforts from the state side technophile. These jams are stone cold killers assassinations, with the deep water diving of "Ausland" - effortlessly loosening you up for the floor. Perhaps inspired by Lynch, "Lost Highway" is the early morning failed ...view item »

The Gooch

“Daddy, are ghosts real?” “No sweetie, of course not. But THE SPECTER is. Are you ready to go all acid up in here?” Just a regular conversation between father and daughter. The Gooch is one piece of 12” goodness that will tear family ties apart and sow them up nicely and in strange and...view item »

Beautiful Swimmers
New Balance

Robert Armani

Crooked Man
Crooked Man

Light and bass weighty house tunes from Crooked Man, cuts through the deep and serious straight to the dancefloor. Having released the first album on Warp with Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard H Kirk and run the legendary Jive Turkey nights with Sheffield don Winston Hazel and a...view item »

The Man From Colours

Rago & Farina produced a large body of Italo-disco classics during the eighties and ‘The Man From Colours’ is one of the best and most unusual examples of this. For a track from the mostly dance driven genre of Italo-disco, the sound is unusually dreamy and nostalgic, combining forlorn synth lines, classic 808 drum patterns and b...view item »

NIGERIA SOUL FEVER - Afro Funk, Disco And Boogie: West African Disco Mayhem!

The weight of fantastic 1970’s Nigerian music being discovered in recent years by non-Nigerians (much of this music was never exported at all) has grown so great that authoritative compilers Soul Jazz have had to step in with this hefty set. Nigeria Soul Fever - Afro Funk, Disco And Boogie: West African Disco Mayhem!...view item »

Eclair Fifi Presents Mickey Oliver
Never Let Go

As part of a new series on LuckyMe, Eclair Fifi is getting some favourite tunes of hers re-pressed and re-released. Never Let Me Go is a strong 1987 track from Mickey Oliver, featuring the vocals of Shanna Jae. Sexy Chicago house fully deserving of a higher profile, with modern remixes ...view item »

Floorplan (Robert Hood)

Floorplan is a fantastic name for a house music project, immediately focussing the mind on the only place that matters: the dance floor. It is, of course, the name under which the legendary Robert Hood makes his houseiest tracks, and Victorious finds him co-producing with his own daughter(!). Awesome. T...view item »

Todd Terje & The Olsens
The Big Cover-Up

The Big Cover-Up is a warm-hearted cover selection from Norwegian live disco crew The Olsens, plus producer Todd Terje. Boney M, Vangelis and Martin Denny (via Yellow Magic Orchestra) all show up, and the second slab of vinyl contains r...view item »


Taken from Tiga’s No Fantasy Required LP and working with Paranoid London, this club stomper is an old heart with a new head, harking from the golden age. Thick grooved-out acid bassline and shuffled drum machine will get you moving without realising. For Fans of Erol Alkan, ...view item »

Grace Jones
Warm Leatherette

A special reissue of Warm Leatherette, Grace Jones’ 1980 album. This collection remasters the album tracks and singles and B-sides, instrumentals and club and dub versions, making a total of 27 tracks. The 2CD set comes in a leatherette case and the four 180g LPs are in a hard case with a download code. A ...view item »


Donna is released on Aus Music and is the debut from UK techno and house DJ and producer, Cassy. There are some solid Detroit techno sounds here, with pulsating electronics layered with flowing synths and ping-pong rhythm. Expect the Boiler Room lady to be soundtracking any Berghain style party ...view item »

Not Above That

Instrumental grime connoisseurs Local Action records release some ridiculously catchy and joyful pop-house from DAWN and a predictably excellent ambient remix from Deadboy. On Not Above That DAWN (aka Dawn Richards of Danity Kane fame) switches ...view item »

Dario Dell'Aere
Eagles In The Night

Dario Dell’Aere’s voice sounds like an old American-Soul crooner, but comes backed with full-blast 1985 Italo disco backing on Eagles In The Night. It’s a groovy time and no mistake. The 12”, remastered of course, is housed in a replica sleeve along wi...view item »
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Marquis Hawkes
Social Housing

Proper house for proper dancers, with a huge bounce to the kick drums and a rubbery boogie in the synth-lines. Marquis Hawkes works wonders on his debut full-length album, pulling together the different strands of his beloved genre into a triumphant whole, including disco-leaning tracks and vocal ...view item »


The vinyl reissue of Prince’s 1979 eponymous second album was planned before His Royal Badness sadly passed away. This gives fans and newcomers alike a chance to hear the Minneapolis musical polymath in his early days . The album contains I wanna Be Your Lover, his first big hit. Pressed on 140g vin...view item »

Some Bizarre
Don't Be Afraid

Italian trio Some Bizarre recorded and released their very first production, Don’t Be Afraid in 1983. It’s a gorgeous period piece of synth-disco, an easy floor-filler with strong summer-night vibes. And Johann Sebastian Bach...view item »
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Max D

More off-kilter house from the artist formerly known as Maxmillion Dunbar, Max D. This third album on vinyl LP from Future Times is part weird digital sheen and part analogue machine-music. But it’s all powered by Max’s sharp melodies. I’m not sure when house and techno become so off-kilter tha...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £4.20

Will DiMaggio
Fusion (Broadcast Mix)

Will DiMaggio shows off his capabilities as a jazzy synth-pianist and as a catchy house producer with this single-sided 12” release on Future Times. Future (Broadcast Mix) is a slick and smiling creation, with wobbling synth-keys and fabulous chunky bass making the dancefloor a compelling place to be....view item »

I'm Looking For You

I’m Looking For You was the recorded debut of Italian artist Alberto Garbelli, aka Ghibli, first put out in 1985. His vocal style is a dramatic semi-operatic croon, while his music charges forwards with typical Italo-disco rele...view item »

Brand Image
Are You Loving?

Brand Image shares a city, a year, a musical style and a vibe with Some Bizarre: why it even shares personnel! So if you liked their slick synth-disco vibe, you’ll love Are You Loving? for sure. The 12”, remastered of cou...view item »

Fierce For The Night

Virginia drops a full-length album on Berlin’s techno overlord label, Ostgut Ton. Unusually for these keepers of the Berghain, Fierce For The Night is made up of actual, vocally-driven songs, albeit songs grounded firmly in the sound of techno. Working with co-producers Martyn, Steffi...view item »

Faraway Reach

In approaching their second album Classixx wanted to feature numerous vocalists with varying styles and make themselves the constant that tied them together, so the aptly titled Faraway Reach features How To Dress Well, T-Pain, Passion Pit, De Lux, ...view item »
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Disco 2: A Further Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1976-80 

Disco 2: A Further Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1976-80, to give it its lovely full title, is a premium collection of just that, compiled by the good sorts at Soul Jazz. Plenty of gorgeous material you might not have heard here. Released as two separate double LPs, or as a double CD set....view item »

Henri Texier
Les Là-Bas (Bonobo Remix)

Be There / Uhh

Dusk and Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings continue their incredible run with this vinyl 12” from Truce. The hotly-tipped East London producer makes a sharp, minimal and of-the-moment tech house where sultry vocals are cut with garage basslines and precise drum programming. You’l...view item »

Dollar EP

4 new tracks from Newcastle producer NY*AK. The Dollar EP was made on a delicious array of vintage analogue synths and drum machines, and the sonic feel throughout is warm, slippery and plenty groovy. Featuring guest-work from Mark Hand, Misumami and Ian Blevins. 12&rdq...view item »
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Moodymann steps up to the plate of the famed DJ Kicks series, loaded with an eclectic set of records. The Detroit resident throws down artists like Flying Lotus, Nightmares On Wax and Marcellus Pittman, as well as 11 exclusive edits of his own tracks. 30 tracks on the C...view item »

Jaga Jazzist
Oban / Oban (Todd Terje Remix)

A new album from Jaga Jazzist is on the way, and to whet our appetites, here is Oban, a nice little preview track pressed to transparent vinyl in a eye-scratching cover. But the real treat is the re-working from Todd Terje, which drives on and on into serious groove-town, Jazzist’...view item »

Patrick Cowley
Muscle Up

Check this out friends: Muscle Up is a collection of Patrick Cowley’s soundtracks to gay porn films. The tracks, crafted out of synths and hand-built equipment, are at once sleazy and remarkably experimental, sliding slickly between ambience and funk. Double LP packaged with sexy posters on Dark Entries / Honey So...view item »

Seven Davis Jr.
Kaytronik (Yoruba Soul Remixes)

Seven Davis Jr recently debuted with full-length album Universes. For this release, he’s handed over control to producers Kaytronik and Yoruba Soul to remix and reimagine a few cuts from the record. Sharp, energetic, sliced-up rhythm action from each of them, pressed to heavyweigh...view item »

Mumbai Science
Black Hole (Floorplan Remix)

Belgian duo Mumbai Science are pretty nifty at filling floors with their tech house jams, and Black Hole is no exception. This release however, is a remix of that track by Floorplan, an anonymous sounding pseudonym behind which lies… Robert Hood himself! The former Underg...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.20

Zeus B. Held
Vinyl Collection

Vinyl Collection compiles a stack of material taken from the three solo albums of Zeus B. Held, a German synth-head. With a background in prog, Held’s solo trips are fairly ornate, but there are also disco-like tracks, really weird tracks, and even a Beatles cover! 180g coloured v...view item »

The Chemical Brothers
Born In The Echoes

Brand new, full length record from The Chemical Brothers, the first in quite some time! These massive dance-smash tracks are full of familiar Chemical goodness, though also reinvigorated with some 2015 energy. Vocalists include Beck, Q-Tip and St Vincent! CD, de...view item »

Da Mind Of Traxman Vol. 2

The (I’m mean ‘Da’) mind of Traxman is littered with little audio snippets and broken samples all filed away in an ad hoc fashion within the confines of the lads mind palace. It’s okay though, Cornelius Ferguson, a truly deranged genius, has a system. Traxman kicks the Footwork style and here he treats us to eighteen mini...view item »

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