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Omar S
Tap Dat Ass

Detroit legend and house-cranker extraordinaire Omar S presents two more cuts of skronked and screwed dance power. Tap Dat Ass’s label promises that the record will be a ‘Dancer’s Anthem’ (as well as that ‘I Gotta Big Dick 2 Muthafukka!’), and we know that at least one of these statem...view item »

Neal Howard
To Be Or Not To Be

Neal Howard’s body-rocking 1988 debut is getting a 2017 makeover with this re-release from Amsterdam label Clone Classic Cuts. This vinyl features the dance-floor-ready Chicago house classic itself plus the piano-fuelled super-cut The Gathering. Look out for the slamming new edit from Clone regular Gerd....view item »

Dawit & Dolo
Rise / Wise

12” release of second collaboration on Future Times between 1432 R’s Dawit Eklund and Future Times’s own Max D. Side A’s Wise is laid-back and long-form while side B’s Rise gets irregular. Eklund provides slurred hypnotic vocals on both tracks, with the duo sharing ...view item »

Pantsula! - The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in South Africa, 1988-90

Pantsula! is the name of South Africa’s 80’s dance underground culture, which grew out from the bubblegum and US-style disco, taking those starting points into even more electronic territory. This Rush Hour compilation covers the crucial years 1988 to 1990, with artists like Jazino, Kakappa ...view item »

Best of Disco Demands (A Special Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Music) compiled by Al Kent

Compiled by super-knowledgable disco expert DJ Al Kent, from his notorious Disco Demands series of 5 volumes, it’s Best of Disco Demands. Featuring rare disco cuts wi...view item »

Africa Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown - 1976 - 1983)

The latest in a series that has the first on its fourth repress, Africa Airways here takes us to a land of forgotten disco anthems from '76 to '83. Commendable spirit has gone into unearthing and compiling such a fantastic and diverse collection, further cementing the importance of the continent in recent music history. ...view item »

Tr One
A Month Has Passed

A four-track 12” from the Carlow-based duo of Dean Feeney and Eddie Reynolds, who’ve released a bunch of EPs over the last decade on labels such as Apartment and POGO Recordings. The Irish pair take inspiration from Detroit, Chicago and the UK bass scene. Closing tra...view item »


Zane Lowe-endorsed dubstep, that's what I like. Not heard this bass-felching monster before but I like the voodoo-tinged sleeves. It opens up well with some nice chinkling effects and a powerful all enveloping sound......then it goes all Jamie Woon. I don't understand this music. I don't like divas singing on records never mind some bloke who th...view item »

Prins Thomas

Prins Thomas must be on top of the world: he’s got both a new album (this here 5) and a new label (Prins Thomas Musik) appearing at once. 5 plucks tracks from various recording sessions, mapping out a few of Prins’ premium approaches to production, including gorgeous tracks too slow...view item »

John Selway / Seltav
Shimmerdown / SPQR

The remasters on this record deliver a huge sonic thrust to the original tracks, preparing them for the modern body moover. On the A side there's a deep, soulful, keys-driven cut, full of cosmic bleeps and chopped beats whilst the B side lets things totally loose in anthemic tripped out house style....view item »

Incredible Rock City
Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites

Obscuro vintage wonder here from The Incredible Rock City Band, a touring group in the 80’s who apparently only played at US army bases. I gotta say though, they sound a lot less straight-laced than that might lead you to expect: this is funky electro s...view item »

To Him Who Has Nothing

Intriguing debut EP from some shadowy figure or figures from Dublin. The five tracks are more or less variations on a dubbed-up house style, full of unpredictable interjections in the form of blurry chord stabs and stray snatches of melody over precariously rickety beats. It never quite falls apart, but maintains a lovely elusive and ambiguous v...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Citizen Kane

Nightmares On Wax has been with Warp for a long time, since the beginning, more-or-less. All these years later, the classic electronic label is still letting him make music for them, which is a good thing, of course. With his new single, Citizen Kane, a fresh approach suggests more different and f...view item »

808 State
808:90 (Expanded)

Think back to 1989 and the heyday of house and techno raves. You had a great time losing your mind and body to 808 State didn’t you? Now you can jog your memory again with this reissue of the electronic explorer’s second album, 808:90, presented in expanded form with 8 bonus tracks. Double LP set pressed on ...view item »

The Power

A 1999 classic, back on the wax again from old-school spinners and dancers to drop once more. Karizma’s The Power is an absolute anthem, but don’t forget the tw...view item »

Arthur Russell
The World Of Arthur Russell

The World of Arthur Russell is the 2004 compilation which captures the breadth of Russell’s musical capabilities. From the banging New York disco cuts, to his more introspective and experimental cello-centric songs, Soul Jazz have created something for both long-time fans and interested beginners....view item »

Kowton / Asusu
More Games (MM/KM More Names Mix) / Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn Remix)

I had to stop buying 12"s recently, I like far too much stuff, too many “genres” y’ know. Also, I hardly ever get out to DJ (If that's what you'd have called it) these days. So these dance platters build up and brutally command my life. One of the few people I still get wet about, however, is the German wunderkinder Gunnar Wend...view item »

Blue Pyramid

It’s high time the Psychic TV catalogue got a reappraisal, and Dark Entries are just the label to do the job. Working in tandem with Emotional Rescue, they’ve dug out this blistering set of early house wares from Dave Ball of Soft Cell his wife Virginia, whose violin...view item »

DJ Swagger
Haus Dubs

It’s been Swagger by name, swagger by nature, so far for mysterious house producer DJ Swagger but ‘Haus Dubs’ finds him in more laid back mode. Offering up three deep untitled rollers, his smooth touch for skippy drums and ethereal chords will delight early doors and early morning dance floors alike....view item »

Daft Punk

Daft Punk's debut album was about as 'dancey' as they got in their history. It's also rather different from the Daft Punk we all know and love, and is certainly less accessible than their successors. But there is still something to love about Homework, from the cool repetitive beats in songs like "Revolution 909", "Around The World" and "Burnin'...view item »

What's That Noise?

Spin your ears back to 1989 and enjoy the debut album of Coldcut once again! The bouncy good-time cut-up party people got started with What’s That Noise?, a particularly lively swirl of breaks, acid house and hip-hop. The guest vocalists on the album includes both Queen Latifah and Mark E....view item »

I'm Going To Go

1983's cult Italo classic 'I’m Going To Go' by Jago gets the full remastering treatment. On the A side is the full original version and the ridiculously funky instrumental, as rinsed by Larry Levan at Paradise Garage. On the flip you get Frankie Knuckles' dubby Plant Mix. 12" i...view item »

Dinosaur L
24-24 Music

Nice to see this one come around for a vinyl reissue. Dinosaur L is one of the many pseudonyms that the late, great Arthur Russell elected to use. 24-24 Music is his best known statement under that name, containing legit-NY-disco-hits like ‘Go Bang!’ and ‘You’re Gonna Be Clean On...view item »

Fatboy Slim
Eat Mash Rave Repeat

Haven’t seen many new musical releases from Fatboy Slim lately, but here he is with seven inches of sound: an acapella version of Eat Sleep Rave Repeat and a collaboration with the beat-boxing Beardyman. Plus! An edible insert that reportedly tastes like vanilla. Well. Eat Mash Rave Repeat ...view item »

Happy Meals

Minimalist disco and sultry synths are the order of the day on Glasgow-dwelling duo Happy Meals's debut album. Boyfriend / girlfriend Lewis Cook and Suzanne Rodden have been making sweet music together since high school. Cook is also a member of Scotland's premier Hawkwind tribute band, trivia fans! On vinyl or CD. Do you want fries with th...view item »

Don’t Tell Me (How Love Should Feel)

Another dusted off gem from Major Problems and Compassion Cuts, the soulful New Jersey garage of 2-BMW’s ‘Don't Tell Me (How Love Should Feel)’ was previously just a distant memory for fans of Tony Humphries who hammered it back at Zanzibar in the 90s, only a handful ever pressed...view item »

Yn y Ty

DJJ’s ‘Just A Lil’ had a stint as one of those ubiquitous club anthems when it dropped in 2015 as well as spawning the micro-genre of ‘outsider Ibiza’. Two years on and DJJ’s back on Crazylegs for another EP of Daft-Punk-in-a-washing-machine m...view item »

Higher Moment / Amnesia

AMOR is the Glaswegian live disco group that most notably (surprisingly?) features Richard Youngs, with the rest of the outfit being made up of Luke Fowler, Paul Thomson...view item »

Hologram Teen

Hologram Teen is the new project of former Stereolab keyboard player Morgane Lhote. Marsangst/Hex These Rules mashes together motorik electronica and disco. Fans of acts such as Add N To X, Death In Vegas, Stereolab, Ghost Box R...view item »

Pepe Bradock

Pepe Bradock, the man who brought us the floor-fillers 'Deep Burnt' and 'Swimsuit Issue 1789' is back with a two-tracker on his own Atavisme imprint. His new 12" -- quirkily entitled #12"@last --  promises us more of his twisted deep-house style with and without filters. Fresh! Ask for it by name in your local HMV....view item »

Repetentes 2008

Brazilian producer Gabriel Guerra (Japa Habilidoso) returns to Future Times as Repetentes 2008. Citing influence from game soundtracks, Cesar Camargo Mariano and unnaturally sped music, Boulderball is high octane glistening synth-led disco funk, groovy but pitched at +3...view item »

Professor Rhythm
Bafana Bafana

Awesome Tapes From Africa’s unceasing quest to widely circulate gems of African music continues with Professor Rhythm’s 1990’s house album Bafana Bafana. ...view item »

Junior Byron
Trying To Hold On

Continuing its mission to unearth and reissue unaffordably essential Caribbean cuts, Culture of Soul present Junior Byron’s 1984 groover 'Trying To Hold On'. Part reggae, part disco boogie, all party starter, Running Back main man Gerd Janson is also on hand to combine the two original versi...view item »

The Crystal Method

With the American love for so-called EDM still apparently surging, this is a great time to be reissuing Vegas, the debut album of The Crystal Method. Originally dropping in 1997, Vegas features the duo’s attempts to absorb and americanise the big beat goings on happening back in the UK at that time. And i...view item »

Pablo Valentino
My Son's Smile

A four track release from Pablo Valentino comes in the form of My Son's Smile. What is essentially a record entirely dedicated to his four year old son, you can hear subtle recordings of him that are weaved in with the summery backing track and thick funky bass lines. Available on Vinyl 12" on MCDE Recordings....view item »

Project Pablo
Hope You’re Well

Canadian producer Patrick Holland’s Project Pablo has had releases on 1080p, Let’s Play House, Spring Theory, and Club Lonely with his energetic deep house productions. On hi...view item »

James Booth
Personal Growth

The largely ambient-leaning Growing Bin takes a slight turn towards the armchair dance floor with this excellent mini-LP from 100% Silk regular James Booth. The mellow drift of pads and keys is still the primary focus, but there’s space for slender house music drum patterns to thread through the folds of synthesized splend...view item »

Leo Anibaldi
Italian House

Italy’s Flash Forward Records are unearthing some of the stellar house music from their country’s past. This time it’s Leo Anibaldi with Italian House...view item »

Jagwar Ma
Every Now & Zen Remixes

A three-track release from Jagwar Ma entitled Every Now & Zen Remixes. In all fairness, it isn't too hard to find chilled out, head bobbing music when it comes to electronica and techno, yet these remixes really do add something great to the genre. This limited edition white label 12" EP on Marathon Artists includes...view item »

Ten Fé

Ten Fé are a smooth outfit who carefully cut together indie rock aesthetics with electronic grooves. The band’s album was produced by Ewan Pearson, who knows the Ten Fé sound so well that he was asked to remix Turn into an up-and-bouncing house number. 7” singl...view item »

Fitness Forever

Fitness Forever is the electronic music project of Carlos Valderrama - no, not the mop-haired former Colombian midfielder. Third album, Tonight is packed with Italian disco which is guaranteed to set the pace and keep going for a great night. Four years as a DJ have lead him to th...view item »


Oh look, Bicep's releasing on Ninja Tune, how exciting! It would have been more exciting had they given us a press release but mystery will have to do. Expect some kind of jacking house business that'll be equally at home in the earbuds of a gym bro or pounding out of a Funktion One club system. Or at Scruff's tea tent. Or on your mantelpiece - ...view item »

I Have What I Gave

I Have What I Gave is the latest effort from Italian DJ and producer, Bottin. Instead of creating a concept behind this album of disco and funk tunes, Bottin went about creating these songs sporadically from random recordings and ideas he may...view item »

The Chromatics
Kill for Love

Chromatics' Kill for Love is the latest record by the label Italians Do It Better and this album does not disappoint. Following the 2007 album Night Drive, Chromatics continue their domination of music with this album. Sounds like a slow dance at a disco with the most a...view item »

† (Cross)

The music is rather interesting but the quality, from my listening point of view, is quite uneven. Some of the tunes catch me up in a hurry and others have me waiting around for them to finally end. Perhaps this unevenness is just an artifact of their first recording (luckily the later records improve). Also why the Cross symbol and song titles lik...view item »

Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas

‘Arpa’ was recorded in the same sessions that spawned Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas’s 2017 collaborative LP Square One. However, the track didn&r...view item »

Jamal Moss presents R2 Underground
The Walls

Jamal Moss, the Hieroglyphic Being himself, presents a fine cut from a live performance in Zurich on the A-side of this, the one hundredth release of the Mathematics label! Over on the B-side, we get to enjoy a ‘Paradise’ mix and an ’Ocean To Ocean’ version from Blake Ronan...view item »

The Moods
Missing Peace

Hailing from Manchester and the North West, The Moods are a ten-piece collective creating socially charged rap dealing with topics such as corruption, poverty, injustice and inequality. Missing Peace brings a diverse range of musical genre together; Drum & Bass, Reggae, Hip-Hop and EDM among them, to create ...view item »

Erol Alkan
Reworks Volume 1

Erol Alkan holds many accolades: DJ behind iconic London clubs Trash and Durrr, master of the mid noughties mash-up and, more recently, head of Phantasy Records. It’s his masterful remix touch, however, which is celebrated in this extensive box set. From Hot Chip to Daft Punk, Justice to Fra...view item »

Adesse Versions
Edits From The Tribe

Ultra limited white label promo style 12" of edits from Adesse Versions (Numbers. Heist, Toy Tonics etc.) aka UK producer Kevin Gorman (Curle, Mikrowave, Gigolo etc.) A couple of undisclosed tracks have been re-edited in his own vision for maximum dancefloor impact. Get in before the Discogs vultures snaffle 'em all....view item »

I Can't Carry On

FatCat love making new subsidiary labels for themselves but this one feels particularly special: FCR is an homage to the days when they were not yet a label but in fact a record store in Crawley selling techno. This release by Cottam is a driving deep house 12" with hints of acid and a remix from Detroit producer ...view item »

John Barera & Will Martin
Proceed To The Root

John Barera & Will Martin's second release together sees them combine their loves for house, techno, soulful electronics, dub, jungle, Berlin, DJing, and being rushed for creative time. Wow, that's a real smorgasbord, what does that even sound like? Expect a serious blend of electronic styles, kinda like Om Unit maybe?...view item »

Anno Stamm
Fragments B

Anno Stamm treats us to some tasty Fragments here, with chunky-funky groovy synth-house being the name of the game. ‘La Viande’ is particularly nice for its slow throb, but the peak-time power action...view item »

Hercules & Love Affair

The member swapping, shapeshifting beast that is Hercules & Love Affair move to BMG for their third album after a few releases on Moshi Moshi. Known for their left of centre disco pop Omnion goes a step further into leftfield electro pop and features guests Faris Badwan of The Horrors...view item »

Speakman Sound
Warm EP

Warm EP by Speakman Sound contains some soothing psychedelic dance, made with help from singer Frankie Forman. Warm is the follow-up to the Glastonbury-based production duo’s debut single In Flight. The pair have been getting lots of airplay from the likes of Lauren Laverne,...view item »

The Movers
Kansas City

A classic slice of disco, The Movers originally had this one out in 1979, having long established themselves as a band of innovative hybrid -- the South African group had previously worked funk and marabi jazz into their sound, experimenting with approaches to dance. Kansas City is proof of the band'...view item »

Michael Boothman

You may have heard Touch at some point in the past, but its rarity means you’ve probably been deprived of the opportunity. And anyway, you haven’t heard either of these tracks quite like this, as these are exclusive extended mixes of Michael Boothman’s exotic tropical good-time disco productions. So mu...view item »

East Wall
Eyes Of Glass

Dark Entries present a much needed, official remastered reissue of this much sought after and bootlegged Italo Disco gem from Fabrizio Chiari (ex-keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari. Originally released in 1982 it still sounds glorious some 34 years later. Includes a double-sided postcard with photos of the band, lyrics,...view item »

The Chemical Brothers
Dig Your Own Hole

Between this, their second album and 'Exit Planet Dust', their debut, we have some of the best most iconic electronica of the mid-nineties. I feel that a lot of the elements of this album haven't aged as well as those on their first album, such that 'Elekrobank' and 'Don't Stop The Rock' sound really dated now. Having said that, the fantastic 'S...view item »

Häxan (Versions by Prins Thomas)

Well then: this. What a conundrum: the psychedelic tour-de-force that is Dungen offer up their huge jam galaxy Haxan for rework splicing by Prins Thomas, who does everything from chopping to screwing on a longlist of versions. It's a fascinating idea for a collaboration and it m...view item »

Unknown Artist
Royal Rave / Rubadub Style

They want to do everything in a rubadub stylee these lads. They’d like to make love in a rubadub style, wash the car in a rubadub stylee, creosote the fence in a rubadub stylee. What is a ruba dub stylee? Phil thinks its some kind of sea-faring term. The B side here is dubbed out reggae tune with some heavy heavy bass and a skankin’ ...view item »

Byron The Aquarius
Leaving This Planet

It’s debut release on a label time (always cause for celebration!) and today it’s Byron The Aquarius who links up with Eglo Records for the first time on the 12” release, Leaving This Planet. On his intergalactic travels, Byron pursues a disco asteroid, circles a jazz planet an...view item »

Disco Baby
Disco Baby

Though fresh off the presses, this hot disco edit already has quite a history. Floating Points and Red Greg originally cut a very limited quantity of their polished edits for their own use. Via a BBC Essential Mix various others soon caught on, and now, some time later, it seems an official release is essential....view item »

Holy Other

Holy Other return with their much-anticipated debut full length ‘Held’. After the uber-success of mini album ‘With U’ (a record tastefully described by ex-packer, serial artist offender and all round good dude Dave as &lsquo...view item »

The Moodymann Remixes

Pollyn has been remixed by Moodymann on two different occasions: once on a 2012 12” release, and once on a release that was never even made properly public. The Moodymann remixes gathers the pair of tracks onto one 45rpm 12”, both remastered for maximum strength. Damn fine rare material now ...view item »

Julion De’Angelo & Thomas Xu
Roots That Talk

Detroit’s Sound Signature Records (Theo Parrish, Hanna) front two tracks a-piece from Illinois up-and-comers Julion De’Angelo and Thomas Xu. De’Angelo’s offerings are by turns lopsided synth-funk (‘Chase the Summer’) and softl...view item »

Jagwar Ma
Every Now & Then

Catchy vocal hooks, groovy electronic pop and all with a big hats off nod to 90s dance culture. Jagwar Ma bring heady euphoric acid bass lines, warehouse club chords stabs and vocal loops and vibrant and drug-laced energy of Madchester. Deserves long exposure trippy music videos with vibrant cartoons, melon twisting....view item »

Tommy Awards
Inre Rymden

Tommy Awards aren't some kind of awards showcase ('Guess what? I won a Tommy') but a Swedish outfit who combine slo-motion house with new age funk and the kind of elegance not seen on Roxy Music's 'Avalon'. Quite a combination and add in bits of Popol Vuh and David Crosby (?) and you are in the ...view item »

Terrence Woodard
Jack The Box

Joining a barrage of essential reissues and updates making their way back into 2017 record boxes, new life has been breathed into this gem from 1985. Gloriously familiar drum machine sounds stutter and skip around the motoric synth bassline, given a strangely sleazy human presence through the echoing, filtered vocals....view item »

Ben Penn
Spare Hobby / Carrera

The handily rhyming Ben Penn is a Dutch 'agent' who has made what he describes as "inter dimensional higher level funk" using a vocoder to create that true '80s electro vibe. He's an expert on the synthesiser and uses this instrument to create wild retro flourishes to remind you of the time you danced to Hancock (Herbie).  ...view item »

SteXis / Jonnie Common

Fence Records have sent us another of these split 10”s on their ‘De-Fence’ offshoot imprint. These have tended to have pretty illustrious artists doing something a bit different on them so it’s always interesting to give them a listen. This ti...view item »


Seahawks, the new-agey tropical nu-kosmische project of Jon Tye and Pete Fowler, spin two tracks off of their Escape Hatch album and give them remixes, from Len Leise, Marius Circus and Nick Mackory. Everything sounds bright, sparkly an...view item »

Psychic TV
Alien Be-In Remix EP

The classic 1989 Psychic TV track Alien Be-In, presented in full remastered glory and accompanied by two remixes. The original track captures the band’s wyrd take on Acid House, and remixes from Silent Servant and John Tejada push the sound into more contemporary forms of bangin&r...view item »

Aleksi Perala
Simulation X

Part of a wider cache of tracks, Aleksi Perälä continues his spooked Colundi informed techno workouts on this three track 12". Far off cosmic atmospheres provide breathing space for clever drum machine patterns, all the while keeping a relative calm until the belting B side '214HII' weighs in with unexpected aggre...view item »

Larry Levan's Paradise Garage - The Legend Of Dance Music Vol. 4

Larry Levan’s colossal reputation still grabs the attention today, many years after the end of the original Paradise Garage where he held court. This compilation is the fourth installment of Levan’s own favourite cuts from the world of original disco, and it contains three whole LPs-worth of funky gr...view item »


After a couple of EPs on World Building and All Caps, Vancouver based producer brings two versions of his Dvote track onto wax through Pacific Rhythm. A smooth and groovy house track focused around a thick bassline and heavily edited vocal sample turned hook taken from Robin S’s Show Me Love. Deep groove....view item »

Fred Schneider and the Superions
The Vertical Mind

Fred Schneider is of course known to us all as a member of party-starters The B-52s, but here he is backed by his new group The Superions. The Vertical Mind is also stacked with party power though, being a wryly amused set of pop-disco-new wave thrillers. Good fun stuff, released by Hap...view item »

Benjamin Ball
I Just Keep Dancing

Taken from Benjamin Ball’s 1984 debut album Paulina and the second single taken from Cultures of Soul’s Boogie Breakdown compilation of South African synth disco alongside The Cannibals and Harari. Contains original disco boogie mix, backed with an edit by Boston de...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys singles always get the proper old-school pop 12” treatment, and Undertow, the latest from their recent Super record, is no exception! The track itself gets remixed twice by Tuff City Kids, while Baba Stiltz gets to work on ‘Burn’. Plus a new vers...view item »

New Build
Misery Loves Company

Hot Chip. It's fair to say I'm no fan. Still, I'm a very nice man really so I'll put all my prejudices aside and take this New Build record on its own terms. It features two members of Hot Chip alongside another chap called Tom. According to the press release they aspire to &l...view item »

Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas
Square One

Norwegian producers Bjorn Torske and Prins Thomas both experiment with disco and house their crossovers with kraut and world music. Separately had releases on multiple labels before both ending up on the Smalltown Supersound. Their collaboration has become loose and improvised avantgarde disco, recording multipl...view item »

Todd Terje feat. Det Gylne Triangel
Maskindans / Erol Alkan Rework

Todd Terje teams up with 80's Norwegian synth-pop veteran Det Glyne Triangel for his latest slab of disco wax, get yourself down to his smooth and crispy lounge dance while driving through downtown New York in your Delorean with your jacket sleeves rolled up, remix duties turn to recent Ride producer Erol Alkan....view item »

Sir Stephen
House Of Regalia

Massively indebted to the Brand New Heavies and Black Box,  this is an album full of house so retro you’d swear you were working in a petrol station in Wetherby and it was 1992. The title track is a virtual re-write of Technotronic’s ‘Pump Up the Jam’. Elsewhe...view item »

Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter
Mister Saturday Night, Then & Now

What started as “just” a party became a movement. Now, 250 parties later residents of Mister Saturday Night have put together this compilation of tracks which they feel define what it’s all about. Includes Kerrier District, Marcellus Pittman, Dennis Ferrer, and...view item »

White Haus
White Haus EP

White Haus is the alter-ego of ex X-Wife chappie Joao Vieira, who’s pulling no punches on this debut EP of hard-hitting post-punk house action. The obvious comparison here would be LCD Soundsystem, keeping a chaotic live vibe going with dense polyrhythms and cheeky neon synths and ice cool spoken vocal...view item »

Nick Höppner

A resident at Berghain’s Panorama bar and label manager at Ostgut until he resigned in 2012 to commit to his solo productions, Nick Höppner has since released 6 EPs and is now on his second full length for Ostgut. Refining his techno production to perfection Work spans all corners of the genre and beyond, fro...view item »

D. Wilson & L. Carson
Tracks From The Tape

Theo Parrish has unearthed a pair of previously unreleased vintage Chicago, late 80’s acid house gems and given them a well deserved vinyl issue via his Sound Signature label. I adore this golden era of house music. You can hear how stuff like this booming out...view item »

Dan Lissvik

First post-birth (of his baby, not of Dan himself) album from Dan Lissvik, who used to play in Studio. Midnight is so titled because that's when Lissvik could creep away from his fatherhood duties to tinker with sounds. And these 8 cuts do have a late-night swing to the...view item »

Body2Body2Body EP

NO ZU drag a pair of tracks off of their Afterlife album and hand them over to Jonny Sender of Konk and legendary band A Certain Ratio for reversioning. The latter is particularly interesting, as it marks the first time in eight years that the Ratio hav...view item »


Remastered specifically for vinyl re-pressing, Marilyn is the 1985 creation of Italian disco project of Flying. This is clearly the brainchild of two minds that were locked firmly in the science behind legendary synth instrumentation such as the Roland Jupiter-8 and the Elka Synthex. Retro gold. ...view item »

Panthera Krause
Solar System

After a couple of EPs on Riotvand and Uncanny Valley, Panthera Krause returns to Lobster Theramin with a huge EP filled to the brim with all corners of dance music covered. Acidic house, driving arpeggiated techno, and a couple of deep and chilled numbers. Pretty useful, a track for every time of day....view item »

New Jackson
From Night to Night

From Night To Night is New Jackson’s first full-length album, and it pleasingly takes the proper approach of working to the album format rather than stringing together lots of 12”-suitable cuts. Make no mistake, much of this record is made up of clubtastic deep house tracks: but ambient passages and careful ...view item »


The French lords of electro-house circa 2007-9 are back after quite some years away. Woman has the classic feel of Justice’s much-loved earlier material, but they haven’t ignored what music has been getting up to in the intervening years. For one thin...view item »

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