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Kid Koala
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Everytime I listen to Kid Koala's work, I'm always struck by how well he exhibits what's missing from hip-hop today: irrelevance. No, I'm not talking about the "funny-guy," Colt 45-drunken gangsta-mack who pays thong-clad ladies to let him harass them in his $2 million videos, I'll taking about a DJ who actually found and samples Winnie the Pooh as...view item »

Star Slinger (featuring Teki Latex)
Ladies In The Back

“Pretty girl shake that ass for me, not too fast that’s a blast for me do that bump and grind right in front of my face, slow and sexy what’s the race?” Not my words believe it or not although that’s sort of the stuff I tend to say on a Saturday n...view item »

Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine - XX

It would be hard for me to believe that over 20 years have passed since the RATM's first album came out, but it's true, and this masterpiece came out again as such a great edition. Amazing collectable this package is nothing but bells and whistles to a great album. This entire album is the Bombtrack. If you're new to the Rage Against The Machine...view item »

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X
Zulu Guru

The production is as always with these two simply amazing. The lyrics are poetic, alive and full of emotion. Plus JBIII does his usual great singing and MeLo-X adds his usual honest and deep lyrics. One thing though, this doesn't feel like a 'collab album', it feels like a Jesse Boykins album with some great verses from "MeLo-X" I love both of t...view item »

Main Attrakionz
Bossalinis & Fooliyones

Rap duo Main Attrakionz consist of obsessive mixtape makers Squadda B and MONDRE MAN, who released the amazing 808s & Dark Grapes last year backed with a roster of supreme producers (including the lush sounds of Friendzone). On Bossalinis and Fooliyones they go full-time with a...view item »


The duo MellowHype, of collective alternative rap group Odd Future, did a great job defining their sound with the Numbers album. With funky, unique bass heavy beats provided by MellowHype producer Left Brain and witty lyricist Hodgy Beats, the two gave die-hard Odd Future fans something new and exciting to listen to. Because of the independence ...view item »

Homeboy Sandman
First Of A Living Breed

The musical choices of this album are very moody and sound-effect heavy. The sound effects are used as instruments, which is a welcome sonic quality to play off of Homebody Sandman's vocal inflections. There isn't a particular recurring theme in the album, but as the album winds down the songs definitely have a 'tapering' feel to them. However, ...view item »

The Gaslamp Killer

The mad-as-a-spanner turntablist that is The Gaslamp Killer is back with his debut album proper on Brainfeeder records. I loved this guys’...view item »

Dam Funk
I Don’t Wanna Be A Star!

The ever impressive future_funk flag bearer Dam_Funk returns with a taster of what’s to come from his sophomore effort (the follow up to awesome ‘Toeachizown’) on Stones Throw...view item »

Jeremiah Jae
Raw Money Raps rhyme spitter, huh? Thanks very much. Jeremiah Jae hits us with his debut for Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label. Discovered b...view item »


Now here we have a pretty mad, bad and powerful record. I don’t know what it means but I’d say this is a progressive bass music/ghetto twelve and the men involved are our HudMo and his mate Lunice who I’m ...view item »


I’m the same age as EL-P... which is completely irrelevant and in no way related to this review. Now that we’ve established that, I’ll tell you what I think of his new record. Well, it’s pretty amazing, to be honest. All the elements are here which make up the typical EL-P experience – the paranoic-sci-fi-philip-k-d...view item »

Sine & Moon

I love this LP! Had it on mp3 DL from Stonesthrow for ages - its on repeat on my i-pod all the time - reminds me of some kind of Californian surf beach / Oriental paradise psychedelic world of sunrises. Gorgeous sounds all round - every track a dream. So glad Ive found it here on vinyl then I can play it out :)...view item »

Interludes After Midnight

I honestly didn't like this album at first, but after listening to it more and more it really is true, classic Blockhead. His music has a way of eluding you at first, then all of the sudden you "get it". Creeps Crouchin' is my favourite track right now. It has elements of true downtempo, then part way through the typical Blockhead samples find t...view item »


Quakers are a hip hop collective boasting 35 members and produced by Portishead's Geoff Barrow. The collective includes some big names who rap over some great beats, I think the 50 something track album, as with many hip hop albums, really shines from a rhythm perspective more than lyrically where it can occasionally feel a little limp. G...view item »

The Mercury Craze

Speaking of SUBTLE they have a new single out called ' The Mercury Craze' which features a Soft Pink Truth mix and a guy from Wolf Parade singing on some track or other. I could be more informative but hey that's why you love us right? We don't care. Honest.... I quite like this but mainly cos I'm a fan of Dose One...view item »

Dross Glop 2

I'm getting a little jaded by the 12” remix project. There seems to be tonnes of them about at the moment and they don't really add anything to the albums they purportedly are promoting. Here, Battles are reworked in by various luminaries. Firstly The Alchemist does a dark take on '...view item »

Grimm Reality

Grimm Reality takes Dimlite even further out into 'left field', with the grit of "You Very Rich Believer" suddenly turning into a psychedelic pop song. The pop feel returns on "XY," but "Pour Some Blood, We Got This" and "Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur" drift into their own bizarre realms. "Healing a Random Tyrant" has more focus, evoking a post-rock fe...view item »

Tyler, The Creator

There's so much shit in the world right now that the last thing we all need is another rapper whining on, even by hip hop standards this bloke is not a happy bunny. The lyrics are a stream of unrelenting, self absorbed, self obsessed misery. By the end of the first track alone you find out he spends his time jerking off in his grandmas house, ha...view item »

Ben Butler & Mousepad
Gif N Run EP

Electro squelch and skwee rhythms are aplenty on this great EP, courtesy of Ben Butler & Mousepad. It's progressive, but without the 15 buses and fur coats, it's techno with a brain. That doesn't mean that you have to sta...view item »

Mayer Hawthorne
How Do You Do

Although Detroit singer Mayer Hawthorne is new to the soul music world, he is anything but a new artist. As DJ Haircut, he was a member and producer of the hip hop group Athletic Mic League. As always, all of the songs were written, produced, performed and played by Mayer Hawthorne himself. Only this time around, he makes a concentrated effort t...view item »

Steel Yourself

The 2nd bugger is by Portland, Maine's SONTIAGO and switched things around a bit. It's like proper crashing future-hop with sassy, soulful & brooding female vocals, thumping drums, twinkling samples & an eerie kaleidoscope of uncluttered, invigorating sound. I can hear spots of Nicolette here, early Luscious Jackson there, even...view item »

Runge Kutta (featuring He Man)
He Man Theme

Sadly I can't play this 5 1/4" floppy disc as we are now in the future but handling it does take me back to the glory days of the BBC computer. A time when it seemed that the internet was the stuff of science fiction. So what we have here is some very silly hip-hop all executed tongue in cheek. MC He-Man even adm...view item »


I love Hodgy Beats flow. It's so different from any other rapper. Left Brain's beats are different, in a good way. It leaves you bewildered that it's a simple beat, but it's not. I wish they could have left the song "Hell" on the album! That's the best song I think that they ever made. My only other complaint is that Chordaroy isn't on here. Tha...view item »

James Pants
Seven Seals

The sound on this thought-inspiring mixup is a big, room-filling flood - the faux-dancey background for the white-walled art gallery-opening in your head. The keyboards are classic, pre-1980s Human League synth; beats are fast, funky and swingy. Big drum sounds rumble through the rocky bottom, crispy snares and cymbals mixed up front. Guitar and...view item »

Black Milk
Brain / Royal Mega

We've got a couple of 7"s from Third Man in this week. I tried to review the Stephen Colbert/Black Belles one first but quickly tired of the TV funny man's cod-Tenacious D stylings (best line of that single: "If I wasn't over you, why would I write this song? Think about it." Honestly, that's all you really need ...view item »

Sam Baker's Album

First clock this guy's material when he made his Hyperdub debut back in 2008. Sine then releases have been fairly few and far between, keeping the quality control high. This is the second album for his right hand man and fellow L.A dweller Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label and it's dro...view item »

Lost Zoo Keys And The Animal Spirits That Haunt Them

Scott Da Ros. Great name, great guy. But it's not his brand of dark, brooding stumble-hop I'm talkin' 'bout today but 3 CD releases on or associated with his fine label Endemik. First up is a bloody great work by Seattle's FILKOE with the delightful title of 'Lost Zoo Key...view item »

Walk Into The Light

Automato -a 12"on Dim Mak. You get 5 versions of the came song for your hard earned cash. Its reasonable hip hop. Again its fairly uninspiring stuff....view item »

Depth Affect

Breaking up the slew of indie stuff is one of those wonderful little releases that always serve us well. I.E. the forward thinking electronic hip hop album. There's been plenty to scoff about in the French music biz over the years (remember Les Thugs??) but their current hip hop scene sounds a hell of a lot more s...view item »

Haulin' Grass and Smokin' Ass

A very odd album that always seems to satisfy. Incomprehensible flashes of lyrics mesh with shifting tones creating the predictably unexpected at every listen. Simple and always beautiful. ...view item »

Telephone Jim Jesus (Restiform Bodies)
A Point Too Far To Astronaut

Here's something new on Anticon by Telephone Jim Jesus who is a member of Restiform Bodies. It's instrumental music in that Anticon style of not really being hip hop but not really being anything else either  - think Odd Nosdam, Dosh etc. The first track is incredibly Christmas-y. All cut up spoken...view item »

Walter Pico
My Alter Ego

Here's a CD by Walter Pico. He's a new chap to the towers... I like his name. It's nice. The opener of 'My Alter Ego' is a 60's spy fueled hip-hop scratch-a-thon instrumental job which nicely leads you into the varying styles of hip-hop on the album which our walter has apparently grown up with. It's an 11 track EP which varies in quality but throu...view item »


I did really like the first couple of Themselves albums... I remember eventually tracking a copy of Them down on vinyl (top album) which made me well happy for a short time. It's still a great album and it's definitely my favourite Anticon thing. Lately the label has struggled to find it's identity releasing a bunch of uninspiring records which wer...view item »

Amanda Blank
I Love You

I expected a much raunchier and repetitive album. Blank's singing voice is great and "Leaving You Behind" is a particularly beautiful and completely unexpected track, considering her nasty-girl antics with Spank Rock - it will be stuck in my head for days. I know with the way that the pop industry sucks these days we will not be hearing Amanda B...view item »

Gutter Tactics

Dalek are back with an other album for Ipecac... 'Gutter Tactics' opens with a mighty intro 'Blessed Are They Who Bash Your Children's Heads Against A Rock' with some preacher type man unleashing an almighty rant about War. Really heavy political stuff. As far as the rest of the album goes then there's some good moments although it's not as aggress...view item »

Beat Konducta Volume 4- In India

As a crate digger, hip hop producer Madlib is well known for his extensive and eclectic use of samples and is really one of the few major producers still making beats in this way, despite "being sued a lot of times." Under his Beat Konducta guise Madlib has produced a series of records that combine hip hop beats and samples that create ...view item »

Out My Window

For those of you that were disappointed with the grim rainy English summertime you can have some sunshine in your life with hazy album of summery hip hop/ pop from Koushik courtesy of Stonesthrow. 'Out My Window' is like The Beach Boys being remixed by Fourtet. Actually having just clocked the press release both of those names are mentioned along w...view item »

Odd Nosdam
Pretty Swell Explode

Judging from this collection of remixes and B-sides, featuring Black Moth Super Rainbow, Jessica Bailiff, Tarsier, Bracken of cD's beatmaker Odd Nosdam aka David Madson, I think "backpacker hip-hop" is when you put your drugs in that backpack, and lots of them. Madson's music is the sound of drugs, allowing the listener to peer through another d...view item »

Red Pine Pasture

Here's a quirky album by DOF called 'Red Pine Pasture'. His last album (Sun, Strength & Shield) was one of the finest examples of folktronica (I fucking hate that word but it does the job sometimes) that has graced my fat ears. On this new album you get a bunch of brand new tracks and a bunch of remixes. The new track see a change in direction ...view item »

Yea Big & Kid Static
Yea Big & Kid Static

Ever wonder why some artists have nothing to say and expect you to come back just for the beat? Well, you won't feel that way with this duo. Their lyrics are as tight as the beats, and they keep you coming back for another listen just to pick up what you missed. Also live, you won't believe the energy and intensity with every song they play. The...view item »

Kid Acne
Sliding Doors

Kid Acne: 'Sliding Doors' (Lex), Sheffield's bearded b-boy rocking the redneck look in his confederate baseball cap, string vest and union jack socks standing proud in front of some Yankee trucks. Not quite sure what he's on about but he's shouting in the style of early frat boys Beasties. I think he should maybe stick to his spraycan art. ...view item »

Odd Nosdam
Level Live Wire

Yes Yes YES!!! Odd Nosdam on anticon records. I chuffing love Odd Nosdam. His album Burner is such a sexy piece of work. His latest installment is called 'Level Live Wires' and It's a amazing journey through sound scapes and pop sensibilities with drones and field recordings complementing the guest musicians he brings in. These included Jessica Bay...view item »

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