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Flying Lotus
You’re Dead!

Steve Ellison, the experimental wizard of instrumental hip-hop (who occasionally moonlights as the rapper Captain Murphy) is back with his first FlyLo release since 2012's 'Until The Quiet Comes'. Ever popular with the world of music around him, 'You're Dead!' has a whole new roster of features and contributors to its name, including jazz-funk l...view item »

7 Days of Funk (Dam Funk & Snoopzilla)
7 Days Of Funk

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Funk master Dam Funk has slowly been edging his way into my life via his crossover Ariel Pink collab and professed love for Prefab Sprout. Snoop I can take or leave but his smooth delive...view item »

Roots Manuva
Switching Sides

5 fresh new tracks from Roots Manuva here for Record Store Day. He sounds properly energised here: some of the hazy lethargy of his earlier work seems to have been blasted away by the tight and heavy productions of With You (incorporating Switch and Daouda Leonard). 500 12&rdquo...view item »

Mr Dan (featuring Guilty Simpson)

We apparently have Run The Jewels to thank for Mr Dan’s new musical angle, presented for the first time on this 7”. Seeing them play put Dan on a heavy, aggressive beat-making tip, and Firewater is a strong example of such. MC duties provided by Guilty Simpson...view item »

S/T / Remex

A distinctive fusion of Latin American music and the LA electronic beats scene. Abstrakto is Astrud Sierra and producer DJ Balthazaar Getty and on S/T/Remex they mash together global musical scenes and raw rap and R&B. This 180 gram black and white double LP also comes with a remix album that pushes the orig...view item »


Oooof! Now here’s a line-up for you. Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio), Adam "Doseone" Drucker (Anticon, cLOUDDEAD), and Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas) have been working on the Nevermen...view item »

Pyramid Vritra

Hal Williams is Pyramid Vritra, also formerly one half of Odd Future duo The Jet Age of Tomorrow and a member of the up-and-coming NRK collective. With Danu his beats, especially on 58(Heavy) have a bizarre distance and hazy feel to them, with sparse but defini...view item »

Slug Christ
The Crucifixion of Rapper Extraordinare, Slug Christ

Slug Christ is a rapper who describes his sound as being “808 heavy”. The Crucifixion of Rapper Extraordinaire, Slug Christ takes the familiar drum machine sounds of trap music and combines them with Slug Christ’s nicely toasted delivery. An album for those who feel that rap has been missing that raw e...view item »

Prefuse 73
Every Color of Darkness

Four years since his last significant release under his best known and most revered recording name, Prefuse 73, aka Guillermo S. Herren, who has been busy elsewhere with collaborative work, remixes and live performances, is finally releasing not one, but three full length LPs due out this year. ‘Every Color of Darkness’ is built from...view item »

Ghostface Killah
Death's Invitation / Let The Record Spin

Jazzy, boom-bap hip-hop from Ghostface Killah. This vinyl 7” single was recorded to tape and pressed to wax by Linear Labs. Heavy bass and squealing Rhodes keyboards, borrowed from Ennio Morricone, match the fantastic 1970s giallo-inspired artwork. Death's Invitation/Let The Record Spin is...view item »

Ras G
The El-Aylien Tapes Vol. 1 & 2

Deep and heavy beat tracks from premium producer Ras G. Operating from the heart of the LA scene, G pulls many of his samples from the regions of free jazz, lending his tracks a strongly afrofuturistic vibe. The El-Aylien Tapes Vol. 1 &am...view item »

Jaga Jazzist
Oban / Oban (Todd Terje Remix)

A new album from Jaga Jazzist is on the way, and to whet our appetites, here is Oban, a nice little preview track pressed to transparent vinyl in a eye-scratching cover. But the real treat is the re-working from Todd Terje, which drives on and on into serious groove-town, Jazzist’...view item »

Chimurenga Renaissance
Girlz With Gunz

Girlz With Gunz is an international collection, taking in sonics from Zimbabwe and the Congo, where the two members of Chimurenga Resistance (one of whom is Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces) have their respective roots. This half-hour EP is packed with energetic elements from hip-hop, ...view item »

Ghostface Killah
Return Of The Savage / King Of New York

Adrian Younge’s recent epic album 12 Reasons To Die II featured Ghostface Killah alongside old flames like Raekwon and RZA, working to tell t...view item »

Saul Williams

On MartyrLoserKing Saul Williams continues to pursue his unique blend of hip-hop, global sounds, spoken word and dense political rock. He borrows from a diverse range of genres, but joins the dots with his urgent vocals. On this vinyl LP and CD from Fader Label he also brings a range of guests, including Emily K...view item »

Wu-Tang Clan
The W

The W is the third studio album by the world's baddest Hip Hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Released in 2000, the album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200, and instantly topped the R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart after release. Containing the hit "Gravel Pit", the album was certified Platinum a few months later. After ...view item »

Lushlife + CSLSX

Lushlife produces and raps, and duo of CSLSX, whose name is apparently pronounced ‘Casual Sex’, co-produce. The results are cinematic, grand, shiny, like a well-washed humvee sliding down the midnight streets of Los Angeles. Some especially impressive material from Lushlife here: ...view item »

Money Folder

A selection of highlights from that glorious modern classic Madvillainy. The slick-flowing collaboration between MF Doom and Madlib should not need any introduction, but if they are new to you, dive in this re-pressed 12”! Money Folder and ‘America’s Most Blunted’ are ea...view item »


First up Fog with their new album 'Ditherer' on Lex. A rocky guitary album. Lots of tune ideas indeed. A softer Nivarna sound. Actually its got quite a wide range of ideas led by Andrew Broder's nasal vocals as it swings from stoner rock to prog rock. Yes it's good. Phil Elverum, Andrew Bird, Low, and Dosh all appear on the new album, as well as ...view item »


Fold are a quartet from Leeds who mix hip-hop, funk, jazz and a teeny bit of psychedelic rock to produce a slick and confident sound. They have played gigs with and remixed the music of Public Service Broadcasting. Their self-titled debut, over its ten tracks, contemplates the importance of the life lessons not ...view item »

J Dilla
Dillatronic Vol. 3

Premium-grade beat action from the archives of the beloved J Dilla, this time with totally unheard material! The material on Dillatronic Vol. 3 is especially heavy on electronic synth lines, supported by breaks that have that perennially funky Dilla quality. A vinyl treat for Dilla-head...view item »

White Boiz
Neighborhood Wonderful

A deep musical and mental connection between MC Krondon and Shafiq Husayn forms the basis of their collaboration as White Boiz. Fourteen tracks of crystal clear street observation and conversational excerpts make up the album Neighbourhood Wonderful. Featuring Thundercat, Anderson Paak and Chace Infinite. Out on double ...view item »

9th Wonder & Talib Kweli
Indie 500

Big name heavy hip-hop hitters Talib Kweli and 9th Wonder (like Patsy Kensit's lot but one wonder better) team up for the first time for Indie 500. These tracks bristle with energy, as fresh and playful as the cover suggests. Production guests include Hi-Tek, Nottz...view item »

Mr. Lif
I Phantom

An awesome reissue of Mr Lif’s debut album I Phantom. Originally on El-P’s now defunct Def Jux imprint it features many of the key players including El-P himself, Aesop Rock, and Vast Aire. If you’ve missed out on anything to do with D...view item »

Roots Manuva

Bleeds is Roots Manuva’s first album since 2011’s 4evereveloution. Manuva has jokingly suggested that the title refers to the fact that he is ready to bleed for his art. It is also thought that the title refers to his melding of genres from hip-hop to techno, to funk and reggae - th...view item »

You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

This 10th anniversary reissue of left-field hip-hop crew Atmosphere’s classic You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having album is a real treat for fans. The original album is bolstered by previously unheard instrumental versions, the whole thing spread across four pieces of coloured vinyl in a fancy q...view item »

Riot Boi

With a mixtape on his own imprint Camp & Street and releases on Boysnoize and Terrible Records, it’s debut album time for New York based Le1f. Known for his odd productions there are some heavy hitters on here, including SOPHIE, Evian Christ, and Lunice. Head-boppers a...view item »

Over & Over

Two tracks from Onra’s latest LP, Fundamentals, are singled out for special treatment on this 12” from All City. The sleek tunes, featuring MC talents such as Daz Dillinger and Do or Die, are present in the original mixes, as well as instrumental versions for those who want ...view item »

Blue Daisy
Darker Than Blue

Blue Daisy is the solo project of Kwesi Darko, who writes, produces and performs. His production style is remarkable: for example, the title track moves through smooth background ambience, moodily aggressive hip-hop, woozy string samples and rock cacophony in just four minutes. Darker Than Blue is on R&...view item »

Fila Brazillia
Maim That Tune

Maim That Tune is the 1995 album of Yorkshire-dwelling electronica duo Fila Brazillia. They deploy a very wide sound palette in order to deliver chilled atmospheres to the listener: techno / house / hip-hop beats, melodic orchestral samples, twinkling bell tones… 20th anniversary reissue, first time on vinyl!...view item »

Blind Arcade
Give It Away

Blind Arcade, aka Kermit Leveridge, has been away a long time. Initially one of Black Grape way back when, he has since passed through a deep drug wilderness to return with Give It Away, an EP that features talented assistance from BB James and The Reynolds...view item »

Low Budget / High Concept

Mongrels are a duo made up of two life-long friends, DJ Benjamin and MC Kid Acne. The two have been involved in UK hip-hop for almost twenty years, although they haven’t made tracks together as Mongrels for quite a while. Low Budget / High Concept is a fresh EP fu...view item »

Dam Funk
Invite The Light

Eighties electro-funk revivalist Dam Funk has an excellent line in smooth jams both slow and fast, and he crucially understands the essential swing of funk. Invite The Light gets help from the likes of Q-Tip and both Leon Sylvers III and Leon Sylvers IV. The home of thi...view item »

L'Orange & Kool Keith
Time? Astonishing!

Hip-hop legend Kool Keith, who has also recorded under the names Dr. Octagon and Black Elvis, has teamed up with MMG producer L’Orange to record Time? Astonishing! Whilst keeping the best traditions of the genre alive, here they have created a new landscape for hi...view item »

Golden Rules
Golden Ticket

A new duo consisting of London producer Paul White and Florida rapper Eric Biddines, Golden Rules deliver a distinctly Outkastian effort with debut album Golden Ticket. Hailed by the likes of BBC 6 Music, Madlib and Diplo, they’re sure to make waves. Out on CD, vinyl double LP and limited edition vinyl double LP f...view item »

Magna Carta... Holy Grail

A fancy limited edition of Jay Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail on Jack White’s Third Man Records. They don’t make it easy for ya at Third Man; the gatefold double vinyl LP comes with an exclusive non-album track which you play using a postcard only accessible by literally slicing into your r...view item »


Moshi Moshi have put out Sukpatch's album following on from the single the other week which pretty much gives you an idea of what to expect from the album. Mid-tempo guitar pop with nods to Money Mark with some of the beats and synth bits. Infact the vocal is not unlike him either. Hip-Hop laced in...view item »


Sad to say, Offshore (Ewan Robertson) is no longer with us: this album is being released posthumously, with all proceeds from its sale going to a relevant charity. Offshore’s tracks hop around with a light touch, synths, drum machines and a tune-centric sensibility all playing off each other perfe...view item »

Unindian Songs Vol 1

This weeks Anticon release comes from Pedestrian. This is his debut album. Pedestrian also appears in the musically superior Restiform Bodies. This is another Anticon release. If you like Anticon you might like this. It sounds a bit scrappy and lo-fi . It features contributions from Why?, Sole, Jel...view item »

The Mouse And The Mask

Motherfunning new album from Dangerdoom. In case you didn't know (and you may well not) Danger Doom is a duo consisting of MF Doom and Danger Mouse.. Kind of like Mr Marks & Mr Spencer.........  As I type we have the ltd special edition CD in fancy packaging but the vinyl should be here in a week or so.... T...view item »

Enigmatic & Misto Soon
A miniature of bigger things

Out of the Blue sent us some CDs out of the blue which is kind of amusing since that's what they're called. The release in question is a CD album and it's by The Enigmatical & Misto Soon who peddle a laid-back, heavily jazz influenced hip-hop. The production I'm really enjoying, the languid beats fusing very nicely with the maximal approach to ...view item »

DJ Signify
Sleep No More

The content is very solemn and brooding, and both guest emcees Buck 65, and Sage Francis contribute some of their best abstract work. Notable tracks are "Winters Going", "Haunted House Party" and "Cup of Regret". The samples Signify employs are very obscure and some are haunting in...view item »

C- Rayz Walz
Year Of The Beast

I wasn't a "huge" fan of C-Ray's debut studio effort "Ravipops". It was pretty good, but not up to par with many Def Jux releases. Well, I'm pleased to say that "Year Of The Beast" is better, and deserves the spotlight. It took me a few spins to get used to his style and message. First of all, his flow isn't overly impressive. But he does have s...view item »


When you read the words 'frankly insane instrumental hip hop all the way from Poland' you know you want to take a listen. So this describes the next release 'comac' by CO. The nearest comparison I guess is Dalek but without the vocals the sonic manipulations need to be even more visceral which CO manage with aplomb. Rickety beats...view item »


During the chaos at the towers some records occasionally mange to evade the review pile. BLEUBIRD's 'Rip USA' is one such record but is worth mentioning for all you Anticon fans. This features the solid production skills of Scott Da Ros, Alias, The Chocolate Gangster...view item »

Cloven Thumb/ Ill Prepared (Dieter & Gadabouts mix)

Librarian I know sod all about apart from the fact they're a pan Lahndan/Bristol act. 'Cloven Thumb' is kind of lo-fi backpacker hip-hop skinny funk with bizarre lyrics. There's a very home spun vibe about it, recorded off-the-cuff with no overdubs or post-production, I'm totally undecided as to whether I like it or not but it possesses an undeniab...view item »

Bless Beats & Janée* (featuring Double S)
Sex In The City

Ghostface Killah
Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II

Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II features Ghostface Killah working with old flames like Raekwon and RZA, to tell the next chapter in a complex story of Italian crime syndicates in 70’s New York. A great concept well executed by a killer team, all presented very cinemati...view item »

Dark Was The Night

I recently got told to give records only ten out of ten unless they're "perfect, like "future classics". I retorted that to my ears on 2-3 listens they often were. I take things home & rinse them see. I've made a few mistakes. Haven't we all. I even liked the bloody Chew Lips album for three months. T...view item »


Actress is known for mixing it up in his DJ sets, unafraid to shift BPMs and genres dramatically. This mix for DJ Kicks (the 49th in the series) is his first commercially released mix, finally allowing the home listener to hear what he gets up to on the decks. Includes tracks from Autechre, Mark...view item »

Prismic Tops

Dimlite's Prismic Tops goes off in even stranger directions, from the xylophone and filtered Arabic horns of Kalimba Deathswamp/Kurt Feelingx. The weirdness is in full effect, and even with Elan Tamara lending her vocals to "On the Same Picture," the instrumentals go crazy right beneath her. The jazz inflections of his earlier works give way to ...view item »

James Pants

Quasi-emotional MIDI-pop miniatures from James Pants. Pants’ methodology for crafting these tracks was apparently to not spend too long on any of them, so Savage is a curious blend of light-hearted pastiches, deliberately ‘shallow’ but in a context where that is a good thing! Vinyl LP ...view item »

Ghostface Killah
The Pretty Toney Album

The charmingly titled ’The Pretty Toney Album’ is American hip hop/rap artist and former Wu Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah’s fourth studio album. Originally released in 2004 in the wake of the shortcomings of many other Wu-Tang Clan members solo projects, Ghostface Killah has successfully created his own unique identity that...view item »

Ice Cube
Death Certificate (25th Anniversary Edition)

Second solo album from Ice Cube, positioned in between the N.W.A. and the starring-in-family-friendly-Disney-films eras of his career. Death Certificate is a ferocious blast against most parts of society, backed by aggressively funky instrumentals. 20-track 180g vinyl LP reissue from the Back to Black l...view item »


‘Efil4zaggin’ aka ‘Niggaz4life’ is the second and final studio album from gangsta rap collective NWA as the group disbanded later the same year after the departure of Dr Dre. With a line up featuring four of the collectives original members (after the departure of Ice Cube) the album was an instant rap classic reaching Bi...view item »

DJ Yoda
DJ Yoda Presents: Breakfast Of Champions

Always a fan of collaborations, surrounded by a wealth of good artistic company, DJ Yoda has created his first live hip-hop band comprising some of the cornerstones of the golden era of hip hop including Rex Domino, Mouse Outfit MCs Sparkz and Truthos Mufasa to name a few. ‘Breakfast of Champions’ captures all the excitement and ener...view item »

Tairiq & Garfield
Childhood Swing

The debut release from twin brothers Tairiq & Garfield is a big production seemingly always in flux. Children to an R&B group father and a rapping mother they’ve got quite the headstart. Childhood Swing is not unlike a slow motion Squarepusher at his most sci-fi. Out on 12” vinyl from Software Record...view item »

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah
Sour Soul

This is the promising collaboration between smoky jazz/hip-hop collective BADBADNOTGOOD and rap champ Ghostface Killah.  Inspired by the '60s/70s soulful music they grew up on the album eschews the sample heavy hip hop of the modern day for live playing which gives the album an atmospheric, organi...view item »

Hot Sugar
God's Hand

Floating along the abstract plane with Hot Sugar. God's Hand is the lengthily awaited debut full length from the esoteric producer. Some call it hip-hop, whilst others probably don't have a clue about what he is getting at. It's full of bubbling samples, wacky percussion and all kinds of loops n synt...view item »

Wu-Tang Clan
A Better Tomorrow

After years of putting it off and asking each member if it's gonna happen -- and RZA saying it'd only happen if he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted and take the project wherever he could -- the Wu-Tang announced not one album, but two (though you'd have to be earning a lot more right now to own the second). ...view item »

Petals Have Fallen

DELS is an alternative hip-hop artist whose flow and motivation is based on contradictions: he goes in for tragicomedy with darkly funny verses about his own experiences and those of the people who fill his life. This is his second record, 'Petals Have Fallen', produced by none other than Kwes, who gives the record its swaying, often raw tones.&...view item »

Divine Styler
Def Mask

A dystopian concept album from one time DJ Shadow collaborator and member of Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate crew, Divine Styler. Def Mask shows a clear industrial influence that runs right through the album with discordant synths and crunching snares. Expect heavy nods to Blade Runner. Out on CD and 2LP v...view item »

Flying Lotus
Until The Quiet Comes

You know  - so many things go on these days that I somehow missed Flying Lotus’s last opus ‘Cosmogramma’. Just never got round to it. Shocking isn’t it? A man of my regard within the community. Anyway I will make up for lost time by boldly proclaiming this new on...view item »

Jaga Jazzist
Jaga Jazzist - '94-'14

Post-rock wasn't always this drab; there was a time when it could sound like it was made by a jazz band living in a beanstalk. Jaga Jazzist's inventive and ever-curious sound infused nu-jazz with the climactic disciplines of Talk Talk and Tortoise. They're pretty old now, though, and this year m...view item »

Tre Mission

Idiosyncratic cross continental beats from Tre Mission. Stigmata is a journey encompassing all things hip-hop from Canada, England and America. His range of influences is similar in scope to his range of collaborations on this record. It's got elements of grime, trap, garage, R&B with poppy sensi...view item »

Kenny Dennis III

I've not encountered Kenny Dennis before, Serengeti's scarred everyman who across this album relays the story of his band Perfecto. With partner in crime Ders they embark on an adventure that is in turn funny, poignant  always interesting. Thick moustached KD finds things don't always pan out but as a listener, I feel better for g...view item »

Percy La Rock EP

Got some smooth soulful hip-hop action here from I.N.T., aka Percy Samidjono, aka Percy La Rock (an old-skool hip-hop name bestowed upon him by 'Wildstyle' director Charlie Ahearn), who's got a slew of records behind him already on labels like Stones Throw and Rush Hour. Now he's on Dwina, dropping seven fresh cuts with several guest stars inclu...view item »

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist
Play Afrika Bambaataa (Renegades Of Rhythm Exclusive Tour Book)

Trip-hop hero DJ Shadow and his good friend turntablist Cut Chemist toured together as Renegades Of Rhythm, and this limited edition book celebrates the time they spent together with words from both artists, as well as Afrika Bambaataa, on DJ culture. Found inside are remade versions of test pressings found in Afrika Bambaata...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
A Word Of Science

This is a real landmark LP, not so much in the career of NOW, as I think their key album is Smokers Delight, but rather a landmark in terms of the Northen bleep era and Warp records. Whilst not the first album on Warp, it felt significant as it seemed to symbolise a shift from one off singles to having artists who look...view item »

Golden Skies

Brainfeeder don't do too much wrong so hopes are high for this debut album from Mono/Poly (aka Charles Dickerson). Even better news is that Thundercat makes an appearance twanging his bass and Flying Lotus affiliates Niki Randa and Rebekah Raff, plus Mendee Ichikawa (Free Moral Agents) are here too. Mono/Poly already has fans in Erykah Badu and ...view item »

Cut Chemist
The Litmus Test

Cut Chemist’s Litmus Test is a self-mixed retrospective showcasing one of the 1990’s great DJ/producers’ repertoire. Originally released in 2004, the album ushered in his solo era as a precursor to his Warner Brothers debut release The Audience Is Listening. A mix of selected productions/mixes Cut Chemist had done to date - som...view item »


Carving some out with Jabu. Kwiadan is the latest 7 track record from the Bristol fellas. Taking stock from UK & US beat makers and spoken word artists, these tracks are as introspective as they are down tempo. MC Alex Rendall is spilling his mind out over Amos Childs' blunted rhythms. Out o...view item »

Operation Doomsday [ Deluxe Edition ]

MF Doom, the man behind the mask, the supervillain, he works with mice, Madlib and more besides. A true underground legend who has ended up with shoes bearing his logo on every major high street in the UK. It still suprises me to see Doom in the shop window of Clarks. I mean what the f.....view item »

Christian Rich

SS14 is the debut EP from Christian Rich AKA DJ and production duo and twin brothers Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan. Nigerian raised, Chicago born, LA-based Christian RIch recently contributed to #1 Billboard albums for Drake, J Cole and Childish Gambino, as well as producing 4 tracks for Earl Sweatshirt's #1 Rap Billboard album, 'Doris'. ...view item »

Special Herbs 5 & 6

'Special Herbs 5 & 6' is the latest entry in MF DOOM's instrumental series of beats. MF DOOM is famous for being a beats merchant for a wide variety of canonized hip-hop artists, from De La Soul to the Wu-Tang Clan. This record collects a variety of rarely heard MF DOOM samples, and comes with a bonus 7" from when MF DOOM was a member o...view item »

Earwax Volume One

Dirty, grotty yet wholesomely uplifting,  Earwax Volume One is a fine mesh of beats and samples to dive into. Featuring the likes of Odd Nosdam, Michael J Collins and Ceschi, it’s a funkily versatile introduction to the unique aesthetics of the US spanning Filthy Broke label....view item »

Dour Tonic Input / DJ Votive
Yogyakarta / Dead Roads

Here’s a very peculiar split tape from Dour Tonic Input and DJ Votive, designed as a “beat tape” it’s intended to be the starting point for further projects, throwing out a series of engaging rhythmic passages which all owe a debt to the Indonesian...view item »

Virus Syndicate
The Swarm

Sometimes you just need to blast heavy EDM with rappers demonstrating the gamut of British eloquence and accents. That’s what Virus Syndicate saw you needed, and they intended to deliver. The Swarm is only an indication of the havoc they intend to wreak on our ears, innards and dignity, so you better buckle up....view item »

Tommy Guerrero
No Mans Land

Described as a musician, designer, artist and skateboarder from San Francisco, I immediately find Tommy Guerrero annoying. He’s just bound to be one of those too-cool-for-school kids isn’t he? Probably some kind of trendy hairstyle and undoubtedly with that most annoying of traits; an upbeat enthusiasm for everything...view item »

Mr Scruff
Render Me

A 12” sample of Mr Scruff’s latest album on Ninja Tune, Friendly Bacteria. Two reworkings of the track ‘Render Me’, a track that features vocals from Denis Jones. I found his vocals pretty weird to be honest, especially put within the usually light and Scruffy sound of the track, but maybe that i...view item »


LA based youth genius Napolian (a.k.a Ian Evans) follows his killer debut EP ‘Rejoice’ (still in stock slow lads) with an epic full length LP for Daniel Lopatin’s Software label and, to be honest, I’m fucking stoked. Napolian’ p...view item »

Mr Scruff
Friendly Bacteria

Friendly Bacteria is the seventh full-length album by Mr. Scruff, otherwise known as Andy Carthy from Manchester. Famously plying his trade on the Ninja Tune label since his second album, Keep It Unreal, in 1999, Friendly Bacteria is regarded as his most complete work to date. The comp...view item »

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton : This Is Stones Throw Records

Founded by Peanut Butter Wolf (and while we're here, bless Charizma), the legendary Stones Throw Records has housed a community responsible for some of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time, from Madlib to beat-making genius Dilla. Ou...view item »

Late Night Tales – Django Django

The popular and intriguing Late Night Tales series gets curated by Django Django here, on CD and double LP. The tracklisting is in keeping with myriad of influencers at play in the band’s sound, from pop to hip-hop, and across the eras. Indeed, it is a bit like the band and their parents got their mus...view item »


These guys are about pushing limits, exploring the limits of rap. Even though they are Southsiders, they want to take it above and beyond directions, and through the Atmosphere. And they’re offering you the chance of a lifetime to be part of that expedition. There’s really no way you can say no....view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Thought So...

Chillout with the misleadingly named Nightmares On Wax, whose days on Warp continue with a lovely reisuse of 'Thought So...', his sixth record, which saw them pack up shop and move to Ibiza (from Leeds, no less!). There's plenty of good old fashioned dub to rejoice over, but things get a little sunnier and shinier on this record. ...view item »

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