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Young Fathers
Tape One / Tape Two

Essential re-issue of the early years of eventual Mercury Prize winners Young Fathers. 'Tape 1' and 'Tape 2' saw the band honing their near unclassifiable sound which blends hip-hop with influences from indie, jazz and soul. 'Tape 1' in particular is totally magnificent  - a call to arms that ensured that we were in the pre...view item »

Princess Nokia
1992 Deluxe

The New York rapper’s 2016 mixtape gains a remaster and eight unreleased tracks on this first-time CD and double vinyl edition. At a career point where others might feel happy to start making concessions to the mainstream, Destiny Frasqueri maintains her unflinching individualism and uncompromising feminism,...view item »


One of those acts who very quickly achieved ubiquity after their 2015 debut on XL, Ibeyi are here to make good on the promise of that record with another LP of emotive soultronica. As befits their elevated status, Ash includes guest spots from Kamasi Washington and Chilly Gonzal...view item »


Future’s early 2017 album HNDRXX, which you can pronounce Hendrix if you like, gets a nice vinyl pressing here, courtesy of Epic. The album is fully ...view item »

Illa J
Yancey Boys

Yancey Boys is an album wherein J Dilla’s brother Illa J flows over the top of some of the many Dilla beats left behind by the great man. Though this 2008 album was a posthumous collaboration, the fraternal connection is strong with this one, and it really feels like it could have...view item »

Chinoiseries pt. 3

Onra’s very popular and somewhat addictive Chinoiseries is designed around the simple conceit of sampling only from Chinese vinyl records, crafting short-and-sweet hip-hop instrumentals out of the dusty source material. Volume Three of the results are dripping with character and invention. CD / double LP ...view item »


Future presents Future, his present album, on bumper 2LP format via Epic. As with past Future releases, the Atlanta rapper presents various characteristic techniques, such as autotune-heavy vocals and trap backi...view item »

Dead Prez
Let's Get Free

Yes yes yes, the hard and heavy 2000 debut from political hip-hop crew Dead Prez reissued on Get Down. Let’s Get Free speaks on Black Nationalism and murderous white racism, backed with thick and chunky analogue basslines. There is even a sighting of a young Kanye West, whose remix of ‘It&rs...view item »

Lando Chill
The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind

With comparisons being made to Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, James Blake, and Saul Williams Lando Chill...view item »

Take Care

Take Care is the second album by critically acclaimed Canadian rapper Drake. It was originally released in 2011. The album features a host of producers including Jamie XX, The Weeknd, T-Minus and Just Blaze. There is also a guest contribution from an un...view item »

Kanye West
The College Dropout

Roc-A-Fella’s reissuing of Kanye West’s earlier albums goes right back to the beginning with this double vinyl of his debut full length album The College Dropout. Includes his defining huge hitters Jesus Walks and All Falls Down, with guests Jay-Z, Common, ...view item »

Sean Price
Imperius Rex

Sean Price may no longer be with us, but plenty of his music is still waiting in the wings to be heard. Imperius Rex is a collection of tracks that features a colossal quantity of excellent rappers and producers...view item »

Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists)

First album in 12 years from ex Def Jux-ers Mr Lif and Akrobatik as The Perceptionists, though this time it's just the two of them. The pair's chemistry comes very easily, unsurprising as they both beat death to get here, and makes the heavy topics they tackl...view item »

Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
Something About April

Why not sit down and play the sample-spotting game with Adrian Younge’s album Something About April? You might recognise catchy fragments used elsewhere by Jay-Z, 50 Cent or DJ Premier, a fact that indicates the kind of psychedelic swinging soul that Young...view item »

Ennio the Little Brother
Bunk Beds / Cacophony

If you thought Welsh hip-hop started and finished with Goldie Lookin’ Chain, think again. Ennio The Little Brother hails from North Wales and makes soulful music - dream pop-meets-hip-hop, but all with a bedroomy, DIY aesthetic that adds grit to his conscious and aware lyric...view item »


As the latest addition to Tricky's ever-mounting mammoth back-catalogue, Ununiform is an intricate offering which amounts to his furthest lefturn yet. 13 tracks long, the record firmly cements the British producer's status at legendary - if it wasn't already. Avoid this musical journey a...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Citizen Kane

Nightmares On Wax has been with Warp for a long time, since the beginning, more-or-less. All these years later, the classic electronic label is still letting him make music for them, which is a good thing, of course. With his new single, Citizen Kane, a fresh approach suggests more different and f...view item »

Jaga Jazzist

Jaga Jazzist have sailed their Norwegian ship through a wide variety of genre waters over the years, and their latest, Starfire, finds them docking in a land of space-funk. One suspects that band leader Lars Horntveth’s move to Los Angeles has found him absorbing the energies of some of Flying Lotus...view item »

No Mountains In Manhattan

Wiki follows up on the promise of earlier mixtapes with the full-length album No Mountains In Manhattan, a comprehensive piece of work about the young artist’s life. New York is of course of fundamental importance, and the city gives back as much as it gets in the form of local talents like Ghostface Killa...view item »

Wu-Tang Clan
Clan In Da Front / Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber

Get On Down are reissuing the entirety of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in 7” form. Here are tracks three and four. Clan in the Front is essentially a GZA / RZA showcase. Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber features a chaotic full house consisting of Raekwon, Method Man, Ghostf...view item »

Wu-Tang Clan
Bring Da Ruckus / Shame On A Nigga

As the Wu-Tang release their seventh album The Saga Continues, Boston reissue label Get On Down are dropping every track from the classic debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) on a series of seven-inches. In other cases this might seem like a gimmicky or excessive move, but with a record as deathless as this, why the hell not? C...view item »

The Spectacular Empire II

A sequel to, you guessed it, The Spectacular Empire I, sees a continuation of GAIKA's slightly twisted but significantly affecting electronic outings. As another part of the story of empowerment in authoritarian chaos, it succeeds heavily; as an essential addition to the darker end of your record box, same....view item »

Keny Arkana
L’Esquisse 3

Seventh solo album from French-Argentine rapper Kelly Arkana. The third in her L'Esquisse (meaning Sketching) series, this is Arkana flexing her creative clout in a slightly more relaxed mixtape-y format. Her flow is vicious and purposeful, matched by the album's beats, and, I can only assume, its lyrics....view item »

Skilled Mechanics

New tunes from the man Tricky himself! Skilled Mechanics is titled for a certain kind of CIA assassin (not, as I’d hoped, in tribute to some guys who fixed his car), a theme which suits Tricky’s brand of shuffling paranoia. As usual, he pulls in a range of vocalists to help him craft his wor...view item »

Aesop Rock

Leftfield hip hop champ Aesop Rock is as deft on the buttons as he is on the mic, and his soundtrack to Brooklyn-based civil war drama Bushwick has been the perfect vehicle for him to stretch his legs and show off the hidden depths of his beatsmithery. From noirish mood pieces to more conventional grooves, it’s a ...view item »

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
The Message

The debut album by the pioneering New York hiphop crew. The title track is the obvious highlight, following in the wake of Sugar Hill Gang’s chart success with Rapper’s Delight, but upping the ante significantly in terms of gritty subject matter and technical achievement. There’s plenty more to enjoy here - the...view item »

By The Water

Mike is just 18 years old, and he’s clearly spent all his time developing his skills, as both the verbal flows and sampled-up beats on this EP (Mike self-produces his own instrumentals) are damn potent. He certainly didn’t waste any time thinking up a memorable or distinctive name… By The ...view item »

Little Simz
Stillness In Wonderland (Deluxe Edition)

Little Simz, a dyed in the wool member of the champagne socialist Islington elite, is one of the most exciting new faces in British music. Here her second album Stillness In Wonderland is given the deluxe treatment with a gatefold sleeve, and bonus tracks featuring the likes of Badbadnotgood and...view item »

K.O.T. (Anthony Shakir)
Da Jit / Wett

K.O.T. (King Of Thoughts) was Anthony "Shake" Shakir, an undeniable godfather of techno and the motor city sound working with Carl Craig and Derrick May as a producer for the Metroplex label in Detroit. Black Bottom Records reissue these incredibly rare tracks f...view item »

Bleep Bloop
The Fifth Pupil EP

The new EP from Bleep Bloop features three fresh new cuts that chuck chunky blasts of sound around with the flair and thrill of vintage Ninja Tune experimental hip-hop tracks, Except that Bleep Bloop is ...view item »

NxWorries, Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge
Yes Lawd! Remixes

Madlib remixed his own album on Stones Throw so why shouldn’t Kxwledge give it a go? Nxworries are a duo comprising of producer Kxwledge and singer/rapper/multi-instrumentalist Anderson. Paak. They originally released their debut Yes Lawd!...view item »

What's That Noise?

Spin your ears back to 1989 and enjoy the debut album of Coldcut once again! The bouncy good-time cut-up party people got started with What’s That Noise?, a particularly lively swirl of breaks, acid house and hip-hop. The guest vocalists on the album includes both Queen Latifah and Mark E....view item »

Tuff City Records 33 1/3 Anniversary Box: Original Old School Recordings 1982-1986

Some of the earliest and greatest hip-hop came to the world via Tuff City Records back in the day, and this tasty box gives you a whole treasure trove of the stuff from the premium period 1982 - 1986. The 33 ⅓ Anniversary Box: Original Old School Recordings contains five 12”s and a 7”, featuring a total of 32 tracks. Plus!...view item »

Aesop Rock
Labor Days

While his nasally tone, awkward delivery and surrealist imagery make it evident why he has not risen higher in mainstream hip-hop, Aesop unleashes the most potent stream-of-consciousness styled lyrics heard. While it all may sound like a garbled bunch of nonsense to the uninitiated, spend some time with these rhymes and you may find that elusive...view item »

Godfather II

The twelfth studio LP from hip-hop and grime mainstay, Wiley. Godfather II is the follow-up to 2016’s Godfather. An expansive 20-track affair from one of the scene’s most well-established figures, including features from the likes of JME. Released on CTA and available on double LP vinyl....view item »

The Spectacular Empire I

Gaika continues his stay with the legendary Warp Records with a synth and sample heavy trudge through dystopian soundscapes and pulsing beats. The fuzz clears to make way for vocals to swerve in, but the overall dark atmosphere remains throughout. Deep stuff from a torchbearer of political electronic music....view item »

Cypress Hill
III (Temples Of Boom)

The third album from the stoner-hop legends Cypress Hill is back back back on vinyl baby, courtesy of your friends at We Are Vinyl. Cypress Hill III: Temples Of Boom is a dark and spooky listen, rich with that classic Cypress Hill sound. Includes ‘Throw Your Set In The Air’. Double LP reissu...view item »

Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues

The Wu-Tang’s seventh full length. Eighth if you’re perverse enough to count the single-copy Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, and Lesson Learn’d makes a point of dissing that item’s purchaser, appropriately cartoonish supervillain Martin Shkreli. That string-driven track and single People Say a...view item »

West 2 West
Vol 2

West 2 West is an alias of John Daly, a figure searching for atmosphere in the scrubby outlands of leftfield hip-hop. Turns out he's found it, and over 'Vol. 2', indeed the sequel to 'Vol. 1', you'll find all manner of twisted beats and sonic environments for deep dive brain somersaults and late night beat journeys. ...view item »

Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill was a major breath of fresh air when they came out. They were rapping from a latinos perspective, they dropped beats that were more than dope, and wrote lyrics about everything including weed. You can't deny that as soon as you hear B-real, you know just who it is. I'd hesitate to call this the best album of theirs, but I like it ju...view item »

Original Hip Hop Classics Presented by Sugar Hill Records

Sugar Hill should be a name exquisitely familiar to fans of hip-hop’s vintage early days, so you should all know to pay attention to this compilation. Original Hip Hop Classics Presented by Sugar Hill Records...view item »


Overcast! by Atmosphere was originally released back in 1997 - that’s a whole twenty years ago now. Since then the debut by the Minneapolis hip-hop group has become a bit of an underground classic. It features both of the group’s original rappers, Slug and Spawn, the latter left some three years later, along with pro...view item »

Andy Rantzen

Australian native and electronic music polymath Andy Rantzen was best known for being one half of ‘90s rave duo Itch-E & Scratch E. Two of the tracks for 1/66, a four track retrospective 12”, were originally intended for a dub album he was making. They never made the cut but have appeared on Crea...view item »

DJ Vadim & Blackstone
Double Sided

DJ Vadim’s seventh album on Barely Breaking Even is a collaboration with Californian songstress Katrina Blackstone. Double Sided is an LP that makes good on the pair’s link-up on Vadim’s 2014 record Dubcatcher. The fourteen tracks across Dou...view item »

West 2 West
Vol 1

West 2 West is a new project from John Daly, head of Ireland’s Feel Music. While four albums under his own name have explored the realms of more four four flavoured music, here he indulges his love of hip hop beats. Largely constructed via an MPC, its heady, atmospheric stuff that still brin...view item »

Silicon Valley: The Soundtrack

A good TV series needs a good soundtrack, and Silicon Valley is no exception! It boasts a righteous quantity of classic hip-hop artists, from Nas, Wu-Tang Clan and DJ Shadow to Run The Jewels and Hudson Mohawke, with some artists even providing new excl...view item »

Return Of The Boom Bap

Music On vinyl present this special reissue of KRS One’s debut full length album Return Of The Boom Bap, on vinyl for the first time since 1995. Includes the defining...view item »

Wu-Tang Clan
Iron Flag

Sometimes it's hard to be impartial when reviewing a band/group/artist you really like. That is the case at hand, but I must admit that this is by far the weakest album by Wu-Tang. Don't get me wrong though, the lyrics are tight, typical Wu style. The two people that make this album good, Method Man and Inspectah Deck. A surprise in this album i...view item »

Gabriel Garzón-Montano
Jardín Instrumentals

Currently best known for being sampled by Drake, Gabriel Garzon-Montano’s recent signing to Stones Throw is a big step forward for one of neo-soul’s most promising talents. Here we have the instrumentals to GGM’s Jardin LP. Stripped of his vocals, GGM’s great ear...view item »

Fitz Ambro$e
Doe Quarterz

A globetrotting record this. Canadian-born, Tokyo-based producer Fitz Ambro$e sees a UK release of his 2014 Doe Quarterz album via Dublin’s All City (Knxwledge, FaltyDL). The fourteen beats here are reminiscent of some of the great turn-of-the-century beatniks - ...view item »

Remember Last Summer

NxxxxxS or N-five X-s (yep thats how they want us to pronounce it) are back with a twelve track record entitled Remember Last Summer. This fairly independent rap/hip-hop group have given us a record that combines 'gangster' styled sampling and meshed it together with chilling horror film vibes. Available on Vinyl LP on ...view item »

MarQ Spekt & Gary Wilson
Broken Mazes

Collaboration between MarQ Spekt (Broady Champs/School Of Sharks) and Gary Wilson (Stones Throw/Cleopatra Records). Mixing hip-hop and the psychedelically mad world of Wilson’s back catalogue they plunged into his archival recordings sampling it into slick joints for Spekt to flow over. LP on Grilchy Party....view item »

Wounded Healer

New solo EP from west coast rapper Opio, who most known for his work in groups Souls Of Mischief, and Hieroglyphics. Comes with three takes on the ...view item »

Too Many T’s
South City

Dynamic duo Too Many T’s see the release of their much-anticipated debut LP South City. Brimming with South London positivity and quick-fire ping-pong flows, the record is a harkening to the golden age of rap. They've honed their craft touring all over since 2013, in support of icons like Snoop, De La an...view item »

Shedding Skin

In football terms Ghostpoet has gone from mid-table Championship to nailed on Champions League place with this, his third record. In short: he's really upped his game. Where previous records were interesting but a little niche, Ghostpoet has now made a record everyone can enjoy. It's bold, it's bright, it's tuneful. With a background in UK hip h...view item »

Asphalt For Eden

Welcome to the first new Dälek release since Gutter Tactics, released a whole 7 years ago! Asphalt For Eden reawakens their mission to meld hip-hop with experimental sonics, with  a line-up that now includes DJ rEk and Mike Swarmbots in addition to MC Däl...view item »


Montreal based producer Lunice has readied his long awaited debut full length album. After working with Hudson Mohawke as TNGHT, being featured on Kanye West’s Yeezus he returns to his roots at the Glasgow based LuckyMe label. 11 tracks of his dynamic and individu...view item »

MC Bin Laden
É Grau EP

MC Bin Laden (not that one) is described as the king of São Paulo’s Baile Funk scene. I admit, it is a scene that has been passing me by but from a quick Google and Youtube search, it’s like a Brazilian version of ...view item »

Til The Casket Drops

Legendary rap duo Clipse get Til The Casket Drops on vinyl for the first time ever. The third in their iconic album series that stretched from the exuberant Lord Willin' into the stone-cold classic Hell Hath No Fury, this Neptunes-produced g...view item »

Main Attrakionz
808s & Dark Grapes II

Has the world changed since I last looked? When did Type start releasing hip hop records? And when did '808s and Dark Grapes 1' come out? I have no idea what the answers are. What I do know, though, is that I'm waaaaaay behind on my clipity-clop and am in urgent need of a 'catch up' on wh...view item »

Endangered Philosophies

Dalek have long been one of our favourite bands here at the Towers. They have constantly been striving to blend Public Enemy styled socially conscious hip-hop with the sorts of vicious noise that appears on records by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Flying Saucer Attack and ...view item »

The Steoples
Six Rocks

This sounds sweet. Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker and Yeofi Andoh have long been collaborators but this is their first full length album. It's silky, soulful and slightly eerie sound is a perfect fit for Stones Throw. Expect golden blurry melodies that recall unfinished Stevie Wonder demos all shot through with that wondrous LA ha...view item »

DJ Shadow
The Mountain Has Fallen EP

Still riding ever strong, nearly 30 years after he created his intriguing electronic hip-hop universe, DJ Shadow extends his mammoth back-catalogue with The Mountain Has Fallen EP. Featuring Danny Brown and Nas, this material shows no sign of Shadow slowing down; Instead the gears are lo...view item »

The Impellers
As Sampled By

The Impellers are a twelve-piece funk outfit with some serious weighty chops, and As Sampled By is a fabulous concept for a record: forty-four classic breaks from music history, played live. You’ll recognise grooves left right and centre, for these breaks have been Sampled By anyone and everyone from the ...view item »

Gotts Street Park
Volume One

There is so much to Leeds based outfit Gotts Street Park. A mash of the more chilled lounge and piano indie that is around today, Volume One is a compilation of varying artists from the area. There is no better music for relaxing and embracing your thoughts than triplet swinging easy jazz. Released on ‘Blue Flower...view item »

Kanye West
Late Registration

Roc-A-Fella’s reissuing of Kanye West’s earlier albums continues with his second full length album Late Registration. Includes his massive hits Gold Digger and Touch The Sky alongside another big name list of featured artists, including Jamie foxx, Adam Levine...view item »

Brian Reitzell / Various
Kicks (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Brian Reitzell has built up a potent CV of big-ticket movie soundtracks (including Lost In Translation), not to mention his career in Air. His new accompaniment work, for teenage-sneaker-chase movie Kicks, sits nicely next to tracks by Wu-Tang Clan and RJD2 on ...view item »


After multiple releases on Obey and Hit+Run, and doing a mix for Ninja Tune, Kutmah makes his debut for Big Dada with THROBBB!. High octane mash of fiery hip hob beats and a spitting punk attitude. Think Death Grips meets Run The Jewels and Edan. Features tracks with ma...view item »

DJ Harrison

Afteer albums on Thrash Flow and his own imprint Jellowstone, DJ Harrison makes his debut on the Stones Throw label. From playing a jazz band (Butcher Brown) to discovering his love of sampling with Sons Of Frod his solo work is a crate digging love affair, deep and heavy hip hop instrumentals w...view item »

Rat Boy

“Homer, are we in some sort of fiduciary trouble?” “Oh, Marge, my loyal wife. Of course not. And Lisa, my little princess. And who could forget dear Rat Boy?” “Rat Boy? I resent that.” “Rat Boy, I told you before. Stop gnawing on the copy of Slaves...view item »

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo
The Easy Truth

Detroit meets Brooklyn with producer Apollo Brown (Danny Brown, Ghostface Killah, Guilty Simpson) and rapper Skyzoo locking productions. Heavy hitting and big Premier beats backing a lyrical concept album that ain’t about hustling, but str...view item »

Lavender (Night Fall Remix) feat. Kaytranada and Snoop Dogg

Collaborations are rarely more effective than this. The coming together of the rapidly ascending Kaytranada and rap veteren Snoop Dogg makes Lavender (Night Fall Remix) by BADBADNOTGOOD a perfect fusion of hip hop and electronica. Its video als...view item »

Cypress Hill

The kings of smoked filled room hip-hop Cypress Hill released their fourth full length album IV in 1998, originally released on Ruffhouse/Columbia. Solid down beat boom bap, hazy head nodders. You know what this is for. Features Rapper Barron Ricks spitting on several cuts. Double LP reissue from We Are Vinyl....view item »

The Notorious B.I.G.
Born Again

This was the phenomenally successful 1999 album by the late rapper which included guest spots from Busta Rhymes, Redman and Method Man, Missy Elliot, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. Pressed onto vinyl to mark the 20th anniversary of his death, this is a timely re-issue for a record out of print since the early 2000's.  ...view item »

The Heliocentrics
A World Of Masks

The Heliocentric, renowned for their collaborations with Mulatu Astake and Dj Shadow (among others), here add a new singer to their rich international brew, in the form of Barbora Patkova from Slovakia. A World Of Masks is another adventure in sound, mostly improvised, ...view item »

Wu-Tang Clan
Legend Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits

GZA, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, do I need to say more? Double vinyl reissue of the greatest hits compilation actually put together by Wu-Tang Clan. Includes an the “Bloody” version...view item »

The Heliocentrics
The Sunshine Makers (Original Soundtrack)

Soundtrack to The Sunshine Makers, a documentary from the makers of Searching For Sugarman about two notorious LSD producers in the 60s and the beginnings of the war on drugs. The Heliocentrics are regular releasers through the once sub-label of Stones Throw, Now-Again. Their mix of psychedelic rock, jazz, funk...view item »

DJ Krush

A pretty big collection of music on this release from DJ Krush who commemorates his twenty-fifth anniversary with a release entitled Kiseki. Pretty standard from the Japanese DJ as he continues down the path of dark rap and fierce soundscapes that ignites the two vinyls like the fire he clearly sits in when writing his ...view item »

Raising Hell

Reissue of Run-DMC’s classic album Raising Hell from 1986. Includes huge classic tracks It’s Tricky, You Be Illin’ and Walk This Way, but the whole album is a stone cold killer and is a key player in breaking hip hop into the mainstream. Co-Produced by the legendary R...view item »

Ras G
The Gospel Of The God Spell

Initially released late 2016 on cassette only, Street Corner Music have revisited this beats tape by Los Angeles producer Ras G to bring it out on vinyl for the first time. Made up of quick beats that he put together from sampling the gospel section in the record store where he works it’s a crate-digger’s vinyl strai...view item »

Mr Jukes
God First

Jack Steadman is certainly known for being the guitarist and frontman of Bombay Bicycle Club, but to the side of the indie he has been working on his passion of crate-digging, soul and hip hop. His debut album as Mr Jukes brings slick, sunny, soul-filled beats and grooves and a load of guests, i...view item »

James P Honey & Joel Simeus
Book of Marion

Don't know a lot about either of these fellas. Nothing at all, in fact. One thing I can say on listening to this is that if your attention has been grabbed by the phrase “curiosity grindcore” in the press release, let me tell you now that this record and grindcore haven't so m...view item »

The Road: Part 1

The fifth UNKLE full-length is here! As per usual with an UNKLE record, James Lavelle is joined by a whole swathe of guests, from Mark Lanegan and ESKA to members of Primal Scream, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Duke Sp...view item »

Moor Mother
Moor x Jewelry: Crime Waves

Two of Philadelphia’s finest producers, Moor Mother and Mental Jewelry, team up for a collaborative EP. The resultant Moor x Jewelery: Crime Waves is dense and heavy with samples, cracked-up beats and all sorts of other special sounds, bound together by powerful lyrics dealing with racist violence...view item »

Manila Ice

Being described as somewhere between Connan Moccasin and Frank Ocean is no mean feat, with previous releases on XL through their Abeano sublabel and working projects Bee Eyes and Mind Slums Lex records have snapped the 26 year old Filipino up for a full length. Expect woozy guit...view item »

Big Boi

Big Boi of Outkast fame brings his third full length solo album, and first in 5 years via RCA. On Boomiverse collaboration is key, and features works with Adam Levine, Killer Mike, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Kurupt, ...view item »

Blacastan & Stu Bangas
The Uncanny Adventures Of Watson & Holmes

Cinematic underground hip-hop from Blacastan (of Demigodz) and beatmaker Stu Bangas, also featuring guest MCs like Ill Bill, Tragedy Khadafi, Nutso and Apathy. The Uncanny Adventures Of Watson & Holmes has been four...view item »

DJ Format & Abdominal
Still Hungry

From Canada to the UK, DJ Format and rapper Abdominal have been entertaining crowds with their creative hip-hop releases, and Still Hungry is the latest combination to add to the collection. As always, Abdominal’s vocals appeal to fans of old school hip-hop and the new wave of hip-hop fans. ...view item »

New Gen
New Gen

This album is born out of a radio show, a show series and a studio space. Under the New Gen banner, some of the finest contemporary MC’s and musicians of London came together, including AJ Tracey, Stormzy, Nines, 67 and many more. Somehow, the results of t...view item »

Splendor & Misery

More diseased-sounding noise-electronics hip-hop from Clipping. Splendor & Misery is something of a concept album, telling an Afrofuturist space story with narrative touches as heavy as the harsh-blast soundscapes they flow over. Indeed, the album’s sounds are intended to be the sounds of the imagined space sl...view item »

Kool Keith
presents: Tashan Dorrsett - The Preacher

New business from old legend and Ultramagnetic MC Mr Kool Keith. Here he’s presenting himself as Tashan Dorrsett, a conceptual alter-ego first introduced in 2009; except now the character is The Preacher. Whatever the narrative, Keith has the flow, and producer Ju...view item »

DJ Shadow
The Mountain Will Fall

DJ Shadow broke new ground in the hip-hop world over 20 years ago with his magnum opus Entroducing. His new album, The Mountain Will Fall sees him continuing with his deeply forraged samples and experimental beats whilst also adding traditional song composition and live instruments such as synths, horns and woo...view item »

The Bongolian
Moog Maximus

How about a ride in a bongo-funk inspired time machine? Ever since Nasser Bouzida, known for his role in Big Boss Man, locked himself up with a bunch of synthesizers, his project The Bongolian has resulted in severely synthesized funky bongo tracks. And Moog Maximus continues ...view item »

Miles Davis & Robert Glasper
Everything's Beautiful

Bold stuff here: Robert Glasper reworks slices of sound from the mighty back catalogue of Miles Davis into R&B-inclined new pieces. Everything’s Beautiful also includes soulful vocals from heavy-hitters like Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder(!), all paying their r...view item »

BOOMBOX: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro and Disco Rap 1979-82

Soul Jazz continue to do what they do best. BoomBox compiles a load of the small independent beat makers that made up the first wave of hip hop between 1979-1982. This is the sound most will know as Old School. Featuring the likes of Master Jay, Portable Patrole, The Willie Wood Crew, ...view item »

Jon Hopkins
Late Night Tales

The electronic skyscraper Jon Hopkins is permitted a day off from making serious and thoughtful glitch records to make us a mixtape. His Late Night Tales has an excessively pointy front cover and meshes together the likes of ambient act A Winged Victory For The Sullen with&...view item »

Shabazz Palaces
Lese Majesty

If there was something that I never expected Sub-Pop to start trading in, that thing was hip-hop. Now with them brandishing the second SB album, shaking it in my gormless face and the impressive Clipping. CD jammed in my back pocket, I'm now skipping down the road like a lunatic singing a stupid song about the dawn...view item »


I’m the same age as EL-P... which is completely irrelevant and in no way related to this review. Now that we’ve established that, I’ll tell you what I think of his new record. Well, it’s pretty amazing, to be honest. All the elements are here which make up the typical EL-P experience – the paranoic-sci-fi-philip-k-d...view item »

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