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Life & Livin’ It

Here’s the third album from Sinkane, the extremely funky outfit led by Ahmed Gallab, who you might also have seen touring William Onyeabor’s music in The Atomic Bomb Band recently. Life & Livin’ It can be seen as part of the same continuum, bringin...view item »

Rev. Sekou
In Times Like These

Rev. Sekou resurrects the good old fiery spiritual soul sound of the Old South, imbuing gospel and blues with the full strength of his theological and activist background. His debut album In Times Like These is protest music imbued with a righteous power and a deep grounding in musical tradition. Out on Zent Records....view item »

Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics
The Delfonics Instrumentals

The Delfonics are a vintage soul group who experienced a late-career resurrection when producer Adrian Younge got involved. His hip-hop informed approach was a hell of a boost, and this previously unreleased collection of instrumentals shows off the sheer god-damn groove of this fine outfit. LP release on ...view item »

Harriet Brown

Proving Harriet Brown isn't just a stunning live act, is the eleven track expedition named Contact. Whether is that contact between slick vocals, groovy drum machines, generous synths or the luxurious production, this collection is destined for success. Overlook this wonderment ...view item »

Keith Jarrett
The Survivors’ Suite

Recorded in 1976, The Survivors’ Suite is a classic from Keith Jarrett. Although the record only contains two tracks, Beginning and Conclusion, the overall sound is full bodied and complete. A great combination of experimental noise and sound-art, this record is re-issued by ECM and is available on Vinyl LP....view item »

Stone Alliance
Stone Alliance

Stone Alliance were a formidable grouping of jazz and funk musicians who came together in 1976 to record one of the era’s choicest jazz-funk albums. The performer pedigree is so high (Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Jaco Pastorius lie among previous studio credits) that these...view item »

Tomorrow's People
Open Soul

Tomorrow’s People’s Open Soul is an underground soul classic, beloved of collectors and deep-cuts genre fans for years. But, as is the way of these things, the record has been hard to find for a long time… Until now! This is the first release of Open Soul in four decades, adding some pieces o...view item »

Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval's debut record under her own name (after a run of releases as the confrontational and action-packed rockettothesky) investigates the nuances of gender and sexuality through a mystical kind of folklore. Her unique, far-reaching voice combines with spectral guitar picking for a record like none oth...view item »

Jeb Loy Nichols
Ya Smell Me

Jeb Loy Nichols limbers up for the release of his forthcoming tenth album with this ‘mini-album’, Ya Smell Me? The record is full to brimming with groovy ‘Country Soul’, Nichols’ own hybrid genre. This 10” vinyl mini-album is limited to 500 copies only on the Meltdown...view item »

Hiatus Kaiyote
Tawk Tomahawk

Though I like this album, I did not like that many of the songs were very short. This album is also unique in the fact that there seems to not be much of a genre/style category for all the songs on it. Compared to the groups second album, Tawk Tomahawk was a bit all over the place whereas the second had a specific sound/goal in place. Not saying...view item »

St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Half The City

Phil says that I should have sent this Mike’s way but I think its way too Jools for him. It has a Stax/ Memphis horns soulful blues thing going on. Bit of Sharon Jones, bit Winehouse, bit Paul Carrack. Just watched some live footage ...view item »

Stone Foundation
Street Rituals

The new album from Stone Foundation (their fourth) is particularly remarkable for one reason: Paul Weller. The former Jam-man was due to produce Street Rituals, but ended up musically contributing to every single track. So this is an augmented version of Stone Foundation...view item »

Jeff Buckley / Sly & The Family Stone
Everyday People

Thought you were familiar with all the material Jeff Buckley recorded in his brief career didn’t you? Well you were wrong: a forthcoming compilation gathers together a selection of previously unheard covers, and this single pairs his take on Sly & The Family Stone’s Everyday People with ...view item »

Miles Davis
Miles Davis Quintet: Freedom Jazz Dance: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5

A real piece of insight here for the Miles Davis lover, or really just jazz lover. Covering Davis’ studio work between 1966-1968, It includes some final takes that made it onto his Miles Smiles, Nefertiti and Water Babies albums, but the gold is in the 2 hours of rehearsals and the conversations ...view item »

New Street Adventure
Stubborn Sons

Having earned rave reviews on a national level, New Street Adventure have gone on to release Stubborn Sons. A powerful combination of funk and modern jazz, very skilfully mixed with meaningful lyrics sung in a strong Londoner accent. The Vinyl LP contains a down...view item »

Prince and the Revolution

Well, blimey, this is the easiest and hardest record to describe to you folks. Prince And The Revolution’s Kiss is just that, a big old smooch of funking rock ‘n’ roll pop, a true classic, which will outlast anything I could possibly say about it. A reissued 12” with extended version of Kiss ...view item »

IF Music presents You Need This - A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol. 2

The titling is right: this is some well deep jazz music, and you do need this in your life. Expertly compiled BBE release IF Music presents You Need This - A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol.2 contains nine tracks, but takes six sides of vinyl to do so, due to the stretched-out / blissed-out nature of most of these tunes, such as the side-con...view item »

Don Bryant
Don’t Give Up On Love

Don Bryant has spent a life in soul music, singing since the age of five in church, in the family group, in Willie Mitchell’s band and many other contexts. He also continually wrote songs, giving him some very fine material to put to tape on Don’t Give Up On Love, recorded in his seventy-fou...view item »

Rene Costy

Rene Costy is another obscure '70s jazz, electronics and library music genius whose work had previously been lost to time. Thanks to SDBAN this much referenced, but little heard, musician can finally be appreciated, on CD and double vinyl LP. Expectancy’s compilation of funky synthesizer and violin is a complete ...view item »

Chicago / London Underground
A Night Walking Through Mirrors

Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor’s long-running Chicago Underground project welcomes in some new voices from overseas: London’s Alexander Hawkins on piano and double-bass stal...view item »

Irabagon, Hegre & Drønen

A tasty trio here, formed by Mostly Other People Do The Killing saxophonist Jon Irabagon alongside a pair of noisy Norwegians, Nils Are Drønen and John Hegre (the...view item »

Prince and The New Power Generation

An enormous portion of Cream here from Prince and The New Power Generation. This 12” EP contains nine versions of the classic track, from the original album version to ‘Housebangers’, ‘Get Some Solo’ and ‘Ethereal’ mixes. Of course, all of them have that crucial Prince...view item »

If I Was Your Girlfriend

A classic single by the legend that is Prince, reissued in proper 12” style. 1986’s If I Was Your Girlfriend is a tender exploration of intimate platonic relationships, sung over slapped bass and sexy synths. And on the B-side, you can find an extende...view item »

U Got The Look

A classic single by the legend that is Prince, reissued in proper 12” style. 1988’s U Got The Look features a guest vocal from Sheena Easton, and is presented here in two different mixes. And on the B-side, you can find two different versions of ‘Housequake’. Reissued 12” o...view item »

Innercity Ensemble

With an all-star cast that incorporates Stara Rzeka, Kapital and T’ien Lai, the odds for Innercity Ensemble turning out quality music are high. And they don’t disappoint! III is sort of jazz-derived, but also totally grounded in thick heavy rhythms. Definite...view item »

SJOB Movement
Friendship Train

SJOB Movement made their second and final album Friendship Train in 1977, with leader (and prominent Nigerian session musician) Prince Bola Agbana at the helm. Friendship Train is a funky piece of w...view item »

Chicano Batman
Freedom is Free

Chicano Batman draw on the multicultural liveliness of their hometown of Los Angeles to produce a soulful brew of classic R&B with Brazilian tropicalía and funky pop. Their third album, Freedom Is Free, is an especially positive and energetic set from these guys, and it’s released by the ATO Records lab...view item »

Tredici Bacci
Amore Per Tutti

Tredici Bacci is the ensemble of Simon Hanes, indulging his deep love for the old soundtrack sounds of the great 70’s Italian studios. Amore Per Tutti is a set of cool high-drama big band music to accompany imaginary films. Released by NNA Tapes, though on vinyl rather than the label’s usual...view item »

Glenn Jones
This Is The Wind That Blows It Out

Glenn Jones is a maestro of the American Primitive style of guitar playing: that sweet sweet Fahey-derived sound we all love so much. This Is The Wind That Blows It Out is Glenn’s 2004 album, now receiving a vinyl release for the first time courtesy of Thrill Jockey. Rich and beau...view item »

The Weeknd
House of Balloons

House of Balloons is one third of Trilogy, the debut release by Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Abel Tesfaye, who is more famously known as The Weeknd. The album is a compilation of his early work and encompasses R&B, soul, trip-hop and dream pop. House of Balloons is available for the fir...view item »

Blind Owl Wilson
Blind Owl Wilson

A compilation of songs by the late great Alan Christie Wilson, aka Blind Owl, otherwise known as the lead singer of Canned Heat. He wasn't really blind, just very short sighted and possibly autistic. And he was also a great guitarist and song writer and his death, at age 27 (two weeks before Hendrix died at the same age) was a great loss to musi...view item »

Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics
Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics

Ghostface Killah-collaborator and purveyor of all gritty ‘70s sounds, Adrian Younge sought to re-invent Philly sweet-soul vanguards the Delfonics for the modern day. Teaming up with Delfonics’ William Hart, Younge presented the album in 2013 and its music has made it to Marvel’s Luke Cage on Ne...view item »


Like your jazz-funk odysseys served with a heap of melody and crunchy bass playing? Come on in. Kashan recalls the more lounge-lizard end of Weather Report as its three tracks move nimbly from motif to improv and back again. ‘III’ features a thick, chatty bassline that will have Jaco Pastorius...view item »

Mere II

Mere is Gareth Davis’ free improvised jazz trio, bringing in guitar and drums to join the movements of his wildly-flailing bass clarinet. Mere II is the second part of a live recording, which has in turn been divided into three distinct sessions and carefully mastered to bring out every last detai...view item »

Mere III

Mere is Gareth Davis’ free improvised jazz trio, bringing in guitar and drums to join the movements of his wildly-flailing bass clarinet. Mere III is the third part of a lively and questing live recording, carefully mastered to...view item »

Sofie’s SOS Tape

Sofie Fatouretchi, one of Boiler Room’s in-the-know types, has compiled twenty-four tracks of stuff that she reckons you need to hear. There’s Ill Camille, Stimulator Jones, Mndsgn, Kutmah and many more, showcasing plenty of sleek and soulful undergr...view item »

Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

The last album from a band who evolved from synth-pop into intricate, unbelievably delicate avant-jazz compostion. This reissue comes 26 years after the original release but the music hasn't aged a bit. 'Ascension Day' churns and whirrs whilst 'New Grass' tugs the heart strings just as strongly as before. Absolutely essential....view item »

New Orleans Soul: The Original Sound of New Orleans Soul 1960-76

‘New Orleans Soul: The Original Sound of New Orleans Soul 1960-76’ chronologically captures the various sounds of New Orleans soul covering 1960-76. The compilation has been ten years in the making, and features an expansive collection of music: ranging from the deep, gospel soul of Aaron Neville, Willie Tee and Robert Parker, t...view item »

Let's Pretend We're Married

When Prince makes the proposition Let's Pretend We’re Married to you, you know you are in for a hell of an evening. Especially if you take a look at the sleeve art too… This was one of the singles from the smash album 1999, and comes backed with the original B-side ‘Irresistable Bitch’....view item »

Syl Johnson
My Gift

Syl Johnson reckons that he’s been sampled more than any other artist, and it could well be true. The tracks gathered here are packed with funky breaks and slick-hot grooves. My Gift is a compilation of the R&B / soul man’s 45’ singles from his early days, with B-sides to boot. All remastered, of c...view item »

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Miss Sharon Jones! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The release of Miss Sharon Jones!, the new documentary about Jones’ life and work, makes this the perfect time to get some Sharon Jones in your collection if you foolishly haven’t already. She really is a modern soul queen, and her band The Dap-Kings have probably never drop...view item »

Call Of The Islands

Elevator music, dinner jazz, whatever. A group of white dudes do ‘island music’ here, and the general air of easy-listening pleasantry here is underpinned by solid musical ability and an interest in otherwise-maligned genres seen in the work of Henry Mancini and more recently Todd Terje. Vinyl and CD...view item »

Fogh Depot

In continuing a journey through the avant-garde style melding a genres, Fogh Depot releases a highly off-kilter 7-track offering. Comprised of mainly nu-jazz, modern classical and electronic experimentalism, Turmalinurm is a wondrous and sprawling mix of drone, noise and melancholic melody...view item »

Forge Your Own Chains

What with the Psych Funk double LP coming out recently you may feel that your psychedelic funk and soul urges have been saciated. But think again fools! Now Again have gone one step further and released 'Forge Your Own Chains' which is a double LP of heavy psychedelic ballads and dirges 1968-1974. Make of that what you will but from what I've heard...view item »

Willie Hutch
Season For Love

Willie Hutch signed to Motown in the ‘70s. After the legendary Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson, Motown was all about Willie Hutch. His nine album run for Berry Gordy’s label included two classic blaxploitation soundtracks: Foxy Bro...view item »

Shanghai’d Soul

A big bundle of old soul tracks of the absolute highest quality, assembled by reissue maestros The Numero Group. Shangai’d Soul will delight everyone who loves them some soul, but the tracks have also been picked with their later use in mind: plenty of these productions have been mined for hip-hop samples over the years, see what ...view item »

Larry Dixon & LAD Productions Inc.
Star Time

LAD Productions Inc. was the imprint operated by Larry Dixon to release his own material and that of his friends operating out of Chicago from 1971 to 1987. This material is so very rare, but the Star Time box-set gathers up every la...view item »

New Orleans Funk 4: Voodoo Fire In New Orleans 1951-75

The Soul Jazz team head to New Orleans for their latest high-grade compilation of rare old records. Volume 4 of the New Orleans Funk series takes in the period 1951 to 1975, when funky producers like Allen Toussaint and Eddie Bo were in their prime. Excellent music and a history lesson to boot. Vood...view item »

Jamie Lidell
Building a Beginning

Really smooth music from Huntingdon's answer to Marvin Gaye. Liddell has been soulful for many years but he sounds like some kind of cross between Gaye and Stevie Wonder slinking his way through a batch of laid back electronic soul. He uses the cream of the world's best session musician to create this soporific,...view item »

Incredible Bongo Band
Bongo Rock

Bongo Rock is a reissue of the 1973 album by The Incredible Bongo Band. If you we’re wondering where all of your favourite hip hop and dance acts sampled their beats from, there’s a good chance they got them from here. Everyone from Beastie Boys to Jay-Z, Goldie...view item »

Sarathy Korwar
Day To Day: Remixes

Debut album from American percussionist and composer Sarathy Kowar was mightily well received, a glorious fusion of percussion, free jazz and Indian rhythms. The folks at Ninja Tune, quite rightly, thought some remixes would go down a treat, getting Tenderlonious, Photay and Emanative ...view item »

The Cosmic Range
New Latitudes

The Cosmic Range is Toronto’s Matthew Doc Dunn, a man who has played extensively alongside psychedelic experimental heavyweights like MV & EE, Sunburned Hand Of The Man and J Mascis. All that experience made Dunn pretty well equipped t...view item »

Kathryn Williams & Anthony Kerr
The Resonator

Look past the quite frankly not-very-good cover art for The Resonator, and you will find an interesting leftwards turn in folk singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams’ career. She has set aside her own material and embraced the vibraphone of Anthony Kerr: together, the pair have taken on a set of jazz ...view item »

Harvey Mandel
Snake Pit

A former member of Canned Heat, electric guitar innovator Harvey Mandel's career has spanned over four decades. Mandel's fifteenth studio album boasts 8 tracks of the formidable creativity and virtuosity for which he is known and loved. With equal parts blues, jazz and funk, Snake P...view item »

Howe Gelb
Future Standards

In constantly shifting in styles and approach Howe Gleb's next solo offering, Future Standards, is a delicate and smooth jazz expedition. Inspired by the greats this piano-led record is meant for pure relaxation, and offers a host of new timeless ballads on top of an already bulging and accla...view item »

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
Mudei De Ideia

The debut album of Antonio Carlos and Jocafi, who managed great success with their psychedelic take on samba and funk music in Brazil in the 70’s. Mudei De Ideia was initially released in 1971 and is reissued now by Mr Bongo, packaged in the psych-haze variation on the sleeve art (much nicer than ...view item »

Betty Harris
The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul

Despite working with some of the greatest on the New Orleans scene including Lee Dorsey, The Meters, and Allen Toussaint, Betty Harris never broke through commercially. She retired in 1970 and re-emerged in 2005, here we have a collection of her singles made and released 1964 to...view item »

Saint Etienne Presents Songs for a London Winter

Of late almost everything Saint Etienne release has got something to do with London. They love the place. Can't get enough of it. This time they have personally selected their favourite christmas songs, presumably by Londoners.  Ah.. christmas in London. The stabbings and muggings stop for a moment whilst everyone gathers round the nea...view item »

Miles Davis
The Essential Miles Davis

On vinyl to really get the most of his epic sound, The Essential Miles Davis covers his illustrious career with some of the defining songs, from his solo on "Generique", taken from the French film "Ascenseur pour L'echafaud" as well as songs from Bitches Brew and a Kind of Blue - one for the recent Jazz initiate...view item »

Paul & The Tall Trees
Our Love In The Light

Paul and the Tall Trees are Paul Schalda and pals (including perhaps uniquely his dad and his brother). This family set up leads to some pretty warm hearted acoustic pop. Paul's belchy vocals recall Buddy Holly but his heart on sleeve lyrics are matched with jerky song structures that could come from the pen of ...view item »

The Olympians
The Olympians

The Olympians are an instrumental soul  / R&B crew with a mighty personnel taken from outfits like The Dap-Kings, the Tonight Show Band and Lee Fields’ backing band, all lead by Tony Panzer. This record is dripping with the raw groovy power of a m...view item »

94 East feat. Prince
94 East feat. Prince

Hold the bloody phone…. The earliest recordings of Prince, as he emerged with 94 East. Obviously, he plays as many instruments as you can name, THIS is where it all began, and now remastered and put on glorious triple LP or coloured (purple, naturally) vinyl. Box set includes interview with 94 Eas...view item »

Bushman's Revenge
Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen

Bushman’s Revenge are a jazz band who have often looked like a rock band, but Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen has them moving back towards the roots of the music they love: there are versions of pieces by Albert Ayler and McCoy Tyner here. Although some fairly gnarly electric blues ...view item »

94 East feat. Prince
Just Another Sucker

And.. a star is born. Welcome, Prince. 94 East was the start of Prince’s inimitable career path, with Pepe Willie recognising his ridiculous amount of talent from the get go he shoved him straight to the front of his band and the story starts there. This collection of trac...view item »

Scorch Trio

Scorch Trio is a fierce improvising guitar / bass /drums group with two-thirds of talent behind The Thing on board (Paal Nilssen-Love and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten), plus searing guitarist Raoul Björkenheim. This XXX box-set contains three studi...view item »

Tee Mac featuring Marjorie Barnes
Night Illusion

Originally released in 1980, 'Night Illusion' is an Afro soul classic that's ventured deeper into obscurity over the years, and still remains relatively unknown outside of Nigeria. Once impossibly hard to find - thanks to Soul Jazz Records, the enigmatic Tee Mac and the lost 'Night Illusion' sees the light of day once more for those who missed i...view item »

Shafiq Husayn
On Our Way Home (feat. Fatima & Jimetta Rose)

A tantalising preview of Shafiq Husayn’s exciting second album The Loop. The single On Our Way Home moves along with both classic soulfulness and Brainfeeder-esque beat science, while guest vocalists Fatima and Jimetta Rose sing with fire and sunlight. Released as a singl...view item »

St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Sea of Noise

Sea Of Noise is the second album from Birmingham, Alabama six-piece St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Their heartfelt brand of soul, blues, gospel and rock won many fans on their 2014 debut Half The City. Sea Of Noise is expected to produce a similar amount of sincere soulfulness that is ...view item »

NIGERIA SOUL FEVER - Afro Funk, Disco And Boogie: West African Disco Mayhem!

The weight of fantastic 1970’s Nigerian music being discovered in recent years by non-Nigerians (much of this music was never exported at all) has grown so great that authoritative compilers Soul Jazz have had to step in with this hefty set. Nigeria Soul Fever - Afro Funk, Disco And Boogie: West African Disco Mayhem!...view item »

Running The Voodoo Down - Explorations In Psychrockfunksouljazz 1967-80

The period 1967 to 1980 was a vivid one if you were in the States and paying attention to the music collected on this double release. Explorations in Psychrockfunkjazzsoul describes it neatly, with African-American musicians constantly blowing minds: we’ve got the likes of Funkadelic, Don Cherry, ...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Parade (Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon)

Posthumous re-release of Prince's seminal eighth studio album, and the soundtrack to 1986's 'Under the Cherry Moon'. This contains some proper Prince classics such as 'Kiss' and 'Anotherloverholenyohead'. This album sold two million copies when it was originally released. Pure, classic Prince. Pre-order on vinyl now. ...view item »

Charles Mingus
Blues & Roots

This is one of the all-time great Mingus albums, recorded around the same time as the better-known Mingus Ah Um. There's enough of a similarity between them that fans of one will almost certainly like the other, but they each have a different focus. Ah Um is a great introduction to Mingus's scope as a composer; Blues & Roots is more narrow, ...view item »

Seasick Steve
I Started Out With Nothin'

Steve introduces some songs with humorous asides and the last track finishes up with a tale from Steve's life living on the road. His music is as infectious as his story telling and once you hear one album I can guarantee you'll be searching out the others. Great, foot tapping, slide blues to get you smiling and singing along with. I love "Walki...view item »

Seasick Steve
Man From Another Time

The title "Man from Another Time" pretty much sums up the story Seasick Steve (a.k.a. Steve Wold), the vagabond guitarist and singer who has apparently been drifting across the globe as musical tumbleweed for some time yet his music is pretty much steeped in the blues with more than a healthy portion of roots or Americana for seasons. This colle...view item »

5 Classic Albums

This must unquestionably be the best deal around in terms of funk-per-pound ratio. George Clinton’s intergalactic Parliament crew are essential for all space-funk fans, and this CD set contains five (5!) of their albums, including Mothership Connection and The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein, i...view item »

James Brown
It’s a Mans Mans Mans World

There’s nothing more I can say about Mr James Brown. Simply a true legend, Brown’s influence knows no borders, with his distinctive vocal style and soulful funk forming the sound of bands all over Africa, South America, Europe and beyond. It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World was Bro...view item »

Nick Waterhouse
Never Twice

Oh I know who this guy is. He's the recording genius that made recent records by the Allah Las and Ty Segall sound like they were covered in 60s dust. Now he's doing his own thing which is a cool but perhaps unfashionable blend of elegant 1950s r&b and club jazz, mixed with 1960s soul and boogaloo and taking...view item »

Jah Wobble and The Invaders Of The Heart
Everything Is Nothing

This album is a real meeting of the veterans. PiL man Jah Wobble welcomed in a band that includes Tony Allen (of Fela Kuti fame) and Nick Turner...view item »


Straight out of Holland comes Jameszoo, an eclectic DJ and producer who has turned to incorporating live instrumentation into his work on new album Fool. In doing so he contributes to the post-Kamasi Brainfeeder mission of re-engineering funk jazz music, working with veterans like Steve Kuhn...view item »

L.A. Salami
The City Nowadays

From the name, L.A. Salami sounds like a Californian punk band: in fact, he’s a UK ‘postmodern blues and urban folk’ musician. Ahead of his forthcoming debut full-length album he releases The City Nowadays, a big statement of a single with confessional / political lyrics and large brass-powered ch...view item »

Miles Davis
Miles Ahead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Miles Ahead, the big new Don Cheadle biopic of Miles Davis, comes with a soundtrack that is, needless to say, stellar. 11 classic Miles tracks that span the mighty jazzman&rsquo...view item »

Seasick Steve
Dog House Music

Steve's raw and honest delivery is not the sound you'd expect to find being played at a nice club, but rather a dive bar alongside the swamp or busking on a dirty street. I wouldn't want it any other way. There are a few stories and humour in these songs but overall I was impressed by this joker’s serious songwriting, singing and playing. ...view item »

Seasick Steve & The Level Blues

This is the very first album from everyone’s favourite (presumably-former?) hobo bluesman Seasick Steve, recorded in 2004 with a pair of Scandinavians (The Level Devils). Cheap sounds cheap, but it's also full of h...view item »

Johnnie Frierson
Have You Been Good To Yourself

Johnnie Frierson was in the 60’s Stax soul crew The Drapels and is brother to Wendy Rene, but his own personal music was not so much about making people dance as about making them pray. Have You Been Good To Yourself is a set of heartfelt intimate gospel songs, recorded at home an...view item »

Kneebody + Daedelus

Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint is constantly upping the ante when it comes to fusing deep electronic production and the freedom of jazz playing. Here Jazz quintet Kneebody pair up with equally face-paced and ever changing producer Daedelus. Aptly titled Kneedleus their two worl...view item »

Dirty Mind

The recently-departed Prince was renowned for his Dirty Mind, and he was never concerned about showing it: the title his third album displays it proudly. So buy this LP reissue (you won’t be stream it online, Prince’s lawyers are too good) and get dirty… It’s what he would have ...view item »

Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
Something About April II - Instrumentals

Ace producer Adrian Younge‘s solo record Something About April II was a significant set when it was released last year, brimming over with Younge’s skills of arrangement and eclectic instrumentation. Now we h...view item »

Reel To Real

Love wrapped up their career over 40 years ago with Reel To Real, a classically funky selection from Arther Love and the gang. This double LP reissue (first time on vinyl in decades) accompanies the original record with 11 never-before-heard tracks, a mixture of alternate takes and unreleased original s...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Around The World In A Day

Prince’s post-Purple Rain album found the sex-funk overlord’s run of mastery continuing. He wound back from the commercial hit-making slightly in favour of some wild psychedelia, but 1985’s Around The World In A Day still c...view item »

Sarathy Korwar
Day to Day

Sarathy Korwar draws on the folk musics of his Indian routes, as well as the kind of jazzy electronics associated with Ninja Tune, who release his debut album in collaboration with The Steve Reid Foundation. The genre-blend is a great success, a deep and exciting engagement that avoids the common pitfalls of suc...view item »

The Invisible

Third album from The Invisible, which finds them returning with some friends in tow. Collaborators on Patience album include Jessie Ware, Annie Calvi and Floating Points, making it a pretty excellent summation of where this corner of the modern R&B-ish electronics s...view item »

Laura Mvula
The Dreaming Room

The Dreaming Room is the second album by Birmingham-born soul, gospel and R&B singer/songwriter Laura Mvula. It is the follow-up to her impressive 2013 debut Sing To The Moon. The Dreaming Room features guest performances from Nile Rodgers and Wretch 32.Includes th...view item »

Anthony Joseph
Caribbean Roots

British and Trinidadian singer, novelist and spoken-word artist Anthony Joseph is finally coming out and saying it: he’s got Caribbean Roots. As you might guess based on the title, this record is all about Caribbean rhythms and melodies - but never without freely formed lyrics and some crazy and equally ...view item »

The Filthy Six
More Filth

The Filthy Six play old-school dancefloor soul and R&B with all the elements in place: rock-solid rhythm section, smooth organ lines, tight brass and guitar… Every part works in service to the get-on-up groove, which most listeners will find irresistible. More Filth is released on the Acid Jazz label, in CD a...view item »

Three Ages Of Man

Three Ages Of Man by Satisfaction is a lost classic. Fortunately it was found by Acid Jazz label co-owner Derek Griffiths in an unmarked box containing the original reel-to-reel tapes. Their sound has been likened to the blues-rock of Blood, Sweat and Tears and early 70s Chicago, before...view item »

Polar Bear

Yuk, the press release for this is a bit dodge.. Banging about how the nippers are stepping away from their crunky wonkstep and spraypainting "Hey, jazz is kewl!" all over your dad's Mondeo. Whatever Trevor. In any case is does mention sterling local heroes TrioVD who Polar Bear do share a vague similarity with in some senses, albeit with...view item »

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