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Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra
The Magic City

Fully restored and then some, this pressing of Sun Ra's behemoth Magic City goes long on its history via free jazz aficionado Ben Young. Notable for its near-thirty minute skronk sprawl title track, the record became something of a kept secret, the piece never getting a live outing due to...view item »

Together, As One

They may be this years token 'jazz/freeform' Mercury Music Prize contenders but Dinosaur are at least more interesting than the dull mainstream pap of the other nominees. They are based around trumpeteer Laura Jurd who leads a kind of improvised jazz sound that has elements of Portico Quartet but remains creativ...view item »

The Souljazz Orchestra
Under Burning Skies

Strut have a knack for finding funky groovers for a good time. Here they are with the Canadian movers; The Souljazz Orchestra. Under Burning Skies is a vintage ‘80s funk, boogie, disco record with Afro grooves. The album is a perfect meld of old and new sounds and bound to have everyone da...view item »

Portico Quartet
Art in the Age of Automation

Rejoice! The trio that was once Portico have realised that their previous iteration sucked and have added the 'Quartet' again as well as past member Keir Vine on the hang. What's more, they've also done a U-turn on the sound of last album Living Fields, returning to the electronica / jazz fusion that they struck gold with on t...view item »

Joseph Shabason

A nine-track release from Joseph Shabason entitled Atyche. This release is a true experimental record that Shabason himself has spoken out about and the difficult struggles with mental health and the theme of assisted suicide. A mix of gentle electro-jazz and ambient drones in the background allows this album to help yo...view item »

Loren Connors
Angels That Fall

Yet more guitar murmurations reissued by the blues enigma Loren Connors. At this point he's risen to prominence in experimental scenes through a series of lovely re-evaluations, and Angels That Fall is another. Recorded as recently as 2016, it offers the same interactions of silence and resonanc...view item »

The Steoples
Six Rocks

This sounds sweet. Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker and Yeofi Andoh have long been collaborators but this is their first full length album. It's silky, soulful and slightly eerie sound is a perfect fit for Stones Throw. Expect golden blurry melodies that recall unfinished Stevie Wonder demos all shot through with that wondrous LA ha...view item »

The Impellers
As Sampled By

The Impellers are a twelve-piece funk outfit with some serious weighty chops, and As Sampled By is a fabulous concept for a record: forty-four classic breaks from music history, played live. You’ll recognise grooves left right and centre, for these breaks have been Sampled By anyone and everyone from the ...view item »

Byron The Aquarius
Leaving This Planet

It’s debut release on a label time (always cause for celebration!) and today it’s Byron The Aquarius who links up with Eglo Records for the first time on the 12” release, Leaving This Planet. On his intergalactic travels, Byron pursues a disco asteroid, circles a jazz planet an...view item »

Sun Ra
Jazz By Sun Ra Vol. 1

The uninventive but extremely accurate title 'Jazz By Sun Ra' probably says more than this sentence ever could, but did we mention it's Volume 1? Sun Ra's first record may not be his absolute best but sees a great assemble of musicians (a personnel of about eleven) gather 'round. This RSD release preserves the original cover and comes with ...view item »

Maurice Moore and Family Affair Band
Everything That Shines Ain't Gold

Maurice Moore recorded Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold with his Family Affair Band in 1977, and the song still shines brightly with the golden soulful light of the era. Something of an obscurity, the tune has now been picked up by Floating Points and the Melodies International l...view item »

Stone Foundation
Simplify The Situation

The synergy between Neil Sheasby and Neil Jones is as concrete as you'd come to expect, from a creative force under the moniker of Stone Foundation. Featuring vocals from Paul Weller himself alongside a handful of Leo Zero re-jiggs, Simplify The Situation is a stonewall modern-soul success....view item »

Sam O.B.
Positive Noise

Sam Obey A.K.A. Obey City reinvents himself as Sam O.B. and brings his debut full length album to the LuckyMe label. His twist of R’n’B soul and bassy club orientated hip-hop takes another step further into a glossy 80s synth land. Retaining the furious trap style snare and hat flurr...view item »

Dwight Sykes
On The Rocks

The record that Dwight Sykes should probably have released in the 1980’s is available to pick up on this nine-track record. On The Rocks is a pretty low-fi and easy listening affair that contains elements on 80’s soul and jazz, but with a rough and ready finish of a not-so-overproduced album. Available on Vi...view item »

John Coltrane
Coltrane Plays The Blues (Mono)

John Coltrane captured in a bluesy mood on this old Atlantic Records release. Rhino are generously reissuing Coltrane Plays The Blues 50 years after it came out, and you’ll be glad they did. The material here was captured in the same sessions as My Favourite Things, which gives you some idea of how specia...view item »

Amancio D'Silva

Helping to form the zenith of 1960's jazz, is Integration - a slice of solid musical gold. Any aficionado would tell you an original pressing would cost you well of £1000, but the material itself is priceless; Amancio D'Silva amounts to a true high point in the history of Brit...view item »

Soul Of A Nation: Afro-Centric Visions in the Age of Black Power - Underground Jazz, Street Funk & The Roots of Rap 1968-79

Released in conjunction with a an art exhibition taking place at the Tate and Brooklyn Museum - Soul Of A Nation: Art In The The Age Of Black Power, linking the civil rights movement and the artists that personified it. Compilation including tracks from Gil Scott-Heron, Roy Ayers, David Mcknight...view item »

The Heliocentrics
A World Of Masks

The Heliocentric, renowned for their collaborations with Mulatu Astake and Dj Shadow (among others), here add a new singer to their rich international brew, in the form of Barbora Patkova from Slovakia. A World Of Masks is another adventure in sound, mostly improvised, ...view item »

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra are a Berlin behemoth of a band, featuring eighteen members working under leader Daniel Glatzel. New fourth album Vula is a thrilling ride through stacks of international rhythms, melodies and textures, the whole thing unfolding in great detail over the course of an hour...view item »

Kleefstra / Pruiksma / Kleefstra

Where's the pop tunes I ask? Today I want pop tunes and I've got a load of experimental and drone for a change. I'm my own worst enemy...The Piiptsjilling brothers are back and they've collaborated with multi-percussionist Sytze Pruiksma (who can play more than one drum at once) for a new...view item »

The Heliocentrics
The Sunshine Makers (Original Soundtrack)

Soundtrack to The Sunshine Makers, a documentary from the makers of Searching For Sugarman about two notorious LSD producers in the 60s and the beginnings of the war on drugs. The Heliocentrics are regular releasers through the once sub-label of Stones Throw, Now-Again. Their mix of psychedelic rock, jazz, funk...view item »

Steve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty
The Dull Blade

Phwoar, a big juicy slab of that good heavyweight free jazz, courtesy of lightning-speed super-drummer Chris Corsano and the twin saxophone attack of Paul Flaherty and Steve Baczkowski. The Dull Blade mixes power-skronk with a surprising amount of swing: nice! Edition of 400 LPs on Feed...view item »

Sun Ra
Discipline 27-II

This here was one of this year's "Record"... "Store"... "Day" releases? Doesn't ring a bell. It's a special one nonetheless, guaranteeing a new pressing of some of Sun Ra's most interesting work. Made in the same sessions as the revered Space Is the Place, this Saturn release offers further post-bop and avant-...view item »

You Are Mine

Soundway proudly re-issue the only album from Nigerian boogie masters Hotline. Originally 1986 You Are Mine is a no-holds-barred funk/disco takedown, slapped bass and synth basslines that sound like zippers and the cheekiest leadlines you’ve ever not heard. Comes with new liner notes and photos....view item »

Gil Scott-Heron
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Re-issue of the classic 1974 compilation originally released to capitalise on his success with the track 'the Bottle'. The CD version contains nine extra tracks, the original spoken word version of the title track and edited versions of some of his poems. The vinyl version is an exact replica of the original release packaged in a heavy duty slee...view item »

Bert Myrick
Live’n Well

Here’s a rare gem of a jazz session led by drummer Bert Myrick and also featuring the lies of Kenny Cox and George Bohanon. This Detroit group’s album Live’n Well, released in the early 1970’s as part of the legendary Strata Records catalogue, sparkles with playf...view item »

Mr Jukes
God First

Jack Steadman is certainly known for being the guitarist and frontman of Bombay Bicycle Club, but to the side of the indie he has been working on his passion of crate-digging, soul and hip hop. His debut album as Mr Jukes brings slick, sunny, soul-filled beats and grooves and a load of guests, i...view item »

The Universe Smiles Upon You

Despite operating out of Texas, Khruangbin are deeply influenced by Thai music, specifically the Thai funk of the 1960’s. If you aren’t familiar with the genre’s sound, prepare to be impressed with the grooving joy it fills you with! The Universe Smiles Upon You, the band’s debut, is on Late Nigh...view item »

The Carter Family
American Epic: The Best of The Carter Family

After Jack White released his documentary American Epic, centred on music in the 1920s and the popular music boom, he has been crate digging, remastering and releasing a lot of pioneers responsible for country and blues through Third Man. Here we have 16 tracks of The Carter Family, whose harmonies and ...view item »

Mississippi John Hurt
American Epic: The Best of Mississippi John Hurt

On Third Man’s American Epic series, taking it’s name and premise from the Jack White produced documentary on early blues and country music. Mississippi John Hurt was a fingerpicking blues guitarist, an artist that was underappreciated when originally recording and rediscovered with the American Folk...view item »

Memphis Jug Band
American Epic: The Best of Memphis Jug Band

Part of Jack White’s American Epic series, coming from his documentary of the same name about the roots of blues and music from the 1920s. The Memphis Jug Band incorporated a much wider assortment of instruments from washboards, kazoos and jugs, and between 1925 and 1950 they recorded more than any pre-war...view item »

Blind Willie Johnson
American Epic: The Best of Blind Willie Johnson

Jack White’s Third Man label is delving into american musical heritage with their American Epic series. Here they have compiled 16 of Blind Willie Johnson’s tracks, he only ever recorded 30, so this is pretty comprehensive. Preceding and influencing Howling Wolf Robert Johnson with a...view item »

Lead Belly
American Epic: The Best of Lead Belly

Jack White’s American Epic documentary centred on music in the 1920s and the popular music boom, now through his Third Man label he has turned it into a series of releases uncovering material from legendary musicians. Lead Belly is one of the better known on the list, a blues musician who actually...view item »

American Epic: The Best of Blues

Jack White, having produced a short documentary series about music in the 1920s, has been releasing the soundtrack and delving deeper into the various styles of music around at the time. This one is a “best of..” that might actually count. Remastered delta blues, of some you might know but many you might not, discove...view item »

Life & Livin’ It

Here’s the third album from Sinkane, the extremely funky outfit led by Ahmed Gallab, who you might also have seen touring William Onyeabor’s music in The Atomic Bomb Band recently. Life & Livin’ It can be seen as part of the same continuum, bringin...view item »

Sam & Dave
Soul Men

Long before Sam Moore hooked up with Lou Reed for an astonishing, barely believable version of 'Soul Man', he had the same hit along with a bunch of others with his friend Dave Prater. well they were friends but then they fell out but not before releasing this that has been described as "...view item »

Booker T. & The M.G.s
Green Onions

Well we all know 'Green Onions' the song. The kind of laid back groove that could only have been made by 'cats' in the 'swinging' sixties. The sort of 12 bar blues riff that will live on forever. Well who knew that there was an album attached? Here it is in all it's instrumental glory. Classic early day Stax recordings to be laid back to. ...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
I Would Die 4 U

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats with the original artwork and their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. Here we’ve got the extended 12” mix of I Would Die 4 ...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Let’s Go Crazy

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats and with their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. This one has the exciting ‘Special Dance Mix’ of Let’s Go Crazy...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Purple Rain

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats and with their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. Here’s the uber-classic Purple Rain, backed with an instrumental version of...view item »

Gaby Hernandez
Spirit Reflection

LA singer-songwriter, Brainfeeder associate and Build An Ark founder Gaby Hernandez presents her third LP, Spirit Reflection. Expect a serene blend of electronics, acoustic instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies with that typically refreshing and breezy West Coast feel. Check the guests lini...view item »

dieb13 / Gustafsson / Siewert
(Fake) The Facts

The relentlessly tuneless experimentalism of this week's review pile is getting me down so I'm dipping into this new LP from Spidergawd for a little respite. These guys have two members of Motorpsycho among their ranks but none of that band's sophistication - this is straight-down-the-line '70s riff rock which...view item »

Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins
The Lighthouse

Musically this album is not composed of a series of stand-alone songs that are linked together conceptually. Rather it is structured like a hip-hop album in the sense that it is much like one long flowing mix-tape. The mix is not only ferociously funky on the highest level (with the eyes never taken off of the rhythm and bass line) but the melod...view item »


Here we have a beautifully presented LP of honk and putter from Convergence, a quintet who occupied “a zone somewhere between The boundaries of avant-garde jazz and free-form contemporary classical music” (in the words of band leader Michael S Horwood) in late ‘70s Toronto. W...view item »

Wanted Funk

Wagram present a series of collaborative compilations presented with incredible imagery courtesy of photographer Chris Steel-Perkins. The Wanted series is covering a huge range of music, this time round, funk!. Featuring cuts from The Fatback Band, Ray Camacho, Billy Garner...view item »

John Coltrane
Olé Coltrane

Ole Coltrane was recorded in 1961 by John Coltrane’s remarkable quintet at the time (Reggie Workman, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner and Eric Dolphy), with the very welcome addition of Freddie Hubbard and Art Davis. Now ...view item »

John Coltrane / Alice Coltrane
Cosmic Music

The first couple of spiritual jazz share the bandleader role here on Cosmic Music: two tracks are from John Coltrane’s final quintet, and two are from Alice Coltrane’s first bandleader session. With pedigree like that, and with  extra legends like Pharoah Sanders and ...view item »

Nautiloid Quest

This Nautilus isn't the electronic artist we used to know and love but a trio of music aficionados who use bass, keys and drums to fashion a sophisticated blend of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. The cooly cover Suzanne Vega's 'Tom's Diner' and mix this up with their own blend of rare groove compositions.  ...view item »

Jose James
The Dreamer

Repress of New York based baritone jazz singer José James’ debut full length. Snapped up by Gilles Peterson for his Brownswood Recordings imprint and now signed to the one and only Blue Note, as well as working with the likes of Flying Lotus, Moodymann, and ...view item »

Sticks Over My Shoulder

Another fine compilation curated by the talents of the Mississippi label. Sticks Over My Shoulder features cherry-picked blues recordings made by George Mitchell, who sought out the finest, realest stuff down south and put it to tape. Superb selections as usual, with features from Jimmy Lee Williams, ...view item »

Benjamin Booker

Benjamin Booker’s new record is partly the result of a trip he took to Mexico City, which gave him a broader perspective on his own world. Booker has an excellent sound that mixes all the best hallmarks of classic soul and R&B with an edgy garage blues touch. Witness, which features a guest vo...view item »

Spanky Wilson
Doin' It

Spanky Wilson was a soul singer out of Pittsburgh and this album has been going for lots of dollar on discogs for years so a re-issue has been long overdue. As well as containing a host of excellent late '60s mid tempo soul, the album has Spanky's version of Cream's 'Sunshine of Your Love' which has been sampled...view item »

Mulatu Astatke
Mulatu Steps Ahead

I'm reasonably new to this chap's work but the 'New York: London: Addis' comp that came out a while back blew my face off. I never thought I'd like Ethiopian jazz but Mulatu is the god of it by all accounts so therefore he seems like the best starting point. This is his first new album proper since the early 80's so you'd hope it was a goodie. Mula...view item »

Alice Coltrane
World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda

World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitandanda contains some of the material that Alice Coltrane released in later life, as an aspect of her spiritual experience. Gospel and Indian devotional traditions mix with Alice’s own inspiration. Originally only avai...view item »

Tuxedo II

The second record by Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One) is, remarkably, yet more funky than their first! Tuxedo II seems to be making a pitch for Tuxedo as the heirs of George Clinton and Nile Rodgers, being packed with grin-inducing...view item »

Late Night Tales

This time it's the turn of the Canadian quartet to pick their favourite tracks and as with all or most Late Night Tales you get an obligatory Boards of Canada track. There's also stuff by Stereolab, Thundercat, the Beach Boys and luckily for anyone thinking this might be a bit o...view item »

Julian Curwin
The Mango Balloon - Volume 4

A member of The Tango Saloon, an experimental tango band (that’s a thing) from Australia, Julian Curwin has taken a step back with his solo outings and the result is perfectly cinematic, fit for a noir western. The fourth volume of his series The Mango Balloon features guest keyboardist Ma...view item »

Studio One Soul 2

Soul Jazz’s superlative catalogue of archival compilations goes deep and wide, but their Studio One series, documenting the music of the renowned Jamaican label of the same name, remain some of their finest sets. Here we have a reissue of Studio One Soul 2, digging into the sweet and soulful corners of that fine fine archives. Thi...view item »

Sun Ra
Hello Mr. Schimmel

This one would go under the very special category for record store day releases. A recording of an interview Sun Ra gave in 1990 with Jez Nelson from Jazz FM. Once they had finished the interview Nelson asked if he would like to play something for them, he happily embraced the opportunity, said “Hello Mr S...view item »

Noah Howard / Wiggan / Mapp
From Dust We Came... To Dust We Return

Noah Howard, the free jazz saxophone explorer who made the vintage Black Ark album with Arthur Doyle, died in 2010. This interesting new release was put together using previously-unheard solo sax recordings Howard made at home, augmented with electronics and bass from Wiggin...view item »

Bubblers Twelve pt.1 - Compiled by Giles Peterson

If you want a compilation of otherworldly underground music, Giles Peterson and his Brownswood Bubblers series is a one stop shop. Now on it’s twelfth installment and having previously uncovered the likes of Flying Lotus and Dam-Funk I’d just buy this one blind. Feat...view item »

Avishai Cohen
Cross My Palm With Silver

Trumpeter Avishai Cohen and his remarkable quartet reveal their second album on the august ECM label. Cross My Palm With Silver is some of the finest contemporary jazz you are likely to find in 2017, with the musicians deftly slipping between Cohen’s compositions and free interplay. CD and LP edit...view item »

John Coltrane
My Favourite Things

On My Favourite Things, John Coltrane chose to break away from the timeless hard bop of his earlier works and opted to create a jazz masterpiece. This record including only cover versions of pop standards and showtunes, but don't let this put you off, because Coltrane uses this as a starting point for his explorations into modal soundscapes. The...view item »

The Como Mamas
Move Upstairs / Count Your Blessings

Sheer solid soul from The Como Mamas, the tight gospel trio making waves on the Daptone label and its surrounding universe. Move Upstairs / Count Your Blessings is a powerful 7” single taken from their recording sessions in New York, but the Mamas retain their proper gospel spirit from old deep Mi...view item »

Sun Ra
Marshall Allen Presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra: In Orbit Of Ra

Saturn's best jazz musician and Earth's smartest out-of-space citizen, Sun Ra released an endless slew of records with his various Arkestra incarnations, changing the face of his genre over and over by going down experimental and cosmic avenues and using maddening concepts. 'In The Orbit Of Ra' is a birthday gift to the musician who would h...view item »

Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal is an 87 year old jazz pianist whose sound still sounds fresh and young and crystalline in its beauty. Marseille has him playing with his long-established three-part rhythm section, but also with jazz vocalist Mina Agossi and rapper Abd Al Malik, two new and unexpected ...view item »

Cody ChesnuTT
My Love Divine Degree

Remember the wonderful track The Seed recorded by The Roots all those years ago? So do we. Unusually capitalised man Cody ChesnuTT did that very song first on his debut solo outing. You probably knew that. Atlanta, Georgia's finest finally brings us a new full-length with his distinctive blend of rock, ...view item »

Universal High

After a successful debut, bands either go two ways when creating a sophomore: stick with the initial blueprints, or twist and reinvent. Nottingham outfit Childhood have done the latter with their new rebirth, Universal High. This new sound is a soul-soaked concoction of classic pop songw...view item »

Dead Neanderthals

Dead Neanderthals are everyone’s favourite free-jazz-gone-grindcore outfit, generally tending towards relentless sax / drums thunderstorms. Craters is still an intense ride, but it adds in a third member / instrument in the form of Maxime Petit’s bass guitar. They let the atmospheres simmer ...view item »

Soul 70

Soul Jazz Records knock Record Store Day out of the park with this box of 7”s. 5 different artists, two tracks a piece, remastered and reissued in full glory. Tracks from Arnold Blair, Brief Encounter, Johnny Adams, Norma Jean, and Richard Brown. Some incr...view item »

Nick Waterhouse
L.A Turnaround / I Cry

Sounding as if it was dug straight out of the 60s archives, Californian singer/songwriter Nick Waterhouse crafts soul-filled rhythm and blues that you wouldn’t believe was only released in 2016. Sun-filled and uplifting music Ray Charles would condone. Taken from his Never Twice album, this limite...view item »

Lost Train Blues

Could there be a more quintessential subject for a blues compilation to centre around than the train? Unlikely. Lost Train Blues contains recordings made by the likes of John and Alan Lomax, which have been languishing in the vaults of the American Folklife Center for half a century or more. Many have n...view item »

The Weeknd
Echoes of Silence

Echoes of Silence is one third of Trilogy, the debut release by Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Abel Tesfaye, who is more famously known as The Weeknd. The album is a compilation of his early work which was initially given away as free download. Echoes of Silence is now available as a stand alone doubl...view item »

Bill Frisell / Thomas Morgan
Small Town

Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan present an album of luscious live performances, interweaving their respective electric guitar and double bass around one another with extraordinary sensitivity. Small Town contains interpretations of compositions by Paul Motian, Le...view item »

Retta Young
Young and Restless

Young and Restless is a jewel of an album that has never previously been reissued since its initial 1976 release! That’s shocking, given the super-high quality of Retta Young’s performances here, which combine all the best parts of both soul and disco into a supremely groovy mid-70’s mix. Hooray for th...view item »

Jerome Derradji & Rob Sevier Present
The American Boogie Down

In celebrating a decade of the disco-infused funk of Jerome Derradji & Rob Sevier Present, comes a vinyl pressing of a stonewall classic - The American Boogie Down. Including an exclusive poster and liner notes by Sevier, this re-issue is a treat not to be missed fans and lovers of the genre i...view item »

Root Hog Or Die 100 Years, 100 Songs (An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute)

To celebrate the centennial of Alan Lomax, Mississippi Records have assembled this massive box-set, containing 100 of his recordings. Significantly, more than half of what appears here has never been released before, including recordings of Shirley Collins and Bob Dylan as well as unknown blues ...view item »

The Fleur De Lys
You've Got To Earn It

The Fleur De Lys will make any self-respecting mod weak at the knees. They’re the band that the awful Ocean Colour Scene only wish they could have been. They have cool connections – Jimmy Page produced their first single, Jimi H...view item »

D'Angelo and The Vanguard
Black Messiah

Returning after an almost fourteen year absence, D’Angelo finally follows up his influential ‘Voodoo’. This is a politicised record of soul, funk and hip-hop hybrids, of daring lyrics combining eroticism and state-of-the-nation pleas and of warm R&B backing from his long-term band. The piec...view item »

Jan Garbarek

Reissue of Nowegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek’s Places. Originally released in 1978. High regarded as one of his best, Places is stark and isolated with Garbarek’s sax floating in a distant drone of organ chords, and percussion you barely notice coming into the forefront. Features Bill Connor...view item »

Rev. Sekou
In Times Like These

Rev. Sekou resurrects the good old fiery spiritual soul sound of the Old South, imbuing gospel and blues with the full strength of his theological and activist background. His debut album In Times Like These is protest music imbued with a righteous power and a deep grounding in musical tradition. Out on Zent Records....view item »

Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics
The Delfonics Instrumentals

The Delfonics are a vintage soul group who experienced a late-career resurrection when producer Adrian Younge got involved. His hip-hop informed approach was a hell of a boost, and this previously unreleased collection of instrumentals shows off the sheer god-damn groove of this fine outfit. LP release on ...view item »

Harriet Brown

Proving Harriet Brown isn't just a stunning live act, is the eleven track expedition named Contact. Whether is that contact between slick vocals, groovy drum machines, generous synths or the luxurious production, this collection is destined for success. Overlook this wonderment ...view item »

Keith Jarrett
The Survivors’ Suite

Recorded in 1976, The Survivors’ Suite is a classic from Keith Jarrett. Although the record only contains two tracks, Beginning and Conclusion, the overall sound is full bodied and complete. A great combination of experimental noise and sound-art, this record is re-issued by ECM and is available on Vinyl LP....view item »

Stone Alliance
Stone Alliance

Stone Alliance were a formidable grouping of jazz and funk musicians who came together in 1976 to record one of the era’s choicest jazz-funk albums. The performer pedigree is so high (Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Jaco Pastorius lie among previous studio credits) that these...view item »

Tomorrow's People
Open Soul

Tomorrow’s People’s Open Soul is an underground soul classic, beloved of collectors and deep-cuts genre fans for years. But, as is the way of these things, the record has been hard to find for a long time… Until now! This is the first release of Open Soul in four decades, adding some pieces o...view item »

Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval's debut record under her own name (after a run of releases as the confrontational and action-packed rockettothesky) investigates the nuances of gender and sexuality through a mystical kind of folklore. Her unique, far-reaching voice combines with spectral guitar picking for a record like none oth...view item »

Jeb Loy Nichols
Ya Smell Me

Jeb Loy Nichols limbers up for the release of his forthcoming tenth album with this ‘mini-album’, Ya Smell Me? The record is full to brimming with groovy ‘Country Soul’, Nichols’ own hybrid genre. This 10” vinyl mini-album is limited to 500 copies only on the Meltdown...view item »

Running The Voodoo Down - Explorations In Psychrockfunksouljazz 1967-80

The period 1967 to 1980 was a vivid one if you were in the States and paying attention to the music collected on this double release. Explorations in Psychrockfunkjazzsoul describes it neatly, with African-American musicians constantly blowing minds: we’ve got the likes of Funkadelic, Don Cherry, ...view item »

Michael Kiwanuka
Love & Hate

British singer/songwriter Michael Kiwanuka has made an album in Love & Hate that embraces the long playing format. It’s a dynamic, nuanced collection that will find you reaching for the headphones for its more intimate moments. Whilst his debut LP Home Again recalled the classic soul of Bill W...view item »

Silk Rhodes
Silk Rhodes

The modern sound of funky R&B from Silk Rhodes. This self-titled record is a fresh take on contemporaneous R&B - packed with an array of sultry keyboards and synths, super tight guitars, some funk-centric bass and sultry vocals. A fusion of Stevie, D'angelo, Prince and Sa-Ra. These are some straight up sexy jams. Pick it...view item »

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