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Sonny Rollins
A Night At The Village Vanguard

A Night At The Village Vanguard was recorded over two sessions in one day in 1957. Recorded by jazz veteran Sonny Rollins, the album features Rollins on tenor sax with Donald Bailey on bass and Pete La Roca on drums for the first session and Wilbur Ware on bass and Elvin Jones on drums for the second....view item »

Ken Boothe
Everything I Own

Described by some as the most iconic Jamaican soul singer of his generation, Ken Boothe’s Everything I Own is back on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1974. The record is a must have for reggae fans and soul fans alike. The release features the original analogue mastering and album art for tr...view item »

The Thing

At last, another full-blown studio release from the killer free-jazz trio that is The Thing! Masters of the form Mats Gustafsson, Paal Nilssen-Love and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten have stunning chemistry together, and with Shake they blow everything else out of the wat...view item »

Hiroshi & Claudia
Six To Six

A rare and strange treat here from the obscure depths of Australia’s privately-pressed LP archives. Hiroshi & Claudia’s Six To Six is what happened when a touring group of Japanese jazz musicians had a session with a Mauritian cabaret singer, in which all parties took things to wild, funky, disco-jazz te...view item »

Curtis Mayfield
Back To The World

This album is a kind of a "concept" album of sorts. It contains powerful and timely lyrical content mainly dealing with life in the U.S. after the Vietnam war which had just ended as the last troops were finally on their way back home. He really shows off his incredible musical compositions on this album. As difficult as it is to follow up a mas...view item »

Peter Brotzmann / Harry Miller / Louis Moholo
The Nearer The Bone, The Sweeter the Meat

Legendary saxophonist Peter Brotzmann meets two South African musicians on a reissue of this classic FMP session on Cien Fuegos. Brotzmann deploys his full range of reeds, from the lows of the bass clarinet to the dizzy highs of the soprano sax. Harry Miller grinds away on his d...view item »

Goodnight, Civilization

Here’s a short but sweet one-sided etched 12” from Zu. It’s only got about 10 minutes of music on it which could easily have been squeezed onto a 7” but never mind that, what’s here is really good. This trio feature The Locust’s Gabe Serbian on drums and harsh jazzer Massimo ...view item »

Sun Ra
Space Is The Place

Space Is The Place, the afro-futurist film Sun Ra made is a remarkable watch, mixing plenty of familiar film tropes with the sheer weird wonder of Sun Ra. This soundtrack to the film is a remarkable mixture of chants, harsh synth and free-blasting Arkestra jazz. Widely regarded as ...view item »

The BellRays
Punk Funk Rock Soul, Vol. 2

You know the scene in Wayne’s World when Wayne and Garth go into the bar and Cassandra Wong’s band are playing? Well, The Bellrays sound quite a lot like that band (who, for the record, were called Crucial Taunt). Fusing hard-rock stylings with soulful vocals and banging choruses got CT a re...view item »

Nai Palm
Needle Paw

Debut solo album from Hiatus Kayote's lead singer and composer, Nai Palm. Needle Paw take a much more stripped back approach than anything she's done with her band, and so allows her voice to emerge all raw and powerful. Features new versions of Hiatus Kayote songs, as well a...view item »

Muddy Waters
The Best Of Muddy Waters

The Best Of Muddy Waters is reissued on vinyl for the first time in 30 years to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the blues legend’s first album release. It’s made up from the 78rpm recordings Waters made for Chess Records between 1948 and 1954. The recordings show Waters as a highly expressive performer making this ...view item »

Thelonious Monk Quartet & John Coltrane
At Carnegie Hall

At Carnegie Hall shows the burgeoning talents of John Coltrane coming to the fore during his time with Thelonious Monk Quartet. Monk’s experience shows he’s got a real player in Coltrane whose solo playing displays an early version of his ‘Sheets of Sound’ improvisation style. Unearthed b...view item »

Nucleus with Leon Thomas
Live 1970

British jazz-rock pioneers Nucleus were led by trumpeter Ian Carr and remained active throughout the seventies. Thomas is of course best known for being the yodeling voice of The Creator Has a Master Plan, which took up the bulk of Pharoah Sanders’ 1969 LP K...view item »

Michael Garrick Sextet with Don Rendell and Ian Carr
Prelude To Heart Is A Lotus

Michael Garrick’s 1970 LP Heart Is A Lotus went on to become one of the most important British jazz albums of the subsequent decade. For a few years prior to the record’s release Garrick and his sextet were jamming the tracks that would become HIAL with Don Rendell and Ian C...view item »

Elliot Galvin
The Influencing Machine

London-based jazz pianist and composer Elliot Galvin’s third album explores technology and the human mind, backed by oil-slick production, twinkling electronica and earthy Hammond organ. He also adds electric guitar to the mix, with rock-infused riffs adding some meat to this improvisational master’s output....view item »

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Soul Of A Woman

Soul of a Woman by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings is an album of songs that the band recorded in the year prior to her sad death in 2016. It’s always good to go out on top, and with this album, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are in scintillating, soulful form. On vinyl LP with download code and CD....view item »

Polar Bear with Jyager
Common Ground

Polar Bear have taken samples from a vinyl copy of their Peepers LP (in true hip-hop style!!) to build new tracks with the addition of London MC Jyager. An unexpected move but a most welcome one. Jyager straddles the hip-hop grime bridge with slick flow and well decent lyrics. Polar Bear's new compositions really shine and the pair gel brilliant...view item »

Karl Hector & The Malcouns
Unstraight Ahead

Karl Hector is the pseudonym of visionary German producer and musician JJ Whitefield. Whitfield is the man behind the funk revival groups The Whitefield Brothers and Poets Of Rhythm. On Unstraight Ahead, with his backing band The Malcouns, Hector takes ...view item »

Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie In 1980s South Africa

Hey, who fancies a chunky bagful of rare South-African bubblegum disco-soul from the 1980’s? That’s right, everyone does. Gumba Fire is a curatorial collaboration between Miles Cleret...view item »

Tokyo Nights: Female J-Pop Boogie Funk 81-88

With Japan’s economic boom of the 1980s came the neon wonderlands of metropolises like Tokyo and Osaka. These futuristic cities, all bright lights and new money, needed a soundtrack, and in the genre of City Pop they got one. An amalgamation of electro-funk, r 'n' b, techno-pop and soul, City Pop’s quirky style has worn well and now ...view item »

Dorothy Ashby
Dorothy's Harp

The harp isn’t the first instrument that comes to mind when you think of jazz soloists, but the late Dorothy Ashby made it her unlikely axe and enjoyed an 11-album career. Her 1969 album features funky interpretations of The Beatles’ Fool on the Hill, Bacharach & David’s Th...view item »

The Library Archive - Funk, Jazz, Beats and Soundtracks from the Vaults of Cavendish Music

Cavendish Music is the name of one of the major publishers of library music, the by-definition-unreleased un-genre that has produced so many strange and rare treats. The Library Archive is a deep-diving compilation compiled from their archives by Mr Thing and Chris Read, and they’...view item »

James Brandon Lewis Trio
No Filter

James Brandon Lewis and his trio make their full-length debut with No Filter, an album that starts out from a jazz place and then takes it some other places: from smooth and sexy R&B to funky hip-hop. With guests on board like P.SO The Earth Tone King and Nicholas Ryan Gant, No ...view item »

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
Sunset Mission

Vintage dark-ambient-noir-jazz-doom from the German masters of the field, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore. Sunset Mission is their 2000 album, the first in which saxophone appears. No lively jaunts here though: smooth black darkness is the way of Bohren. This moody work is reissued on CD and on gatefold-h...view item »

Washington Phillips
Washington Phillips and His Manzarene Dreams

On Dust-to-Digital’s first release they featured a few tracks by Texan blues musician Washington Phillips of which very little was actually known, even less than his mystery homemade instrument that he called The Manzarene. Enlisting the help of researcher Michael Corcoran they tracked down the story of hi...view item »

Pastor T.L. Barrett and The Youth For Christ Choir
Like a Ship... (Without a Sail)

An LP that had been on the 'list' for some time LITA is such a great label. Sunday night's are pretty much wind down and i clicked on to a friends radio show and the first track on was 'Like a Ship' pure Gospel Soul you dont need a second invitation once your ears have heard the opening notes. Sure enough i logged on Norman had it in i ordered i...view item »

Gloria Jay
Know What You Want

Know What You Want is a collection of soft and easy-to-listen-to soul and early R&B from Chicago in the 1970's. Melodies International has beautifully remastered this Gloria J. Jennings record from the original tapes and such with nothing being added or taken away - also includes a 14"x14" poster....view item »

John Coltrane
Blue Train

Blue Train by John Coltrane was recorded in 1957. Blue Train follows the jazz sub-genre of Hard Bop. It was his second album, and surprisingly the only one he ever recorded for the legendary Blue Note label, although Coltrane was never officially signed to the label. This vinyl reissue celebrates the label’s 75th ...view item »

Arve Henriksen
Towards Language

Towards Language is the new album from Arve Henriksen (of Supersilent), working once again with Jan Bang and Erik Honore as on his classic 2004 record Chiaroscuro. Arve’s trumpet and voice, often live-sampled by Bang, sit...view item »

Africa Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown - 1976 - 1983)

The latest in a series that has the first on its fourth repress, Africa Airways here takes us to a land of forgotten disco anthems from '76 to '83. Commendable spirit has gone into unearthing and compiling such a fantastic and diverse collection, further cementing the importance of the continent in recent music history. ...view item »

Robert Crotty & Loren Connors
Robert Crotty With Me: Loren's Collection (1979-1987)

Around the same time Connors laid down his first primal solo guitar albums at his home in Daggett Street, New Haven, he recorded these duos with visiting local bluesman, Robert Crotty. Connors revered the elder guitarist, and with his trademark vocal moan audible beneath Crotty’s more sonorous singing, there’s a sens...view item »

Marisa Anderson

I wasn’t familiar with this lady before now but she’s from Portland and I think this is her second record and it’s on Mississippi who aren’t idiots so I’m giving it a listen...thankfully it’s brilliant. Anderson plays nimble fingerpicked instrumentals which the press rel...view item »

Sun Ra
Singles (The Definitive 45s Collection Vol. 2: 1962-1991)

The second volume of Strut’s compilation of Sun Ra’s many many singles gets a vinyl release. The Definitive 45s Collection includes a huge variety of Ra’s styles: he seemed to view singles (often pressed in very small runs) as opportunities to try things as strange as quasi-disco, spok...view item »

Yasuaki Shimizu

Another welcome reissue of Yasuaki Shimizu’s work, hot off the heels of his Music for Commercials on Crammed Discs. With fewer commission-related restrictions, his work here is more elaborate and immersed in playful fusion - if you didn’t know that he was on that Mariah album Utakata No ...view item »

Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
Something About April

Why not sit down and play the sample-spotting game with Adrian Younge’s album Something About April? You might recognise catchy fragments used elsewhere by Jay-Z, 50 Cent or DJ Premier, a fact that indicates the kind of psychedelic swinging soul that Young...view item »

Release Yourself

Originally released in 1984, identical-twin-brother duo Aleem’s Release Yourself gets a timely repress. This is an early electro masterpiece that goes a long way in showing what subsequent trends have inherited (vocal sample re-pitch, reverence for drum machines, etc.) and what, for better or for worse, they&rsquo...view item »

Incredible Rock City
Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites

Obscuro vintage wonder here from The Incredible Rock City Band, a touring group in the 80’s who apparently only played at US army bases. I gotta say though, they sound a lot less straight-laced than that might lead you to expect: this is funky electro s...view item »

Sun Ra
Jazz In Silhouette

Eight strong tracks from the late 50s and early 60s. Jazz In Silhouette, one of many long forgotten Sun Ra albums, highlights the be-bop he cherished before stepping into the fold of the avant-garde. This album is rich in composition, with extended solos throughout courtesy of Sun Ra's Arkestra. To describe the music contained within this album as ...view item »

Rainer Ptacek
Worried Spirits

Rainer Ptacek (a member of Giant Sand) was a talented slide-guitarist working in a blues / post-blues mould, weaving powerful and intimate performances with his desert voice and knife-edge steel-stringed guitar. Worried Spirits is a 1992 collection of rare recordings, now reissued in commemoration of hi...view item »

Rainer & Das Combo
The Texas Tapes

Recorded in 1993, its a very fine album of post-blues music from slide-guitar supremo Rainer Ptacek and his Das Combo bandmates. The Texas Tapes feel intimate and fragile, as if some songs are on the point of vanishing into dust. This vinyl reissue with download code includes a number of demo versions a...view item »

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Matter Of Time / When I Saw Your Face

Pretty much everything that Sharon Jones touched turned out golden and soulful, and that goes all the way till the end of her career. Matter Of Time / When I Saw Your Face ...view item »

Susan Phillips
Soft Sexy Soul

Ah this was another RSD 17 title that has been re-issued just a few months down the line. The album was previously going for a lot of wad on discogs and is a classic soul record with lashings of that orchestrated New Jersey sound with a mixture of great ballads and the odd Northern Soul stomper.   ...view item »

Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra
My Brother The Wind Vol. 1

This 1970 album features Sun Ra excitedly wrenching some seriously wild and transportive sonics out of his new Moog synth, backed by Arkestra stalwarts John Gilmore, Marshall Allen and Danny Davis. As with their recent reissue of The Magic City, Cosmic M...view item »

Francois Tusques With Barney Wilen
Le Nouveau Jazz

An apprehensive black pudding comes from Francois Tusques With Barney Wilen. Le Nouveau was initially released when the Europeans were getting their teeth into the improvised avant-garde free jazz scene. This is densely packed with ideas and themes, all pretty dark. Think Cecil Taylor and Albert Ayler on Halloween. This...view item »

World's Experience Orchestra
As Time Flows On

An underground gem from 1980 has been given the reissue treatment, yet still seems completely relevant now. It's a gorgeous mixture of Sanders-esque devotional jazz, Don Cherry's instrumental freedom, British pastoral psychedelic rock and a lyrical execution that's half crooner, half spiritual doctrine. Just lov...view item »

Arve Henriksen
The Nature Of Connections

On 'The Nature Of Connections', Arve Henriksen collaborated with a variety of improv, folk and jazz musicians who composed pieces for him. The record features a variety of touring Norwegian artists brought together by Henriksen, including violinists Nils Okland and Gjermund Larsen, cellist Svante Henryson and double bassist Mats Eilertsen, ...view item »

Alice Coltrane
A Monastic Trio

Perhaps the most accomplished harpist ever, Alice Coltrane's jazz was unique, moulding together the traditional aspects of the genre with free new innovations and suspenseful, almost droning capabilities. A Monastic Trio is her first work as a band-leader and is a shimmering, patiently unfolding work....view item »

Muddy Waters
Electric Mud

In 1968 Chess Records teamed Muddy Waters up with Chicago rockers Rotary Connection. It was a rather calculated attempt to sell the older bluesman to hippies, and the result was a somewhat forced grafting of obvious psych tropes over Muddy’s standards and a cover of the Stones...view item »

Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Roswell Rudd, Gary Peacock, Sonny Murray
New York Eye and Ear Control

The legendary ESP-Disk are doing some reissues, and the even more legendary Albert Ayler is the subject. This disc here is a 1964 session that features Ayler alongside Don Cherry, John Tchai, Gary Peacock, Sonny Murray… The talents! They ...view item »

Hello Skinny
Watermelon Sun

Hello Skinny target their actions straight for the heart of New York’s dub-disco jazz 1970’s avant-garde world, seemingly using Arthur Russell collaborator Peter Zummo, who a...view item »

Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler baby! ESP-Disk here give reissue to a 1965 live recording of Bells, originally released as a single-sided LP. Well this reissue doesn’t make you go hungry on the other side: it includes an extra track that has previously turned up on rare pressings of Spiritual Unity. Fiery New York free jazz...view item »

John Zorn
Spy vs Spy

Acting almost as a precursor to John Zorn’s jazz thrash group Naked City 1989’s Spy Vs. Spy see Zorn arrange pieces by Ornette Coleman into near terrifying cacophony inspired greatly by hardcore, grindcore and thrash acts such as Blind Idiot God and ...view item »

Howlin' Wolf
The Howlin' Wolf Album

A real marmite of a record. I played it to my parents and they were convinced it wasn't the Wolf. They both hated it, most people I have talked to about it do. Made in 1969, someone in chess records noticed psychedelic music was selling so made howlin wolf reimagine some of his classics. He hated it, as referenced in the cover. The sun s...view item »

When Doves Cry

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats with the original artwork and their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. When Doves Cry, the lead single from the Purple Rain...view item »

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
It's a Holiday Soul Party

Seemingly following the blueprint that was set in the 1960’s by A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector is Holiday Soul Party by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. This is the first time the band, famous for their soulful sound and rhythm, have recorded a festive album. Featuring 11 tracks to get you in...view item »

James Mason
Rhythm Of Life

James Mason's only solo LP gets a very welcome reissue on 8th Records. Mason was instrumental to Roy Ayers' late-70s jazz-funk works; he was forefront on Ayers LP Lifeline, including the huge "Running Away". Rhythm Of Life was recorded with legends Narada Michael Walden and Gene Torres, and released in 1977. T...view item »

August Rosenbaum

August Rosenbaum has been a fairly major session player in the Danish music scene for some time now. Playing as part of electro-soul duo Quadron’s live set-up, and recording with Canadian/Danish R&B duo Rhye. His prodigious ability as a pianist saw him playing tunes by the likes of ...view item »

The Breathing Effect
The Fisherman Abides

A tender, multi-faceted sophomore LP here. While the quirky nautical focus of The Fisherman Abides recalls British Sea Power, there is a far greater stylistic scope to the songwriting from The Breathing Effect here. The group wed contemporary jazz chops to Mogwai-indebted post-rock and ...view item »

Don Cherry
Music, Wisdom, Love

Here’s a remarkable document of a Don Cherry residency in Paris 1967, unreleased and unheard for fifty years! Music, Wisdom, Love is an exciting slice of the Don Cherry puzzle, adding yet more insight into one of the most eclectic and intriguing figures in free jazz. LP release on the Cacophonic l...view item »

Eero Koivistoinen Quartet feat. Philip Catherine
Jazz-Liisa 13

Belgium meets Finland in 1974 here with this juicy session of incisive melodic jazz. The guitarist Philip Catherine was in Finland for some teaching and he found the Finnish group Eero Koivistoinen to be...view item »

Pharoah Sanders
Pharaoh Sanders Quintet

Check it out: the 1964 debut album of Pharoah Sanders, leading his own quintet prior to his crucial membership of John Coltrane’s group. Pharaoh Sanders Q...view item »

Nina Simone
The Best Studio & Live Recordings

Nina Simone was a genuinely groundbreaking artist. A musician, composer and arranger with great skill and an expressive voice that told of her woes as she sang her songs. As great creative people often are, Nina Simone was tightly wound and prone to explosive fits of rage, but this only made her music all the more passionate. Th...view item »

Miles Davis
Black Beauty / Miles Davis At Fillmore West

One of the true legends of Jazz in the 20th century, Miles Davis delivers a ferocious and innovative jazz-rock performance at Filmore West, San Francisco. Recorded live in 1970, Black Beauty features Davis' blistering muted trumpets on the backdrop of a fine-tuned jazz ensemb...view item »

Sun Ra and His Arkestra
Featuring Pharoah Sanders And Black Harold

This cracking 1964 live set from New York’s Judson Hall was released in 1976 and became one of the rarest El Saturn LPs. The 12-piece Arkestra features a young Pharoah Sanders sitting in on a for an absent John Gilmore, and flautist Black Harold shines on ...view item »

Betty Davis
Nasty Gal

Re-release of Betty Davis’ 1975 third album Nasty Gal. A piece of soul history, with still-irresistible grooves from the fierce and formidable contemporary of Miles Davis and Hendrix. Mastered from original tapes, on vinyl in Stoughton gatefold and with a booklet featuring goodies such as rare pictures and liner notes by J...view item »

Panduranga Henderson
Ocean Of Love

This astonishing record features a close collaborator of none other than Alice Coltrane, the pair having spent time at her California ashram in the 80s engaging in deep, spiritualist devotional song. Contrary to popular belief, special records do exist and do offer their presence in our mortal world. ...view item »

Morton Feldman
Crippled Symmetry At June In Buffalo: The Feldman Soloists

Nice contemporary classical set here from the late professor Feldman's old collaborators, reconvening 13 years after the great man's death, around the millennium at an anniversary revival of his much-loved NY festival. This is pret...view item »

Jukebox Mambo - Volume III

Mambo baby! DJ Liam Large is behind the controls for the third installment of the Jukebox Mambo compilation series, presenting the fine-filtered results of hundreds of hours of crate-digging. Real obscure recordings here, all of them full of fire, love and life. CD and double LP editions, both liner notes and photos....view item »

Marlena Shaw

Marlena Shaw is a real soul authority, having lent her powerful voice to big tracks for 35 years now. This Anthology compiles 16 of her finest performances, from her socially-conscious early classic ‘Woman Of The Ghetto’ through rare tracks and material from her B...view item »

Michael Cosmic & Phill Musra Group
Peace In The World / Creator Spaces

A vast dive into the vaults from No-Again unearths a high point in free improv and spiritual jazz. With significant political leanings and an clear influence from the almost divine grace of Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders, it's a colourful and ever changing affair, completed with World's Experience Orchestra...view item »

Robert Johnson
King Of The Delta Blues Vol. II

Johnson was one who truly understood the blues and he made you feel the pain; whenever he sang for example my favourite track of his, "Love In Vain", it never fails to tug at my heart whenever I hear it as you can feel the despair as he sings about a lost love. He was also a brilliant guitarist sometimes sounding like two guitarists playing at t...view item »

Curtis Harding
Face Your Fear

Atlanta’s Curtis Harding turns in an album of hard-bitten funk and soul that bears great reverence for the titans of 70s American black music. Shuggie Otis, Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye are obvious touchstones for Face Your Fear, and Harding’s fabulous vo...view item »

Ken Boothe
Inna de Yard

Legendary Jamaican singer Ken Boothe has returned to the studio to record a full-length album for the first time in twenty-five years. Ken recorded Inna de Yard inna de yard, e.g. outside in nature, using only acoustic instruments. He and his group return to some of the tunes from Ken&r...view item »

Keith Jarrett
The Koln Concert

This was meant to be heard without any barriers, without expectations, just as it was created. Even Keith can't control this concert. If you are thinking about liking or not liking it, whether you are being ordinary for liking what millions liked as well, or if you push yourself to agree with the bashers of Koln while listening to it, then you w...view item »

New Street Adventure
One And The Same - Acoustic EP

Four track EP off acoustic versions of tracks taken from funk/soul four-piece New Street Adventures’ 2017 album Stubborn Sons. Reimaginings of ...view item »

Fumio Itabashi

Watabase is a solo piano record from Fumio Itabashi, a rightful legend of Japanese jazz. Released in 1982, Watabase features some very nimble and spiritual interpretations of compositions by the likes of Dollar Brand and Vernon Duke, with Itabashi’s music...view item »

Antonio Adolfo

Viralata is the big classic for explorers of Brazilian progressive jazz-funk, standing tall above the rest with its fabulous grooves. Antonio Adolfo and his band really nailed it here, earning the album a surpri...view item »

Jeff Parker
The Relatives

Beloved Jeff Parker and his strange guitar contraption. Saviour of Tortoise and genre polymath, it's no surprise that 2004 release The Relatives is a fine improvised showing in post-bop jazz, a modal exercise of originals supplemented with a take of Marvin Gaye's "When Did ...view item »

Roland P. Young

Roland P. Young releases another chapter in his mission to meld the American jazz tradition with electronics, using electronic wind instruments at the core of his sound. Hear / Here, which was recorded in Roland’s home studio, is an open-hearted set of bright compositions, carefully assembled. Rel...view item »

Gil Scott-Heron
Small Talk At 125th & Lenox

The late great Gil Scott Heron, here we have a reissue of his 1970s debut album Small Talk at 125th & Lenox. The album features the classic The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and what more can I say? It’s a classic album by a true talent which went on to influence any artists across ...view item »

Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei is the young New Zealand multi-instrumentalist musician who is going to dominate your smooth summer listening for years to come. His very nice voice is supported by a rich bed of (almost entirely self-played) instrumentation, creating jazzy soul songs that you can just sink into. His ...view item »

Moses Sumney

If I had Moses Sumney’s voice I’d lose all my friends. That’s because I wouldn’t stop singing. If you had a voice this beautiful, this rich, this dynamic, why would you? Sumney’s debut LP, out on Jagjaguwar, is a record of lush contemporary soul akin to Bobby Womack...view item »

Together, As One

They may be this years token 'jazz/freeform' Mercury Music Prize contenders but Dinosaur are at least more interesting than the dull mainstream pap of the other nominees. They are based around trumpeteer Laura Jurd who leads a kind of improvised jazz sound that has elements of Portico Quartet but remains creativ...view item »

The Souljazz Orchestra
Under Burning Skies

Strut have a knack for finding funky groovers for a good time. Here they are with the Canadian movers; The Souljazz Orchestra. Under Burning Skies is a vintage ‘80s funk, boogie, disco record with Afro grooves. The album is a perfect meld of old and new sounds and bound to have everyone da...view item »

Portico Quartet
Art in the Age of Automation

Rejoice! The trio that was once Portico have realised that their previous iteration sucked and have added the 'Quartet' again as well as past member Keir Vine on the hang. What's more, they've also done a U-turn on the sound of last album Living Fields, returning to the electronica / jazz fusion that they struck gold with on t...view item »

Late Night Tales

This time it's the turn of the Canadian quartet to pick their favourite tracks and as with all or most Late Night Tales you get an obligatory Boards of Canada track. There's also stuff by Stereolab, Thundercat, the Beach Boys and luckily for anyone thinking this might be a bit o...view item »

Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal is an 87 year old jazz pianist whose sound still sounds fresh and young and crystalline in its beauty. Marseille has him playing with his long-established three-part rhythm section, but also with jazz vocalist Mina Agossi and rapper Abd Al Malik, two new and unexpected ...view item »

Infrared (Deluxe)

This is the deluxe edition of the 'Infrared' EP by this soul star favoured by some of the younger people in the office. Here she collaborates with some like-minded folk (Kingdom, Prince Will) on some smooth auto-tune friendly R&B and to make things even more exciting this time they've added a bunch of remixes too. ...view item »

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

In 2005, noire-doom-jazz ensemble Bohren & Der Club Of Gore decided to get even slower and sparser than they had been previously (which was already pretty slow and sparse). Geisterfaust is a one hour span of beautiful crawl for long dark nights. Reissued on CD and, for the first time, on vinyl. From Play It Again Sa...view item »

Tim Maia
Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul Of Tim Maia

Tim Maia has a lot of cultural caché in his native Brazil, but his profile in the English-speaking world could do with a little boost: enter Luaka Bop. The David Byrne-affiliated label have compiled 15 highlights from Maia’s extremely soulful career. Nobody Can Live Forever: The...view item »

L.A. Salami
Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Directors Cut

From the name, L.A. Salami sounds like a Californian punk band. In fact, he’s a UK ‘postmodern blues and urban folk’ musician, and Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut is his debut album. Salami utters confessional / political lyrics on a wide-range of songs, some quiet an...view item »

The Bongolian
Moog Maximus

How about a ride in a bongo-funk inspired time machine? Ever since Nasser Bouzida, known for his role in Big Boss Man, locked himself up with a bunch of synthesizers, his project The Bongolian has resulted in severely synthesized funky bongo tracks. And Moog Maximus continues ...view item »

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band are a steel drum band operating out of Hamburg, Germany. They got the attention of DJs and home listeners alike when they covered 50 Cent’s essential track ‘P.I.M.P.’ (included here), and have an array of other crucial covers to show off on 55, their debut...view item »

Hiatus Kaiyote
Choose Your Weapon

Australian ensemble Hiatus Kaiyote present Choose Your Weapon, their second album, and by the sounds of it the weapons on offer are Soul, R&B, Funk and Future versions of all of the above. And over eighteen tracks and seventy minutes, they get the chance to deploy them all! A very accomplished work all told....view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Feelin' Good

Warp Records veteran Nightmares On Wax is back after a five year hiatus, we’re very proud of our homegrown talent here in Leeds so with George Evelyn now clocking in over 20 years in the biz it’s safe to say I’m about to say lots of nice words about our George, although don’t thin...view item »

Jack White

Still keeping himself busy then and seemingly not content with playing on, producing, releasing and personally distributing to the stores every single record made by everyone from Tom Jones to ...view item »

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