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The Thing

Yeah that’s right, it's The Thing baby! Saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten and drumkit powerhouse Paal Nilssen-Love play in a thousand and one different contexts these days, but it's great to hear them return to the roots of what really launched them into the free jazz world and beyond. Three longer tracks on this one, proving once Again that The Thing really are where it's at.

Silver Linings
Don't Make Tracks

Silver Linings have expanded to a three-piece since we last heard from them, which has added yet more funky-strength and depth to their modern electro-R&B sound. Don’t Make Tracks marks the band out as surely the freshest gang of funksters in all of Melbourne, so dig in. Vinyl edition on Wax Museum.
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Jamie Isaac
(04:30) Idler

Croydonian jazz-popper Jamie Isaac is ready with a second album proper in (4:30) Idler. This one is largely informed by the young fellow’s troubles with insomnia, as evidenced by such sober titles as ‘Doing Better’, ‘Maybe’ and indeed, ‘Sleep’. Vintage synth electronica and R&B cling to a jazzy frame, allowing confessional weariness to coexist with warm pop hooks.

Jorja Smith
Lost & Found

Following a bunch of self-released singles, Walsall-born Jorja Smith drops her debut album, Lost & Found. The twenty year old is known for her collaborations with Stormzy, Drake and Kali Uchis, but the twelve tracks on her debut give her the chance to show us the real Jorja Smith. LP and CD on FAMM.

Childish Gambino
Awaken, My Love!

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Voices of Mississippi: Artists & Musicians Documented by William Ferris

Huge compilation of recordings made by folklorist William Ferris in and around Mississippi. Comes with 3 CDs containing gospel, blues, interviews, and stories, as well as some of Ferris' documentaries on DVD and a book edited by him. An incredibly detailed study of Southern American culture that is a must for anyone interested in the region.


Proper chill and proper smooth from Kiefer. The debut record, Happysad, is a smart and jazzy collection of tracks written and performed by the LA-based musician. Available on both vinyl LP and CD and is released on Stones Throw. What isn't to love about a record that has a dog sitting next to a miniature red piano as its album art? 

Brötzmann / Miller / Moholo
Opened, But Hardly Touched

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Kadhja Bonet

Kadjha Bonet follows up her beautiful 'The Visitor' record of 2015 with another album full of sumptuous chocolatey soul, titled Childqueen. Last we heard of Ms Bonet, the L.A. singer was wrapping her mellifluous vocal tones around some highly melodic and harmonious old-schooly tunes channeling the Memphis sound perfectly. Here is a full LP and CD of similar, courtesy our friends at Fat Possum records.

Lord Tusk
Communique EP

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Potter & Tillman

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Robocobra Quartet
Plays Hard To Get

The group once described by Drowned In Sound as ‘Fugazi meets Mingus’ make an interesting racket on their latest LP. While the comparison still holds up on Plays Hard To Get, there’s a stuerm und drang to the likes of ‘You’ll Wade’ that has echoes of everyone from Mclusky to Zu to In Rainbows-era Radiohead.

Sun Ra & His Myth-Science Solar Arkestra
Lost Ark Series Vol 1 & 2

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Pharoah Sanders

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Theo Parrish
Gentrified Love Part 4

Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature may be turning twenty this year, but that doesn’t mean that the Detroit legend is resting on his laurels. Rather, the fourth instalment of his Gentrified Love series sees Parrish looking to improve on past glories. A-side ‘Leave The Funk To Us’, for instance, appeared in truncated form on Gentrified Love 2. This full version, featuring Amp Fiddler, John Douglas and Ideeyah, is a classic TP funky stepper. The B-side is an update of a track by Paul Randolph & Kathy Kosins which appeared on 2017’s Brownswood Bubblers compilation.
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Evan Parker / Derek Bailey / Han Bennink
The Topography of The Lungs

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Derek Bailey / Evan Parker
​The London Concert

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Vicktor Taiwò
Joy Comes In Spirit

Vicktor Taiwò attempts to combine twin loves of pop music and experimental on a record of inner belief and self-actualisation. His debut, Joy Comes in Spirit, gambles on its bedrock of singer-songwriter soul with amorphous deviations. Tunes stretch and expand, taking on retro game music, rap and 808s-era Kanye in its fetch quest for introspection.
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Ryo Fukui
Mellow Dream

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The Beginning Of The End
Funky Nassau

Though the career of 70s band Beginning Of The End ended up being relatively short (they disbanded after their second album), things seemed rosy on the release of their 1971 debut LP Funky Nassau. The eponymous track was a huge hit, selling over a million copies and topping the Billboard R ‘n’ B chart. That song’s ebullient mix of American funk sounds, hi-life guitar and the polyrhythmic grooves of their native Bahamas are carried on through the full-length. Not a million miles away from The Funkees. The CD edition contains both this record and their self-titled follow-up.

Beginning Of The End
Beginning Of The End

Strut reissue the second album from Bahamian group Beginning Of The End here. Though they only made two LPs before splitting, the band nailed down a blend of strutting Philly soul, meaty funk and a disco sound lent extra groove by the polyrhythmic percussion style native to the band’s Caribbean home. The group’s vocalist has a nice throaty yelp reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix.

Shaolin Soul (Episode 3)

Wonderful treats right here for fans of The Wu-Tang Clan and vintage funky soul alike. The Shaolin Soul series compiles some of the gorgeous cuts that have been sampled (mostly by RZA) for Wu-Tang Clan albums and solo endeavors. Volume 3 features tracks from The Supremes, Bobby Bland and The Rimshots, plus plenty more.

Yes Lawd!

Collaborative project of California based duo Anderson Paak and Knxwledge. Having individually worked with Kaytranada, Dr Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Joey Bada$$ they a have found a rightful home at Stones Throw. NxWorries is soulful and filled with slow, smooth R&B groove, solid layered vocals, and crackling beats from crate digging finds.

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
Sauvage Formes

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Larry Coryell

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Technicolour Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Others Exotic Delights

Numero, everyone's favourite musical archaeologists are back with Technicolour Paradise, a compilation that gives us a close look at the sheer weirdness of music meant to evoke paradise by and for people who likely couldn't make it there. If you ever wanted to know what a mid-20th century American thought other Americans wanted the rest of the world to sound like, now's your chance.

Kamaal Williams
The Return

Yussef Kamaal may have disbanded, but Henry Wu continues to fly the flag as Kamaal Williams. For the first LP released under his given name we see Williams behind the keys in a jazz fusion trio that brings together the visionary aesthetic of the YK output with the sounds of new London jazz and the shuffling grooves of the Wu project. Out via the new Black Focus records, a label named after YK’s sole full-length.


Turkish jazz-rockers Farketmez mix jazz, blues, funk and a right psychedelic racket on their debut album Deeelicious. The album is the culmination of three years of musical evolution for the band. They feature Cameron Dean (formerly of Million Dead) on guitar along with Selcuk Güllü , on sax, drummer Carlos Valderrama (Not the mop-haired Colombian footballer) and bassist Hasan Kunt Yilmaz. LP on Uncomfortable Recordings.

Esbjörn Svensson Trio
e.s.t. Live In London

e.s.t. Live in London is set to be released by Act Music -- marking a poignant moment in that it'll be the tenth anniversary of the premature demise of Esbjörn Svensson, on 14th June 2018. The set was recorded live at the Esbjörn Svensson Trio's concert at the Barbican in London on 26th May 2005. The band were the biggest jazz act in the world at the time, captured here at the peak of their powers. They've been influential and have since inspired the likes of GoGo Penguin and countless others. Previous concert recording was named 'Jazz Album Of The Decade' by The Times. On double CD, in a four page digipack with a 16 page booklet including lyrics, or double LP on 180g vinyl with digital download code.

Return Of The Fabric Four

Acid Jazz heroes Corduroy are back with their first release in almost two decades, and it's a 12-track doozy. Blending pop-art imagery, mid-century rock swagger and swinging '60s pop, this record—released here on limited-edition white vinyl—is a retro-leaning, party-starting future classic. 

She Sleeps, She Sleeps

Hell of a collab, this one: experimentalist Mats Gustafsson has played sax 'n' reeds as part of The Thing and with Phil Minton, and here joins post-rock minimalist Johan Berthling (fresh from a record with Oren Ambarchi) and Andreas Werlin of the percussive dance crew Wildbirds & Peacedrums. As Fire!, a group that once extended to an orchestra of thirty, they're going to improvise, a lot, and see what comes out. I imagine 'She Sleeps, She Sleeps' will garner psychedelic fruits.

Ornette Coleman
The Atlantic Years

Ornette Coleman completists need look no further than this luxury box set. Atlantic have remastered the ten records he made for the label between 1959 and 1962 - that means The Shape Of Jazz To Come, Free Jazz, This Is Our Music and more. They’ve packaged them alongside a book of photos and an essay on Coleman by famed jazz critic Ben Ratliff.

The “5” Royales
The Harbingers of Soul

Rhythm and Blues legends the 5 Royales were incredibly renowned in the 50's and into the 60's. Bringing gospel and soul inspired harmonies into the mix they recorded some treasured sides for the King and Home of the Blues stables. This album is a passionately compiled collection of all their most highly regarded numbers and is pressed on quality heavy wax with liner notes from one J. Ridley esq.

Evans Pyramid
Evans Pyramid

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Emma-Jean Thackray
Ley Lines

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Steve Lacy, Yuji Takahashi, Takehisa Kosugi
Distant Voices

This 1976 meeting of three avant-jazz heavyweights gets reissued by Aguirre (La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley). Pianist Yuji Takehashi - a player so innovative that Iannis Xenakis composed especially for him - joined forces with soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy and electric violinist/Fluxus favourite Takehisa Kosugi in a 1975 recording session while Lacy was in Japan. The resulting record employs unusual techniques - at times Takahashi plays with bells attached to his hands while Lacy pressed his saxophone up to the skin of a kettle drum - to create this surreal piece. Distant Voices takes in free jazz, cosmic jazz, post-minimalist composition and serialism.

Wonder Trail

Energetic jazz-rock quartet Dinosaur (no relation or particular seniority to Dinosaur Jr.) return with Wonder Trail, once again with Edition Records. This time, the group - with Laura Jurd and Elliot Galvin at the forefront, harnesses 1980s synthpop for new references. Expect the common cues of vintage keyboards, vocoders, and such to be explored in jazzy new contexts.

Cara Stacey & Camilo Ángeles

Cara Stacey (South Africa) and Camilo Ángeles (Peru) bashed this one out in a day, and it’s quite a trip. Both artists performed multiple instruments, but Stacey largely favours piano and Ángeles various flutes. With a great sense of freedom, the material goes all over: opener ‘Jazmin’ mixes odd dissonances with unmistakable calmness at first before gathering rhythmic and harmonic momentum - all in under two minutes. Unpredictable, beautiful and slightly bonkers.

Gboyega Adelaja
Colourful Environment

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Gabriel Garzón-Montano
Golden Wings

At this point, Gabriel Garzon Montano is someone you might be more familiar with for who he’s been sampled by - Drake used his song ‘Six Eight’ in If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late highlight ‘Jungle’ - than for his own music. However, ‘Golden Wings’ could go about changing that. It’s more of the sultry neo-soul/r&b that stocked his 2017 debut LP Jardin, and in the right hands it might become absolutely massive. Out on Stones Throw.

Arve Henriksen

In 2004, Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen brought Audun Kleive and Jan Bang to a variety of locations to live-compose the ten tracks of Chiaroscuro, whose sound is as much dominated by subtle sampling and electronics as percussion and trumpet. Chiaroscuro is a really remarkable listen that is frankly gorgeous. Released on vinyl for the first time by Rune Grammofon.

Sun Ra
God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be

A Sun Ra treasure trove exists in God Is More than Love Can Ever Be, a lesser known release from deep within the cosmic jazzer's discog. Rather than shift through the sound mirages the Arkestra built its renown on, this is a set of simple jazz material, offering a snapshot of the instinctive understanding shared between Ra's players.

Bob & Gene
If This World Were Mine

Not to be mistaken for television's most healthily dysfunctional father-son duo, Bob & Gene is a pair of soul artists given a revived slice of history with If This World Were Mine, initially reissued ten years ago. Teenagers who met and recorded gospel together, their work was originally put out on the label of Bob's father, Mo Do Records, but enjoys the adulation he gave it today in wider scenes due to its warm and attentive renditions. Finally back in the mix via Daptone. 

Alice Coltrane / Joe Henderson
The Elements

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Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids
An Angel Fell

The well travelled and long-enduring Pyramids, led by sax man Idris Ackamoor, ready a new record of fantasy-filtered allegory. An Angel Fell is a jazz record in protest of our environmental complacency. Recorded in a week, it's another intense marvel from a group who still managed to release one of our favourite records of its year in We Be All Africans.
  • Vinyl Double LP (STRUT164LP)
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Jean-Jacques Birge / Francis Gorge / Shiroc
Defense De

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Ben LaMar Gay
Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun

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Hugh Masekela
The Chisa Years: 1965-1975 (Rare and Unreleased)

A compilation to satisfy anyone whose curiosity in Hugh Masekela was peaked by his passing in January of this year. This LP collates early work by the South African jazz legend, including some of his groundbreaking stuff with The Zulus and Letta Mbulu. The likes of Ojah collaboration ‘Afro Beat Blues’ are mighty and righteous funk jams. This repressing by BBE marks the first time in a decade that this compilation has been available on wax.

Body Wash

LA based producer Mndsgn (pronounce Mind Design) returns to his natural home of Stones Throw for his latest double LP. Think a slowed and even warmer Toro Y Moi, thick and groovy basslines, warm pads, pianos, near synthetic vocals with heavy downtrodden beats, and smokey shimmerings every. R’n’B slowed to a halt.

Leroy Hutson
Closer To The Source

Closer To The Source by soul singer, songwriter, producer and arranger Leroy Hutson was originally released in 1978. Earlier in his career he replaced Curtis Mayfield in The Impressions and you can see why - Hutson’s music comes from a similar place, although this is waaaaay smoother, as the cover may lead you to believe. LP with detailed sleeve notes by Tony Rounce and CD with 3 bonus tracks on Acid Jazz.

Leroy Hutson
The Man!

The Man! Was Leroy Hutson’s second album, originally released in 1974, following a spell as Curtis Mayfield’s replacement in soul group The Impressions. This album is notable for containing the track The Ghetto ‘74 which he co-wrote with Donny Hathaway who recorded the song four years previously. LP with extensive sleeve notes by Tony Rounce and CD with bonus track on Acid Jazz.

Wanna Be Your Man

Just the thirty-four years on from Prophet’s debut LP Right On Time, he comes through with the follow-up for Stones Throw. There has been a quiet clamour for new music from the Bay Area artist - Right On Time is a highly collectable piece - and Wanna Be Your Man will be sure to please old fans as well as bringing in new ones. On this album, he updates the soulful electro-funk of Right On Time with the help of Mndsgn and Nite Jewel. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait so long for the next one.

Dam Funk
Adolescent Funk

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The Colours That Rise

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Debut album from frequent Mica Levi collaborator Tirzah. Devotion is her debut album, 11 tracks of cool and patient down-tempo R&B. Levi provides the production on the album while Tirzah's voice carries the melancholic atmosphere. Available on deluxe coloured vinyl on Domino.
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Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo

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Joe Armon-Jones
Starting Today

One of the leading lights of young British jazz in 2018, Ezra Collective member Joe Armon-Jones drops his debut solo LP via Brownswood. Starting Today is as much of a melting-pot as you’d expect. Influences of jazz, hard-bop, soul, afrobeat and plenty else show here, and the performances of Moses Boyd, Nubya Garcia and others buoy this globalist, cosmopolitan record.

The Nels Cline 4
Currents, Constellations

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Tubby Hayes Quartet
The Syndicate: Live At The Hopbine 1968 Vol. 1

Repress and first ever CD release of this 1986 Tubby Hayes Quartet performance. Disappointingly Tubby is not a tuba or a tuba player, but a sax player. This is very, very fast jazz, with the star of the show being Hayes's remarkable drummer who manages to maintain a precision and delicacy for its entire length.

Espen Eriksen Trio with Andy Sheppard
Perfectly Unhappy

Another release from Norway's wonderful Rune Grammofon label. Perfectly Unhappy features eight compositions written by pianist Espen Eriksen specifically for this collaboration between his trio and saxophonist Andy Sheppard. Melodic but stark, this collective have nothing to hide behind.

Moses Taiwa Molelekwa
Genes and Spirits

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The Champ

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Hal Singer & Jef Gilson
Soul Of Africa

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The Heliocentrics
Quatermass Sessions: From The Deep

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The Heavy
Coleen (EL-B & Rhythm Beater Remixes)

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Toshio Matsuura Group

Curveballs deluxe via Tokyo resident Toshio Matsuura, a DJ and tunemaker who here groups himself up for an esoteric record that takes on old songs and re-contextualises them into new shapes. Those looking for a window into Matsuura's musical mind -- be it Detroit dance music, new realms of jazz or sample-heavy FlyLo styles -- need look no further. TRACKLISTING:  CD1. Change2. High Noon3. L.M. II (Full Length)4. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun5. Kitty Bey6. Brown Paper Bag7. Do The Astral Plane 8. At Les LPA1. ChangeA2. At Les A3. High NoonB1. L.M. II (Edit)B2. Brown Paper BagB3. Do The Astral Plane

Spiritual Jazz 5: The World

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Stimulator Jones
Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures

I once encountered Stimulator Jones in an adult shop - it was on one of the shelves! No, this particular stimulator is actually none other than Sam Lunsford of Roanoke, Virginia. His debut Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures takes white boy soul/r’n’b to the next level of sincere flattery, eschewing contemporary production flair to ape the most classic 1970s and 1980s sounds he can manage.

Sun Ra

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John Coltrane & Don Cherry
The Avant-Garde (Mono)

Re-release of one of John Coltrane’s more disputed works, this album from him and Don Cherry has the pair playing Ornette Coleman tracks with some of the Ornette Coleman Quartet. One of the few Coltrane recordings sans piano which gives the saxophonist room to manoeuver. One for the die-hard fans.

Dr. John
In The Right Place

I once literally bumped into Dr. John in a corridor at Manchester University. He won't remember. This is a reissue of this 1973 album which turned out to be the biggest selling of his career. Cut from the original analogue masters, you'll hear Top 20 hits like 'Right Place, Wrong Time' sounding the way they are supposed to. 

Psych-Funk 101 (1968-1975)

The World Psychedelic Funk Classics label promise what they say on the tin by curating this double LP jam packed with fuzzed-up classics from places such as Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, South Korean. All are of a 1960s and 1970s vintage and showcase bands influenced by the popular psychedelic bands of the day. Comes with informative 36 page book.  

Nick Hakim / Onyx Collective
Vincent Tyler / The Pawn Broker / Rat Race

Nick Hakim - one of those Mac Demarco/Tyler, The Creator/Steve Lacy types - unites with up-and-coming NYC post-jazzers Onyx Collective for a short, sharp EP. Only the gritty neo-soul slap of ‘Vincent Tyler’ is anything close to what you might have expected going into this record. ‘The Pawn Broker’ and ‘Rat Race’ are hard and heavy - the latter is grungy and the former legitimately sounds like Thou. This EP is a very pleasant surprise.

Ken Boothe
Freedom Street

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Surinam Funk Force 45'Sampler

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Saun & Starr
Look Closer – Instrumental Versions

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Melvin Sparks
Texas Twister

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Diana Ross and the Supremes
Supreme Rarities: Motown Lost & Found

Jack White’s Third Man label are dabbling with the mainstream. Working with record industry behemoths Universal they have packaged their 2008 double CD release of Diana Ross & The Supremes - Supreme Rarities: Motown Lost & Found as a spectacular 4 LP box set. It has the honour of being the first Motown record to be pressed in Motor City itself. You'll hear them cover The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder along with 45 other tracks.
  • Vinyl LP box set (TMR506)
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Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
I Put A Spell On You

The story goes that during the recording of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins signature song, I Put A Spell On You, he was so ‘hepped up on goofballs’ that he blacked out and didn’t remember doing it. The recording has earned cult and legendary status for it’s sheer out-there-ness. Hawkins was also an actor with a penchant for the macabre and this fed into his live performances influencing a whole host of acts from Alice Cooper to The Cramps and Arthur Brown to Tom Waits, to name a few. This LP gathers together his most famous song with 14 other tracks including Little Demon and Frenzy. LP on Wagram.

Dr. John

Dr. John's debut album sounds like New Orleans. Voodoo psych rock, swampy blues, freaky folk and smokey R&B combine to create a uniquely atmospheric listen. 'Gris Gris' is like if Screamin' Jay Hawkins discovered psychedelia. Tom Waits and Funkadelic certainly learnt a thing or three from this LP too. Will appeal to fans of psych as much as blues and the weirder side of soul.
  • Vinyl LP (0081227971618)
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The Beginning of the End

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Dave Holland featuring Evan Parker, Craig Taiborn and Ches Smith
Uncharted Territories

A veritable avant-jazz odyssey from legendary double-bassist Dave Holland and company here. Across the twenty-three tracks of Uncharted Territories, the quartet of Holland, Evan Parker (saxophone), Craig Taborn (piano/electronics) and Ches Smith (percussion) journey into the farthest-flung corners of jazz experimentalism. While challenging, the LP remains consistently interesting as the group break off into duo and trio combinations throughout.

Tsvia Abarbanel
Eastern Soul

Israeli crate-diggers Fortuna Records have a bit of a thing for Yemeni singer Tsvia Abarbanel. The label’s first release was a 7” single featuring her tracks ‘Wings Of Love’ and ‘Yahlel Hawa’, both of which also appear on this reissue of a privately-pressed recording made in 1970. The music of Eastern Soul is a heady mix of spiritual jazz, Yemenite funk and swinging standards. Abarbanel’s strong, earthy voice provides the album's anchor. Good stuff.

Sun Ra and His Cosmo Love Adventure Arkestra
Pine Street Theatre, Oct 28th 1988

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Shaolin Soul (Episode 2)

Wonderful treats right here for fans of The Wu-Tang Clan and vintage funky soul alike. The Shaolin Soul series is a collection of some of the countless classic tunes that have been sampled (mostly by RZA) for Wu-Tang Clan albums and related solo productions. Volume 2 features cuts from Al Green, Ann Peebles and Syl Johnson, among plenty others.

Onyx Collective
Fruit Stand / Snake Charmer

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Execution Ground

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Marcos Valle
Marcos Valle

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Timeless Legend
Everybody Disco / I Was Born To Love You

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