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Stephen Thrower
Trouser Bar

Stephen Thrower, a member of Coil from Scatology up until 1992 went on to work in groups such as Cyclobe and UnicaZürn. Here we have the soundtracks to short film Trouser Bar (Directed by Kristen Bjorn) and two silent films by Peter De Rome. Having previously written scores for Derek Jarman and Ben Wheatley it comes as no surprise when he switches from thumping disco to noir tinged slow jazz.

William Basinski & Richard Chartier

Serious minimalists heavyweights collaborating right here. William Basinski should need no introduction, and Richard Chartier has been ploughing a rich furrow of electronic microsound for years. Their third collaboration together is Divertissment, which is of course a richly detailed sonic environment, subtle but powerful.

Musique Expérimentale

Finders Keepers bring yet another vital moment of the 20th Century French leftfield to wax with this release of early electroacoustic music and music concrete. After Pierre Schaeffer secured the keys to one of Europe’s first purpose-built electroacoustic studios in 1951, a community began to incubate around the studio which eventually developed into the Groupe de Recherches Musicales de la R. T. F.. This release brings together essential works made by that loose collection of artists, who included Luc Ferrari and Michel Philippot.
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  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Tor Lundvall & John B McLemore
Tor Lundvall Presents: Witness Marks - The Works of John B. McLemore

Kind of a long story, this one, but the gist as we can surmise: Tor Lundvall is an ambient submariner as good as Gigi Mason but a fair bit more neglected. On this special entry into his catalogue he compiles works by John B. McLemore, an artist made famous by, what else, a podcast called S-Town. The podcast's detailed look into McLemore's life was considered a landmark -- albeit with plenty of ethical quandaries about how far a documentary can go. At one moment in McLemore's life, he reached out to Lundvall asking if he could produce some remixes of the artist's work -- Lundvall obliged and received these fascinating and often overwhelmingly intense pieces.

Hatis Noit
Illogical Dance

Erased Tapes front four ‘sound sculptures’ from Japanese artist Hatis Noit that had previously only been released in Japan. Using her voice as the core element of the recordings, Noit has created an avant-song-cycle rich in range and emotion. Citing Japanese classical music and Gregorian chants as influences, Illogical Dance also recalls Holly Herndon and Bjork’s choir-centred LPs. Matmos turn in an edit of ‘Illogical Lullaby’.
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  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Mario Batkovic
Mario Batkovic

Mario Batkovic does for the accordion something like what Colin Stetson does for the saxophone: he opens everyone’s favourite wheezy-bag instrument up to new sonic possibilities. Solo statement Mario Batkovic uses extended techniques and minimalist structures to create a really captivating of accordion compositions. CD / double LP release on Invada.

David Toop + Paul Burwell
Suttle Sculpture

David Toop has been investigating free improvised music through writing and performance for many years now: this release documents his work with Paul Burwell in the form of a 1977 session in Brussels. Suttle Sculpture has never previously been released in any form, and they offer an insight into the creation and development of music that still sounds cutting edge. Vinyl from Sub Rosa.
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  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Amoral Avatar
Amoral Avatar

Instrumental rock label Trestle Records (Noon, Karras) drop another envelope-pusher. Amoral Avatar are a duo who take post-rock about as far as it can go before it turns into, like, music concrete or something. It’s not ‘post-rock’ in the vast, glacial, Explosions In The Sky sense, though there are moments - ‘AA6’, for instance - of stillness and beauty. But there are also tracks like ‘AA2’ which could be something by Pierre Schaeffer. The fact that this record was tracked in a day (!) makes it even more impressive.

Colin Fisher
V Le Pape

Never overdubbed and always improvised guitar ambience from Toronto's Colin Fisher. A serial collaborator (Not the Wind, Not the Flag, Caribou) now breaking out on his own with the help of The Pape. The Pape has helped guide Fisher truly understand himself as a musician, and helped him produce so very beautiful music along the way. Hurray for The Pape!
  • Vinyl LP (GJ007)
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Alvarius B / Sir Richard Bishop
Strange Fruit

Unrock here issue a very special record indeed, pairing Sun City Girls' Alan and Richard Bishop on a split 10". These figures need no introduction given their work within the celebrated avant-psych outfit in which they made their names. This release holds extra significance though, celebrating 25 years of the label.

Ismo Laakso

Forgotten in a drawer for twenty years, this bizarre LP by Ismo Laakso at last sees the light of day, courtesy of Puu - sublabel of the revered Sähkö Recordings. These are some off-the-wall lo-fi excursions from the feisty Finn, with industrial and abstract sound design and texture-mangling alongside sacred choral, modern classical and many other kinds of samples. It’s aged well.


This new project from Massimo Pupillo (Zu, Laniakea), Luciano Lamanna and Roberto Zanisi sees the trio create three heady ambient soundscapes. The division of labour is thus: Lamanna brings the modulars, Zanisi handles guitar as well as an array of Mediterranean string instruments, and Pupilo’s bass moves in and out of the mix. What the trio end up with is equal parts Coil, Californian New Age and seashore ambience. Out via Karlrecords.

Eric Chenaux
Slowly Paradise

Sounding like he's playing jazz and folk influenced guitar pieces whilst sitting in the hull of a tugboat on a particularly windy day, Eric Chenaux has a totally unique seasick sound that is ripe with invention. He blurs the lines between avant garde modern composition and the type of lop-sided fretwork also explored by the likes of John Fahey and Richard Dawson.  

Richard Dawson

The new album from Richard Dawson is a notable new epic from the Tyneside master, featuring more guest musicians than ever before. Peasant’s songs are all set in the pre-medieval north-east, with each title naming a figure: ‘Weaver’, ‘Herald’, ‘Beggar’. It’s the most fully-fledged work yet by Dawson, and it's out on Weird World.

Meadow House
Misadventures On The Scorn Cycle

Originally sent out at random to all manner of unsuitable places, 'Misadventures on the Scorn Cycle' sees a long-awaited vinyl release for Dan Wilson's sonic experiments as Meadow House. For the uninitiated, Wilson has a particularly English style of songwriting - imagine Chris Morris crossed with Syd Barrett and you are somewhere close. Part genius, part idiot, this is a rambling, absurdist outburst crammed with bits of sheer pop brilliance.
  • Vinyl LP (KINGSARMS17)
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Bristol’s Aphelion Editions come through with a hyper-limited sound-sketch by EMEI. Opener ‘Frosted Glass’ sets the tone nicely for EMEI. Beginning with glacial prettiness, the melodies soon distort and overlap to create thick textures that bear comparison to the likes of both Fennesz and Explosions In The Sky. The record is an impressionistic one, with nursery-rhyme melodies, found sounds, screeching drones and more flitting in and out of the mix.
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Star Turbine
The Great Distortion

Danish noise duo Star Turbine have two recordings from their 2017 UK tour put out on a micro-run by Aphelion Editions. Culled from performances in Bristol and Edinburgh, The Great Distortion captures the lo-fi idiosyncrats in full flow. At times skirting towards music concrete and sound-art, at others approaching doomy viscera, The Great Distortion is a record that has you craning your head to the monitor so you can better understand the transmission.
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  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Alvarius B
With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven - Vol. 3 Heathen Folklore

Alvarius B is the moniker of former Sun City Girl member Alan Bishop, formerly of Sun City Girls and now going his own way. With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven is a series of three albums released simultaneously, and Volume Three, sub-titled Heathen Folklore, is supposedly the most fucked-up of the three records. Vinyl LP release from Abduction.

Max Eastley / Steve Beresford / Paul Burwell / David Toop
Whirled Music

Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle label presents the first ever reissue of this 1980 collaboration of David Toop, Steve Beresford, Paul Burwell and Max Eastley, major improvising musicians all. Whirled Music features exclusively whirled instruments: e.g. objects and instruments that are spun around in the air, producing a whole variety of sonic effects. Rare and intriguing material, from both live performances and outdoor recordings.
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  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Alvarius B
With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven - Vol. 2 A Mark Twain August

Alvarius B is of course Alan Bishop, formerly of Sun City Girls and now going his own way. With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven is a series of three albums released simultaneously, and here is Volume Two, sub-titled A Mark Twain August. Apparently it features a banjo formerly owned by Mark Twain himself, though that could be classic Bishop nonsense, who knows… On Abduction.

Alvarius B
With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven - Vol. 1 Natural Wonder

Alvarius B is of course Alan Bishop, formerly of Sun City Girls and now going his own way. With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven is a series of three albums released simultaneously, and Volume One is reportedly the most melodic of the trilogy. Vinyl release from Abduction, with an inner sleeve containing all of Alvarius’s curious lyrics.

Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier
Messe Pour Le Temps Présent

This first stretch of this 1967 release makes up the score of a ballet by Maurice Bejart. It represents Henry at his most friendly, applying his electroacoustic skills in a very swinging sixties context. Most famously, the record contains the track Psyché Rock, later used as the basis of the theme to animated comedy series Futurama, and was also subject to a remix by Fatboy Slim. Some more outré material follows, making this a nicely balanced introduction to Henry’s oeuvre.
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  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

YoshimiO / Susie Ibarra / Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
Flower of Sulphur

Look man, I write descriptions for Norman Records. If there’s an LP that features YoshimiO (Boredoms), Susie Ibarra and Lichens bloke Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, then I’m obviously dtf. Flowers of Sulphur was recorded at a 2016 performance in Brooklyn art space Roulette. There’s no audio out yet so I can’t tell you what it sounds like but it’s probably sick.
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  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field


Leading chamber droners MMMD follow up their monolithic, triple 10" from the year gone with a tape in homage to and mourning a good friend. All recorded from within an apartment, it's a rework of the duo's old material, this time coming in a different but just as sparse set up: piano and sine waves mark this sorta-remix release.
  • Tape (afro 2076)
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Pierre Henry

This is a massive testament to the one of the most innovative and influential bodies of work in 20th century music. Pierre Henry (who died in 2017 at the age of 89) was one of the pioneers of musique concrète. His work and ideas resonate through the spectrum of electronic music, from tape collage to the theme from animated series Futurama (which was based on his track Psyché Rock). This artist-compiled 12-disc box samples his output from the 1950 collaboration with Pierre Schaeffer, Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul, to some of his final works, with nine pieces seeing their first release. Contains an 112-page booklet with extensive notes with artwork displaying Henry’s “concrete paintings”.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Yeah You‎

You want father/daughter lo-fi noise pop on cassette? Well Yeah You have just the thing for you, yeah, you. Distorted beats and synths melded with field recordings and stream-of-consciousness lyrics, recorded ostensibly anywhere - roadsides, car parks, and really wherever takes their fancy when out and about. VHOD, the title of this here recording translates from Slovenian as Entrance. Cassette on Alter.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet

Substantial collaboration between musician and spoken word storyteller Laurie Anderson and San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet. Landfall, a multimedia project inspired by Anderson’s experience of Hurricane Sandy, blends skillful instrumentation with her powerful spoken word descriptions of the storm. On Nonesuch.

50th Erection I ‐ Collected Works 1967‐1970

This would appear to be (part one of) the comprehensive Sperm experience, comprising multiple albums, EPs and previously-unreleased selections from the earliest years of these Finnish avant-nonsensers. 50th Erection 1 collects all the material from the years 1967 to 1970, including a solo LP from Sperm founder Pekka Airaksinen. Some very intriguing experimental performance sound going on here. Reissued on two CDs or four LPs, from Svart.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Sir Richard Bishop / Ava Mendoza
Ivory Tower (Hanuman)

On this limited vinyl split LP, Sun City Girls icon Sir Richard Bishop plays alongside another avant-garde guitarist, Ava Mendoza. Mendoza is a committed improvisor, rooted in wild and noisy punk experimentation and Bishop is the scene statesman who hasn’t forgotten how to freak out. They take a side each and the results, as recorded on Ivory Tower (Hanuman), are rich, abrasive and strange solo guitar playing.  


A completely bombastic, globe trotting psychedelic journey with a spiritual home in Brooklyn. This outfit smash together wah and skronk, liquid bass and driving rhythms to create hypercolour, throwback rock action. Perfect bleached out hits for fans of Sun City Girls, African psyche and heaven knows what else.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney
Reverse Tree

Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang bring in several of their many frequent collaborators to contribute to their new album Reverse Tree. These include heavyweights like Ilan Volkov and Hildur Gu∂nadóttir, plus the omnipresent Oren Ambarchi. Two side-long suites of hard-to-pin-down sounds, layering up delicately ornate atmosphere. LP release on Black Truffle.

The Thing

At last, another full-blown studio release from the killer free-jazz trio that is The Thing! Masters of the form Mats Gustafsson, Paal Nilssen-Love and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten have stunning chemistry together, and with Shake they blow everything else out of the water. Released by their own The Thing Records, working with Trost.

Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon
Leave No Trace (Live In St. Louis)

Two people, one with guitar and one with a drum kit. It’s a set-up ripe with potential for instant-composition from magic, and Tashi Dorji and Tyler Damon take their starting place and really run with it. Leave No Trace, recorded live in front of an audience in St. Louis, is a fierce, tight, inventive duet that’ll leave you mind-boggled. LP on Family Vineyard.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama
Solitary Universe

Two masters at subtle guitar work joined forces to lay down these five pieces. Chihei Hatakeyama and Eraldo Bernocchi curve and twirl their ambient guitar lines around one another, creating what we might call a Solitary Universe for the listener. The CD comes with a photobook of images by Yasushi Miura and Petulia Mattioli.

The Hands

Fire! is of course the fabulous power trio of Andreas Werlin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), Johan Berthling (Tape) and Phil’s least favourite saxophonist Mats Gustafsson (of over a million different avant-jazz projects and combinations). The Hands is their sixth record of dark, simmering, propulsive, muscular music, and if you liked their previous noise-jaz-rock-kraut explorations, you’ll love this too. On Rune Grammofon.

Oren Ambarchi
Live Knots

‘Knots’ was of course the half-hour centerpiece of Oren Ambarchi’s excellent Audience Of One album, a massive piece that spirals out from a guitar / drums core into a number of other instrumental areas. Now PAN are releasing two live versions, each with a different ensemble and focusing on different elements. Typically gorgeous PAN packaging too… Oooh, you’ll need this.
  • Label(s):
  • PAN
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Mechanics Of Dominion

Esmerine are one of the finest of the several acts that have grown out of the peripheries of godspeed you! black emperor. New album Mechanics Of Dominion is a diverse collection, with marimbas, amplified music boxes and horns all appearing in both brand new recordings and unheard material restored from the archives. Released by Constellations in CD and lovely LP-with-art-prints editions.

Etant Donnés with Michael Gira
Offenbarung und Untergang

Reissue of a 1999 collaboration between the French post-industrial experimentalists and Swans’ frontman. The album sets Gira’s spoken and sung recital of a text by Austrian poet Georg Trakl amid profoundly bleak atmospheres. Mark Cunningham of No Wave greats Mars contributes trumpet. For best results, have a good grasp of the German tongue, though the emotional impact comes across either way.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field


hackedepicciotto is what happens when you combine an Alexander Hacke and a Danielle de Picciotto, and Menetekel is what happened when the (married!) couple hit the studio together. The two musicians’ pasts, in Space Cowboys and Einstürzende Neubauten, allow them to create some heavy, soulful, intense songs, featuring throat singing, hurdy-gurdy drones and much more besides. Epic CD / 2LP release on Potomak.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

L. Pierre

L.Pierre, who we can reveal is in fact Arab Strap’s Aidan Moffat, is releasing a very interesting new project here. 1948- is made entirely from samples of the first ever 33 ⅓ 12” record, a 1948 recording of a Mendelssohn concerto. What’s more, it is presented as ‘naked’ vinyl, e.g. utterly sleeveless, in the hope that you’ll let your copy pick up interesting new scratches. Nice one! Vinyl only release on Melodic.

Holger Czukay

Holger Czukay, the bass player in goddamn Can in case you weren’t aware, released solo album Movie in 1979. It isn’t a soundtrack album, but Holger does pull in samples from whatever was on the TV that day, building up colourful and lively sound-worlds around them. Groovy and texturally interesting all the way through. Reissued on Gronland.

Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex
Thirsty Ears

No doubt about your ears’ thirst getting quenched by this improv session between Terrie Ex (that’s Terrie Hessels from The Ex!) and Jaap Blonk, an avant-garde musician whose name sounds like a furby falling into a pond. Thirsty Ears finds Hessels on guitar and harmonium, while Blonk provides electronics and his distinctive, radical vocal explorations. Not unlike performers such as Phil Minton, the duo manage to reach just about everywhere possible between the contemplative and the comically, explosively absurd.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores

Names that occupy a similar space to Jean Jacques Perry, Mort Garson and indeed Delia Derbyshire, the Lasry-Bachet group were known for their early experiments in music and sound, linking high forms of artistic expression with a melodiousness that at the time would be called futuristic. A historical artefact for vintage sonic journeys.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

The Necks
Hanging Gardens

The seventh LP from The Necks gets reissued. This Australian trio have a habit of making records that are a single piece of music, and 1999’s Hanging Gardens is one of these. It’s a busy, quicksilver slab of post-jazz that is kind of comparable to the stuff Radiohead, Fridge and The Bad Plus were doing at around the same time. Like other hour-long, single-track records - we’re looking at you, Dopesmoker - Hanging Gardens has a bit of hypnotic quality to it as well.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Harry Bertoia
Clear Sounds / Perfetta

The ‘Sonambient’ sound sculptures of Harry Bertoia are astonishing things: the sleeve art for this new release gives you an insight into the roomfuls of shimmering metals Bertoia designed. Clear Sounds and Perfetta are two particularly remarkable, highly minimal performances, never previously released.

Alvin Lucier
Criss Cross / Hanover

The composer, best known for his 1970  tape piece I Am Sitting in a Room, composed Criss-Cross for the twin electric guitars of Stephen O’Malley and Oren Ambarchi. Each player e-bows a single semitone, alternately rising and falling in pitch, revealing a surprising variety of tonal effects and phenomena. Hanover employs similar techniques played by an ensemble of saxes, electric guitars, piano, bowed vibes and viola. Innovative and beautifully strange music based on elegant concepts from a minimalist master.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

33 33

Two torchbearers of electronic sound sculpting come together on Mego, treating us to an album of fine grain sonic manipulation. There's a distinct restraint at play, forming space for the audio information to sit exposed, with cautious drum programming juxtaposed against wild glitches and robotic chatter.
  • Vinyl LP (EMEGO251)
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Noya Rao

Icaros is the debut album by Leeds quartet Noya Rao. The group are headed up by Tom Henry, who, as a producer has worked with Cosima and Yellow Days. Taking their influences from jazz, hip-hop and electronic music, they blend all three with dub to make dreamy, soulful, bass-heavy electronica that will allow you to dance if you should so wish.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

The One Ensemble
Saint Seven

The One Ensemble created Saint Seven to be played ‘in the round’. Folk and chamber music are combined with experimental and improvised passages. The musicians sing, play cello, guitar, bass clarinet, accordion, drums and percussion creating a piece of music that is austere at times but then will explode into a full-on dramatic power.

Timo van Luijk and Mark Harwood
Vang Circular

On Penultimate Press, a collaboration between label head Mark Harwood (aka Astor) and Finnish artist Timo Van Luijk, who has worked with Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann among others. It often comes across like excerpts from an ambitious Giallo soundtrack, or recalls the proggy occult compositions of Igor Wakhevitch. Maybe it’s an oversimplification, but seems like a synergic combination of Van Luijk’s multi-instrumental deftness and Harwood’s disruptive instincts. LP limited to 300, with reverse board sleeve.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Kimono My House

Demented electro-pop duo Sparks celebrate 40 years of sharp wit and falsetto crooning. The deluxe reissue of Kimono My House adds new material and essays to the endlessly weird and catchy chamber pop arrangements, strange productions and glamorous theatrics within. What more do you want; there’s a song called "Thank God It’s Not Christmas".
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Robert Crotty & Loren Connors
Robert Crotty With Me: Loren's Collection (1979-1987)

Around the same time Connors laid down his first primal solo guitar albums at his home in Daggett Street, New Haven, he recorded these duos with visiting local bluesman, Robert Crotty. Connors revered the elder guitarist, and with his trademark vocal moan audible beneath Crotty’s more sonorous singing, there’s a sense of a teacher / apprentice relationship between the two. This collection of standards and improvisations is available as a double CD, or an LP with a bonus CD. 

Jozef Van Wissem
Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back

Jozef Van Wissem, with his customised lute, can always be relied upon to deliver a gothically romantic atmosphere with his compositions, and Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back (with track titles that include ‘The Empty Cup Of Suffering’ and ‘Out Bones Lie Scattered Before The Pit’) fully delivers. More premium dark lute musings from Van Wissem, on Consouling Sounds.

Leafcutter John, Devon Loch and Claire Orme
Piano Music

Piano Music by Leafcutter John, Devon Loch & Claire Orme sees Leafcutter John, a composer and inventor, improvising with sound artist Devon Loch. Using a variety of mic positionings, Leafcutter John inventions and a knackered piano the pair cook up an intriguing piece of electro-acoustic music. Claire Orme, on side two, imagines the piano as boat, and along with a vibraphone, takes us on a journey, the serenity of which is occasionally punctured by mechanical noises and harsh violins. Limited edition of 100 Cassettes on Reckno.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Michael Begg
TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge

For TITAN: A Crane is a Bridge, sound artist Michael Begg enlists the gigantic, titular Titan crane of Clydebank in Scotland both as a performance space and as an instrument. In the windy, beefy lattice frames and oily joints of the towering device, Begg teases out all sorts of metallic resonances and ironclad drones. Over these, he layers his own gentle instrumental additions - to great effect. At times, it resembles ‘dark ambient’ music. Only actually good. A Sonica Festival 2017 commission, the work is available on CD through Omnempathy in a glossy Japanese digipak.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Luc Ferrari
Tinguely 1967

Wow! This amazing musique concrete material from maestro Luc Ferrari has never previously been released! Tinguely 1967 and Dernier Matin d’Edgar-Allan Poe were composed for film and TV pieces, and show what Ferrari could do when working to a moving image. These two pieces will feature in a forthcoming 3CD compilation, but this is your chance to hear them on vinyl. From Sub Rosa.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Arve Henriksen
Towards Language

Towards Language is the new album from Arve Henriksen (of Supersilent), working once again with Jan Bang and Erik Honore as on his classic 2004 record Chiaroscuro. Arve’s trumpet and voice, often live-sampled by Bang, sits at the centre of a luscious soundscape of instruments and textures, each track subtle and slow-growing like a natural process. CD and LP release on Rune Grammofon.

Eraldo Bernocchi, FM Einheit, Jo Quail

A cool three-way collaboration between cellist Jo Quail, sound designer and guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi and Einstürzende Neubauten founder member FM Einheit. This eclectic group got together to sculpt weighty slabs of droning ambience and industrial clang, nicely treading the line between order and disorder. Rosebud is released by RareNoise.

Jacob Kirkegaard & Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard

The premier collaboration between Danish experimental sound art composers Jacob Kirkegaard and Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard is Descending, a piece that draws on their shared interest in drawing out strange characteristics of our perceptions of sound. Descending was recorded with the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, who provided instrumental sounds to be finely whittled by our heroes. LP release on Important Records.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

George Harrison
Electronic Sound

Some may believe that George Harrison was a somewhat underrated Beatle, but he really was one of the more sophisticated members. His ashes were cremated in a traditional Hindu service in India, which went hand in hand with his beliefs as a human - love and peace, I guess. Upon its release back in 1969 the otherworldly Moog soundscapes of 'Electronic Sound' went down like a bucket of cold sick with your average Beatles fan, and marked the end of their short-lived avant off-shoot label Zapple. But Harrison's work here is visionary and like Morton Subotnick's 'Silver Apples of the Moon' released the year before, should be considered pioneering electronic music.


Ore is Sam Underwood’s brass doom project, in which tubas and trombones and the like are massed together into pieces that throb with the same elemental power as the most interesting end of doom metal, though of course with a totally different textural palette. No novelty here, just amazing original music. Belatedly, which features Sophie Cooper and Khyam Allami, is released by Box Records.
  • Artist(s):
  • Ore
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Scott Walker & Sunn O)))

Continuing their tireless campaign to work with every single artist and band threatening to be more bizarre and avant-garde than them, 'Soused' is the fifth collaborative record in Sunn O)))'s one-chord arsenal, following splits and records with Earth, Boris, Nurse With Wound and Ulver. This time around, they meet baritone pop singer -- gone crazy experimental musique concrete alien -- Scott Walker, who you at least have to admit is the most suitable Walker brother for Sunn to do an album with. Nicknamed Scott O))), Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson join together to make some lovely evil drone sounds for Walker to brood over. It's fifty minutes long and Walker's producing partner Peter Walsh probably got knocked out while it was being recorded, after maybe saying something like "Sunn Who???". It's the follow-up to 'Terrestrials' for Sunn and 'Bish Bosch' for Walker. 
  • Label(s):
  • 4AD
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Adriano Zanni

A grand return to the Boring Machines label sees Adriano Zanni dive into oppressive soundscapes, densely composed, but lightly ornamented with field recordings, whispered words and micro processes. It's a deeply entrancing album, made ever more so when the processing over spills into outright abstraction.

Martina Lussi
Selected Ambient

These works by Martina Lussi are named for various gemstones, lending a slight touch of the mystical to the sound compositions we hear. Selected Ambient isn’t ambient in a basic generic way (there is quite a lot going on in some of these pieces), but it does have a thoughtful power to it. LP release on Hallow Ground.

Olivier Mellano with Brendan Perry
No Land

Olivier Mellano has put together a fairly epic sprawl of a piece here, titled No Land. With Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry, a 20-piece choir and the 30-piece bagpipes etc. ensemble Bagad de Cesson-Sevigne all contributing, Mellano has created a vibrant blend of traditional and contemporary musics. Released by World Village.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

White Flowers

'White Flowers' is the debut record from Lutine, the sparsest of folk duos comprising of artists Heather Minor and Emma Morton. Their understated, decidedly meek recordings concentrate on vocal harmonies, guitar strums and enveloping flourishes of piano. Rather than modernising the genre, Lutine take from various folk traditions, including neo-classical and baroque. 

Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers
Diploid (Parade ~ Epilogue)

Dark sonic sorcery from Nurse With Wound & Graham Bowers. A twenty minute composition released as an epilogue to 2013’s album Parade, Diploid fuses sci-fi synths and clattering percussive sounds in a skittering journey into daily mundanity and unease of the psyche. Out on CD in card sleeve from Red Wharf.
  • Artist(s):
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno
Finding Shore

Tom Rogerson might be familiar to you for his lightning keyboard runs in Three Trapped Tigers, but here he works in a different milieu and with a different collaborator: Brian Eno himself. At the core of Finding Shore is a device that converts acoustic piano performance into MIDI, allowing Eno to weave electronics around Rogerson’s melodies. Released by Dead Oceans.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor
Cerddoriaeth Ddefodol Gogledd Sir Benfro (Ritual Music of North Pembrokeshire)

The traditions of 'beating the bounds' and what was eventually coined 'rough music' hold more significance than simply people hitting objects. This concept is well presented on this superb release which presents the trance inducing, ritualistic rhythms carved out one night in a rain soaked cottage in West Wales.
  • Vinyl Double LP (llwch001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Eleh / Christina Kubisch

Thrilling vinyl split between Christina Kubisch, master harnesser of the electromagnetic field, and the person or persons known only as Eleh, champion of modern minimalist synth. Kubisch interprets the cultural legacy of Nikola Tesla for her side, composing with myriad electromagnetic signals sourced from modern infrastructure. By situating her beautiful, compelling composition as representative of the anxiety of constant, interconnected society, she creates thoughtful, even troubling tensions. Eleh’s side is a gentler affair, with gradual modular filters and even piano. Patch jam bores take note: this is how you actually do modular synth.

Dirty Songs
Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs

It’s Dirty Songs with Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs. I think it’s got songs in it. They be dirty songs. Actually, I know there are songs on this one and yes, dirty they be. A collaboration between artist Maxime Rossi and David Toop, Dirty Songs brings together some of the more mysterious outliers of the the 20th century: Sun Ra, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and The Soft Machine.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Michael Begg | Mélenchon Brève
One True Vine

The massive creaks and drones of TITAN: A Crane is a Bridge have barely finished reverberating, but Michael Begg’s back with another full-length for Omnempathy, this time in collaboration with someone or something named Mélenchon Brevé. On One True Vine, The gradual and contemplative style of Bregg’s (sometimes dark-)ambient music meets devotional themes, resulting in a lonesome, rather spiritually-charged melancholy.

Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi
Mother Of All Sinners

Sam Shalabi divides his time between Montreal and Cairo. A prolific collaborator, he’s been perhaps most widely heard at the helm of Shalabi Effect or with A Silver Mt. Zion. Here he delivers a dreamy, side-long oud improvisation, and goes electric for a jam with Sun City Girl Alan Bishop (aka Alvarius B.) on vocals and sax. Prime east-meets-west vibes from two longtime itinerant souls.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

F. Ampism
The Unstruck Sound Centre

Brighton good egg F. Ampism presents a fizzy suite of nine wee electronic gurps, displaying his rich abilities in the field of sound-tweak. The Unstruck Sound Centre is crammed full of lovely textures for your brain to luxuriate in, though the developments are swift enough to keep you on your toes. Vinyl release from Ikuisuus.

Lost Harbours
Towers of Silence

Hauntingly beautiful folk from the ever shifting line-up that makes Lost Harbours. Led by Richard Thompson and Emma Reed, they bring in some extra vocalists, and paint a drone inspired picture of alt-folk. With influences coming from Current 93, Six Organs Of Admittance, Coil and Wolf Eyes. LP on Liminal Noise Tapes.

John Zorn
Spy vs Spy

Acting almost as a precursor to John Zorn’s jazz thrash group Naked City 1989’s Spy Vs. Spy see Zorn arrange pieces by Ornette Coleman into near terrifying cacophony inspired greatly by hardcore, grindcore and thrash acts such as Blind Idiot God and Napalm Death. Intensely unrelaxing stuff.

Alvarius B
With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven

Alvarius B is of course Alan Bishop, formerly of Sun City Girls and now doing whatever he damn feels like. With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven has been released on vinyl as three separate LP releases, but is also available here as a double CD set, featuring all thirty-five of Alan’s latest guitar missives. A booklet of lyrics and artwork too. Released by Abduction.

Art Zoyd
44 1/2: Live & Unreleased Works

A frankly ludicrous amount of material from French avant-garde outfit Art Zoyd. Eight CDs worth of live recordings between 1972-2004, four CDs worth of studio recordings, their full birthday performance filmed in RIO on DVD, plus another filled with TV performances… all in a single 12xCD+2XDVD+52 page booklet behemoth package, released on Cuneiform Records. Phew. I dare you to tackle the whole thing in one go.

Charlie Ulyatt

Charlie Ulyatt is a Nottingham-based guitarist, in abstract but expressive form here. The first track is made up of a rainfall-like babble of choked, high notes, which turns out to be a recurring motif throughout the tape. Elsewhere we get e-bow drones, intensive and involved string-scraping, eerie vocal-like tones, and violently improper slide use. A nice bag of tricks, well-paced with a good sense of space and drama.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Thor & Friends
Thor & Friends

Everyone’s favourite Swan has finally done what people have been long been clamouring for: a grand project of his very own devising. Thor & Friends features the beardy multi-instrumentalist leading pals from A Hawk & A Hacksaw and Deerhoof through some compositions with mallet percussion at their core. Thor & Friends augments the classic pulse of minimalism with plenty of other wonderful instrumentation too: nice one Thor.

Harry Bertoia
Sonambients: The Sound Sculpture Of Harry Bertoia

The otherworldly recordings Harry Bertoia made on his self-designed sound sculptures had become largely unavailable over the years, a situation somewhat rectified by Important Records’ recent Sonambient boxset. This new CD/DVD combo makes a more affordable introduction to Bertoia’s work, while being absolutely essential for anyone already hooked. The DVD contains a 1971 documentary showing the artist performing on his sculptures in his Pennsylvania barn. The accompanying audio disc features newly uncovered 1969 recordings on which Harry is joined by brother Oreste and sister Ave. If you’re a fan of drone, sound art, ambient or electronic music, this is not to be missed.

The The
Radio Cineola: Trilogy

The The are back baby, with live shows and a new release. But this isn’t just any old middling comeback album: this is a full triple-album box-set! Radio Cineola: Trilogy contains multitudes, from various artists’ interpretations of old The The songs to a narration of epic poetry by John Tottenham, extracts of Matt Johnson’s radio shows, and the electronic score to the new The The documentary. Wow. Available in a variety of elaborate CD and vinyl and book box-sets.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

CM Von Hausswolff
Still Life - Requiem

For this record, Swedish experimentalist CM Von Hausswolff used one sound source and one sound source only: processed emission spectroscopy from “specific physical solid state material”. Still Life - Requiem spins and whirls these sounds out into a melancholy slab of abstraction, tapping into the energy of the world around. On Touch.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

F.S. Blumm

F.M. Blumm’s many years of music-making, both acoustic and electronic, solo and in collaboration (with David Grubbs, Nils Frahm etc.), has led him to the point of Welcome, this eclectic-sounding album of songwriting. These productions sound grand, but on an intimate scale, if that makes any sense (it doesn’t, but hey). Released by Karaoke Kalk.

Alvarius B
Alvarius B vs Abdel Baqy Byro in Cairo

Alvarius B, aka the great Sun City Girl himself Alan Bishop, presents this jumbled-up collaboration with Abdel Baqy Byro (unless this person is simply an invention of Bishop, you never can tell). The city of Cairo is dripping from every pore of this record, via both field recorded snatches of city life and playful guitar sketches. Very flavoursome LP on Nashazphone.

People Like Us / Porest

New from avant garde imprint Discrepant comes an LP in the 'two artists, a track each per side' split format, both exploring found sound collage like nobody else. Both pieces focus on the medium of radio as a means to source and disseminate sound, exposing its unpredictable and strangely dislocating nature.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Franco Battiato

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer. His trippy experimental approach to music has plenty of advanced sonics going on, but still displays has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in there somewhere as well. Pollution, from 1972, is the second of his major albums, featuring a wild array of sounds and vibes. Vinyl reissue from Superior Viaduct.

Rafael Toral
Moon Field

Highly skilled and storied Portugese sound artist Rafael Toral makes a welcome appearance on Lawrence English’s Room40 label. The sound field Toral employs on this latest album is stark and clinical, but the tones vibrating within are etched deep with studious character, whether it’s a measured guitar drone or a clipped sax ramble.

The Residents
Please Do Not Steal It

The 1979 record Please Do Not Steal It was known for simply being left with radio stations all over the USA with only the album art to go off: This is a special DJ record of The Residents’ alleged music. Please Do Not Steal It! Keep it at your station – we need the radio airplay. Both descriptive and assertive, this release originally had 975 copies made, but this specific 180g white coloured vinyl reissue LP is limited to 1000. Get 'um whilst they're hot (well, warm)!  
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP1611)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field

Philip Glass
Low Symphony

Philip Glass took three recordings from the sessions of 'Low' -- David Bowie's most famous collaboration with Brian Eno, and his first foray into kraut influenced rock (the first in his Berlin trilogy) -- and turned them into this symphony. The tracks in question are all instrumentals: "Warszawa", "Subterraneans" and "Some Are". It was performed by the Brooklyn Philharmonic orchestra.

Franco Battiato

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer. His trippy experimental approach to music has plenty of advanced sonics going on, but still displays has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in there somewhere as well. Fetus, released in 1971, is a concept album about genetic engineering (just look at that cover…), that manages to create multiple whole worlds with a flurry of short tracks. Reissued to vinyl by Superior Viaduct.

Franco Battiato
Sulle Corde Di Aries

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer with a trippy abstract experimental sonic approach that has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in their somewhere. Sulle Corde Di Aries is his 1973 album, and it explores some truly fantastic moods and sounds. Reissued to vinyl by Superior Viaduct.

Mia Zabelka
Cellular Resonance

Mia Zabelka brings intensive and experimental approaches to the archetypally classical sound object of the violin, using both physical and digital extended techniques (prepared objects in the strings, howling, an array of live electronics) to hone her own instrumental language. On Cellular Resonance, she even has processing assistance from Lydia Lunch(!), making this a particularly noisy release of hers. Out on Little Crackd Rabbit.
  • Genre(s):
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Sound Art / Field