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John Tchicai
John Tchicai With Strings

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Enhet För Fri Musi
Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig

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The Clouds Know

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Alva Noto & Anne-James Chaton

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Doug Wieselman
From Water

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Whistling Arrow
Whistling Arrow

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Peter Brötzmann
I Surrender Dear

I Surrender Dear is the result of the Trost label inviting the mercurial saxophonist Peter Brötzmann to Vienna to record cover versions of his favourite jazz tunes over the summer of 2018, something that had always been an artistic goal of his since the beginning of his long and illustrious career. 
  • Vinyl LP (TR190LP)
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Xiu Xiu
Girl with Basket of Fruit

Having briefly set Xiu Xiu aside to drop an album under his own name, Jamie Stewart is back on his xiulshit. The project's latest LP, Girl With Basket Of Fruit, is a frantic listen intended to convey the general mayhem of emotion that is being alive in 2018. It does a pretty good job, too - try the feverish, Scott Walker-inspired ‘Scisssssssors’.

Frood of the Loop

The self-titled album from mysterious German-based collective Frood of the Loop, originally released in November 2018, finally gets a release on vinyl. A collection of six ambient compositions laid down largely via guitar, flute and electronics, without much editing or subsequent manipulation, Frood of the Loop is a triumph of instinctive creativity. 

Les Particules

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Yoko Ono / Thurston Moore / Kim Gordon


Coypu’s ensemble is made up of members of Blind Cave Salamander and Almagest!, Daniele Pagliero, and the ever-busy Ben Chasny, he of Six Organs Of Admittance fame. Together they make experimental pastoral American music: Appalachian dulcimers melding with droning electronics and psych guitar. Debut album on MIE Music.

Thomas Brinkmann

Veteran German minimal techno producer Thomas Brinkmann returns with a new album exploring the loom, Rauperbahn. It explores the rhythms that come out of human-operated machinery. Using five looms in operation that were built between 1892 and 1972, Brinkmann has created a soundscape with no post production, just the natural sound and rhythm of the looms. 
  • Vinyl LP (EMEGO252)
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Made To Break
F4 Fake

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Ecker & Meulyzer

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Biting Tongues
Live It

Ever bitten your tongue? Let me tell you, it's a horrible experience. Perhaps as horrible as when punk funk pioneers Biting Tongues realised their much heralded second album was only going to be released in a miniscule cassette run by the Buzzcocks-affiliated label New Hormones. Many many years later however, Cache Cache have re-issued this preposterously rare Manchester artefact on vinyl. And why is it so heralded? Well, its members including one Graham Massey went onto perform in the likes of 808 State and Simply Red.   

Anders P. Jensen

Danish composer and musician Anders P. Jensen has created Urodela as an exploration of movement in life - moving from here to there - and in nature with its ever changing ways. Urodela is made in two parts. The first part, Gamut, is inspired by John Cage’s Six Melodies whilst part two, Rondo, is based on the 17th century musical form it is named after. 
  • Vinyl LP (ESC113)
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Kink Gong & Li Daiguo
Dali China

Kink Gong AKA French Musician Laurent Jeanneau, specialises in recording the music of ethnic minorities, mainly in South-East Asia. He happened to meet Chinese avant-garde musician Li Daiguo when they both played the same night in Chengdu. Dali China is made up from recordings of Li Daiguo playing traditional stringed instruments pipa and zheng along with the cello which have then been mixed with field recordings and electronic sounds by Kink Gong. A fascinating mix of traditional and contemporary sounds.

Dome 3

After Wire temporarily called it quits in 1980 Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert decided that, actually, they still quite enjoyed making music together. However, the stuff they then started doing in Dome was pretty far removed from the serrated, angular punk they’d dealt out in their previous band. While still part of the post-punk continuum, records like Dome's third LP Dome 3 (1981) have more in common with the dubwise experimentation of Brian Eno & David Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts - another album that came out in 1981. This new Editions Mego pressing of Dome 3 gives the record new artwork an a remastering job from Rashad Becker.

Christoph Berg
Tape Anthology Vol. 1

Also known as Field Rotation, the name under which he releases electroacoustic music, Berlin-based composer Christoph Berg presents Tape Anthology Vol. 1, a series of recordings of tape manipulations on which he performs every single instrument, except for help from fellow experimental musician Midori Hirano on ‘Notes From Kyoto’. 

Painted Faces
Tales From The Skinny Apartment

Roughly two dozen albums into his career as Painted Faces over the last decade, Floridian DIY artist David Drucker releases his latest effort Tales From The Skinny Apartment. Named after his digs in Ridgewood Queens, NYC, it’ll certainly be another undefinable collection falling between folk, psychedelia and experimental music. 
  • Vinyl LP (ESP5032LP)
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Extended Organ

No sniggering at the back. This is the first album from Extended Organ (ha!) since 2000's XOXO. It contains two side length semi (stop it) improvised tracks which show the quartet using a host of instruments such as prepared piano, Optigan, home-made percussion and more standard things like guitar on two long form tracks that are both experimental and harmonic. We are also promised a 'provocative' cover reveal!

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma
19 Years Before The Beginning

Although they were in operation for three years until 1991, Latvian avant-garde electronic collective 19 gadi pirms sākuma only got their sole studio album 19 Years Before The Beginning into the public realm in 2005. Now available again on vinyl because of this re-issue on Stroom, this is a chance to re-discover an underground gem. 
  • Vinyl LP (STRLP-033)
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Sarah Davachi
Pale Bloom

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Mathieu Serruys

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Daniel Schmidt
Abies Firma

Esteemed veteran in American Gamelan and classical, Daniel Schmidt's 'Abies Firma' is a collection of works from his secondary phase (1976-91). The result is a sprawling experimentation across a plethora of instruments, octaves and styles. Precise and technically-gifted works from an expert in his field.

Sarah Davachi
Let Night Come On Bells End The Day

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Sean McCann

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Gareth Davis & Scanner

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Lori Goldston
Things Opening

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Opera Mort
Film Works

Opéra Mort are a French experimental electronic duo. Film Works is the follow up to their 2014 album Dédales, released through British Alter, which won great critical acclaim. The duo make weird and freakish sounds from synths, loops, organs and microphone feedback Film Works originated when they played live soundtracks to two films: The Potted Psalm by Sidney Peterson and James Broughton and Dream Work by Peter Tscherkassk. They went on to adapt that performance for this album as a standalone work. 
  • Vinyl LP (B.A.A.D.M. 004)
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Frederik Croene
F.C. Me Fecit

The result of a challenge to come up with a new variation on traditional Catholic wedding music for the marriage of friends, F.C. Me Fecit sees Frederik Croene playing the Van Peteghem organ at St. Peter’s Church in Gent. Just like he has done with many other instruments, each album side sees him engage with and deconstruct the art of performance. 
  • Vinyl LP (B.A.A.D.M. 002)
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Yoshio Ojima
Une Collection des Chaînons II: Music for Spiral

A first-ever vinyl release for the second part of Une Collection des Chaînons: Music For Spiral, an environmentally orientated music project from composer Yoshio Ojima. It was originally commissioned and released in 1988 for the spiral-shaped atrium at the Wacoal Art Center in Tokyo, and is designed to be listened to at ambient, background noise level - in Ojima’s own words “at around the same volume as daily life sounds such as air conditioners and refrigerators”. 

Yoshio Ojima
Une Collection des Chaînons I: Music for Spiral

A first-ever vinyl release for the first part of Une Collection des Chaînons: Music For Spiral, an environmentally orientated music project from composer Yoshio Ojima. It was originally commissioned and released in 1988 for the spiral-shaped atrium at the Wacoal Art Center in Tokyo, and is designed to be listened to at ambient, background noise level - in Ojima’s own words “at around the same volume as daily life sounds such as air conditioners and refrigerators”.

Géometries sous-cutanées (Subcutaneous Layers)

Apparently hailing from Paris, Watine hold forth their tantalisingly-titled new album Geometries sous-cutanees, or Subcutaneous Layers. The Watine house style is a sort of highly-atmospheric melancholy instrumental folk, but with plenty of electronic treatments and layers, as well as unidentified sounds creeping around the edges of the mix. Rather engaging stuff. Double LP on Catgang.

Roland Bucher

Roland Bucher has spent ten years developing and building his own instrument. An instrument he has wonderfully named the noise table. His debut album, Viaje, is made using the instrument with Bucher employing classical composition techniques and exploratory experimentation to achieve his goals. It goes without saying, this is pretty much unlike anything else.
  • Vinyl LP (HG1905)
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Christopher Tignor
A Light Below

The fourth LP from Christopher Tignor is another set of intricate modern chamber music. On A Light Below strings dance across one another in a manner that recalls Ravel and Shostakovich, but the use of processed electronics, percussion and triggered synths gives the album a distinctly contemporary edge. Think Owen Pallett crossed with someone like Nils Frahm or Oneohtrix Point Never.

Sir Richard Bishop & Ed Yazijian
Sir Richard Bishop & Ed Yazijian

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Still Und Dunkel

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Strafe F.R.
Shadow Position

Strafe F.R. of Dusseldorf have been at it since the '80s and have released several records on the legendary Touch imprint. The latest is Shadow Position which is another take on their unique and experimental form of sound art. The album has four tracks which the band describe as four different windows to look out of. 

True False

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Epiphanies I-VI

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Epiphanies VII-XIII

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Not Mama in the words of Phil Collins and pals but MA 'AMA'. Just buy it from us because googling it could be a nightmare. MA comes from Tokyo and started out with (relatively) straightforward beats and hip-hop before turning increasingly noisy and experimental. On this album MA places cut up vocals and field recordings of his voice over unusual futuristic music. Could be interesting.  
  • Vinyl LP (DOSER 035)
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Stefan Fraunberger

Performed almost entirely on the organ of an abandoned Saxon church in the Romanian village of Bussd, Quellgeister#3 is the third in an ongoing series of works from Austrian composer Stefan Fraunberger. Like his previous music, it’s an abstract rumination on concepts of shared collective cultural memory. 

On Corrosion

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Peter Brötzmann Octet
Machine Gun

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Silhouette Cameo 3

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is a desktop cutting machine used to cut a variety of materials to aid your crafty needs. Stuart Bowditch recorded the sound of one in action and thirteen artists were asked by Courier to record a piece of music in response to it. There is a wide range of sounds going on here from artists such as Isnaj Dui, Robin Saville, Viridian, Kevin Buckland, The Humble Bee and more. The fancy CD packaging includes individually cut Courier covers and Courier confetti.
  • CD (Packet05)
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Tomaga & Pierre Bastien
Bandiera Di Carta

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Renaldo & The Loaf
Play Struve & Sneff (40th Anniversary Edition)

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Ryan Garbes
Freedom Now

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Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius
Sulla Pelle

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Desert Haze

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Art & Technique

BFE Records presents a re-issue of Clima-X, the debut album from French avant-garde electronica artist Art & Technique. First released back in 1981, the 13-track album fused minimalist, ambient electronica with world music elements, something that we’re very much used to in 2019 but was quietly revolutionary back then. 

Renaldo & The Loaf
The Elbow Is Taboo / Elbonus

Nothing to do with Sonic Youth's Lee Renaldo (sic), Renaldo & the Loaf are a long running experimental duo who use acoustic instruments to try to replicate synthesized sounds. The Elbow Is Taboo / Elbonus is a vinyl re-press of two of their later works (2010 era) using a huge array of instruments to create unsettling music with some oddball themes. 

Eli Keszler

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David Rosenboom
Brainwave Music

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Yann Novak
Slowly Dismantling

On Slowly Dismantling by Yann Novak, he deconstructs ambient music, slowly. It reflects change and his own experiences growing up and coming out. The cover shows Hotel Washington - a building that served as a home to a LGBTQ+ community in Madison, Wisconsin where Novak grew up. The building burned down when he was 17, leaving him wondering, at a crucial stage in his life, how the place could have helped him. This cathartic album shows that liberation through change is possible. 

Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith
Mummer Love

Mummer Love - one of three collaborative albums by Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith - sees the New York avant garde ambient/jazz group following in the footsteps of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. During a lesser known period of his life, Rimbaud found himself in Ethiopia learning about Sufism, a branch of Islam. The group went there and recorded the chants of the Sufi leaders, using them as a backdrop for Patti Smith’s poetry.

Pan Sonic & Charlemagne Palestine
Mort Aux Vaches

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Jonas Meyer

Apparent studio magpie, Jonas Meyer, releases his debut album, Konfusion, through Serein. The German musician makes his music from picking whatever catches his eye in the studio - various keyboards and synths and percussion, which are then manipulated. His sound straddles the precise editing of the digital world and more organic, gentle sounds.


Continuum is the third album by electronic artist Kryshe making him a major artist in the Serein stable. As the title suggests, the album is very much a continuation of the ambient sounds from previous albums March of the Mysterious and Hauch. A mix of dreamlike sounds made from voice, strings and field recordings. 


Thuja were part of San Francisco’s Jewelled Antler collective. The collective grew out of a concern that independent music was stagnating. Glenn Donaldson, Loren Chasse, Steven R. Smith and Rob Reger formed Thuja, taking a step back from the instrumental rock groups they had been part of such as Mirza. They found new hope in improvisation, weird folk, field recordings and home recorded experiments played on broken instruments and items that you couldn’t really call instruments. 'Hills' was originally released in 2002.

Alev Lenz

An acclaimed collaborator (Anoushka Shankar on the Grammy-nominated album Land of Gold) and with contributions to the ‘Black Mirror’ soundtrack behind her, it’s a great time for Alev Lenz to return to her solo career. '3' deals with relationships, parenthood and the patriarchy. In addition to the record Lenz has collaborated with Spitfire Audio to create a sample library of patches inspired by Lenz’s sound.
  • Vinyl LP (SA008)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Kyle Eyre Clyd

Marcia Bassett's (Zaimph/Double Leopards/Hototogisu/GHQ) Brooklyn based Yew Recordings presents a limited CD run of a new album from Kyle Eyre Clyd, the recording nom-de-plume of Alabama-based multimedia artist Kyle Kessler. Eggshell is a piece of work that will mean different things to each person who hears it - anguish or relief, pain or healing, tension or relaxation. Kessler plays bowed metal, ARP 2600, test oscillators, Paia theremin, DIY synth and pedal effects with Peter Bowling on bass, cello and violin.
  • CD (YEW 10)
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Steve Reich
Live / Electric Music

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Isnaj Dui
Sight Seeing

Katie English has attracted a devoted cult fanbase over the years for her impressionistic electronica under her Isnaj Dui moniker. Two years after her triumphant Poiesis album comes Sight Seeing, a record conceptually concerned with synaesthesia but also a range of common and rare sight disorders and which sees the compositions constantly degrading and distorting. 

Sunik Kim
Zero Chime

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Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal, Jesse Paris Smith
Songs From The Bardo

An 80-minute, three-way collaboration between avant-garde veteran Laurie Anderson, Tibetan multi-instrumentalist Tenzin Choegyal and composer Jesse Paris Smith, Songs From The Bardo applies modern production aesthetics to ancient Tibetan Buddhist philosophy - specifically, the Tibetan Book of the Dead. 

Joe McPhee / Charlie McPhee / Graham Lambkin / Oliver Lambkin
Live In The Batcave

Joe McPhee and his brother Charlie McPhee along with Graham Lambkin (The Shadow Ring) and his son Oliver Lambkin all congregated at Charlie McPhee’s house one evening to drink and play instruments and records. The event was recorded on several cassettes simultaneously, then edited together by Graham Lambkin. Live at the Batcave is a lo-fi tape collage, with abrupt cuts and dazed echoes.

Patty Waters

Known best for her incendiary deconstruction of ‘Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair’, avant-garde singer and composer Patty Waters is one of the most overlooked icons of her age - perhaps because of the 30-year career hiatus she took between the Sixties and the Nineties. In 2018, she performed a one-off concert in New York titled ‘Blank Forms’, and this release, Patty Waters Live, documents that show. The first side is populated with stark ballads, while the second is full of political yet dignified and moving covers harking back to Waters’ Sixties origins. 


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Get On

Although he’s got over twenty years of experience in the music industry, Peter Rehberg is only just getting round to making his fourth solo album. As ever, he’s included the word ‘Get’ in the title, and Get On also continues Rehberg’s musical themes of marrying ugly aesthetics with beautiful ones. 

François Tusques
Alors Nosferatu Combina Un Plan Ingénieux

Alors Nosferatu Combina Un Plan Ingénieux is constructed from tapes found in François Tusques’s basement, recorded around the time that the legendary French jazz pianist performed a number of similarly iconic concerts from early 1969 to late 1971. The results are released via Cacophonic Records. 

Upperground Orchestra

A self-styled ‘cosmic jazz’ collective founded in Italy around the turn of the millennium by Lebanese artist Rabih Beaini, Upperground Orchestra have been silent for over a decade since the release of their last album in 2008. It’ll be fascinated to hear how Euganea, scheduled for the end of 2019, sounds given that protracted absence. 

Benjamin Lew
Bamako Ou Ailleurs

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Edinburgh Leisure
Die Gefahr Im Jazz

You might remember ********, the rudely named duo from Domino’s Weird World sublabel. One of them, Ailie Ormston, has been doing some fab solo electronic music on the side. Here’s what the other one, a T Fraser, has been up to. Edinburgh Leisure is a duo with Keith Farquhar and takes unconventional “idle authorship” approaches to instrumentation (everyday objects), lyricism (RhymeZone) and fair use (hacked Apple device sounds, etc.). This lot are always worth checking out.

Pierre Mariétan
Rose Des Vents

Rose Des Vents was commissioned in 1981 by the French Government (unlike most of the records you listen to), who wanted Pierre Mariétan to document the sound-life of towns near Paris. He did this, but he also applied plenty of treatments, additional instrumentation and serialist composition to the end result, making for some rather special electroacoustics. Double LP reissue on Mana.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MANA-001)
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Luc Ferrari
L'Escalier Des Aveugles

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Kassel Jaeger
Le Lisse Et Le Strié

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The Music Improvisation Company
1969, 1970

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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Ritme Jaavdanegi

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Michael Begg

Off the back of his New Music Scotland Award last year for his previous work, East Lothian-based sound artist Michael Begg delivers his anticipated new album. Described by Begg himself as the result of meditation and surrealist compositional techniques, Somnambulo - with the cryptic subtitle A Birdbath Made of Teeth for the Bride of the Wind - is based upon the life of British post-war painter Leonora Carrington. 
  • CD (OMCD12)
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Ka Baird

The second studio album from Ka Baird successfully manage to bottle the spellbinding energy of her live performances, particularly her uncompromising vocal techniques. Respires was formulated over the course of the last 12 months and distils all manner of global influences into its eight-track running order. 

Brian Eno
Music For Installations

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Chris & Cosey

Both previously members of pioneering industrial music legends Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti teamed up to form Chris & Cosey in 1981 and released a series of acclaimed records. Exotika, released in 1987 via P.I.A.S., is widely considered as one of their finest, its title track adopted as an electronica anthem in East and West Coast gay clubs in the Eighties. It now gets reissued on transparent violet-coloured vinyl. 

Zeta Zeta
Dream Hotel

Zeta Zeta AKA Daf Lloyd left the comfort of his London Studio to live in a Russian forest where he made Dream Hotel. The idea behind it was to make music that could take the listener into different ‘rooms’ and ‘corridors’ to explore the space we find in memories, dreams and altered states. He used electronic and analogue instruments to create soundscapes that are both dense and ethereal. Ben Vince and Sally Evans make guest appearances.

Brian Chase
Drums & Drones II

Brian Chase is the drummer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but you may be surprised to learn that he has a serious sideline performing and composing in more avant-garde territory. Drums & Drones II is remarkable, with each piece focusing on one single drum but extracting an ocean of immersive sound. Just Intonation tuning and study with La Monte Young will do that. From In Context Music.

Marcus Fjellström

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Geoffrey Hendricks with Philip Corner
Stones : Dreams

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Can you believe it’s been nearly five years since the sumptuously singed guitar and synths of Christian Fennesz graced a solo album? It’s amazing but true. And his return to the format is a little unusual, in that it was put together away from the studio in his bedroom using only minimal equipment. Touch continues to touch.

Marcus Fjellström

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Marcus Fjellström
Exercises In Estrangement

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Morton Feldman
For Bunita Marcus (performed by Lenio Liatsou)

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Russ Waterhouse
1 Minute 2 Midnight

1 Minute 2 Midnight is the second solo album by Russ Waterhouse. Waterhouse was one half of the experimental duo Blues Control who are currently on indefinite hiatus. Here, Waterhouse finds his inspiration at the scene of a historic chemical spill in the city of Hopewell, Virginia, expressing himself through tense electronics, field recordings and a caustic guitar finale.
  • Vinyl LP (DC755)
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Bill MacKay & Katinka Kleijn

New album from Chicago resident and serial collaborator Bill Mackay alongside cellist Katinka Kleijn. Here the duo use the Hermann Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf as a basis for a series of sketches that draw from the worlds of chamber music, jazz, folk and avant-garde. Expect an inquisitive, exploratory and improvisational work from these curious musical pals.   

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