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Right that does it. My gaffer has been enthusing over downloading odd tracks by more obscure artists in an attempt to unearth some exclusive magnificence we can all roll around in smugly & say we were first in the world to stock it. So he comes in & proudly pulls his latest discovery from Belgium out of a box  & goes "fuck...view item »

Parallel Cat
Parallel Cat E.P.

Graaaagh. Whilst I were off B4 Crimbo, the boys were sent this 12" by Parallel Cat which appears to be one of those delightfully strange compilations by loads of unknown folk. So, enigmatic it is, but when faced with the intriguing spill out I've just experienced from the speakers after digging it out from a mountain of promos, I ha...view item »


"Seven tracks of cling film beats, oriental war songs and deep fried tofu bar heat resistant wholemeal toasting from the depths of Birmingham UK." That's what it says on the press release for this CD I have on now by Disinvectant and a curious beast it is too. Though my spell checker has annoyed me as it says wholemeal is spelt...view item »

Volu Beit

Some Tigerbeat 6 stuff now. The Aelters release a 3" CDs of cut up electronics and lots of farty noises. Quite like this. Volube it!!!...view item »


Re: - Alms CD/LP on Constellation C- Is this the same peeps who did that Remnant? "Please play as loud as possible" it sez. FB- Wankers. ALL- Where is the music? C- Where is the love? FB- Straddles the dividing line between art & arse.  C- Industrial machine clanking... FB-...view item »

Dancing Pig Song

Dancing Pig Song by Hillyer. This is crazy fucked up noise featuring cows, trumpets, chainsaw's and wind turbines. File under: avant garde noise. Limited to 100 copies on 3" CD. For fans of VVM, scraping noises., etc........view item »

Brutal Police Menace

Now for a load of NOISE! Firstly, I'll tell you about the Brooklyn Beats compilation, 'Brutal Police Menace' which is a project reacting to the more inhuman, renegade elements of the NYPD. Compelling, intriguing and quite possibly insane, this is breakcore & experimMENTAL electronics NY style. Includes Net...view item »

Christmas Decorations
Model 91

Christmas Decorations are the next treat with a shiny cd and black vinyl record out on the Kranky label. Sounds of broken bellows, nice lilting plinky plonky samples with a Tarentel/Godspeedy type atmospheric guitar and gurgles and things. It features Rob Christiansen from Eggs on voc...view item »

R>R> Metal
Freakshow Punk EP

Here's a thing from Dazed Gauntlet HQ have arrived on out doorstep this morn. It's a 3" CD by R>R> Metal who make what can only be described as avant garde electronic music. Wierd samples, cut up stuff, some melodies and some random bits of noise chucked in for good measure. Freakshow...view item »

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