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The Acorn

Now a CD single on Unlabel by Elks. 'The Acorn' is jerky post hardcore pop that sounds a little like Fury of the Headteachers except more spindly. Quite spiky with some emotive guitar work & a rousing vocal. He gets quite manic towards the end making this a single that demands repeated listens. A few of these Unlabel bands remind me o...view item »

I Before E
Track and Field

Got a pretty cool CD on the ever impressive Dirty Demos label from I Before E which is the work of Adam Baker (Dead Wood/No Context) and Nick Davidson (Pinkeye/Orange Eye). It's a suitably fine soundtrack for my current state of sore throat, tooth ache and pre-christmas work mentalism. Its a s...view item »

Black Serama
Holy Subversive

Black Serema are a brother and sister duo from Sheffield and they have their debut release out on Dirty Demos. It goes under the wonderful title of 'Holy Subversive' and it's pretty fucking crazy sounding with it's spooky female vocals and disturbed guitar wails and strange electronics. Brian reckons it sounds like someone doing elephant impression...view item »

Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear)
The Accidental

Still with the pastoral belt we get a new release on Elsie and Jack. This is by Aaron Moore who is the feller from  Volcano the Bear.  It starts off with very ambient bell like sounds. I'd like to think they are real - I'm pretty sure they've been done on a computer - though the press blurb begs to differ saying i...view item »

Oliver White
The Orient

Speaking of evil here's one of a handful of releases this week we've had in on the Void Of Ovals label. The Orient is by Oliver White and he's half of Eftus Spectun who've had a CD out on Unlabel and that's about as much as I know about them. This is one long 21 minute track which is an adventure to say the least. It's like the soundtrack to a weir...view item »

Autumn Tapes

At first I thought Spunkle was a funny name for a band then it reminded me of a terrible incident from my youth that I'd long been repressing and I'm now writing this review hysterical and through thick, flowing abuse tears. This Autumn Tapes album is made up of stuff he recorded over ten years ago, when men were men and getting boot cut jeans and ...view item »


I seem to recall writing about a CD by Platform a bit ago and thinking it was pretty cool. Well Matthew Atkins makes a welcome return with his 5 track CD 'Distanced'. It's kinda weird, mellow electronics with the emphasis on synth sounds and futuristic ones at that. Lots of tones, hisses, blips and metallic sounds create a sense of rhythm without p...view item »

Icy Demons
Miami Ice

Icy Demons are an strange bunch. They've never really entered my conscience before so i've opted to say a few words about new erm...old album 'Miami Ice' which has just been picked up by Leaf in the UK. They play an eccentric yet melodic brand of quirky percussive dream pop with 70's FM harmonising & strange whirring proggy synths. If you can i...view item »

The Lexie Mountain Boys
Sacred Vacation

The Lexie Mountain Boys 'Sacred Vacation' self titled CD on Paw Tracks is an odd beast. This is a load of people, chanting, stamping, jumping up and down, clapping, hitting things and generally being all tribal. It's like a record by a bunch of lunatic foley artists....This is genuinely an interesting record which you'll either love or hate. This i...view item »

Cotton Museum
No Face in the Bog

This week we have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 new releases on Qbico. Like buses they travel in packs. Not sure if I'm gonna review all of them but here's the 1st one by Cotton Museum called 'No Face In The Bog'. This reminds me of the time when my wife flushed young Ant...view item »

Time Waits For No One

I've always been reasonably intrigued by Beequeen. I like the name.... yet despite a number of releases on Infraction, Korm Plastics, Mille Plateaux, Important etc I'm yet to hear any... til now that is. After a quick hunt around the internet I discover it's Frans De Waard and Freek Kinkelaar. Two Dutch Musicians from the Netherlands who make music...view item »


An equal mix of classic Minimalism (i.e. John Adams's Shaker Loops) and techno-savvy, duo Klangwart make wonderfully patient music. To give a little preview, Stadtlandfluss is divided into seven tracks, this marvellous piece begins with an anticipatory hush, a sustained major chord, hardly swelling with harmonics, and obviously pointing somewher...view item »

Sparkle In Grey
A Quiet Place

Sparkle in Grey: A Quiet Place (Disaster By Choice) I've been trying really hard to get a handle on. The nearest thing I can think of by way of comparison is the collaboration CD: Lume Lume, led by Alexander Balanescu. In much the same way, this set combines lots of different forms of instrumentation and approaches to sound and music to create a fr...view item »


From the first time I heard this music, I was hooked. I have always been drawn to music that is discordant, rapturous, off the beat, bending notes, time and my mind. They're not afraid to go slow and the use of spoken word, stream of consciousness rambling comes off Kerouac sweet. Sound comes in like a ghost and brings the unexpected. It is strange...view item »

First Nation

Some tripped out psychedelic madness for you now on Paw Tracks. First Nation Coronation's 'Braided Metal' has a vocal which is almost meditative, with guitar and drums that build the tension of the track making you expect something bad will happen, but it doesn't. It goes all pretty. The perfect trip, somewhere between The D...view item »

Kyon & Dyems

An interesting record has landed in front of me. Kyon & Dyems 'Overnight' make some clever sounds and dope electronic beats but the first thing that really hits you is that there is a scottish guy dropping rhymes. Edinburgh and Fife aren't places you associate with hip-hop but Bambatta's virus has spread throughout the globe so in those terms i...view item »

Ljudbilden & Piloten
One Hundred Fifty-Five

I've been digging a bizarre new CD on Nosordo, a Swedish affair by Ljudbilden and Piloten. The sleeve is a right old Rene Magritte homage which wins points. Flicking around to get a sense of this (in) coherence, i'm blessed with an album of accessibly abstract shimmering avant-folk/post rock & blissed neo classical chamber pop! With sketches bu...view item »

A Whole Day

Aarde next with a 6 tracker CDr on Dirty Demos. 'Little Hug' is a mighty (sometimes a smidge dark) ambience which long term readers/sufferers of our review pages will recall I once thought was pointless. After I found my ears in the back of the wardrobe a couple of years ago, I've developed a fondness for computer generated ghostly tendrils of digi...view item »

Joe Gilmore
On Quasi Convergence And Quiet Spaces

Billed as 'five improvisations for solo computer', this collection was 'realised' over the last couple of years and put together this time last year. Now finally getting a welcome release, this CD comes beautifully packaged in hand-printed deluxe card. Across the five tracks, all fabulously titled as you'd expect with numbers and letters from a mad...view item »

Chris sutherland
Me In A Field

One of the best albums of 2007 by far. A beautiful indie, folk album from the Cerberus Shoal bassist. Can't think of a track that I'd want to adjust on the album let alone remove.As Chriss sings on 'Exile from D Street', 'quiero esta cosa en mi vida para siempre'. ...view item »

Bjørn Torske
Feil Knapp

Originally a part of Biopshere's live shows clear back in the early '90's, Torske seems to effortlessly blend styles and sounds on this release. It doesn't always make for a smooth listen, but the sheer entertainment level is high, as you never really know what he's going to throw out next. With ten tracks running ...view item »

Time Life

Loads of weird and wonderful stuff... Time Life have a smart CDr on Blackest Rainbow. 'Gemini's' is far out psyche fest with bizarre vocals that are almost angelic at times. A bit like a less messed up version of The Skaters at times. This is pretty strange indeed and has a bit of an eastern vibe running through it. Fans of stuff on Three Lobed sho...view item »

Beef's Birdland

Beef: "Birdland" (Self Release) Twelve crooned mantras and twenty four birdsongs on this nattily packaged cottage industry produce vinyl only lp. Housed in a foil and paper sleeve. We like a bit bird song round hear, there's no ladies in the office unless you count Maggie who's a girl (honest). Seriously, these are of the flying variety, ...view item »

Listen With Sarah
The World of Listen With Sarah

If John Peel were alive today you'd have heard this next record in it's entirety by now. The World of Listen With Sarah by LISTEN WITH SARAH is here now on CD. Anyway on this 6 track CD you have err...6 tracks of samples and lunacy absolutely perfectly described by the Sarah in question as 'breakbl...view item »

Patchwork Connect - Deadwood remixed

...If  that's not enough for you then there's 'Patchwork Connect' a 19 track compilation of  Dead Wood tracks remixed by BJERGA / IVERSEN, MATTHEW, OZKA, BLACKPEPPER, STEN OVE TOFT, ORANGE EYE, POSSET, THE APPLESEED PROJECT, PATTEN, EVERY KID ON SPEED,SOUND_00, SWAMPS UP NOSTRILS, MAKINOIZE, OAK etc Again this is bl...view item »

Formal Sleep

I've been going through youtube listening to live recordings by MBV so I was in a bit of a shoe-gazey sort of mood and eventually ran into this band. I enjoyed this album somewhat, but in the end it didn't hold my attention as an ambient or shoegaze album. There's too much going on that interferes with being able to just chill with it. Some inte...view item »

The Lucky Sperms
Somewhat Humorous

This is a beautiful return to form for Daniel and Jad, with help from an unknown newcomer named Chris Bultman. A noisier (mostly) acoustic album one could not ask for, from their strange-but-somehow-straightforward retooling of "Ruby Tuesday" to the brilliant clatter of "Pancakes Flop". Reportedly written and recorded during a stay in Daniel's p...view item »

Pink Eye Ft. Linda, Sound_00, Thee Moths, Various
Observation Point Vol 1

Now for something that truly is worthy of your attention. The damn fine Dirty Demos label have spoiled us rotten this week with a bargain priced compilation CD entitled 'Observation Point Volume One'. This features a whopping 17 tracks from LOISL, MATTHEW, LITTLE BOAT, NOW, SOUND_00/IVERSEN, O.M.S, THEE MOTHS, DEAD WOOD etc. Q...view item »

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