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Carl Oesterhelt & Johannes Enders
Divertimento Fur Tenorsaxophon und Kleines Endemble

The Psychogeographical Commission
Patient Zero

In case you didn't know what a patient zero was it's the original source of an outbreak of a contagious influence within a population. I was always convinced I was gonna be the 1st to get bird flu in the UK but then it never really took off. Patient Zero is kinda apt if you don't get it as well. The concept of this album was to soundtrack the mi...view item »

The Psychogeographical Commission
Genius Loci

Genius Loci have an intriguingly packaged CD out on Acrobiotic called The Psychogeographical Commission, the picture we've got kind of makes it look like a three panel foldout map thing but it's actually a slimline DVD case job with the map printed on the inside of the sleeve and a little foldy insert. It's all about London. I know that 'cos the ma...view item »

3 Shades
Thank God For Beatniks

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Jungle Reaction

This one's quite pleasing on the ear - a bright and almost poppy sounding mix of processed sounds and vocals backed up by light electronic rhythms. For the most part it's got me thinking of bands like Lucky Dragons and High Places, that sort of psychedelic electronic-augmented indie sort of sound, but the comparisons don't seem totally apt as th...view item »
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Black Feather

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Ben Vida & Greg Davis
Ben Vida & Greg Davis

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Thomas Bey William Bailey
Progressive Lycanthropy

Now this is just the ticket to end your humble writers hard warking day... Three tracks constructed from a "feraliminal lycanthropizer" drone which was apparently used by the military as an "audio truth serum". That won't work on me though.... Shit what's happening to me????? It was me who put salt in the sugar bowl... Yes mum I did take 30p fro...view item »
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Antonia Leukers

Alfredo Costa Monteiro
Cinq bruissements / For Solo Accordion


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Harappian Night Recordings
Non Euclidean Elucidation Of Shamanic Ecstacies

Scissor Lock
Broken English

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Flashback Repository
Flashback Repository

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Pura Vida Dude

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Massimo Bartolini

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Kaiser/ Noyes/ Park
Invite the Spirit 2006

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Eskimo King / Afternoon Penis

Afternoon Penis is Nate Nelson and Eskimo King is Brian Sullivan who collectively MOUTHUS!!!! The Afternoon Penis side is both weird yet strangely accessible with primitive drum machine beats and bizzaro accordian sound with the odd strange vocal muttering into the mix. Stick with it and things get all strange and mushily psychedelic. Eskimo Kin...view item »
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Al Margolis/If, Bwana
An Innocent Abroad

  The ever interesting and cutting edge Pogus label have a CD out by Al Margolis/ If Bwana. 'An Innocent Abroad' Is a strange blend of electronics, voice and flute, this has a slightly oriental feel a...view item »
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Oren Marshall
Time Spent At Traffic Lights

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Click Continue EP

A recyclopak is summat I just invented. I can't keep up with the various fangled forms of CD packaging that are thrown at us on a weekly basis. I'm gonna patent an eco-friendly jobber out of dried cat poo, old teabags & afro hair clippings. Sit on that you trendy designer types. Anyway, this CD is 6 versions of the 'Click Continue' tune. It ...view item »

Out Of Process

This came out last year but as we've just got a bunch of new titles from the label (Runningonair) we thought we'd get this in as well. I've not heard of Runningonair before so it's all new to me. The 1st release on the label is actually by Runningonair and it's 10 tracks of well crafted bedroom electronics. Largely constructed with rhythms and p...view item »

Helene Breschand
Le Goot Du Sel

Andrew Paine
The Haunts of Ancient Peace

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All Traps Set
Their Martyred Music

All Traps Set is some dude from Voice of The Seven Woods. He's their beatmeister I believe. I'd like it if he looked like the Hoffmeister bear. Anyway here's a somewhat delayed 7" on Twisted Nerve/ Finders Keepers which was one of their limited singles club jobs. Like the last single on Poptones this is very percussive and beaty..... think Mal...view item »

Rose For Bohdan
Major Label Drugs

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Muddy World
Finery of The Storm

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Mark Stewart

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Bai Tian, relapxych.0 / Anders Peterson, The Loop Orchestra, Shizi
Yaji 1

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Ruined Parabola

Not heard Chora before though I'm familiar the Sheffield free noise and improv scene they are associated with. Predominantly a duo of Ben Morris and Rob Lye they have been known to supplement their line-up with various collaborators including Pascal Nichols, Patrick Farmer, Kelly Jones and members of Helhesten & The Hunter Gracchus. 'Ruined ...view item »
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Samuel Sighicelli
Maree Noire

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Helene Breschand & Sylvain Kassap

This is strange in a very positive sense of the word. The artists create a unique and at times sleazy sound with harp machines, clarinets, machines (???), toys and voice. The vocal plays quite a large role making weird sounds and phrases and get manipulated, presumably by said machines. Overall it has a musique concrete feel about it although I ...view item »

De La Mancha
Release All Light

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De La Mancha

Nancy Garcia
Be The Climb

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Into The Flood

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Speaking Silence

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Frank Bretschneider

I've been looking forward to this one... Bretschneider's 'Rhythm' album still really does the business for me so this is an exciting time. 'Exp' is a double-disc set comprising a data CD with visual work and an audio CD of ermmm.... sound, music & audio. Just listening to the audio I can't help but feel I'm missing out on the full multi...view item »

Amnon Wolman

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Kenji Siratori & Pendro
Terminal Machine

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Kenji Siratori Vs The Domestic Front
Reptilian Brian

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Kenji Siratori / Terence Fuller
Guerrilla Sex Generation

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Violet Ray Gas And The Playback Singers

'Violet Ray Gas & The Playback Singers' is a "personal soundtrack to Futurist and Avant Guard cinema" created by Violet and released on Sentient Recognition Archive/ Zero Moon. The vibe is pretty dark throught with drones that give off a feeling of paranoia. There's some quite dramatic changes between eerie subtle atmospherics and big...view item »
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This is from a live performance that involved processing organ sounds. If I'm not mistaken I suspect a Kaos Pad is being used, but really fuck knows? It's well cool sounding though, with some sinister Coil style vibes coming at me along with lots of blips and bloops. It sounds like there is some analogue synthesizer twiddling occurring but again...view item »

Go Kayashi

I've heard a couple of CD's on this label and it sounds pretty cool. It's all experimental electronics, knob twiddling, wave form manipulation and it's all super precise. It reminds me an awful lot of the Raster Noton gear only it's from Japan instead of Germany. It's all packaged in suitable minimal artwork and the music on this Slit album is s...view item »
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Deleted Scenes

This one has me wanting to climb inside the speaker to try and figure out what's happening with this dynamic piece of sound. It is the debut CD from Marion Wörle aka Frau W (Laptop) and Maciej Sledziecki (Guitar) and I'm reminded at various points of Fennesz. There is lots of interesting stuff happening with piano and strange unidentifiable...view item »
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Trifler's Revenge

This 4 track CD comes in a wallpaper sleeve not unlike many kitchens from the 70's. The one I'm holding has a tasteful brown floral pattern which I'm wishing was lickable (ala Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) just cos I right fancy tasting some brown flowers. This is a weird distorted mix of hauntology and evil sound manipulation. As much as...view item »
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Muruga / Robinson Dyad
Bubble Waves

Brett has just walked through the door and reported that The Jesus Lizard are reforming to play some live shows... Bloody exciting that like.. The latest batch of Qbico vinyl has arrived and I've landed the 'Bubble Waves' long player from Muruga/ Perry Robinson Dyad. Avant/ free jazz/ impov is the deal here. Muruga beats and tinkle with a whole bar...view item »
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Dan Froberg
At Dawn We All Fall Down The Stairs

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Moped Endo
In Your Endo EP

Private Domain
Private Domain

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Mem1 is an artist I'm not familiar with but when we gave their '+1' CD a whirl the other day it sounded rather good. This is the work of Mark Cetillia on electronics and Laura Cetilia on cello and electronics. They use the cello as a source which then becomes manipulated with technology. The range of sounds they achieve is pretty good, ranging from...view item »
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Vieo Abiungo
Blood Memory

Vieo Abiungo is a pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist and composer William Ryan Fritch. Now this guy sounds like a clever fella on paper, a self taught player of over thirty instruments Fritch has also worked with a number of high profile groups and composers including Cli Martinez, Greg Tripi and odd experimental hip-hop outfit Sole and the Sky...view item »

Takusan No Ohanasan

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Taiga Remains
Wax Canopy

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Culver/ Karst
Quarter Mile Volcano

CULVER AND KARST ~ QUARTER MILE VOLCANO  cdr ( Striate Cortex )   The third in a series of  slow-burning epics, this pair of drone/noise makers seem intent on mining the sound of twisted power lines. Akin to the sounds captured of some prison detail ploughing an endless granite field with a hill of...view item »
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Ilya Monosov
Vinyl Document #1

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The Hideous Pariah Dog

I once had a house mouse. It used to leave droppings behind my toaster after it had scoffed all the crumbs i'd left. I could never have caught it though for it was far too cute & no bother, really. I don't know why people kill mice, they really are cruel bastards (I eat burgers!). I loved the idea of my mouse having a massive network of tu...view item »
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Stafraenn Hakon
Apron EP

There are three ltd tour CDr's available this week from Ólafur Josephsson's nome de plume. Currently piping out of the speakers is the Apron EP and it's a pleasant and fairly uplifting listen. The chasp effortlessly fuses emotional electronics and acoustic guitar along with drums from Lárus Sigurðsson with whom he collaborates wit...view item »

Peeesseye & Talibam!
Peeesseye & Talibam!

Ok, here we got ourselves a collaborative effort from then insane improvers Talibam! and the Gothic Junk folk experimentalism of Peeesseye, both emperors of the NYC improv scene playing in all sorts of outfits including the outstanding Storm and Stress. Anyway, after years of mutual friendship and touring activity they decided to get tog...view item »
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Joensuu 1685
Joensuu 1685

  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74

Infinite Body
Carve Out The Face Of My God

Infinite Body is the work of Kyle Parker who has previously been active as Gator Surprise. 'Carve Out the Face of My God' is the first thing I've heard under the Infinite Body name and it's quite far removed from his previous output. 'Carve Out the Face...' is more in keeping with the experimental noise/synth/drone stuff you hear so much of nowaday...view item »

Let's Just See What Happens

I'm loving the artwork on this LP.. There's a wee snakey thing all tucked up in bed. Soundwise this is off its tits. Phrases going around the office as I type include 'someone trying to eat a clock', 'a madman running around a farm' who's 'feeding stickle bricks to the animals' and I'll also add 'someone gargling with their own mind'. It's sur...view item »
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Space Weather
Low Earth

Space Weather is a 3 piece project featuring the talents of Andrew Paine. 'Low Earth' is their second "voyage" into the realms of deep cosmic progressive drone. With the odd low-end synth squelch, this begins its journey based on gently shifting buzzing tones and atmospheric textures; the second track "The Harrowing" being ...view item »
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Lesbians On Ecstasy
Giggles In The Dark

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Human Skab
Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags

Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags is genuinely provocative and cause for serious consideration and contemplation, but also pure fun and entertaining the whole way. I'm not sure if this record is special because it documents our child character, or because it just documents the chaos and creativity of childhood in general. Who didn't run around, beat ...view item »
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  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Captured Voices

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Audiotion: Sonic Tribute to Takashi Miike

  • Reduced from £15.49 - saving you £7.74

The Need For A Crossing: A New Zealand Vol 1

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Boys Of Summer
Future Ancients

  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49

Illusion of Safety

  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74

In The Field
In The Field

Does anyone remember the excellent Dissolving Orchestra CD that was released almost a year ago to the day? Well the follow up is an album by/called In The Field that pushes all the right buttons for me simply because there are field recordings of birds. I could listen to birds singing all day long. This is a very interesting project coming from The...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Live en San Anton

  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £5.99

Faux Amis
Faux Amis

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Mouthus/ Bulbs
Where The Bridge Was Found / Emerald Isle


Machinefabriek has a rather swish looking 7" out on new label Eat, Sleep, Repeat. 'Slovensko' sounds like our man Rutger is walking across town during a trip to Slovakia with a recording device picking up all sorts of sounds around him, you can hear traffic, at one point it sounds like he's passing a construction site, possibly some train soun...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.49 - saving you £2.60

In The Loop: 5

Occasionally Dublab like to "present" us with a 12" LP from their ongoing series, 'In The Loop'. We're on volume 5 now, now released through Anticon, and my first encounter with the sleeve is fantastic! With great tracks comin' in yr ears from The Ruby Suns (turning in a very Beach Boys-esque number), Teengirl Fantasy (mogadon euphor...view item »
  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74

Tigers On Acid In The Hell Of The Brushwood

  • Reduced from £6.49 - saving you £3.24

Sound_00/ Iversen

oooh lets check this 7" by Sound_00 and Iversen. Well, if you've ever wanted a record with minimal, spacious recordings from the depths of hell, in Siberia, then the 1st side of this record is for you. Like Satan's breath curling through a crumbling church at 3 0'clock in the morning. Or it could be at the wrong speed. Sinis...view item »

Art Calls

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

Maurizio Bianchi & Sparkle In Grey

Italian industrial-noise-man Maurizio Bianchi runs up against Sparkle in Grey, who are an actual band! Sparkle in Grey improvised around some material that Bianchi brought to the table, and then handed the results back to him for processing and mixing. The resulting Nefelodh...view item »
  • Reduced from £13.99 - saving you £6.99


Brassica's got a new thing out on Tartaruga packaged in their signature hand-stitched digipak loveliness, it's called Microvictories and we all think it's rather good. A lot of it reminds me of Semaphore-era Fridge, it's got a cool mixture of electronic and acoustic going on with lots of happy sounding melodies a la Boards of Canada. There's a go...view item »

Matt Bartram
Left to Memory

Time for some classic shoegaze sounds! Air Formation's Matt Bartram has a new solo venture called Left to Memory and, barring the odd little telltale production sign, it'd be a really hard one to date if you were listening to it blind. Some of these tracks could very easily have belonged to the very first wave of bands inspired by Spacemen 3 (parti...view item »

Pink Reason
Cleaning The Mirror

  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74

James Fella/Timeload Fowl

  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £7.49

Origami Productions
Laidbook 02: The Transit Issue

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

ADN Ckrystall / Closedunruh
Live 1985 - 2008

  • Reduced from £18.49 - saving you £9.24

Life's a Motorway

Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra
Performing Parades

'Performing Parades' is the latest release from Efterklang performing their 2007 album 'Parades' accompanied by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. I'm not familiar with the original record nor am I familiar with the previous works of the band but on first listen this sounds like an intriging record. I'll assume that the band play some form of d...view item »

Richard Youngs
Under Stellar Stream

Nommo Ogo
The Sea Finally Surfaces

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Some Computer Music 2

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £3.80

Sandro Perri
plays Polmo Polpo

Moving swiftly onto SANDRO PERRI Plays Polmo Polpo which is a CD/LP on Constellation. Well it's a mini album of sorts. What you get for your money is 5 tracks totalling about 26 mins which doesn't seem enough considering the price. Mind you Constellation gear ain't cheap and they know you'll buy it anyway. The packaging on ...view item »

A Fire Is Meant For Burning

on Silber this is a CD by Vlor featuring members of Remora, Aarktica, Rivulets, Jessica Bailiff, Labradford, Windsor For The Derby & Aarktica (they're down on the sticker twice.....) Not heard it yet but it's apparently essential if you're into rock or noise.........view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.99

Prince Of Truth

I've been quite keen to hear 'Prince Of Truth' that latest offering from Evangelista. I never bought their last record but I do recall several moments on there were really very buzzing and had me making "phwoar" type sounds. Mainly the heavy moments that recalled the Melvins or something. Anyway this album was constructed in a fairly un-c...view item »

Rust Coloured Airbursh Stroke

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.74

Diagram a
Human Tissue Press

New madness on Bill Nace's Open Moth records. This is truely fucked up sounding L.P, no word of a lie ladies and gents, it's mad bonkers yo! 'Human Tissue Press' is an L.P release by Diagram A. It's one of those really intense, squawking, wailing, sound mash-up of the like you hear more frequently nowadays but at one time we're an intense and rare ...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.49 - saving you £7.24

Fracture Composition

I was totally blown away today when I first Heard Astro’s ‘Fracture Composition’. Astro is Hiroshi Hasegawa who was a member of 90’s racket warriors C.C.C.C. Astro is a fitting name for this project that he’s been doing for the last 10 years. This man takes Japanoise/ power electronics to extreme levels that although are brutal and pulver...view item »
  • Reduced from £13.99 - saving you £6.99

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