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Matana Roberts
Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres

I seem to be getting a lot of reviews of apparently legendary people I've never encountered before. The latest of these is Matana Roberts's new offering on Constellation. It's hard to know where to start describing this, it's pretty all over the place, but the focus seems to be on Roberts's alto sax and vocals, with the album being an edited 60-...view item »


Spartak are an Australian duo comprising of Shoeb Ahmad (guitar, electronics) and Evan Dorrian (drums, percussion). Verona is the follow up to 'Tales From The Colony Room', released a while back on hellosQuare. Slightly more focused and melodic than their previous output, Verona sees the two experimenting with new instruments and new sounds to crea...view item »

Jackie O Motherfucker
Ballads of the Revolution

Jackie O Motherfucker, I like these sometimes but they're quite an unpredictable bunch.. Their weirdy folky bits on albums like Fig. 5 I'm particularly into but I do think they do droney psych oddness rather nicely too. Ballads of the Revolution starts off with the former, living up to its title with melancholic songs sung over quietly experimental...view item »

Robert Piotrowicz/ Carl Michael Von Hausswolff

Two creative and sound arty musicians are paired together here on this split LP from Poland’s Bocian label. Robert Piotrowicz gives us some intense analog synth-work, with overlapping pulse and tone action that’ll blast you. Carl Michael Von Hausswolff goes with subtle, quieter noise works that are a...view item »

Thanos Chrysakis/Dario Bernal Villegas/Oli Mayne

OK here's some experimental gubbins by Thanos Chrisakis/ Daio Bernal Villegas/ Oli Mayne. Try saying that lot while your mouth is stuffed with the most excellent combination of bread, tomato, cheese and pepperoni. Palimpsesto is the name of the album (equally as tricky to pronounce whilst eating) but fortunately the music is pretty palatable. Here ...view item »

Pat Jordache
Future Songs

This lo-fi TV on the Radio inspired home recorded pop is not what I was expecting for some reason but life is nothing if not full of surprises so as it's now on the stereo I'm happy to have a plunder through this lovingly crafted work. Pat Jordache has a history as a member of a band with the person from Tune-yards (and you can stick your daft c...view item »


Utilizing a combination of bowed strings, bent electronics, found percussion and occasional vocals,this is the artists debut release. Things slowly unfold with the evocative 'After Francis Danby' which paints a mental image of a ship lost at sea emerging inland through the fog. Lots of pretty chiming sounds on this one which is massively dramati...view item »

Jason Forrest (Donna Summer)
Lady Fantasy EP

Jason Forrest is a canny man. Some of his sonic experiments in deconstructed & re-spliced AOR splatter terror have left me with clenched teeth & a poorly mind. He's sure capable of a double-wrong or two on occasion. 'Lady Fantasy' E.P. is , however, initially a gentler beast. Opening with a sort of homage to Blade Runner or somet...view item »

Hounds Of Hate
Hounds of Hate

This lot make me think of Kate Bush which is always a good thing. I love thinking of Kate Bush. She's the friend I never had. The cover of this record is a load of wonky ole snakes which is quite eye-catching and it gives you an idea of the wonkyness within. This is a deep record. The sound is slow and heavy, there's samples everywhere (one...view item »


Shiggajon is an ongoing collective project centred around Danish lads Nikolai Brix Vartenberg and Mikkel Reher-Langberg. They specialise in free forms of music, primarily of a psychedelic nature. This is the first time Shiggajon's music has been documented on vinyl and what a fine document it is. Recorded on the final date of their UK tour 'Asco...view item »

Archipelago Vol. 1

The Origami master returns with another lovely CD in custom handmade packaging. What we have here are soul stirring classical pieces along with semi-improvised tracks. Using Pedal Steel, Zither and layered guitars Ratatask's world remains melancholy throughout. It must be said that this chap Rhodri Viney has much to say as he channels his hopes ...view item »

Raymond Dijkstra
L'opus L'H

This chap is exploring the depths of sound through improvisation using a minimal setup of harmonium, scraping metal and glass. He gets some weird and strange sounds going and the overall effect is kinda surreal. There is also some tuba and strings making an appearance. At various points I'm reminded of some Nurse With Wound material and also Eli...view item »

Charlie Nothing
Outside / Inside

It's been quite a while since I heard it but I clearly remember having the impression at the time that 'The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing' was a weird record.. Especially for Takoma. This one's a reissue of his second album which I'm completely unfamiliar with but my vague memories are telling me doesn't sound hugely dissimilar to tha...view item »

Smoke Jaguar
The Whaler's Rests

I like the name Smoke Jaguar. Two of my favourite things... Smoking and big cats. Imagine smoking a big cat? Sounds awesome, though I'm reasonably sure it would tear my face off and leave me in a massive useless pile of flesh in seconds. You gotta try these things though. Anyhoo Smoke Jaguar are Stuart Crutchfield and Kevin McCarvel and together...view item »


I had to be the man that forced Business Lad(y) to don his/her personal headphones in protest this Wed lunchtime, didn't I. This sensitive colleague of mine quite despises left-field sound-art and much of the experimental noise genre. I quite enjoy it but wouldn't take it home to meet me mum. Or anyone else's mum for that matter. This is pretty ...view item »

The Third Eye Foundation
The Dark

Aw man, the dark lord Matt Elliott is back with a brand new epic new album on Ici D'ailleurs. After a big hiatus from recording as the TTEF, filling in the gap with a few ace solo albums, he's back! It's fantastic too. In a nutshell it's full of swirling melodies laid over drum 'n' bass beats. It sounds like he's carried on with the orchestral b...view item »

Triptyque de l’oeil

Am super pleased to announce we are now stocking a few of the latest releases on this fine sound art/ experimental label. Each edition comes in pristine and functional, superbly designed metallic vacuum sealed packaging. There are some truly wondrous and out there sonics to be heard across all three releases. For me to attempt to articulate the ...view item »

Towers of Sparks

Now for some Austrian free-post-classical-rock-jazz. Oh yeah baby. You know you want it. Right in yer ears, all the way. Easy does it! There! How do you feel? What? Your blinking brain hurts? Oh dear, I think I pushed it in too far. Now let's see, if I can just ease it out a tad.....there we go! How's that? Better you say? You like the violin? W...view item »


Along with the Library Tapes and label sampler CD's out on the label this week, Make Mine Music have teamed up with Vogor Recordings also released an album by Calder AKA Lárus Sigurðsson and Ólafur Josephsson who is the man behind Stafrænn Hákon. The duo had a release on Unlabel a while back. This is more of their lov...view item »


This sounds like a gorgeous piece. Originally intended as a one minute soundtrack for a video poem, it has been expanded to a 17 minute movement that employs a twinkly, shimmering music box style sound. This is, to my ears, one of Mr Fabriek's most sublime efforts that takes the form of a fragile chamber ambient piece over being a piece of perpl...view item »

The Wax Heel

Rob Lye, Ben Morris, Karl Brummer and Ben Nash return to your home speakers with eight mind-benders recorded in Camberwell 2010. These guys are presumably playing all the time while amassing a tidy little catalogue on labels like Blackest Rainbow, Chironex,...view item »

Everything Judged By Success Alone

'Everything Judged By Success Alone' is a CD by Tracks who is Oliver Griffin that used to be in knives. It opens with 'Starts With Cans' which has a vocal sample narrative of an alcoholic who killed his wife and kids drink driving. Depressing stuff which sets the tone for the rest of the album. It strikes me as a highly personal record. It's one ...view item »

Beautiful Friend
Hello Rainbow Geeks

For those who've enjoyed Robert Horton's adventures in abstract sound, this release may come as a surprise: it did to me! The 20 tracks compiled here date from 1996-2005 and find Horton collaborating on mainly song-based material with Les Shimmin. What's really endearing about this is a spirit of adventure - the feeling of peopl...view item »

Thollem / Scodanibbio
On Debussy's Piano And...

Some experimental classical gubbin-a-rama for you tweaked-eared psychonauts. This is the culmination of two respected soloists going hell-for-leather on Debussy's actual piano (the one he owned for his final fourteen years) and a double bass. So it falls more in the realm of jazzical. Yes, this is often crazed, sometimes graceful but never dull....view item »

Iibis Rooge
IIbiis Rooge

It took me far too long to write Iibiis Rooge. I was squinting counting the I's... no need for multiple i's in any band name. For some reason I find it brain-meltingly complicated. Anyhoo the band in question are in fact a collaboration between Neil Campbell (i. e. Astral Social Club) and High Wolf. I'm new to these guys as I've not heard them b...view item »

Rose & Sandy
Cat’s Cradle

Taking a break from more beat orientated excursions Rose & Sandy; A.K.A Ruaridh Law (TVO/The Village Orchestra, Accrual and more) and Dave Donnelly (The Production Unit and more) take time out to pursue experiments in sound installation and ambient improvisation. These two Glasgow based musicians take their time on 'Cat's Cradle' with a mamm...view item »

Bio+Larkian+Les Poissons Autistes
Bio+Larkian+Les Poissons Autistes

Switzerland; home of awesome cheese, fine watches and apparently a vibrant underground experimental/ electroacoustic scene in Romandy. This disc was created by all three artists collaborating remotely through file exchanges. All sounds were recorded, looped and treated on laptop and various machines. Everything from Circuit bent toy keyboard, el...view item »

Taishi Kamiya
Spectra of Air

Apparently Taishi Kamiya makes his improvised droney ambient meat by slaughtering saxophone cattle with a laptop. Which is a pretty novel approach in the field, I reckon. In the press release Ian Hawgood mentions his worries over the choice of instrument - having 'associated it with eighties sex scenes in movies or something like that' - but upo...view item »

Nicolas Bernier
The Dancing Deer EP

No info on this person except I've discovered he's an electroacoustic producer from Montreal. The main track on this EP initially reminds me a little of an old glitch-y downtempo Planet Mu or Toytronic style track with a searching Orbital-style wibble that cuts through the tune like a longing searchlight. Then it goes all abstract and slightly d...view item »

Selbstportrait I

These Easter Island head albums Selbs 1 and 2 remind me of nights with wine and smoke in hand. Digging the subtle pleasures of the tunes. The music is electronic but much more human and organic than today's stuff. I would say it's almost classical. I love Computer World by Kraftwerk also but this is very different to that. Like all great music i...view item »

Deas & Denton
Deas and Denton's Inferno

These guys had a CD out on Blackest Rainbow a while back and this is part deux (see my superb command of the French language?) of their collaborative efforts. If I'm honest (I like to be honest as lying gets you nowhere in life) I can't remember the first volume. Cam Deas I'm familiar with as he's one of those guitar pluckery fellas who strums a...view item »

Bernhard Loibner
Unidentified Musical Subject

Right. If I played a member of The Distractions this next record they'd probably kick me in the balls and walk away in disgust spitting "deviant slag" under their breath. To you or I, however, Bernhard Loibner is one of those highly engaging industrial electronic experimentalists. He uses electro-acoustic methods & influences from the outer ...view item »

One Man Nation
Suspended in a Vortex in the MIddle of a Bowl From Tibet

To be honest, Suspended in a Vortex in the Middle of a Bowl From Tibet is probably worth buying on the strength of its title alone isn’t it? No? Well the sound of One Man Nation is suitably interesting also, utilising singing bowls, a creatively played piano, and several contact microphones. Clear vinyl, only 303 ...view item »

Car Alarm Quartet
(Under) Water Music

Things are a bit watery this week, what with that Marcus Fischer thing Phil reviewed and all. Apparently the tracks on this bargain-priced EP, one of two we've got from the Quartet on Occasional this week, were 'derived from and for broadcast in, the medium of water' which suggests I should probably stick my head in the water cooler if I want to...view item »

Gary Wilson
Electric Endicott

This is, I think his strongest collection of songs yet. The album flits back and forth between jazzy avant garde piano tunes against a floating rhythm but the pop tunes are just magnificent. Very loudly mixed bass but flawless lines... that trademark 'Gary sound' is present. Based on this, I hope he doesn't stop making new ones. Not many people kno...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh & Jon Wesseltoft
Northern Resonance III/II

I wonder what would happen if C Spencer Yeh joined Does it Offend You, Yeah. Would it result in a big resounding NO? Or would it be a panting dog-esque yehYEAH!!!! My mind resembles a flattened field of sleepy mudge today, so please do excuse me. I've left this particular avant-drone record on at a reasonable volume so Business Lady can fully re...view item »

Giuseppe Ielasi
(Third) Stunt

This is the 3rd part in a series of vinyl releases where the source material is one turntable and a bunch of records. Time for Mr sample....From the start I was sucked into this one. The opener is a weird alien sounding glitchy looped beast that reminds me of Sutekh or something from the clicks and cuts era a while back. The strange cyclical loo...view item »

The Psychogeographical Commission
Patient Zero

In case you didn't know what a patient zero was it's the original source of an outbreak of a contagious influence within a population. I was always convinced I was gonna be the 1st to get bird flu in the UK but then it never really took off. Patient Zero is kinda apt if you don't get it as well. The concept of this album was to soundtrack the mi...view item »

The Psychogeographical Commission
Genius Loci

Genius Loci have an intriguingly packaged CD out on Acrobiotic called The Psychogeographical Commission, the picture we've got kind of makes it look like a three panel foldout map thing but it's actually a slimline DVD case job with the map printed on the inside of the sleeve and a little foldy insert. It's all about London. I know that 'cos the ma...view item »

Jungle Reaction

This one's quite pleasing on the ear - a bright and almost poppy sounding mix of processed sounds and vocals backed up by light electronic rhythms. For the most part it's got me thinking of bands like Lucky Dragons and High Places, that sort of psychedelic electronic-augmented indie sort of sound, but the comparisons don't seem totally apt as th...view item »

Thomas Bey William Bailey
Progressive Lycanthropy

Now this is just the ticket to end your humble writers hard warking day... Three tracks constructed from a "feraliminal lycanthropizer" drone which was apparently used by the military as an "audio truth serum". That won't work on me though.... Shit what's happening to me????? It was me who put salt in the sugar bowl... Yes mum I did take 30p fro...view item »

Eskimo King / Afternoon Penis

Afternoon Penis is Nate Nelson and Eskimo King is Brian Sullivan who collectively MOUTHUS!!!! The Afternoon Penis side is both weird yet strangely accessible with primitive drum machine beats and bizzaro accordian sound with the odd strange vocal muttering into the mix. Stick with it and things get all strange and mushily psychedelic. Eskimo Kin...view item »

Al Margolis/If, Bwana
An Innocent Abroad

  The ever interesting and cutting edge Pogus label have a CD out by Al Margolis/ If Bwana. 'An Innocent Abroad' Is a strange blend of electronics, voice and flute, this has a slightly oriental feel a...view item »

Click Continue EP

A recyclopak is summat I just invented. I can't keep up with the various fangled forms of CD packaging that are thrown at us on a weekly basis. I'm gonna patent an eco-friendly jobber out of dried cat poo, old teabags & afro hair clippings. Sit on that you trendy designer types. Anyway, this CD is 6 versions of the 'Click Continue' tune. It ...view item »

Out Of Process

This came out last year but as we've just got a bunch of new titles from the label (Runningonair) we thought we'd get this in as well. I've not heard of Runningonair before so it's all new to me. The 1st release on the label is actually by Runningonair and it's 10 tracks of well crafted bedroom electronics. Largely constructed with rhythms and p...view item »

All Traps Set
Their Martyred Music

All Traps Set is some dude from Voice of The Seven Woods. He's their beatmeister I believe. I'd like it if he looked like the Hoffmeister bear. Anyway here's a somewhat delayed 7" on Twisted Nerve/ Finders Keepers which was one of their limited singles club jobs. Like the last single on Poptones this is very percussive and beaty..... think Mal...view item »

Ruined Parabola

Not heard Chora before though I'm familiar the Sheffield free noise and improv scene they are associated with. Predominantly a duo of Ben Morris and Rob Lye they have been known to supplement their line-up with various collaborators including Pascal Nichols, Patrick Farmer, Kelly Jones and members of Helhesten & The Hunter Gracchus. 'Ruined ...view item »

Helene Breschand & Sylvain Kassap

This is strange in a very positive sense of the word. The artists create a unique and at times sleazy sound with harp machines, clarinets, machines (???), toys and voice. The vocal plays quite a large role making weird sounds and phrases and get manipulated, presumably by said machines. Overall it has a musique concrete feel about it although I ...view item »

Frank Bretschneider

I've been looking forward to this one... Bretschneider's 'Rhythm' album still really does the business for me so this is an exciting time. 'Exp' is a double-disc set comprising a data CD with visual work and an audio CD of ermmm.... sound, music & audio. Just listening to the audio I can't help but feel I'm missing out on the full multi...view item »

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