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Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland
Black Is Beautiful

Looks like it's my responsibility to come up with some insights into the current output from Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland a.k.a Hype Williams. Kinda curious as to why they're not using their proper name anymore. It'd be sad if...view item »

Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol. 3 : To See More Light

Sax machine Colin Stetson has been turning ever more heads of late with his innovative and unique playing style, and finally this week we have the third in his ‘New History Warfare’ trilogy available for your consumption, hot on the heels of his excellent collaboration with modern sax legend ...view item »

Mucky Sailor
Early Lad

Leeds lads Mucky Sailor release their debut long player 'Early Lad', it's a crazy mix of prog synths and math rhythms, rumour has it that they're pretty bonkers live and it really shows on record too, 'Tranzpennine Express' is like Jethro Tull being stage invaded by ...view item »

Bruno Spoerri
Teddy Bar / Lilith

“German yet fun”, screams a slightly racist quote from 808 State’s Graham Massey in the press release to Swiss composer Bruno Spoerri’s previous reissue on the mighty Finders Keepers. Well, everyone liked t...view item »

Diamond Terrifier
The Subtle Body Wears A Shadow

Diamond Terrifier aka Sam Hillmer here with his latest effort on Terrible Records. DJ, artist, curator, Sam it seems is a man of many talents and here we see him living in a world where the saxophone isn’t just an instrument but a completely new way of thinking and creating music that exists bey...view item »

Greg Haines
Where We Were

‘Where We Were’ is the latest on Denovali from composer Greg Haines, Haines has veered away from his usual string laden sound to create something intricate and sparse, ‘The Intruder’ is a minimal tip-toeing string plucked sound and ‘Someth...view item »

The Incomplete Triangle

I love this group, and I say "group" loosely because they're not really a band. It's a striking album that's both metal and shoegaze-ish and Latin Miami Freestyle. If all these styles have came across your path in the past years and you've dug it, check this out. The Incomplete Triangle is not entirely original, but that's obviously on purpose. ...view item »

A Sectioned Beam

In theory, it's a good idea -- mixing bits of metal, dreampop, space-rock and one driving guitar. But Lansing-Dreiden never lives up to its promise in "Sectioned Beam." It feels like a good experimental album that hasn't decided if it wants to be the Beach Boys or a quirky ambient-pop group. This offbeat musical collective sounds like a...view item »

Barberos / Dispo
You Vs Us/Us Vs You

Another split release from Payper Tiger, this time via the grey streets of Liverpool and the sunny climes of Italy with Barberos alongside electro-math wizards Dispo. It brings together a range of influences including Battles, The Mars Volta, Kraftwerk and ...view item »

Ensemble Economique
The Vastness Is Bearable Only Through Love

Ensemble Economique, aka Starving Weirdo Brian Pyle, is back this week with another LP of his out-there synth explorations, with creepy minimal plinks, plonks, thuds and shudders inhabiting a bare-bones synthetic landscape, like an abandoned factory ...view item »

Beer Damage
Hobo On The Face of Music

You all like weird records, right? Well here’s one of them now. My second of the day that falls into that “bonkers unclassifiable esoterica” bracket after I already had to try to wrap my head around that mammoth Ghedalia Tazartes reissue this morning. We’ve not been sent a p...view item »


Fans of free folk will no doubt rejoice at the release of Damsen by Shiggajon, a Danish two piece made up of Nikolai Brix Vartenberg and Mikkel Reher-Langberg as well as a liquid cast of backing players. The clash of sounds as they bring together noise, drone and free jazz grows discordant and beautiful. Limited...view item »

Ben Bennett

Ah, the joys of working in audio retail mean that today I get to start my review session with this platter of confrontational and mostly percussive free-clattering on Experimedia from Ben Bennett, a jazz-trained drummer with a visceral playing style whic...view item »

Roseanne Barrr

Not to be confused with prime-time-sitcom-legend-cum-political-oddball Roseanne Barr, Roseanne Barrr are a boy-girl bass-and-drums duo of DIY queer punkers from London who I’m mostly aware of through their affiliation with Leeds anarcho-banshees Etai Keshiki. Their sound is a throbbing,...view item »

The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers
Peeled Up For the Sake of Fruit Music 2012

The first thing that strikes me about this album between putting the needle on the platter and having a look at the press release is that there don’t seem to be any banjos on it, just field recordings and weird disembodied voices. Then Phil tells me that he thinks this is going to ju...view item »

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch

The Dutch Lute player has teamed up with Jim Jarmusch again on this glorious album, this is Medieval with a capital M, if you could imagine the Jim O’Rourke/...view item »

Martin Kuchen

This is the new LP from Martin Kuchen, who we in the office have established is a very serious man. You won’t find anything to smile about on this here record, it’s specifically and relentlessly bleak, dedicated “to the American auth...view item »

Little Annie & Baby Dee
State Of Grace

It's a shame to see Little Annie be so under-known. She's been making great records for decades, sometimes using different names... Annie Anxiety, Little Annie Anxiety, Little Annie Axiety Bandez, etc... Of what I know of her, she started out with a more industrial approach, but with a soft spot for... I don't know what to call it... music hall?...view item »


The Runnningonair label serves up a nice little comp CD which was released for a show they’ve done/ are doing. I can’t possibly tell you which! It is/was available at the show and a few have been made for mail order from selected outlets. Each of the artists playing the show contributed a ...view item »

Josh Mason

I can’t find any info out about this dude anywhere. I’m guessing he’s American as this was recorded in Florida and it’s a personal lament about US TV being a bit shit. I guess if he was from anywhere else in the world then he wouldn’t care. I do like Breaking Bad ...view item »

Liz Christine
Sweet Mellow Cat

Here’s a newie on Flau by Liz Christine. There’s little for me to go on with the press release as it’s basically just a poem and a tracklisting, so I can’t give you any background info on her. I’ll make some up. Liz wa...view item »

Drop Out Venus
Elastic Teen Rent / I Kill Foxes

Well, this is a pretty confusing 7” and I couldn’t initially tell which of these songs was the A side so I’m starting out here with ‘I Kill Foxes’ which is a crunchy post-grunge song which recalls ‘90s artists like Juliana Hatfield or Tracy Bonham or ...view item »

Cut Hands
Black Mamba (The Album)

Professional grimacing noisy bastard "Lovely" Bill Bennett (as me girlfriend likes to call him after he cadged a ciggie off her at Supersonic) brings forth the percussive terror once more on his second Cut Hands long player. This stuff is so portentous a...view item »

Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox

Oren Ambarchi has released countless records this year, both solo and collaborative works. He appears to be unstoppable at the moment and has unleashed some real gems. Fellow upsidedown land cohort Robin Fox is also a great artist in his own right. A master of the...view item »

The Ganzfeld EP

This is possibly the strangest multi-media package we’ve ever had in by anyone. On a baffling array of formats, you also have a difficult choice to make with two different styles of headphones on offer so you can really dig the “sonic stylings” as these two legendary mad old b...view item »

Beneath Peaks

From the echoing zoo of sound that is the kick-off aural structure here, you know you're on interesting ground with an Autistici release. David W Newman is an experimental sound artist of visionary proportions, his productions are steeped in...view item »


Kemialliset Ystävät head honcho and Avarus, Tuusanuuskat and the Islaja band part-timer Jan ...view item »

HazelEye And The Pad
HazelEye And The Pad

My immediate response to this CD was one of confusion. The goofy name, presented on the cover in about five different fonts, made me think it might be some kind of joke, but then when I look closer, and indeed listen, it’s actually quite serious, pretty, minimalist melodic folk son...view item »

Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs
Rotten Masters EP

A noisy effort from these two experimental pillars. It’s three tracks of scree which resembles a Napalm Death concert taking place in a padded cell. It’s saved from unlistenability by wild scattershot beats and eer...view item »

Dirty Projectors
Swing Lo Magellan

It must take an awful lot of work to be as annoying as Dirty Projectors. The whole thing screams New York Art School at you so loud that you just want to hurl the thing out the window and listen to that new Stock Aitk...view item »

Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti

On this CD we’ve got a neoclassical/dark ambient collaboration between that clarinetist Gareth Davis and that cellist Frances-Marie Uitti, which runs the gamut from slow, malevolent, breathy scrapes and scrapey breaths to s...view item »

Invisible Sports
The Future Tastes

How many guys out of Volcano the Bear are releasing solo albums this week? I think this is the third and possibly the weirdest - though the others are not exactly chart fodder. This is basically a jazzy romp through the neth...view item »

Luciano Berio / Mike Patton
Laborintus II

With each of Mike Patton's solo releases, I have no idea what to expect, and Laborintus II is no different. The description of Laborintus II sounds like a madlib: Experimental rock vocalist and pioneer Mike Patton has released an avant-garde poem from the 1960's about the work of Inferno author Dante Alighieri that tries to communicate the autho...view item »

Ekca Liena & Spheruleus
Mapping The Boundary Layer

Ekca Liena and Spheruleus team up for an ultra atmospheric collaboration that is literally about atmospheric conditions. Yes, that’s right - the duo have taken the theme ...view item »

Central Living
Dune Church

Aw yeah. I wish I was on enough drugs to enjoy this album features the dusky twinklings of Steve Gunn getting up close and personal with the electronic twitchings and dronings of a man I’m less familiar with n...view item »

Yek Koo
Love Song For The Dead C

Yek Koo is the alias of Metal Rouge's Helga Fassonaki, and this LP is vaguely dedicated to NZ weirdos Dead C, wi...view item »

Year Of No Light & Thisquietarmy
Year Of No Light & Thisquietarmy

On this record France's semi-ambient post-metal noodlers Year Of No Light have teamed up with Montreal semi-ambient post-metal noodler Thisquietarmy for a whole LP of immersive doomy jams. Each band throws in a single long comp...view item »

Mirror / Echo

This is the debut offering from Steve Gribbin, under his pseudonym theapplesofenergy. The title apparently refers to the fact that the album was recorded half in Gribbin's tiny flat and half in the open wilds of the Campsie Hills in Scotland. I'm totally enjoying how this has been construc...view item »


Belgium dark ambient label Testtoon treat us to a remix EP featuring extended cuts of 'Positronium II' the highlight of Ouby's Testtoon debut 'Terra Incognita'. Here we're treated to a Substance remix of the track as well as two variants by the artist himself. The substance mix is a dark,...view item »

Rivers Home - Vol. 2

If you've not been squashed and disfigured by the EU drone mountain then here's some CDs which fell off the Australian drone mountain. The Rivers Home series are 5 x 3” CD sets and there's two sets (so t...view item »

Rivers Home - Vol. 1

If you've not been squashed and disfigured by the EU drone mountain then here's some CDs which fell off the Australian drone mountain. The Rivers Home series are 5 x 3” CD sets and there's two sets...view item »

Recyclist- Malorix Recycled

I'm having a hard time actually figuring out what's on this record. It's some kind of remixes by the looks of things, but whether it's Malorix remixing other artists or the other way around is difficult to fathom from either the artw...view item »

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