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Arve Henriksen
Places Of Worship

Rune Grammofon’s versatile trumpet dude Arve Henriksen is getting all spiritual on your ass this week with the release of ‘Places of Worship’, a graceful convolution of spiritual music and his mysterious smoky Scandi-jazz, backed tastefully by cleverly us...view item »

Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol. 3 : To See More Light

Sax machine Colin Stetson has been turning ever more heads of late with his innovative and unique playing style, and finally this week we have the third in his ‘New History Warfare’ trilogy available for your consumption, hot on the heels of his excellent collaboration with modern sax legend ...view item »

Mucky Sailor
Early Lad

Leeds lads Mucky Sailor release their debut long player 'Early Lad', it's a crazy mix of prog synths and math rhythms, rumour has it that they're pretty bonkers live and it really shows on record too, 'Tranzpennine Express' is like Jethro Tull being stage invaded by ...view item »

Matana Roberts
Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile

The second part of Matana Roberts' projected twelve-part jazz tapestry is an extremely confounding and yet gorgeously structured work, based around four-pronged suites of free jazz, operatic vocals, smooth spoken word narratives and gospel chants. The record rises and falls around these passages of music to show the pe...view item »

Bruno Spoerri
Teddy Bar / Lilith

“German yet fun”, screams a slightly racist quote from 808 State’s Graham Massey in the press release to Swiss composer Bruno Spoerri’s previous reissue on the mighty Finders Keepers. Well, everyone liked t...view item »

Piano Improvisations / Electrical Interferencies

Very limited (50 copies) CDr release from Given, aka Italian Dona Basile. Basile’s practice is broad, encompassing all manner of musics, up to and including Drum & Bass. Here though, he turns to the piano, for a series of improvisations. Surprisingly melodic, at least in comparison with most of the improvising I usuall...view item »

Ghedalia Tazartes
Voyage à l‘ombre

Hinterzimmer are really spoiling us this week. Not only have they sent us a stunning new hour-long CD by Lubomyr Melnyk, there’s also this new offering from another underappreciated veteran of the European experimental community, France’s Ghedalia Tazartes. Originally released in 1997 and ...view item »

Kemialliset Ystavat
Kultaista Kaupunkia Etsimassai

Firstly, format chat time and I’ve never seen the like of it - this has a picture disc on one side and black vinyl on the other. The black vinyl side plays music whilst the picture disc bit is just for show. Being the kind of British 'meat and potatoes' idiot that I am, I almost ignored this because I can’t say, never mind spell the ...view item »

Gabriel Saloman
Solider's Requiem

Gabriel Saloman has featured in Pete Swanson’s Yellow Swans project and now brings us a solo effort on Miasmah Records.   ‘Soldier’s Requiem’ is a dark, brooding journey taking the basic set up of guitar, bass and drums into doomy te...view item »

Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra
In C

This is of course Portishead’s Adrian Utley and an assembled orchestra of 18 guitars, 4 organs, bass clarinet and percussion performing Terry Riley’s history-changing minimal masterwork ‘In C’. The ensemble boasts the likes of ...view item »

David Grubbs
Borough of Broken Umbrellas

Grubbsy. The Grubbsmeister. Grubbsmania. Tony Grubba’s. However you want to greet him, it's clear that David Grubbs has followed an interesting and idiosyncratic path since the sad demise of Gastr Del Sol. This is his first release of solo guitar improvisations....view item »

Secret Boyfriend
This Is Always Where You’ve Lived

Hailing from North Carolina and part of a group called Boyzone (which amazingly isn’t the reformed Boyzone who recently popped the Jonathan Ross show to its very foundations, whilst at the same time wearing carefully manicured beards) what we get here is a messy strum that veers between Sentridoh like acoust...view item »


Papillon is one of my favourite films. I’ve seen it more times than I can possibly remember and I can’t think of a better film to watch on a Sunday afternoon. Watching Steve Mcqueen deteriorate from hardnut to frail old man over 3 hours is a feast for the mind. It also features lepers and to date this is my only experience of lepers ...view item »

Triumph of the Will

60 minutes of noisy, distorted, lo-fi, naïve Musique concrète/ tape music. Black sonics from the void > An obsession with the fragility of existence. B-side is the A-side in reverse. Edition of 23 copies. Tracks: A: Is There a He...view item »

Henry Flynt

Graduation is a collection of hillbilly songs put through the Flynt sonic whisk. Rather than the unrefined, meandering jam of the, to my mind, amazing collaboration with CC Hennix, known as Dharma Warriors, this is much sharper. Apart from the closing track - played on a vibrato guitar - there’s less of the ass...view item »

Derek Piotr

Not heard either of Derek Piotr's first two records so I’m a little lost for reference. He was nominated for the Rix Ars Electronica for Digital Musics prize last year so his music is definitely recognised within it’s field but somehow his output has passed me by. Sorry Poitr lad. His digital cut-up approach makes for a slightly diso...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee and Lasse Marhaug
Wake Up Awesome

I have never, ever in my entire life woken up awesome. Instead I usually wake up grim, hollering at the alarm clock for having the bare faced cheek to wake me up. The only positive being that I’ve survived another night, something I rarely think possible when attempting to actually get to sleep. If my alarm clock woke me to this cacophony ...view item »

Cabaret Voltaire

Synth gloomers Cabaret Voltaire originally released the delightfully titled Micro-Phonies in 1984, taking us down the pop route with a record of unapologetic hits -- hey art, you've gotta make money sometimes. No matter: the record delivers on its catchy intent, "Sensoria" features, and the band flie...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never, the one man analogue synth machine that is Daniel Lopatin certainly knows a thing or two about synth prog minimalism. 'Rifts' collects Lopatin's recorded output to date which includes 'Betrayed in the Octagon', 'Zones Without People' and 'Russian Mind' (all released in limited quantities of wax-o-vinyl) as well as a collec...view item »

Li Dai Guo
Music For Advertisments

Li Dai Guo is a master of many trades: an artist, a musical polymath on both instruments and voice, as well as a performer known for working with a huge range of characters. Music for Advertisements is inspired by Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan Province in China. With pipa and erhu as well as piano and beatboxing L...view item »

Land Of Kush
The Big Mango

Osama Shalabi's project Land of Kush is where esoteric sounds congregate: his mix of free whatever-you-want (as long as its improvised) is met with vocal howls and hums, strangely programmed electronic work in one big sonic ambiguation. The Big Mango uses this lens of odd sounds to consider gend...view item »

Sparkling Wide Pressure
Stream Returner

We’ve got a couple of these limited CDs in from the reliable Analog Path this week and one of them is this one by Sparkling Wide Pressure. There are four tracks in all, totalling about 45 minutes of music, which is of the lo-fi droney ambient variety. Layers of shifting, shimmering synths are joined by echoed, unintelligible vocal ...view item »

Midnight Doctors
Midnight Doctors

Three new LPs from alt.vinyl have arrived in our shop today, one of which is this self-titled effort by The Midnight Doctors, an LP which boasts 19 tracks and a mammoth 26 contributors. The press release informs me that it contains ...so you should expect a confused mess, right? Well, wrong in this case. Phil Begg created this album as a studio ...view item »

Hazy Lights

Experimental, hazy folk stripped bare, with breathy female vocals and a slightly unnerving feel. Much more ambient than the previous release 'To the other side', 'Hazy Lights' is meditative, subtle and minimalistic-sounding. Slow-burning, melancholic and emotional. Vinyl LP on the Boring Machines label. ...view item »

Colour Tones

What does the colour Green sound like? Machinefabriek attempts to answer that question, then asks the same of Red, Grey, Blue, Brown, Mosaic (?) on another alluring release, this time on Fang Bomb. Is it possible to evoke colour in pure sound? Hide the track titles from you friends and ask what they see to these...view item »

C Spencer Yeh / Jon Lorenz / Ryan Jewell
Live At The CAC 7.21.08

We seem to be living in a special time for C. Spencer Yeh 7"s at the moment, I think this is the third one in a couple of weeks. On 'Live at the CAC 7.21.08' he's scratching away manically on a violin like a John Cale possessed (yes I know he played the viola before we get inundated with angry letters) while Jon Lorenz honks away lyrically on ...view item »

Lonnie Holly
The Sandmans Garden – A Film By Arthur Sloss Crenshaw

This DVD will be a tempter for anyone who swooned over Lonnie Holley’s fascinating couple of albums that came out in the last few years. The Sandmans Garden exposes Lonnie in the grips of his instinctive, boundary-less folk-art. It also traces the sometimes traumatic past of this remarkable artist over the course ...view item »

John Layton / Christopher Wood
The Green Curve

Phil tells me we’ve been given a Norm-sclusive on this latest CD from John Layton and Christopher Wood, the third in a series following ‘Sfumato’ and ‘When? Softly’ on Benbecula which came out in 2010 and ‘11 respectively. O...view item »

Debt of Nature
Order : Spoil the Entire State

I worried last week that it’s very possible subconsciously I have something against Brad Laner. I never seem to rate his music, in whichever format it takes, he must keep catching me on an off day as its nothing personal. In recent weeks we’ve had to deal with a reissue of his school band Earth ...view item »

Daiquiri Fantomas
MHz Invasion

Helderberg Howl / FTW

Golden Lab Records have this week sent this sloppy mess of a 7” from Chalaque, a self-proclaimed “double B-side” single featuring the songs ‘Helderberg Howl’ and ‘FTW’. I’m starting with the B-side ‘FTW’, which is two minutes of harsh vaguely rhythmic po...view item »

The Books
The Way Out

Aw man the Books are back! I got completely obsessed by The Books when Lost & Safe came out. I couldn't put their records down! 5 years later comes 'The Way Out' on their new home Temporary Residence! In that 5 years I got married and I'm gonna get divorced, I had a kid, I got gradually more stupid and the centre of me grew. A lot has ha...view item »

All Tiny Creatures
Dark Cloud

Diamond Terrifier
The Subtle Body Wears A Shadow

Diamond Terrifier aka Sam Hillmer here with his latest effort on Terrible Records. DJ, artist, curator, Sam it seems is a man of many talents and here we see him living in a world where the saxophone isn’t just an instrument but a completely new way of thinking and creating music that exists bey...view item »

Sindre Bjerga + micromelancolie

Greg Haines
Where We Were

‘Where We Were’ is the latest on Denovali from composer Greg Haines, Haines has veered away from his usual string laden sound to create something intricate and sparse, ‘The Intruder’ is a minimal tip-toeing string plucked sound and ‘Someth...view item »

The Incomplete Triangle

I love this group, and I say "group" loosely because they're not really a band. It's a striking album that's both metal and shoegaze-ish and Latin Miami Freestyle. If all these styles have came across your path in the past years and you've dug it, check this out. The Incomplete Triangle is not entirely original, but that's obviously on purpose. ...view item »

A Sectioned Beam

In theory, it's a good idea -- mixing bits of metal, dreampop, space-rock and one driving guitar. But Lansing-Dreiden never lives up to its promise in "Sectioned Beam." It feels like a good experimental album that hasn't decided if it wants to be the Beach Boys or a quirky ambient-pop group. This offbeat musical collective sounds like a...view item »

The Sonic Catering Band
A Gourmet’s Slumber

Barberos / Dispo
You Vs Us/Us Vs You

Another split release from Payper Tiger, this time via the grey streets of Liverpool and the sunny climes of Italy with Barberos alongside electro-math wizards Dispo. It brings together a range of influences including Battles, The Mars Volta, Kraftwerk and ...view item »

Ensemble Economique
The Vastness Is Bearable Only Through Love

Ensemble Economique, aka Starving Weirdo Brian Pyle, is back this week with another LP of his out-there synth explorations, with creepy minimal plinks, plonks, thuds and shudders inhabiting a bare-bones synthetic landscape, like an abandoned factory ...view item »

Beer Damage
Hobo On The Face of Music

You all like weird records, right? Well here’s one of them now. My second of the day that falls into that “bonkers unclassifiable esoterica” bracket after I already had to try to wrap my head around that mammoth Ghedalia Tazartes reissue this morning. We’ve not been sent a p...view item »


Fans of free folk will no doubt rejoice at the release of Damsen by Shiggajon, a Danish two piece made up of Nikolai Brix Vartenberg and Mikkel Reher-Langberg as well as a liquid cast of backing players. The clash of sounds as they bring together noise, drone and free jazz grows discordant and beautiful. Limited...view item »

Ben Bennett

Ah, the joys of working in audio retail mean that today I get to start my review session with this platter of confrontational and mostly percussive free-clattering on Experimedia from Ben Bennett, a jazz-trained drummer with a visceral playing style whic...view item »

Roseanne Barrr

Not to be confused with prime-time-sitcom-legend-cum-political-oddball Roseanne Barr, Roseanne Barrr are a boy-girl bass-and-drums duo of DIY queer punkers from London who I’m mostly aware of through their affiliation with Leeds anarcho-banshees Etai Keshiki. Their sound is a throbbing,...view item »

Crimson Rainbow Facility
Unknown Strains

Phantom Orchard Orchestra
Trouble In Paradise

Scott Walker
Bish Bosch

Experimental pop godfather and widely acknowledged “godlike genius” Scott Walker is back with only his fourth proper solo album since the Walker Brothers disbanded in 1978, and first in six years. I’m afraid that I&rs...view item »

Pseudo Nippon

The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers
Peeled Up For the Sake of Fruit Music 2012

The first thing that strikes me about this album between putting the needle on the platter and having a look at the press release is that there don’t seem to be any banjos on it, just field recordings and weird disembodied voices. Then Phil tells me that he thinks this is going to ju...view item »

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch

The Dutch Lute player has teamed up with Jim Jarmusch again on this glorious album, this is Medieval with a capital M, if you could imagine the Jim O’Rourke/...view item »

Martin Kuchen

This is the new LP from Martin Kuchen, who we in the office have established is a very serious man. You won’t find anything to smile about on this here record, it’s specifically and relentlessly bleak, dedicated “to the American auth...view item »

Little Annie & Baby Dee
State Of Grace

It's a shame to see Little Annie be so under-known. She's been making great records for decades, sometimes using different names... Annie Anxiety, Little Annie Anxiety, Little Annie Axiety Bandez, etc... Of what I know of her, she started out with a more industrial approach, but with a soft spot for... I don't know what to call it... music hall?...view item »

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