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Eric Chenaux

Sometimes you gotta keep the unknowing masses at a distance. That’s what Eric Chenaux must have thought, because Skullsplitter is not filled with extremely hardcore techno. In fact, it’s overflowing with gentle and beautiful soundscapes, straight from his skull to the vinyl. Maybe that’s where the name...view item »

The Yellow Square

Again on Split Femur recordings we have PLANIVAAR with The Yellow Square. A debut release from West Midlands based musician Mark Lippett. The guitar takes a more prominent role in the music with field recordings and samples drfiting in throughout the movement, chattering away in the background like a strange rhythmic drum pattern. Again Fennesz is ...view item »

The North Sea
Exquisite Idols

New on the ever dependable Type is The North Sea's (aka Brad Rose) "Exquisite Idols". You'd think it was full of sea shanties with a title like that, inside though is a collection free-folk styled harmonium drones, flutes and guitar picking. So what's with this nu folk?, hippy devotion?, spirituality?, myths and folklore? Maybe its a retu...view item »

Rob Mullender
Human Resources

Now back on the Bo'Weavil label which is fast be coming my new favourite. Here they present ROB MULLENDER and then name it Human Resources. More experimental and improvisational than Wooden Spoon and whilst that's like a walk in the forest this is like a stumble in a thorny bush. He's off on one and occasionally somethin...view item »


I got slightly confused yesterday whilst listening to French band MUEROS' 'Zero' CD. Although I am easy to confuse half way into the album I was convinced I was listening to something by a completely different artist. From the indie pop despair of opening track 'Arsenic' to title track 'Zero' which wonders into dark drone realms with...view item »


What is left to say about the deluge of albums that comprise of synthesizer drones ebbing and flowing, drifting hither and thither? It's a struggle and that's why The Wire spend their time overintellectualising what is basically the sound of a man playing one note on an organ for 40 minut...view item »


In 1979 MFH were formed, in the words of the liner notes, “by Andrew Cox (Maths) and David Elliott (Geography) at Sussex University in November 1979”, they were a couple of dweebs who couldn’t really play their instruments and instead dived headlong into the cassette culture ...view item »

Roel Meelkop
Oude Koeien

Meat. Love it or hate it there's no ignoring it. Not a fan myself. Possibly something to do with strict vegetarianism but even if meat wasn't made of animals I'm not sure I'd like it. In glorious technicolour on the front cover of this new album by Roel Meelkop is a big slab of meat. The CD is called 'Oude Koeien' and musically it seems to be ...view item »

Erik Enocksson

Fourth album right here from this Stockholm artist who has previously released on Kning Disc. 'Apan' was inspired by a 2009 Swedish drama film directed by Jesper Ganslandt. Oh man this sounds fantastic ...view item »

Kamil Kowalczyk

This is my first exposure to this Polish born, Edinburgh based artist, most likely as this (As far as I am aware) is his first physical release. Comprised of two long pieces, the first 'Model II' begins with sparse, minimal electronic tones/drones which slowly morph for a short while until some distant bleeps slowly creep into the mix, then the ...view item »

Pekka Airaksinen
Buddhas Of Golden Light

Buddhas Of Golden Light is an old collector’s favourite, being a record of weirdo synth-stuff accompanied by improvised saxophone, courtesy of Finnish Pekka Airaksinen (former member of a group called The Sperm). But now you don’t need to fork out millions for a copy, as Arc Light Editions a...view item »

The Idealist
I Am The Fire

The Idealist: 'I am The Fire' (Nosordo) is a six track experimental electronica collection that takes in droney ambient drift styles: room reverberating hum drone; minimalist tone works; micro-soundscapes and the sort of leftfield tonal sparseness and deep listening experience exampled by the labels like 12K/Line, Raster Noton and the like. Fans of...view item »

Ian W
Oslo Solo

Ian W: 'Oslo Solo' (Blackest Rainbow) Is a six track document of 'spontaneous composition' for solo guitar and FX pedals and is one of five releases we have this week from this freeform cdr imprint. Limited to sixty copies, these tracks range from the extended jam and sound explorations of the free-rock/noise vein of the likes of Wooden W...view item »

Pija Z Bogiem

Ant here with a very nice opener from Hexlove. This double CD 'Pija Z Bogiem' is the work of Holy Mountain/ Temporary Residence artist Zac Nelson and it's a most pleasant listening experience. It's strange, backwards indie pop music that is simultaneously experimental and accessible. The vocals on the tracks are really unique using lots of effects ...view item »

Gurun Gurun
Gurun Gurun

3 new Home Normal's in this week. Like buses they tend to come at once... or when I'm waiting for a bus they never comeatfuckingall. This has arrived though and it's here in my hand and while I'm listening to it I have the CD right next to me in my periphery vision so I can stay focused. Nice work Phil. These guys are a Czech collective of exper...view item »

Ernest Gonzales
Been Meaning To Tell You

Don't know much about Ernest Gonzales but it would appear that the Art Union/Maomoo label are big fans with this LP coinciding with a book release/multi artist collaborative effort. You can read more about the related shenanigans in the press release or follow this link. For now, i'll stick to banter about the album in hand. 'Been Meaning to Tell Y...view item »

Goalkeeper Wanted
Mouthful of Cherries

Got some heavy improv jazz gear from the superbly named Goalkeeper Wanted. 'Mouth Of Cherries' Lots of disjointed and abstract drum clattering and guitar twanging. Defiantly shifting into odd time signature, it sounds chaotic and a deliciously messy... Hahaha I just clocked the press release and it says that it was performed wearing boxing gloves. ...view item »

Tribute To Manzini

An interesting thing on City Centre Offices by Firewire called A Tribute To The Manzini. This is Carl Crack (Atari Teenage Riot/ DHR) and some other dude called Frederic Slater. It was put on Hiatus after Carl died in 2001 and it's been put together now with what was recorded at the tim...view item »

Vault of Blossomed Ropes
Vault of Blossomed Ropes

Vault of Blossomed Ropes is a rather well named project thoughtfully exploring electroacoustic avenues, but with the rare addition of vocals murmuring (and sometimes gibbering) actual lyrics; although they are, literally, all Greek to me. This self-titled album, with its six tracks, is released by the Triple Bath label....view item »

Ekoplekz / Onme

This CD captures some of the emanations from the studio of Ekoplekz, aka Nick Edwards. As always, the tracks slip through the cracks of various electronic music scenes and manage to sound just like Ekoplekz: dubby, bass-heavy, synthed-up sound explorations for the curious. Plus the nigh-on unkno...view item »

Human interface

Dokaka isn't probably someone you've heard of before but he's a Japanese dude who uses his voice to make his music. There's no instruments on here at all... every single thing on the album is constructed with the crazy guy's own voice. He did an album years ago which covered Led Zep, Slayer and Rolling Stones songs which folks went nuts for apparen...view item »


my favorite all-time band that I was in. Mark P. and myself would hole up in his bedroom armed with libations and other stimuli and let  the good times roll. this particular CD-R was recorded one Saturday afternoon and is barely edited from the original tape. every second was improvised and LSD-soaked...cheers to you Leeds people ...view item »

Robert Curgenven & Richard Chartier
Built Through

God, I'm sat here in the baking heat in my room listening to this tranquil baby. The second track is particularly relevant to my near-immolated state being the sound of electronic crickets-on-crack chirruping excitedly, undercut with a deep gradually escalating tonal throb reminiscent of ...view item »

Continental Film Night/ Tellerman
Tinhorn Home Companion Vol 1

Tinhorn Companion Volume 1 CD by Continental Film Night/ Tellerman. The enormous shout of 'WHO?' I can hear is deafening... and you'd be right in not having a clue about this. So here's a bit of info. It's a new project by David Sheppard and some other folks who you probably won't have heard of. This immediately caught my ear with it's beautiful la...view item »


When you read the words 'frankly insane instrumental hip hop all the way from Poland' you know you want to take a listen. So this describes the next release 'comac' by CO. The nearest comparison I guess is Dalek but without the vocals the sonic manipulations need to be even more visceral which CO manage with aplomb. Rickety beats...view item »

Richard Chartier

Once upon a time I was staying in a house in Welwyn Garden City. Adding to the glamorous setting was the fact that the only space to sleep was in a kitchen where the dog normally slept. In order to stretch out satisfactorily I had my head pressed against a fridge. All night I lay there with t...view item »

Richard Chartier
Transparency (Performance)

This is a recording of a performance from October 2010 in the ring Auditorium at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC. The performance is a culmination of recordings from a research fellowship which explored the National Museum of American History's collection of 19th...view item »

Kim Cascone
Anti-musical Celestial Forces

“Anti-Musical Celestial Forces” continúa la serie de CDs basados en grabaciones de campo de que comenzó con  “Austrum Argentum”, “Pharmacie: Red & Green” y “Music for Dagger & Guitar”. En esta obra Kim Cascone presenta grabaciones de campo recogid...view item »

S. Araw "Trio" XI
Gazebo Effect

Stoned psych-jammer Cameron Stallones’ Sun Araw project appears here in a new and evolved form, as the S. Araw “Trio” XI. Gazebo Effect presents four sides of their explorations, utilising various synths, computer programs and a ‘midi-guitar’ to produce str...view item »

Joe Evans and Craig Burston
Systems out of Chance

This two disc set is super nice with its mix of classical piano, ambience and field recordings that recall the likes of Nils Frahm, Alva Noto and Ryuchi Sakamoto and William Basinski's excellent 'Variations For Piano And Tape'. Joe Evans also records as Runningonair and contributes all of the audio production here while Craig Burston has created...view item »

MIke Bullock
Mild Disappearances

Every time I see the title of this CD I keep thinking it says mild disappointments which neatly sums up the contents of my life. It's been full of 'em. Even just thinking it says that and then realising it's called Mild Disappearances is another in a long line. I know fuck all about this guy except he used to be one third of a band called Fetish...view item »

Ariel Kalma
An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979)

Ariel Kalma's warm new age tones conveyed more depth and precision than your average artist working towards ambient bliss. His work combined multiple disciplines that jarred and modulated otherwise still life soundscapes -- jazz and poetry were often present, as well as his constant, sustained electronic work. 'An Evolutionary Music' shows his p...view item »

The Disambiguation Of Anonymeye

Next in my ears is a CD from Anonymeye on Sound & Fury and it sounds great actually. It's called 'The Disambiguation of Anonymeye'. The first couple of numbers are analogue synthesizer workouts that really pricked my ears up, then a total contrast on 'Hill Loop' he's plucking away at his steel string acoustic guitar then slowly layers of analog...view item »

A'qui Avec Gabriel
Itsukushimi No Ame No Naka De

I've reviewed quite a few records at this point but I think this is my first effort at taking on a release of solo accordion improv so I feel I should thank this lady (who, contrary to the name and the instrument, is Japanese) for the opportunity. Coming in on Sachiko's label and after having collaborated with Keiji Haino you'd be forgiven for t...view item »

Hand of Stabs
Amphipod Gunvessel

Hand of Stabs fill this c60 cassette with the same improvised ambience that they have used to fill a wide variety of interesting spaces in and around their native Kent. The oddness of some of these places (burial grounds, abandoned schools etc.) seems to have infused into the music, a very positive thing. Amphiphod Gunvessel...view item »

Damian Anache
Capturas del Unico Camino

Oh, there’s a lot going on here. Where to begin? So, there are some acoustic instruments played by Damian Anache and he also makes sounds “generated with his mouth” - it’s kinda like throat singing, or just someone saying “aah” for the dentist. There’s also a computer playing an algorith...view item »

The Grey Lynn Homeless Set

Yikes, I'm never really sure what to make of stuff like this. On this 7” here we've got four short pieces of anti-music from MHFS. The final track has some hushed and decayed vocals underneath some scratchy, percussive, arrhythmic guitar but that's very much the closest we get to any...view item »

Barry Adamson
Moss Side Story

Barry Adamson’s records are getting the reissue treatment thanks to Mute. Adamson is currently a member of Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds and formerly a member of Magazine and The Birthday Party, so major alt-heritage runs through his veins. ...view item »

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay

Available on 12” vinyl LP with full colour reverse board sleeve and printed inner bag or CD, on Blackest Ever Black. To help Blackest Ever Black raise the bar yet again they’ve brought in french avantgard trumpeter Jac Berrocal. Sucking you into his film-noir Dale cooper/Bohren und der Club o...view item »

Baby Dee
I Am A Stick

Baby Dee finds serial percussionist Alex Neilson (Death Shanties, Trembling Bells) and a band also including Joe Carvell, Victor Herrero and Jordan Hunt working with Dee herself, to bring her piano-led songs to ...view item »

Cortar Todo

‘Cortar Todo’ is the new full length album by Italian, experimental instrumentalists Zu, released on California based, independent label Ipecac Recordings. Recorded in the heart of the Bologna countryside in the summer of 2014 the album features a host of guest artists including Italian guitar maverick Stefano Pilia, known for his co...view item »

Flailing Tomb

The Petrels sound is a huge one, shooting high into the sky and falling down all around the listener. Flailing Tomb, his latest, is influenced seemingly by a little bit of everything under the sun: sonically, it contains a large choir in addition to the usual Petrels pallette. Released on 180g vinyl and...view item »

Solar Cafe

Available on digipak CD on Eibon Records (500 copies) or hand numbered 180g red vinyl on Deafborn (400 copies). Found sound and drone swamped plucked post rock guitars soundtrack-like album from the aptly(and excellently) named Melanchoholics. With sub frquencies and darkened tones competing with each other, put it somewhere bet...view item »

Eugene Ward
Paint en Pointe

Originally the soundtrack to five months of modern dance exhibition in Sydney, the music on Paint en Pointe is both abstract and catchy. Heavily percussion driven, Eugene Ward, also known as Dro Carey / Tuff Sherm, will treat you to the perfect environment to experience your own expressive dan...view item »


The people of Winchester don’t get masses of opportunities to see experimental music, but the occasional series of ‘Ology’ gigs make up for that by being extremely high calibre. This Dendrology CDr showcases one of those great line-ups, with Robert Curvengen, Plurals, Jennifer ...view item »

Bruce Ditmas
Yellow Dust

Progressive pop synthesist Bruce Ditmas began life as a teen prodigy jazz drummer in Miami Beach where he was raised until he was relocated to New York where he eventually met up with vocalist Joan La Barbara (later Mrs Morton Subotnick). La Barbara encouraged Ditmas in his experiments in heavy electronic rhythms and the potential of musical tec...view item »

Berangere Maximin
Dangerous Orbits

Available on CD or double vinyl LP on Crammed Discs. Jeeez! Name dropping alone should grab you if you like any kind of drone or sound art. Berangere Maximin studied under Denis Dufour (GRM, and himself a pupil of Pierre Schaeffer), first album released on John Zorn...view item »

Tyondai Braxton

Available on CD vinyl LP on Nonesuch. Former Battles frontman Tyondai Braxton is probably fed up of being described as such, after all he has many more “strings to his bow”. Having had many compositions played all over the world he has returned with his first solo outing since 2009. Whilst Centra...view item »

TVO & Paul Purgas
Tangents Series #01: LiveGlasgow040414

Glaswegian underground electronic label Broken20’s Tangents Series has been set up to release collaborative live performances. In Techno on the whole, the more open-ended, improvisatory approaches to sound creation are usually confined to the producers’ private studios; the fruits of their experiments carefully edited and processed f...view item »

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek

Australian native Tim Catlin and Machinefabriek, aka Dutch sound artist and musician Rutger Zuydervelt have collaborated for the third time to bring Whorls into the world. Whorls is an effervescent and captivating collection of droning guitar and ambient soundscapes. Whorls...view item »

Kink Gong

Cripes, not even really sure where to start with this one. Basically Laurent Jeanneau has gone to Xinjiang Province in China and recorded a load of local musicians playing local instruments with names like kazakh dongbra and uyghur tambur and dotar that I'm not even going to pretend to kno...view item »

Gomila Park
Ununoctium / Gomila Park

Gomila Park, the newest output function for Carl Michael von Hausswolff (who recently also released one hell of a singular record with Leslie Winer) and Martin Rössel, is unpredictable to say the least. This self-titled release on the Ununoctium se...view item »

Dirk Serries & Rutger Zuydervelt

Rutger Zuyderveldt, minimal drone expert extraordinaire, also known as Machinefabriek and Piiptsjilling, once again teaming up with a crazy sound explorer: this time it's Dirk Serries, known for Microphonics. Together they have created Buoyant...view item »


I've got to do summat "beard" says he, the man over there, rapidly sliding down the slippy chute into the terrifying realm that is 40-dom. 'Beard' was the term we used to employ to describe anything that may get musical academics & sound-art buffs frothing with excitement but would undoubtedly clear 99.9% of the public houses in Britain. Als...view item »

Bucket of Songs

Starting with a collection of sounds, Labfield slowly organizes their tracks, throwing in crazy, whispering, stalking, are-they-really-there? vocals over an otherwise pleasant polyrhythmic beat. Bucket of Songs features improv-scene favorites David Stackenals, Ingar Zach as well as new member Giuseppe Ielasi and offers ...view item »

Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers
Mutation.. The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum

Steven Stapleton’s wandering band of un-merry weirdoes / wyrdoes are here found collaborating with Graham Bowers. Mutation… The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum (a typical Nurse With Wound album title if ever I saw one) contains the post-industrial mysticism we’ve come...view item »

Jarboe and Helen Money
Jarboe and Helen Money

Jarboe, formerly the eerie female side of Swans, teams up with Helen Money, the go-to avant-cellist of the out-rock underground. Truly, an exciting combo. Certainly this self-titled debut is heavy: Money’s distorted strings are often enormous. But Jarboe h...view item »

Exhaustion w/ Kris Wanders
Exhaustion w/ Kris Wanders

Scrappy no wave punx Exhaustion are friends with a saxophonist, named Kris Wanders, and here lies the inevitable conclusion of their acquaintanceship: a self-titled LP of music that goes slower and more patient. These are carefully considered improvisations, in a way, bringing together differ...view item »

Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window

Seasoned Coil fanatics will no doubt be familiar with the names Ossian Brown and Stephen Thrower who were early collaboraters with Balance and Sleazy. Cyclobe also did an album with Nurse With Wound which I think is the last thing they (Cyclobe) released. This sounds like it would eat me up, at home, late at night, evoking an alternate unive...view item »

Group of the Altos
R U Person Or Not

Twelve piece avant-garde rock band from Milwaukee, Group Of Altos make their music by huddling together when drunk or angry or excited about thunder. They build themselves into a frenzy of expression through loud humming, heavy beats and blown out guitars. The result is a an instrumental intensity of beautiful human sound....view item »

Sage Taylor
Parallels & Rhythms EP

‘The Parallels & Rhythms’ EP is Portland composer Sage Taylor’s second release on Dutch label Shimmering Moods Records. The A side is a perfectly flawed and serene work of ambient, blissed out peacefulness while the two B sides are both warm and hazy summer time tracks. Very limited edition with no repress....view item »


New and unexplored territory from Zs. Xe is the new set of noises from the group in it's current 3 person format. Taking ideas of minimalism, the avant-garde, jazz fusion and an assortment of rhythmic concepts - they have woven a tapestry of sorts based around drums, percussion, the guitar and the saxopho...view item »

Hiiragi Fukuda

Two sides of cool improvised jams from Hiiragi Fukuda, one with guitar and one with a monophonic synth. A fun and playful sound, grabbed with whatever equipment was to hand, that also digs deep into spacey vibes. Seacide was first sighted on a limited cassette, so this proper vinyl / CD release on Trouble In Mind is mos...view item »

Phil Legard

Warren Ellis (the comic book writer, not the musician. Everyone gets those two mixed up) called Angelystor by Phil Legard ‘one of the most beautiful pieces of music’ he owns. An exploration of St. Digain’s churchyard which contains possibly the oldest living thing in the British Isles, which surprisingly isn&rs...view item »

Das Sombreros
The Lamp

Estranging music in all meanings of the word is the forte of Das Sombreros. They specialize in sounds that you may recognize, vaguely, like a bad dream you had last night and forgot about, but can’t quite place. And while you’re trying to figure out what happened and what didn’t, you are surprised by something ...view item »

Yannick Dauby
Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol. 1

French sound composer Yannick Dauby spent several months in Peng-Hu (located in the Taiwan strait) composing this record which documents the environment using sounds of underwater fauna, waves shortwave radio and sounds collected from harbours. He used analog electronic instruments to create a haunting sketchbook of his time on the island. Like ...view item »

William Ryan Fritch

Available on CD, and vinyl LP presented in a bound jacket alongside matte printed artwork limited to 300 copies. William Ryan Fritch pushes his highly cinematic blend of modern classical and world music which, in a strange way, is simultaneously pleasant and overbearing. Suits the Lost Tribe Sound label down to a T...view item »

Holger Czukay
On The Way To The Peak Of Normal

This is a reissue of the third album by Can’s Holger Czukay. A quick google search reveals to me that he was the one with the moustache. It isn’t exactly a lavish package, but if you are lucky there will be a record included and thats the main thing. It comprises of two lengthy pieces that marry electronics ...view item »

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