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Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld
Never Were The Way She Was

Available on 12” vinyl LP or CD from Constellation. Colin Stetson’s is renowned for his unique style with tenor and bass sax. Melding polyrhythmic blasts and clanks with prolonged and evolving drones as well as simultaneously vocalising through the mouthpiece. Joining forces with violinist Sarah Neufeld ...view item »

Carter Tutti Void
f (x)

Next tight little release from the indomitable Carter Tutti Void trio (Throbbing Gristle, Factory Floor). f(x) finds them destroying dancefloors with a sharp set of tunes that balance beat-hypnotism with icy synth melodies. This release continues a brief but powerful traditio...view item »

Matana Roberts
Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee

River Run Thee is the third entry in Matana Roberts' so far incredible 12-part musical tapestry (as she called it for part two, "sound quilting") about civil rights and the history of creativity in America. Roberts' discipline is jazz, specifically avant compositions on saxophone, but, as implied with her invo...view item »

Wolf Eyes
I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces

Weird, a Wolf Eyes album on Jack White’s Third Man Records… I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces is the first ‘proper’ Wolf Eyes album to showcase their late-period Trip Metal (sorry John Olson, I mean TR1p Met@L!!1!) style, and while it is pretty dam...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine

Um, ye, that cover does it for me. I’ll take one. Pretty neat that the music inside of Godbear by Charlemagne Palestine is also epic. From 1987, Godbear was originally intended to come out out on Glenn Branca's Neutral Records but eventually emerged on CD, on the now defu...view item »

This Heat
Health and Efficiency

This Heat remain one of the most unique and remarkable bands in existence, and it is a joy to see their catalogue being reissued on vinyl for the first time! Health & Efficiency is a hell of an EP, combining weird tape-manipulated soundscape ‘Graphic/Varispeed’ with the title track, which seems to accele...view item »


Heavy and avant-garde drone rock on the Castle Face label. On their self-titled album Sunwatchers make a dense and repetitive instrumental music that borrows from rock, free improv and minimalist composition to create something not much like any of those genres. It’s like a giant La Monte Young...view item »

Pete Um
The New Album

There’s not many British eccentrics as wonderful and awe-inspiringly mad as our Pete Um. His scattershot irreverent prose, weirdo-raps and surrealist sound-sculptures are pretty distinctive, I feel, and have a place in the...view item »

Mike Cooper
New Kiribati

First released in 1999, here is the first installment in Mike Cooper’s intriguing journey away from songcraft and towards ‘Ambient Exotica Soundscapes’: intriguing and atmospheric little soundworlds made with… well, all sorts. This reissue on Discrepant is the first ever a...view item »

Following Shapes to the Edge of a Drift

FvRTvR is a project featuring long-term talented weirdo Fritz Welch, working with Guido Henneboehl. The sonic results that wash up on Following Shapes To The End Of A Drift are wild and deranged: messed-up throat sounds lead the charge of all sorts of unidentified ‘other’ no...view item »

Qasim Naqvi

Qasim Naqvi plays drums in the band Dawn of MIDI, but here he strikes out solo for a release on the generally excellent NNA Tapes. Preamble shows off a more compositional side, using plenty more than just percussion. And apparently, NNA are issuing CDs now as well, for those of you who scorn the cassett...view item »

Jim Ghedi
Home is Where I Exist, Now to Live and Die

Solo guitarist Jim Ghedi built up the material for Home Is Where I Exist, Now To Live And Die while travelling through Northern Europe, and the restlessness and the exposure to different lives that travel brings is all audibly present here on this record. Ghedi’s traditional folk sensibility plus ...view item »

Francesco Cavaliere
Gancio Cielo

The debut album from artist, composer and all-round eccentric Francesco Cavaliere, Gancio Cielo is available on vinyl LP from Hundebiss records. Francesco’s voice is the main source of his music, but twisted into strange new shapes by homemade circuit boards and effects. The mixture of rec...view item »

Irmler + FM Einheit

Big names from heavyweight experimental German groups collaborate here: FM Einheit did time in Einsturzende Neubauten, and Hans-Joachim Irmler is one of the founders of Faust. The two each bring A-game to the table, swirling together ferocious organ, field recordings, beats, voc...view item »

Orson Hentschel
Feed The Tape

A debut of abrasive drone and sound art from Orson Hentschel. Denovali release Feed the Tape on digipak CD and 180g double vinyl LP. Hentschel draws on minimal classical music, dark ambient and middle-age vocal forms to create something extremely distinctive. Here, repetitive, barely-present dro...view item »

Andrea Penso
Ritorno All'Acqua

Andrea Penso has used those most essential of tools to create this work: field recordings and tape loops. With such slight means, he has made Rittorno All’Acqua, a subtle, abstract drift apparently meant to correspond to the baptism of Jesus, among other subjects. Single-sided c20 cassette, released in an edition ...view item »

Michel Banabila
Tapu sampler 2016

Michel Banabila runs the Rotterdam-based Tapu Records, and he wants you to know more of the work he’s been releasing. To this effect he’s given us Tapu Sampler 2016, a double CD featuring Banabila’s work with other artists like Van Geel and Machinefabrik...view item »

We Mythical Kings

We Mythical Kings is made up of Raz Ullah and Peter Phillipson. Visitations is their debut album - a result of controlled and structured improvisations on guitar synthesizers and a huge array of hacked effects. Recorded over a six day period, whilst locked away in a small cottage on the...view item »

Lina in Nida

Astor is the solo project of Mark Harwood, a remarkable dive into abstraction with heavy intentions. Lina in Nida contains a “proposed anthem for Britain during a potential invasion by ISIS”, which hurtles through a large and threatening electronic soundscape. 400 copies of this LP, on Penul...view item »

Tarquin Manek
Tarquin Magnet

Taquin Magnet by Australian Tarquin Manek is a timeless mix of folk-jazz ideas, delicate chamber dub and synthetic post-techno electronics. Although this is Manek’s first solo release on Blackest Ever Black, he has previously contributed as one half of Tarcar with Cara Del Forno a...view item »

Goncalo F Cardoso & Ruben Pater
A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics

A Study Into 21st Century Drone Acoustics could be the name of any number of experimental ambient records, but in fact, these are the other kind of drones: the one’s governments use to kill people. Ruben Pater and Goncalo F Cardoso compile one side of drone field recordings, and one side of a laye...view item »

Calum Gunn / Sebastian Camens
Slant Deviations

‘Slant Deviations’ is the inaugural release on Conditional, and comes in the form of a split tape, in an edition of 50 copies. Label boss Calum Gunn has previously had releases as Acrnym and Legwarmers and also happens to be a member of ...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Unnatural With Pain-Relief

Yet more essential action from the revived Vibracathedral Orchestra. One side is a beautiful resonant jam (I mean, pretty much all VCO meets that description, but this is extra lovely), and on the other we hear the quartet going full throttle at Cafe Oto with assistance from actual drum demon Chris Corsano. Yes!...view item »

Sonic Youth / Jim O'Rourke
Invito Al Ĉielo

Invito Al Cielo By Sonic Youth and Jim O’Rourke is the third in a series of experimental albums by Sonic Youth released on their own SYR label. It was also the first time that the legendary New Yorkers would collaborate with O’Rourke. O’Rourke subsequently joined ...view item »

Ensemble Economique
Blossoms In Red

Ensemble Economique (the ensemble is in fact so economical that it contains only one member, Brian Pyle) release their / his eleventh album. Blossoms In Red has that shimmering ambient-songcraft vibe Pyle excels at, carefully placing subtle pieces of instrumentation next to each other. ...view item »


Klavikon approaches prepared piano with an aesthetic drawn as much from techno and IDM as from John Cage. “No looping!” is the key: like Colin Stetson, Klavikon makes more sound than seems possible in one moment. I mean that kick drum sound has to be a sample right&h...view item »

Mouse Sluts
Mouse Sluts

For a group with the name Mouse Sluts, this band has a pretty impressive personnel. We have Dan Melchior and his wife Letha Rodman Melchior (and their budgie(!)), working with Graham Lambkin, who we known from the The Shadow Ring and his remarkable collaboration...view item »


Brooding electro-acoustics from L A N D here, shifting and shuffling along with a myriad of percussions, guitars, shakuhachis… Anoxia is a curious thing, generating a landscape that sounds chilly and hostile, yet remarkably tempting. Mixed crystal clearly by Ben Frost, the album is released by Im...view item »


Biskaidan are a musical project that is still hard to believe genuinely exists, even though this is now their second release. Bis are a Japanese 'icon pop' group who are very into mad performance antics, and Hidjokaidan are an utterly legendary noise band. Their collaboration is basic...view item »

Internecine: The Vanished Musicians

An interesting project here: contemporary artists pay curious tribute to World War Two era German -> Australian refugee musicians, who were effectively silenced by immigration authorities. The likes of Isnaj Dui and Markus Mehr work with visual artists for Internecine: The Vanished Musicians, an audi...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra

Most commonly associated with the New York, sixties, minimalist scene, shamanic improviser Charlemagne Palestine is best known for his falsetto vocals and extended performances with beautiful, classical instruments and cathedral organs. This collaborative performance with Grumbling Fur alter-ego the Time Machine Orchestra is an exploration of au...view item »


Cool field music type stuff here called 'Project' by AER. It seems as though it was composed as the soundtrack to a video installation so maybe we're only getting half the story here, but all the same this is an enjoyable little listen. I say 'little' because there's only the one track here with one side mixed for listening on headphones and o...view item »

And It Was So

We've supported this Londoner since we stocked his first ever hand-assembled CDr way back in the mists of 2008. Ben Chatwin he goes by the name of when in the company of his relatives but to us he is Talvihorros which sounds like it could be either a mythica...view item »

Above The High Rays

Miaux, aka Mia Prce is a Bosnian musician based in Antwerp, Belgium. Above The High Rays is full of her intricate keyboard stylings that are cinematic in nature and have a hint of goth about them. Retro-futuristic synth sounds billow and swirl floating over angular eastern percussion. Feeding Tube signe...view item »

Dag Rosenqvist

Dag Rosenqvist has been something of a serial collaborator over the years, but has recently reverted to droning under his own name. Vowels was made to accompany a contemporary dance performance, but holds onto its power even when played alone. Released as a very fetching clear vinyl LP in a limited edition, on the memor...view item »

Gavin Bryars
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

This release reissues one of the strongest pieces of work that made up the original run of Brian Eno’s classic Obscure Records label. Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet famously juxtaposes a sample of a tramp singing with Gavin Bryars’ lush orchestral arrangements. This is the original r...view item »

King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1 (Instrumentals)

King Midas Sound and Fennesz delighted many fans of experimental music with their recent surprise collaboration on Edition 1. Now we have the instrumental versions. It seems almost a shame to strip away the wonderful vocals of Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson, but this do...view item »

Julia Kent

New York based cellist Julia Kent came into view from performing with Rasputina and Antony & The Johnsons, and her performance credits are impressive as well, including Swans, Library Tapes, and Aiden Baker. Asperities is her fourth...view item »

Duane Pitre
Bayou Electric

Academic drone-artist and former pro skateboarder (seriously) Duane Pitre returns with Bayou Electric. Completing the trilogy started by his last two records, this piece is built up around a field recording rich with personal resonance, around which the sonic resonances of the ensemble were built. On Important Records....view item »

Beneath Discordant Skies

Blurt is one of the longest-running and highest-profile projects of Ted Milton, an alto-saxophonist and existential poet. The art-rock crew have been highly productive over the years, but Beneath Discordant Skies represents their first full-length collection in half a decade. Plenty of time to brew some...view item »

Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1

The first of what is promised to be several compilations, Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1 has tracks by Interbrain, Samoln, Idea Fire Company and BRRR, and Empfänger. A wild variety of names and a wild variety of cosmic disco sounds. A groovy, colourful compilat...view item »

Anneli Drecker
Rocks & Straws

Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto, Røyksopp) began her prolific music career in the 80s, age 17, when she left her Norwegian hometown of Tromsø with Bel Canto band members Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere) and Nils Johansen. Following a host of high profile collaborations and huge successes in the indie, electro pop scene, Drecker returns to he...view item »

Ian Drennan
Flower of Love

Flower of Love is the third in a trio of contemplative albums by Ian Drennan. 2013’s Prelude to Bleu Bird Cabaret and and 2012’s Underwater Peoples make up the rest of the cycle. Drennan creates spacious soundscapes that are more expansive than his previous work. An equal mix of soothing an...view item »

Milan Knizak
Broken Music

The first time that Milan Knizak’s album Broken Music has been reissued since it first appeared in 1979. This is a remarkable early example of extreme turntablism, Knizak scratching, smashing, warping and generally mis-treating records to form excellent cut-up compositions. Amazing stuff on Sub Ro...view item »

Akira Sakata & Jim O' Rourke With Chikamorachi & Merzbow
Flying Basket

Saxophonist Akira Sakata presents a furious five-way assault jam in conjunction with guitarist Jim O'Rourke and Chikamorachi (aka drummer Chris Corsano and double bassist/percussionist Darin Gray) with the added bonus of a...view item »

Grischa Lichtenberger
La Demeure; Il Y A Peril En La Demeure

Grischa Lichtenberger releases La Demeure: Il Y A Peril En La Demeure, a record of fucked-up beat tracks and unusually-structured electronic business. The press release even invokes Kafka, so it has to be having at least one listen right? Released as a CD on the aesthetically firm Raster Nort...view item »

Aisha Orazbayeva & Tim Etchells
Sleeping Through

This EP is the first fruit of an intimate new collaboration between Aisha Orazbayeva and Tim Etchells, pushing violin and voice into an intense, sometimes uncomfortable space together. Sleeping Through is challengingly minimal but powerfully performed. Vinyl LP released in a limited edition on the Prah ...view item »

Raccoglimento Parziale

Haunting, busy and a little bit clinical, Homoheterogeneity is a complex and at times beautiful record from Raccoglimento Parziale. Formed by Stefano Meucci and Andrea Giachetti this dense piece of work bristles with field recordings, electronic pulses and unique touches of guitar. Out on vinyl LP from AUT Records....view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Machine To Machine

Ricardo Donoso works across a variety of styles, from more conventionally tuneful to out-there experimentalism. With Machine To Machine he tries to meld the two approaches, and he does a great job. These tracks are carefully composed explorations of texture with a rich seam of emotional content running right down the mi...view item »

Gary Wilson
Music for Piano

Gary Wilson is an experimental musician from Endicott, New York. His best known work is 1977’s You Think You Really Know Me after which he stopped recording and playing live. He started making music again in 2003. His fans are generally attracted to his lyrics which is strange for someone so experimental. Music For Piano,...view item »


Drone time baby! Not just any old drones though: Lumisokea have been working with recordings of such resonant acoustic instruments as gamelan and cello, and have processed and re-engineered them into the pieces you hear on Mnemosyne. Detailed electroacoustic sound caverns, pressed to vinyl on the Alter label....view item »

Lord Real
Bad Code EP

Lord Real is a Norwegian lady who is now resident in the UK. Bad Code EP is a paradoxically focused yet unsettled work that has been likened to an imaginary lo-fi jam session between Aphex Twin, Earth’s Dylan Carson and artist Russell Haswell. The...view item »

Loren Connors
Live In New York

The US avant guitarist Loren Connors further consolidates his legendary status with a self-explanatory live outing. As usual, the blues hovers spectrally over proceedings while the guitarist's inventive and diverse technique recalls fellow masters including Robert Johnson, Ry Cooder an...view item »

Jono El Grande
Melody Of A Muddled Mason

Jono El Grande is an unusual artist, creating pieces that straddle modern composition, smooth prog rock, shiny pop and a few other styles without ever settling into any of them. Impressively, this kind of works, El Grande’s extremely complex arrangements all falling tightly into place. Melody Of A Mudd...view item »

Benedict Drew
Notes On The Anxiety Of A Record Running Out

Benedict Drew is an artist who works across various platforms such as sound, video and associated electronics, sculpture and performance art. Expect experimental and avant-garde sounds on his new 7”, Notes On The Anxiety Of A Record Running Out which is backed with Notes On The Filling Of Gaps....view item »

Jerusalem In My Heart
If He Dies, If If If If If If

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh has had a long relationship with Constellation, Montreal's banner-label for post-rock and any experimental music that grows from its roots. He's produced records for post-punkers Ought and avant-jazz artist Matana Roberts, made albums with folk-warper Eric Chenaux...view item »

TVO & Andrew Sharpley
CBK Robots

An interesting record here, with release timed for the announcement of the winner of the Labour Leadership election. There is a reason for that too: CBK Robots warps and manipulates the speech of the candidates into new, slightly spooky forms. TVO & Andrew Sharpley have made a statement both interesting to hear abou...view item »

Mike Cooper
Light On A Wall

Fancy something a bit different? Well you'd better be quick as there are only 100 copies of this! Light On The Wall is the new album from Mike Cooper. The songs were improvised by Cooper singing and playing electric lap steel guitar and he used the William Burroughs cut-up method to construct the lyrics...view item »

Natural Snow Buildings
Terror's Horns

Very exciting times as a brand new Natural Snow Buildings announce a new record on Ba Da Bing! Terror's Horns is a relatively brief excursion for the duo, and is a little less droney than most past efforts. The vocals can recall bleak English folk, but the music is a wonderful, multi-faceted blur. Gorgeous st...view item »

Human Greed

Human Greed is a collaboration between sound artist Michael Begg and painter Deryk Thomas. Hivernant is described as a “political statement” in the press release but Begg admits that he doesn’t know what that statement is trying to say. Well, the sounds on the ...view item »

Benjamin Finger
x​-​ray three: Amorosa Sensitiva

Deep, atmospheric ambience here from Benjamin Finger. x-ray three: Amorosa Sensitiva uses synthesisers and a number of acoustic instruments to provide the basis of his compositions, but from that point on, processing and electronics stretch these sounds out into intriguing landscapes. Frosted clear vinyl on the Blue Tap...view item »

Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra
Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra

Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra is an unusual project name isn't it? I guess Johnny Kafta really hates vegetarians…? Well, whether he does or not, the self-titled album of this group of his expresses strong vibes of free-rock, honed carefully (through improvisation) in the Lebanon. LP on...view item »

Sion Orgon
Recognition Journal

Recognition Journal is the third album by Sion Orgon. The plethora of sounds he uses to create his sonic soundscapes tend to end up at the avant garde end of the scale and can be difficult to listen to. However, he can spring the odd surprise and what could be described as a ‘normal’ song can suddenly appear...view item »


Alif are a five-person musical collective, combining Oud, Buzuq, bass, keyboards and drums. Oh and poetic vocals as well of course. Aynama-Rtama displays their far-reaching sound to full effect, a highly-rhythmic flurry of Arab-origin sound. The music comes packaged with full English translations of lyrics and poems use...view item »

Robert Piotrowicz
Old School Made of Gold

Robert Piotrowicz deals in electroacoustic modular synthesis, and the two pieces presented on Old School Made Of Gold show us that he is damn good at it. The sound field is filled with carefully balanced tones and sharp little details: a composer’s ear is definitely at play here. Transparent red vinyl 12” on...view item »

Paul Smith & The Intimations

Four years in the making, ‘Contradictions’ is the latest record release by Maximo Park leader Paul Smith. The project, which began life on the road, draws in influences far and wide from the charms of the North East to the gritty sounds of Brooklyn and shows a more vulnerable side to this dynamic lone wolf of pop....view item »

Ela Orleans & Skitter
De Flechettes

Here’s a team I’ve seen before. Experimental dreampop bon vivant Ela Orleans and experimental noise tinkerer Liam “Skitter” Stefani did a very limited 3” CD a couple of years back with some shivery noisescapes on it so I have a certain idea of what ...view item »

All Tense Now Lax

All Tense Now Lax is a busy, tightly plotted work of tough-to-classify sound, piling up acoustic instruments, snatches of human voice, abstract electronics, field recordings and more, all deftly processed by Liberez main man John Hannon. Things get pretty intense. Released as CD or LP, on the Night Scho...view item »

Ambarchi / O'Malley / Dunn
Shade Themes From Kairos

Imagine if there was apocalypse right now and the only people left on earth were Oren Ambarch and Stephen O'Malley, and they had to repopulate the world with guitar drones. That's what happens in 'Themes From Kairos', more or less, with the two drone merchants on the bill scoring Randall Dunn's film. The two artists make an evocative s...view item »


PLONK. That's a piano going PLONK. SCREE-EE-SCREE-EE-EE-EE. That's a scraped violin going SCREE-EE-SCREE-EE-EE-EE. That's me cheapening the frighteningly deep research into sound and sound-creating objects which it appears Kiva undertook in their fifteen or so years of existence. My understanding of reading the press release is that they were a loo...view item »


Florestano is an Italian producer who combines the modern-day vibing of the traveller with the electroacoustics of the mid-20th century. Most of the work on Noh is electronically produced, but Florestano reportedly begins each composition with a piano, so tune is as highly valued as texture. 2LP on Kowl...view item »

Matthew Atkins
Geometric Decay

Matthew Atkins has been rummaging around at the bottom of a dusty old sonic cupboard and pulled out all manner of bits and pieces of audio detritus (or at least so it seems). The consequences of his processed and re-worked finds are presented on Geometric Decay, as a series of abstract soundscapes. On Minimal Resource M...view item »

Wyndel Hunt
Sunshine Noir

This guy is a new name to me though I'll start by saying I like his name. It's a good sturdy name... which is something all experimental artists should have. 'Sunshine Noir' is apparently his 4th album on Dragon's Eye but this is the first I've heard. It starts off super intense with the driving noise burst that is 'Sumud'. Weirdly hypnotic, you ge...view item »

The Untied Knot
Sketches For a Lost Summer

‘Sketches For The Lost Summer’ looks appealing. Beautiful cover art, recycled packaging and swish foam padded CD tray, lovely stuff. Music is pretty sweet too. The Untied Knot a.k.a Nigel Bryant (from 90’s indie rockers The Fables amongst others) makes the old acoustic six-string sing like a bird chorus on a summer’s morning. ‘An act of k...view item »

Tiago Sousa
Walden Pond's Monk

This CD for Portuguese piano maestro Tiago Sousa is a suite based upon the work of Henry David Thoreau (me neither but an early day environmentalist and abolitionist according to my...ahem... sources). Its a bleak work of deathly piano tinklings like a severly depressed Richard Clayderman considering imminent suicide. Accompanied at times by...view item »

The Marriage Of True Minds

Those crazy electronica masterminds Matmos are here with a new album of sonic experimentation, following the ‘Ganzfeld’ EP which was designed to test the listener with “reduced sensory input” to try to release any incoming psychic signals and use these ideas to create a completely origi...view item »

Talvihorros/ Damian Valles
Monuments And Ruins

Ooh, this is well tasty. We've got Talvihorros and Damian Valles each chucking in more than 20 minutes of music on this here split CD. On the Talvihorros “side&...view item »

Supersonic Riverside Blues
Data 451

This is one of a bunch of CDs we've had in lately from the D'Autres Cordes label in France. We've got a few more to bang on as well but we don't want to drown you all in one week. That would be simply awful. It's really too hot for reviewing today.... This is a side project of Franck Vigroux (who's clattering Pan Sonic-esque CD from last week re...view item »

Super Distortion
Into Space

Who on earth are Super Distortion? They've a double 'A' side CD single on Pointy Bird, and i'm liking 'Into Space'. It sounds well Carnaby Street, like a slice of cute 60s folk pop with a total nobhead of a wibbly keyboard motif that could have been made on an antique games console or even an old touch tone phone! I think it wants to be a bit tripp...view item »

Spaces Between

Mike Orr is from Bristol and calls himself Spaces Between. He refers to pieces as 'songs', which I always like. His songs are made with guitars and computers, but mainly guitars I should think. The computers are used to provide rhythms rather than a variety of processes, although not in every track. Guitars are layered together, and either p...view item »

Conrad Schnitzler
Kollektion 05: Compiled By Thomas Fehlmann

Conrad Schnitzler was a vital member of Germany’s kraut / komische exploratory synth generation, playing with Tangerine Dream and forming Kluster, not to mention an ocean of other solo and collaborative works. With so much material, we should be grateful to Thomas Fehlmann ...view item »

Michael Rodgers
Twilight, Birds

We can't really open one of these for reviewing purposes 'cos they're all sealed up in gorgeously printed envelopes... There was a brief debate about steaming one open but instead I'll leave them well alone and link you to his website where you can hear a wee little snippet and get an idea of what he's all about.. Which is pretty guitar improvis...view item »

Rice Corpse
Mrs Rice

This Mrs Rice CD by Rice Corpse sounds like a load of fun. Apparently the bands name is "named after the Chinese character for shit, which itself is the combination of the two characters for corpse and rice" which is probably the funniest thing I've heard since the age old classic KFC joke. Anyway this is improvised piano, drums and glass...view item »

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