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Albums of the Year 2015

After the usual careful deliberation, here are our Albums of the Year.

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Album of the Year 2015

Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld - 'Never Were The Way She Was'

Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld - 'Never Were The Way She Was'

Colin Stetson has here teamed up with Arcade Fire’s violinist Sarah Neufeld to create an album where each instrument collides with the other over a series of polyrhythmic, ever-shifting compositions. Evocative, raw and genuinely new, 'Never Were The Way She Was' possibly deserves Album of the Year simply by turning the saxophone into a listenable instrument....

Using no loops, overdubs or samples, the album is incredibly varied and nuanced - particularly considering it was created in real time. The result is, by far, the most exciting work of their respective careers.

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Relax / Relapse

It’s funny that Phil has just been talking about album of the year when this arrives. Firstly its title is remarkably similar to that of our previous winner Bracken’s ‘Exist/Resist’ and secondly it’s the sort of album that I imagine is in Phil’s hotlist for the coveted 2015 awar...view item »
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Ian William Craig
Cradle for the Wanting

Ian William Craig's previous release 'A Turn of Breath' was not only a favourite with us but with the New York Times. So there. The Wire have also featured this Canadian sound collagist of late so there is high anticipation of this new record. This time round Craig has recorded very quickly (months rather than years) and has used only his voice ...view item »
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Some twenty first century scorn from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Multi-Love is the next instalment from the art-pop freaks. This one is full of Ruban Nielson's dreamy croon, swaying synthesisers and grooved out bass & drums. It sounds like Steely Dan, Tame Impala and Deerhunter somehow co...view item »

Steve Hauschildt
Where All Is Fled

Former glittering Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt’s new solo LP is a typically expansive suite of pieces, pulling in synthesis, field recordings and acoustic instrumentation to form some heady trips. Where All Is Fled wavers between abstraction and melodies, mostly hitting that sweet spot where n...view item »

Viet Cong
Viet Cong

Some men from the band Women get together and put out a full length record. Viet Cong have previously released one tape and a single. They sound like Women in some parts, but Women after quite a few more drinks inside them. Lovely off kilter guitar parts wrap around tight drums (think fried out Nugge...view item »

Shit & Shine
54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

Craig Clouse (ex-Hammerhead/Todd) presents the latest filthy missive from his consistently fascinating Shit & Shine project. ‘54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral’ is an eccentric brew of trance-inducing rhythms, sampled mischief and oddball noise which quickly proves addictive. If The Butth...view item »
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Sun Coming Down

Sun Coming Down is the much anticipated second full length from the Montreal quartet who have found love across the globe with their debut album which topped many end of year lists with it's twitchy economical sound and yelped David Byrne-like vocal delivery. This new album continues in that angular manner, an unpolished ...view item »

The Original Faces

Check this one out Grouper fans! Liz Harris has formed a band, as in ‘an actual band’ band. Harris’ unmistakeable vocals can thus be heard over a sort of shoegaze/indie-pop backing. Helen still maintains an essentially mystic nature, but it is very welcome to h...view item »

Julia Holter
Have You In My Wilderness

‘Have You In My Wilderness’ is a collection of dreamy, atmospheric, intimate ballads textured with the imagery inspired by various literary references, exploring familiar themes such as love and human relationships in a way that is enigmatic and slightly unnerving. The record seems to be drawn from a more personal source than her fir...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
Carrie & Lowell

Sufjan Stevens left behind the folk game a long time ago, declaring his plan to write fifty records for fifty states a mere joke -- a sentiment that failed to wash away the beauty of the ornately composed Michigan and the pantomimic Illinoise. In the years since, he's been writing song cycle...view item »

The Declining Winter
Home For Lost Souls

Following the success of our Album Of The Year winner 'Exist/Resist' by Bracken album, the other co-founder of that much-loved post rock/electronic group Hood (namely Richard Adams) unleashes a brand new album under his The Declining Winter moniker. Expect warmly produced, forward-thinking, ...view item »
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Ryley Walker
Primrose Green

Harking back to an era of technically proficient folk guitar, Ryley Walker brings a high level of craftsmanship to his work. Hailing from the Chicago scene that brought an exquisitely understated fusion of jazz and prog (Tortoise et al), Primrose Green brings a pastoral flavour to an area of rich musical heritage. Out o...view item »

The Spectacular Nowhere

Available on CD or as Gatefold double Vinyl on Ici d'ailleurs.  After a 10 year hiatus, working on Numbers Not Names and a Third Eye foundation album, Bristol’s Chris Cole returns under his Manyfingers moniker. The Spectacular Nowhere showcases his huge growt...view item »

Joanna Newsom

Indies of the world delight! A new record from the unique Joanna Newsom! Five years on from Have One On Me, Divers continues her life-long mission of creating immaculately arranged songs, each seemingly containing a universe. Divers is available from Drag City on diverse formats: double LP, CD, or cass...view item »

Death And Vanilla
To Where the Wild Things Are

Recorded using a ten pound microphone they found at a flea market, Death and Vanilla have, on this their third album, really captured the sights, the sounds, the smells of all the best bits of late '60s/early '70s dreamy pop. Their sound is woozy, evocative and blatantly in thrall to the kaleidoscopic sounds of Broadcast, the BB...view item »

Helena Hauff
Discreet Desires

‘Discreet Desires’ is the debut solo album from German electro artist Helena Hauff. Driven by a fascination with the relationship between artist and machine, Hauff creates a spontaneous, analogue generated techno, through freestyle jams and improvisation. Her debut release reflects her love for musical subcultures such as punk, nu wa...view item »

Jenny Hval
Apocalypse, Girl

Since the release of her debut album in 2006, Jenny Hval has evolved an intimate sound that it uniquely hers. Her latest release ‘Apocalypse, Girl’ is a dreamy concoction of personal soundscapes, unspoken desires and memories inspired by classic science fiction films in which the world is run by auto-erotic choir girls who happen to ...view item »

Yair Elazar Glotman

Yair Elazar Glotman learned to play contrabass the way that classical music demands: practice toward an intuitive understanding of performance. As always, though, his work is critical of what we're taught to remember music as being, and Études is an aggressive exploration of his instrument free of its pre-establish...view item »

Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is Ryan Lee West - a London based electronic producer signed to Erased Tapes who has his roots in rock music and is primarily a guitarist. His mission on his new album, Howl was to find the perfect balance between club music and something more personal to listen to at home. The album&rsqu...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Key Markets

Just as the UK goes back to the ballot box, our favourite agit-prop duo return with 'proper' album number three. Named after a particularly gruesome sounding supermarket in Grantham in the '70s and '80s, the album contains further ruminations on the disorientation of modern existence and the pointlessness of government politics. "It's a ...view item »

Everything Else Matters

Big wide open shoegaze from St. Petersberg, Russia! Pinkshinyultrablast grabbed that pleasing name from an album by Astrobrite, which gives an impression of what their sound might be, but these guys love shoegaze too much to simply replicate it like a relic from the early '90s. Instead they push forward and outw...view item »

Kamasi Washington
The Epic

If you enjoyed the corners of Flying Lotus’ music where he flirts with psychedelic jazz, now is a chance to get more, much more… The Epic, released on FlyLo’s own Brainfeeder label, is a three disc super-album orchestrated by Kamsai Washington and utilising orchestra, choir, and a ban...view item »

Ones and Sixes

A bloke called Alan who’s a member of Low says of One and Sixes; “I'm not going to tell you what this record is about because I have too much respect for that moment when you come to know it for yourself”. He goes on to talk about “the moment” and all that. All I know is that they c...view item »

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress

We thought we'd lost them forever but here they are with their first single length album since their very earliest days. Recorded in late 2013/14 with Greg Norman (not the golfer but the Electrical Audio engineer), 'Asunder, Sweet and other Distress' is described as Godspeed's most focussed and best sounding record to date. Clocking in at an ana...view item »


Back from Iceland, Björk is bringing another piece of her wild and crazy pop history to us. Vulnicura is released on double vinyl, in a deluxe digipack or a classic CD, but as far as we know none of the editions includes any fancy Björk swanmade dresses. We tried to make it happen, we really did....view item »

Natural Snow Buildings
Terror's Horns

Very exciting times as a brand new Natural Snow Buildings announce a new record on Ba Da Bing! Terror's Horns is a relatively brief excursion for the duo, and is a little less droney than most past efforts. The vocals can recall bleak English folk, but the music is a wonderful, multi-faceted blur. Gorgeous st...view item »

Courtney Barnett
Sometimes I Sit And Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit is the debut album by Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett. It follows on from the brilliant Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas which was released in 2013. Filled with lyrically sharp, catchy songs, this album confirms Courtney Barnett...view item »


I have a strange relationship with the music of Coil. Some of their work I absolutely adore and is among some of my favourite music ever created. Music of unparalleled beauty. Then there’s the other side where there’s tracks I literally can’t bare to listen to, and when I do come across them I have to...view item »
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C Duncan

Available on LP or CD on FatCat records. This is the wondrous debut album from sun-dappled Glaswegian C Duncan. 'Architect' is a fantastic album just waiting be be played on your stereo through summer. Will appeal to fans of Django Django, Sufjan Stevens and last years pop master Stephen Steinbrink.   ...view item »

Phantom Horse
Different Forces

Phantom Horse are hamburg-based minimalist electronic duo Ulf Schutte and Niklas Dommaschk. Different Forces is their second album and takes it cues from electronic pioneers such as Cluster and Harmonia with a touch of Moondog. Polyrhythmic, hypnotic, highly recommended...view item »
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Triptides are total Californians, jamming out bright indie-pop tracks that are all about hanging out, going to the beach, or hanging out down at the beach. Azur is their fourth record, and lovingly combines all the musical and production elements that you’d want to hear from such a group. On Requiem Pour Un Twiste...view item »
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Frozen Niagara Falls

The first ‘proper’ (e.g. released in an edition of more than 13) Prurient album in four years, Frozen Niagara Falls is a 90-minute, double-disc opus that spans the different regions of Dom Fernow’s practice across 16 tracks, from brooding atmospheres to howling harsh noise. Expect a suitably cold aesth...view item »
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Olympic Mess

‘Olympic Mess’ is the follow-up album to 2014’s ‘The Hollow Organ’ from Helm. Inspired by dub techno, Balearic disco and loop based industrial sounds, Younger has composed ten euphoric soundscapes using a variety of heavily manipulated samples, found sounds and electroacoustics, informed by the hypnotic potential of...view item »
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Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux
Peau Froide, Léger Soleil

Peau Froide, Leger Soleil by Mika Vaino and Franck Vigroux sees the pair mixing their styles to create a work that spans the full spectrum between minimum and maximum. Vigroux creates the space whilst Vaino's robust and brutal production creates the framework. The third release on Cosmo Rhythmatic which...view item »
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Minami Deutsch
Minami Deutsch

Beware: krautrock is on its way back. And this time, it’s coming from Japan. None-to-subtly indicating their inclinations in their nomenclature, Minami Deutsch combine Japanese thoroughness with German thoroughness. The result is a hypnotically straightforward debut, with tireless drum(computer)s carrying distorted vocals ...view item »

Minecraft Volume Alpha

I hope you’ve heard of Minecraft. If not, it’s an incredibly popular game. Basically Lego for the MP3 generation. However here we have something which is very much a physical thing; a vinyl LP or CD of Minecraft Volume Alpha. It’s the soundtrack to the game which was created by German composer Daniel Ro...view item »
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Shedding Skin

In football terms Ghostpoet has gone from mid-table Championship to nailed on Champions League place with this, his third record. In short: he's really upped his game. Where previous records were interesting but a little niche, Ghostpoet has now made a record everyone can enjoy. It's bold, it's bright, it's tuneful. With a background in UK hip h...view item »

Vision Fortune
Country Music

They called it Country Music but I think they are actually big liars: this psych rock outfit wouldn't know twang if it hit them on the head and chased them around the barn in a pick-up truck of lovelorn melodies. So instead: Vision Fortune hone their usual compositions of sparse, strangely coalescing...view item »

Before The World Was Big

Relief and elation fight eachother as Girlpool release their new record Before the World Was Big! Thank goodness for that; following on from their EP of spry, confrontational jangle pop, they offer more songs about personal growth and identity, intertwined with unbelievable melodies that are modestly stat...view item »

Thomas Brinkmann
What You Hear (Is What You Hear)

Following some innovative work in the areas of minimalism, ambiance and techno such as 'Klick', 'Variations' and last years duo with Oren Ambarchi 'The Mortimer Trap', 'What You Hear (Is What You Hear)' sees Brinkmann attempt to further separate the notions of auteurism from the act of creativity by removing intent from the process as much as po...view item »
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Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
A Year With 13 Moons

Maker of the abstract and turner of the world's axis, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is one of musique concrète's rocks, using reel to reel tapes and field recordings of the area around his hometown to make half-compositions. He's pretty much always recording the sounds of his life, kind of like if W...view item »


Dark, brooding atmospheres reminiscent of your time as a night-shift factory worker, always throbbing onward: expect those sounds from Lakker’s debut full length. Tundra will give you the chills with its threatening basses and obtuse beats that’ll fill your room, ears and head as soon as the needle touches t...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Garden of Delete

A new full-length album from Oneohtrix Point Never, a project that Daniel Lopatin seems to be taking ever deeper into the world of digital hyper-reality. Garden Of Delete is festooned with painfully bright synth sounds and bitcrushed samples, creating a vivid and disorientating sound-universe. On Warp R...view item »

Amusers and Puzzlers

‘Amusers and Puzzlers’ is the final chapter in the nine album career of one of experimental rocks most jaded treasures, Sightings. The record, intended as a complimentary album to their 2013 release ‘Terribly Well’ is the oxymoronic climax of their unique style of damaged rock, driven by irregular guitar changes and nervy...view item »

The Apartments
No Song No Spell No Madrigal

Available on 12” vinyl and CD on Microcultures. First new album from Sydney based The Apartments in eighteen years!?! No Song No Spell No Madrigal is filled with hugely cinematic chamber pop that has the climactic builds of The Antlers or Cinematic Orchestra and the raw emotive po...view item »
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Array 1

For two and half decade, alternative rockers LOOP have left a void in our hearts. And now they think they can make it up to us just by releasing new material. Which they totally can. Array 1 is the first of three releases planned for the coming year, and features 4 new songs. Expect to reminisce, recognize and be s...view item »

The Blue Quicksand is Going Now

Fis has previously dabbled in weird drum’n’bass, but here, on his debut full-length The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now, he drops out a lot of the rhythm to leave us with hazy electronic soundscapes chattering around the sonic field. Great new stuff from New Zealand, released on the Loopy label....view item »

Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy

Sintetizzatrice is collaboration between eltro-man, Donato Dozzy and vocalist Anna Caragnano. The whole album is created with one instrument; the voice of Caragnano. This is then fiddled, manipulated and stretched into beautiful forms by Dozzy, creating tracks which bridge genre entirely but are...view item »
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Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman, the old folk guitarist from Leeds, has had a bit of a career renaissance of late. He has a long list of admirers from the American alternative music scene such as Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile, Will Oldham and Bill Callahan, which has probably helped. He is about to turn 75 so what ...view item »