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Records you may have missed. 25 items left

Stuff is easily missed in today's fast moving world but we are going to make things a little easier for you. Here's a list of some good stuff over the past few months that may well have passed you by. 

Records you may have missed. »

Even more February preorders 38 items left

"Oh the summertime is coming / And the trees are sweetly blooming...." Actually we're a bit ahead of our time with that but it's got to come soon, right? Until then let's warm up with the latest pre-orders.

Even more February preorders »

More February preorders 33 items left

Exciting, upcoming things to help us through another month of plummeting temperatures. Get in quick to avoid disappointment. All pre-orders will be with you for release date (hopefully).

More February preorders »

February's best preorders 18 items left

As Lou Reed once growled we're "beginning to see the light" so to celebrate the world being 1% less bleak, here are your latest pre-orders. 

February's best preorders »

Cocteau Twins reissues 2 items left

4AD further their Cocteau Twins re-issue campaign with their classic 2nd and 3rd albums on 180g vinyl. 

Cocteau Twins reissues »

Julian Cope reissues 4 items left

Julian Cope fans. We have good news! You can now get some of his long out-of-print 'classic era' LPs on vinyl again. Plus, in case you've not yet spotted it, his Dope project/folly gets a vinyl issue having only been available on tape.

Julian Cope reissues »

Felt reissues 5 items left

Felt: the greatest band of the 80s? To some they were. With their spangling, delicate guitar pop and poetic worldview, Lawrence and chums produced ten fascinating records across the decade. The first five of these have now been re-issued on vinyl and extensive CD box sets. Grab 'em while you can...

Felt reissues »

Home Normal - REDUCED! 8 items left

That nice man at Home Normal has let us have a load of his back catalogue stuff for almost no pence so you can top up your ambience in time for a peaceful Christmas.   

Home Normal - REDUCED! »

Faux Discx - REDUCED! 11 items left

We love Faux Discx and it's very sad they're finishing. But the good news is that we've managed to grab a load of their stock on the cheap. There are some fantastic records in this collection so don't dawdle.

Faux Discx - REDUCED! »

The Leaf Label - REDUCED! 49 items left

Who remembers all the good things Leaf put out over the years? We do! So we teamed up with them to offer their back catalogue cheap. So many good records here that we don't actually know where to start.

The Leaf Label - REDUCED! »

Norman Records' Essentials 101 items left

A bunch of records that no collection should be without, in our humble collective opinion. Take a look at our other Classic 'Essentials' collection too - not that we're keen on every record in there...

Norman Records' Essentials »

Classic records you should own 132 items left

Established critical faves from this century and the last. We're not keen on them all, but they're definitely popular. Take a look at our Norman Records' Essentials collection too - we vouch for every one of those.

Classic records you should own »

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