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Ryuichi Sakamoto

‘async’ is the latest album by Ryuichi Sakamoto. This release shows us how far he has come and how far he is willing to go to break the boundaries of different sounds and textures. A fifteen-track masterpiece that brings together classical, neo-classical and orchestral music. Available on Vinyl Double LP and...view item »

Perfume Genius
No Shape

With widescreen on the mind, Mike Hadreas drops the year’s heaviest record yet, metal and noise and all your transgressions be damned. This record of immaculately detailed pop music opens with the intention of surrounding every single one of us, enrapturing those of us who will hear it on headphones (read: me, a fool) with a production so ...view item »

H. Hawkline
I Romanticize

When you clean your room so it’s tidy, but it’s still weird and upside down and accidentally a surrealist painting. That’s my domestic metaphor for how I feel about H Hawkline and other excellent songwriters of his ilk -- they make something so smooth and accessible that you almost forget it’s got a weird secondary twinkl...view item »

The Black Ryder
Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

Having just had to listened to two records so awful that I had to turn them off for their own good I'm almost pleased to hear another slab of shoegaze. It's like putting on an old pair of slippers after wearing ill-fitting wellies. So Fuzz Club (who never stop) have issued this enjoyable shoegaze from a band I have heard before seeing as though ...view item »

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

Phil bless him has ordered a signed copy direct from Invada. That's dedication when you run a record shop and could pretty much just get an unsigned copy for free. He's also allowed me to review if from his copy so I don't destroy one of yours with my massive fingers. He did instruct me not to touch/ruin it so I'm being very careful.  ...view item »

Fresh Air

Faust still exist. Sonic toothaches to the bitter end, the band recently scoped out a full tour of the US and managed to wring a whole ‘Fresh Air’ out of it, their fourth record of this decade, if you can believe it. Released to little fanfair, it proves the krautrock legends still know how to do their thing, if no ...view item »

The Terminals

New album from New Zealand alternative rock veterans The Terminals! It’s been a straight decade since their previous album Last Days Of The Sun, during which time there has been a small personnel change. But Antiseptic is still pure Terminals, dark and gritty and special. Out on Ba Da Bin...view item »

Ben Lukas Boysen
Golden Times 1

It’s time for Ben ‘Twinkling Neo-classical is my middle name’ Boysen -- oh no wait, it’s actually Lukas, my bad -- and a new 12” from him featuring a highlight from his lilting and generally lovely album from last year, Spells. The original album version of Golden Times 1 features on the A1, wherein his piano sounds...view item »

Snow Palms
Origin and Echo

Snow Palms is a project of David Sheppard (he also wrote an acclaimed Brian Eno biography) that focuses on the rich power of mallet instruments, exploiting the fabulous combination of me...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Another one. There’s rarely a week in which King Gizzard aren’t flexing a new record, and this happens to be their fifth of the year -- can someone do a count for how many riffs per annum that is? The Ozzie psych crew dropped ‘Polygondwanaland’ not a week ago, sharing it as a seasonal gift to their ever-merry fanbase. It ...view item »


In the world of Zeuhl gods Magma, things tend to occur on a large scale, and that’s certainly the case with this remastered Southern Lord boxset. The three volumes of Retrospektïẁ captured a trio of 1980 concerts at the Olympia in Paris. We begin with the debut appearance of Th...view item »

The Voyager Golden Record

Compilations don’t get more all-encompassing or definitive than this: nothing less than a time capsule that attempts to represent the sounds and diverse musical cultures of Planet Earth in the remote chance that it may be encountered by an alien intelligence. The Golden Record was compiled for inclusio...view item »

Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It

It’s been pretty much a full decade since I saw Rolo Tomassi live doing an extremely didactic take on post-hardcore; we’re both a lot older now and they may have grown up faster than me. Taking the edge off their music with a focus on texture, melody and, uh, prog, they present ‘Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It’ as a b...view item »

The Hands

What is this rumpus? I would have to say that rumpus is Fire, with an exclamation mark, whose newest record takes a mini left turn in embracing rock music as you knew it. Or, perhaps I should say, as you once knew it; as my dad likes to know it, in definitions that focus it around Hendrix and ...view item »

Insecure Men
Insecure Men

The Dr. Jekyll to Fat White Family’s Mr. Hyde, Insecure Men sees Fat White-ers Saul Adamczewsi and Nathan Saoudi try their hand at some sort of Lynch-ian sugar-pop. While the ultra-low-budget sound nestles this record next to FWF’s Champagne Holo...view item »

David Byrne
American Utopia

David Byrne returns with his first solo record since 2004, American Utopia features an extensive list of collaborators that include Oneohtrix Point Never, ...view item »

DJ Taye
Still Trippin’

The debut LP from DJ Taye lives up to his billing as one of the leading lights of footwork’s post-Rashad world. Taking cues from his late mentor, Taye’s chops as an MC come in handy across a record that draws as heavily from the world of rap as it does from Chicago’s 160-bpm dance scene. Second...view item »

Mark Renner
Few Traces

Not a lot of people have heard Mark Renner’s material from between the years 1982 and 1990, but now RVNG Intl invite you to join those limited numbers. Few Traces sur...view item »

Sunflower Bean
Twentytwo in Blue

Sophomore LP from New Yorkers Sunflower Bean, following up 2016’s Human Ceremony. The three-piece band return to their classic rock vibe, this time with lyrics influenced by the volatile political climate of the last couple of years. The sound of a youn...view item »

Robert Cohen-Solal
Les Shadoks

Les Shadoks was an animated French TV show that ran from 1968 till 1974, and its one that has built up a bit of a cult reputation over time. The soundtrack to this scintillating show was put together by Robert Cohen-Solal, a GRM-certified electro-acoustic composer with a playful touch. Whether you are a fan of the show ...view item »

Dead Vibrations
Dead Vibrations

I’m pickin’ up dead vibrations. What are dead vibrations, exactly? Do dead vibrations continue to vibrate? Hopefully, Sweden’s Dead Vibrations can help; the Stockholm hairgaze outfit named themselves and their debut LP after such deceased oscillations. In any case, this lot sound very much alive, plugged in and...view item »

A Certain Ratio

Reissue of A Certain Ratio's 1990 album, acr:mcr. One of the legendary Factory Record's key acts. Despite avoiding the market saturation experienced by their contemporaries (you'll probably not find them in Urban Outfitters), these dance punk are as fun as anything. Pressed on clear vinyl at 45rpm so y...view item »

Eric Chenaux
Slowly Paradise

This guy is obsessed with Eric Chenaux and stunned by just how far he’s gone this time. Having slowly developed a spangly, highly affected guitar sound through a litter of pedals and a frantic knack for fret racing, Chenaux has spent his career revisiting and refining the folk songs he made early in his career. Records like ‘Sloppy G...view item »

JOHN 3:16

Philippe Gerber of Heat From A Deadstar and Eyryx has been concentrating on his John 3:16 solo output since, as well as collaborating with the likes of Eisenlager, Anthony Donovan, and Pas Musiqiue. עשר which is Hebr...view item »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Sex & Food

This could be the time when Unknown Mortal Orchestra become the Well Known Mortal Orchestra. Previous records have become increasingly catchy, radio friendly and certainly more indebted to the man we used to call Prince without totally ruining their underground coolness. 'Sex & Food' has the artwork and titl...view item »

Demian Castellanos
The KYVU Tapes Volume II

Oscillation frontfreak Demian Castellanos made a gem of a record in his first Kyvu Tapes edition, exploring discrete and personal takes on the cosmic with homespun drones named after his boyhood village. In a side-project I’d argue is greater than anything his full band have ever done, he offers another re...view item »

Sur Les Autres Mondes

In the mid 20th Century French astronomer Lucien Rudaux imagined what the surfaces of our neighbours in the solar system look like. In 2018 Egyptology are drawing on those descriptions to create classic sounding 70s inspired kosmiche. Released on Hands In The Dark and limited to 300 copies.&n...view item »

Présence Absente

Working backwards from their live set up, Toulousians Saåad have been able to capture the special uncertainty of improvisation and captured it as an album full of cosmic drone. Inside are layers and layers of mysteries to uncover. Released by Hands In The Dark and limited to 300 copies. ...view item »

Rare Form
Six Months in Hiding

Lush and slush, this evil record from some version of hell will swallow you up like an avalanche and I doubt very much you’ll live the tale. Packed with heaving slowburner chord changes, scattered feedback, tangled whispers, haughty synths and emo melodies, Rare Form are on a mission to overdrive themselves out of existence, creating one o...view item »

Electric Indigo
5 1 1 5 9 3

female:pressure founder and former Hard Wax employee Electric Indigo has been around for almost three decades now, so it’s quite a surprise that 5 1 1 5 9 3 is her debut LP. She uses all of the tricks she’s picked up over the years to create an album that balances serious el...view item »

The Fear Ratio
Live E.P

Culled from rehearsals from live shows so not actually live but near enough, this is a sweet four tracker from techno experts Mark Broom & James Ruskin.  Opener 'GBA' has some pretty nice wobble synth scheming away neath some dubby beats and clanging percussion. The duo have a really nice combination of sounds and seem to effortles...view item »

Parquet Courts
Wide Awake!

Here they come again with their fifth album which is produced by none other than Danger Mouse. This is another bold and groundbreaking work that benefits from full band arrangements with the group playing with their usual true punk rock passion. More confident with each release this is set to be their biggest missive yet. ...view item »


Bristol’s Aphelion Editions come through with a hyper-limited sound-sketch by EMEI. Opener ‘Frosted Glass’ sets the tone nicely for EMEI. Beginning with glacial prettiness, the melodies soon distort and overlap to create thick textures that bear comparison to the likes of both ...view item »

Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuiness
What News

Classic Scottish folk singer (he hates that term that's why I put it there) Alasdair Roberts lurches out of his comfort zone on this his twelfth solo album by casting away his guitar and collaborating with Concerto Caledonia director David McGuinness. McGuinness was charged with arranging Roberts songs and he brought in&nbs...view item »

Space Afrika
Somewhere Decent To Live

Manchester-based duo Space Afrika aka Josh Reidy and Joshua Inyang follow their tape and EP for Where To Now? with an album on their co-run, fledging label sferic. Essentially, this is immaculately stoned and pristinely produced dubwise ambient. If the words “ambient” and “dub” in the same sentence have you concer...view item »

Sons Of Kemet
Your Queen Is A Reptile

Sons Of Kemet return with their third LP of iconoclastic jazz takes. Your Queen Is A Reptile has Shabaka Hutchings and company using sax, tuba and dual-drums to conjure music that sees traditional jazz modes cusping on several sounds of the Caribbean diaspora. Soca, calypso, merengue and more all rumble...view item »

The Vaccines
Combat Sport

Combat Sport is the fourth album by London indie-rockers, The Vaccines. The exciting thing about this is that if you act quickly you can bag one of 500 LPs or 300 CDs adorned with squiggles by the band (i.e. signed by). Failing that, you can buy the standard LP and CD and write ‘Justin’, ‘Freddie’ and &ls...view item »

Sustained Threat

The idea behind speedywunderground is simple. Dan Carey, who has produced for Franz Ferdinand and Bat For Lashes, will record a record in a day, then mix it the next day. It’ll largely be done live, sans overdubs, and he has a synth called a ‘Swarmatron&rsqu...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Scratching The Door: The First Recordings Of The Flaming Lips

In the press release for Scratching The Door: The First Recordings of The Flaming Lips, it credits them with two decades of musical boundary pushing, it’s nearer four decades, not that I wish to be pedantic, but credit where credit’s due, right? Anyway, this is exactly what it says it is, recordings from the earliest...view item »

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