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Will Long
Long Trax 2

Will Long, makes luscious ambient drone under the name Celer, but he also makes gorgeous deep house under his own name (sometimes also in collaboration with DJ Sprinkles). Here he presents his second full-length album of politically charged dancefloor cuts, Long Trax 2. This CD edition ...view item »

The Left Outsides
The Shape Of Things To Come

Robin's review corner is so comfortable. There's a blazing fire, wires wandering everywhere and a load of psych records. I'm over here to take a listen to this latest release on Cardinal Fuzz which I'd normally pass to Robin on sight but I realised these two are out of bands I remember from my late 30s  - Of...view item »

Guided By Voices
Space Gun

Since we started our #namethenewguidedbyvoicesalbum hashtag Guided By Voices album titles have become really boring. Here's the latest one  - 'Space Gun'. 'Reversed Hen Tsunami Plot' will just have to wait I suppose. This is the third from the new classic GBV line up which includes such future legends as Mark Shue and ...view item »

Bruce Gilbert
Ex Nihilo

Editions Mego mark their 250th release with a regular contributor to the label - ex-Wire / Dome member Bruce Gilbert. Ex Nihilo encapsulates his signature sonics - harsh, austere, sculptural aural brutalism, hacked into a variety of abstract and alien shapes. The fact that the a...view item »


The latest racket from Paul Allen (the Heads) and cohorts, this is his third release under this barely pronounceable name for Rocket. Omegaville is described as chaotic riffage taking in music concrete, sci-fi noise pop, balls out rock and psych chaos. A place where rock, prog and art can safely meet. ...view item »

Loren Connors
Pretty As Ever

Recital Records (Radiant Husk, Ian William Craig) present the fourth of their Loren Connors reissues. Pretty As Ever features the guitarist’s 2005 suites Pretty As Ever and Trinity as well as his 2000 interpretation of Hans Christian Ande...view item »


The golden period for the reformation of '90s bands continues apace with news of the first Belly album in 20 years. Tanya Donnelly's post Throwing Muses/the Breeders outfit have reformed with all the original members for a ten track album that adds to their catalogue of pleasant alternative rock...view item »

Alva Noto

Carsten Nicolai is really bustin’ his way through 2018 - this is the third album to feature Alva Noto thus far this year. It’s also the third and final LP for his Uni series, which has vented some of his heaviest and most floor-headed material. Once again French poet Anne-James Chaton is pre...view item »

Virginia Wing
Ecstatic Arrow

Changes can take time and Virginia Wing have slowly been morphing from a Broadcast-like psych pop band into something much more psychedelic and esoteric. Hints of greatness were found on their previous 'Measures of Joy' album but 'Ecstatic Arrow' should see the full hatching of the new band. Last year's collabor...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Brushes With Happiness

The new album from the The Wave Pictures, Brushes With Happiness, has a name inspired by the drummer, Jonny Helm’s positive way with the trap set. Content-wise, the album follows a similar to path to their laid-back 2016 effort, A Season In Hull, and like that album it was recorded live in one day. Violet sparkle coloured ...view item »

Elliott Smith
Division Day

Division Day by Elliott Smith was a non-album single, originally released in 1996 in between his self-titled second album and his masterpiece, Either/Or. Division Day is Elliott’s first foray into more upbeat pop following two acoustic albums. Now repressed on tri-colour vinyl and limited to 1000 copies. An absolute must-b...view item »

The Streets
Original Pirate Material

The classic debut before he went a bit soft. This was genuinely thrilling back in 2002 and it's combination of UK garage/hip-hop and Mike Skinner's lyrical observations were a unique and fascinating combination. Now we have Sleaford Mods a lot of his work sounds a bit....meh... but this is the good one and still sounds fresh.&nb...view item »


Essential three LP re-press of the Bristolian soundtracky trip-hoppers second LP from back in 1997.  This is the one that eschewed their debut's occasional pop moves and delved deep into sample-delica and disturbing textures. It's an intimate and occasionally frightening listen full of regret and pathos between the grooves.  ...view item »

Spacemen 3

Dreamweapon by Spacemen 3 documents the time they played live in the foyer of Watermans Art Centre in Brentford at a screening of the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire. The audience didn’t care for it too much but the 45 minute set of droning guitars will sure please fans of the band. This reissue includes outtakes from 198...view item »

The Streets
A Grand Don't Come For Free

Upon its release 10 years ago, The Streets second album, A Grand Don’t Come For Free was instantly hailed as another masterpiece to equal his initial clarion call, Original Pirate Material. Unavailable on vinyl for the best part of the intervening decade, Be With Records marks its second release by issuing Mike Skinner’s elec...view item »

Stars Of The Lid
The Tired Sounds of

Repress of Stars of the Lid’s 2001 neo-classical drone album, The Tired Sounds of. The way this album ebbs and flows is unlike much you’ll hear from music. It has far more in common with waves beating against a shore. The glacial pace of its changes suggest a timelessness. It sounds massive, and I feel.. small. ...view item »

Band of Horses
Everything All The Time

Everything All the Time by Seattle's Band of Horses is not an overly complex record but its simplicity adds to its charm. A little bit rock, a little bit emo, and a little bit country, it wears its influences on its sleeve. Almost like a fine wine, you can distinguish the key ingredients as you swish it around in your mouth and after giving this...view item »

The Shins
Wincing The Night Away

Listening to The Shins' album, Wincing The Night Away, is like falling into an oceanic daydream. The music is sleepy, the lyrics are poetic, and the sound is rich and harmonious. The album cover depicts organisms that have tentacles and baleen mouths, revealing the ocean theme that lies beneath. The song titles such as Sea Legs and Girl Sailor s...view item »


When Detroit’s Dopplereffekt emerged in 1995 it was like a bomb went off. Unleashing their unique brand of sterile machine funk electro onto the world, heavily influenced by Kraftwerk’s Man-Machine aesthetic they would go on to inspire (and continue to inspire) the next wave of electro ...view item »

Oh No Ono

Right then, one thing I can say about this new Oh No Ono record 'Eggs' is that its my favourite album of the year so far. It was my official 'waking up' music this morning and after a madcap dash through the snow to assist in hyperactive world of Norman Records I find its the first record on my pile to review. Strangely for such a super album the f...view item »

Mulatu Astatke
Mulatu Steps Ahead

I'm reasonably new to this chap's work but the 'New York: London: Addis' comp that came out a while back blew my face off. I never thought I'd like Ethiopian jazz but Mulatu is the god of it by all accounts so therefore he seems like the best starting point. This is his first new album proper since the early 80's so you'd hope it was a goodie. Mula...view item »

Disco Inferno

This was the final missive from Disco Inferno before they split in 1995 and emerged after a tumultuous time for the band after they had their gear stolen which basically contained all the material they were working on. Still, the band regrouped and made an album that was a lot more straightforward than the previous wildly invent...view item »

Boduf Songs
This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything

This Boduf Songs LP is well whispery. Don't recall ever hearing Boduf Songs but from the minute the needle hits the wax i feel compelled to take the whole Boduf Song vibe very seriously. Musically, we are talking super minimalism. Tracks are recorded with a singular microphone and are primarily made up of one instrument and a vocal that generall...view item »

Geidi Primes

Montreal's Claire Boucher has surprised me here with her album. I was so utterly stumped and perplexed by her split with D'eon that I didn't actually know what was going on. On 'Geidi Primes' her wonky ethereal folk with beats initially sounds like old Too ...view item »

Disco Inferno
D. I. Go Pop

In 1994 I was so obsessed by this album that I was moved enough to write the words 'Disco Inferno' on the windscreen of my flatmates car. What she did to deserve this was to not come to see them at a gig at Leeds University - the night that changed everything in my life. I didn't know that music could be that powerful, that insane, that unique. ...view item »

Cavern of Anti-Matter
Blood Drums

One of my review highlights of last week was the bargain-priced Cavern of Anti-Matter 12" on Deep Distance which features 45 minutes of freeform kosmische synth jamming from the Stereolab-related trio. Fast forward to this week and they've got two more records out on two entirely separate labels, the most exciti...view item »

First Demo

It often felt like Fugazi were narrating the history of hardcore as much as they were contributing to it. With shows that were as revered for their impromptu politics as for their music, and songs that challenged every preconceived notion of what it meant to be implicit in society, punk or otherwise, they felt like a meta hardcore band who fortu...view item »

Einsturzende Neubauten

‘Lament’ is perennial provocateurs Einsturzende Neubauten’s much anticipated commemoration of the First World War. It’s a typically erudite, inventive and challenging take on this sprawling cataclysmic event that, according to Blixa Bargeld, has never really ended. The band themselves describe the record as a studio recon...view item »

Bo Ningen & Savages
Words To The Blind

Oh lordy what *have* we here? Savages kind of fancy themselves as avant garde art punks so it seemed perfectly natural for them to hook up with squally space rockers Bo Ningen for this collaborative improvised jazz tinged sprawl which will test the patience of even the most discerning of listeners. The sound they produce is something akin to Der...view item »

Y Dydd Olaf

Gwenno Saunders has had quite the roller-coaster life having been in the Pipettes, had a role in Welsh Language soap Pobol y Cwm on S4C and been touring keyboard player with Elton John. Meanwhile I’ve done nothing but sit on my big fat lazy arse. This album was rel...view item »

Johann Johannsson
The Theory of Everything

For his new biopic about Stephen Hawking, James Marsh opted to concentrate on the romantic history of the popular scientist, attempting to unveil the beginning, middle and end of his shared life with Jane Wilde Hawking, whose memoir is used as the film’s source material. Johann Johannsson’s soundtrack, then, is a record of fitting em...view item »

Mikal Cronin

There it sat in my house, barely played, untouched unloved. My dad had raved about Mikal Cronin’s second album ‘MCII’ yet it did absolutely nothing for me apart from reminding me on a couple of occasions of the Lemonheads so it got returned and I mentally marked Cronin down as another one of...view item »

Black Mountain
Black Mountain - 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

A decade on from ‘Black Mountain’s initial release and it seems it made a big enough impact the first time around for it to be re-released with 8 bonus tracks. Sounding like an amalgamation of something between Black Flag and Black Sabbath it’s sort of understandable why. It’s alright - in a psych-rock revivalist,...view item »

Rival Consoles

OK I’ve been looking forward to this all morning because we’ve already had this album on a few times in the office and it’s garnered pretty much universal approval. It’s amazing. Ryan Lee West made some pretty stunning sounds happen with Sonne, sounds you could almost sink your teeth into and feel the spicy tang ...view item »

The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

Almost offensively full of warm vibraphones and equally warm vocals, it seems that Thundercat is taking the piss out of our cold corridors.   This is Thundercat in a much more understated mode than on the previous duel 'Apocalypse' themed records. Though that wobbly bass is present, it's just wandering along for the golden ride and ...view item »


Remember when geeks on electronic music forums would have paid like £400 on ebay for a bog brush with a Skam braille sticker on? I probably would have, except I don’t think I’ve ever had a disposable £400 in my life. But those were the days eh! I’ve got a Skam si...view item »

Mary Clark
Take Me I'm Yours

Mary Clark’s Take Me I’m Yours is a classic disco cut from 1980. Originally cut in an edition of about 200, original copies aren’t easy to come by, but demand has raised substantially since compilations and radio mixes showcased its funky charms. Hence this 12” reissue on P&P / LA Shawn, whic...view item »

Gold Panda
Good Luck and Do Your Best

It may be unseasonably cold and rainy outside but that doesn’t stop Gold Panda’s latest opus becoming my potential Album of the Summer. Now please don’t be upset with me but until recently I only judged Gold Panda’s music as a pleasant distraction. The sort of ok-tronica that runs along pleasantly in the background but ...view item »

DJ Shadow
The Mountain Will Fall

This weeks big news is that DJ Shadow still actually makes records. If he’d stopped after Entroducing then its easy to imagine the furore the internet would have created around this As it is this is his sixth album, none of which have ever got close to the unique crate digging approach of the first one. The opening title track does...view item »

Pet Shop Boys
Inner Sanctum

Pet Shop Boys! As ever, the mighty pop duo have a hot single on their hands in the form of Inner Sanctum, taken from their recent Super album. This 12” release boosts the single with 2 demo versions and, more remarkably, a remix from the one and only Carl Craig! Craig str...view item »


Sounding at first like if Sam Smith was a lot weirder, Sohn recently relocated from Vienna to Los Angeles (where do they get the money for such jetsetting?) for his second full length album but it still has an icy cold and at times harsh feel. The voice is a relatively straightforward take on Brit School soul...view item »

David Bowie
No Plan EP

When 'Blackstar' came out you have to remember that this was before he died. In no way am I trying to justify my 7/10 review of an album I later got rather obsessed about. How was I to know he'd die and it would gain about 50 million extra layers and I would get used to the saxophones? Improbably all those three things happened and so it now goe...view item »

Kicking Up The Dust

The band the La's could have been. When La's lead la' Lee Mavers disappeared into a fug of his own dope smoke and '60s dust, bassist John Power went right to the top of the hit parade with such songs as 'Alright'. Now they are back with their 6th long player. Can this is not but it's sure to feature plenty of Po...view item »

I Go Missing In My Sleep

Tamsin Wilson founded Wilsen at university has have now gone onto release their first full length record ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep’. The eleven-piece album was mainly written and crafted in a small apartment in New York, and the music we can hear on this record replicates that feeling. A gentle mix o...view item »


Techromancy is the latest release from the post-punk visionaries Chrome. The release brings back driving rhythms and metallic riffs that fuse together with their forty-year old sound that has seen many line up changes. A hard hitting mix of space-rock, psychedelic and po...view item »

Russell Haswell

Here’s a 2014 session from deranged synth-noiser and Consumer Electronics / Autechre associate Russell Haswell! Constitutional, which the liner notes tell us was recorded in one evening, is a typically Haswellian slab of beat-driven modular synth noise, and it oug...view item »

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