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The Chemical Brothers
Dig Your Own Hole

Between this, their second album and 'Exit Planet Dust', their debut, we have some of the best most iconic electronica of the mid-nineties. I feel that a lot of the elements of this album haven't aged as well as those on their first album, such that 'Elekrobank' and 'Don't Stop The Rock' sound really dated now. Having said that, the fantastic 'S...view item »

Phelan Sheppard
Harps Old Master

Here I have the second album by PHELAN SHEPPARD of State River Widening fame, entitled 'Harps Old Master', proudly released on the Leaf label. This is a very beautiful and hypnotic album which would make a lovely film montage to stroke the head of a loved one to. This is a great study of the relationship between the heav...view item »

Vladislav Delay

Vladislav Delay has brought a new one out and its called "Tumma". Strangely enough if I hadn't got out of my seat to change the CD over (yes we are still old school) then I would have thought the first track was a continuation of the Mount Eerie record as it has lots of lovely ambient sounds and banging noises. Phil, bless him, did think ...view item »

Roll The Dice
In Dust

The Swedish duo of Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt dropped an amazing record for Digitalis a wee while ago and then a limited edition 12" for the Leaf label. Both records had got me quite excited to hear another and here it is. A brilliant full album for Leaf. Let's face it, Leaf have acquired some top artist...view item »

Roly Porter

This is nothing like Vex'd, but it's familiar. Massive, glacial, pads enlivened by staccato beats/samples. String quartets playing in deserted iron foundries - powerful and fascinating. All the tracks are named after planets in Dune and seem to evoke the flavour of those fictional places (as someone familiar with the novel). With more character ...view item »

Tom Waits
Closing Time

This is Tom Waits debut album. It is much more, shall we say, normal than his later crazy but brilliant albums. Straight forward songs, but what brilliant songs they are. You can picture him sitting at a piano in an empty bar singing his heart out to these. "Ol '55" was covered by the Eagles, make of that what you...view item »

Cocteau Twins
Stars and Topsoil - A Collection (1982-1990)

Liz Fraser’s ethereal vocals, often lyrical gobbledegook, coupled with the sparse backing from Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde (who replaced Will Heggie in 1983) made The Cocteau Twins one of the ‘80s most unique and special artists. The label had a knack back then for signing such acts. Along with Pixies...view item »

Jacco Gardner
Cabinet Of Curiosities

There’s an awful lot of psychedelia knocking about nowadays which owes a huge debt to ‘60s pop, and Dutchman Jacco Gardner is no exception, deftly crafting a dreamy and drugged out concoction which owes clear debts to the slightly pastoral UK psych-pop sounds made all those years ago by the likes of ...view item »

Brian Hodgson and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Doctor Who - The Krotons

We scored some 10” vinyl copies of this beauty of “special sounds” from Brian Hodgson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This really shows them at their most radical, groundbreaking and experimental. Beginning with the brief opening theme from 1967, this is rea...view item »

William Onyeabor
World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?

Here’s the long-awaited collection on Luaka Bop from the mysterious William Onyeabor, a Nigerian who studied film in Russia, returned to set up a film and music studio in the ‘70s, produced a series of hits and has since retired from music to become a successful businessman and run his own flour mill...view item »

Leonard Cohen
Field Commander Tour 1979

This live album was recorded in Hammersmith Odeon, London and in Brighton. Leonard Cohen has said it was his best tour ever, and with the six piece backup transforming his simple music and raising it to the heights, it’s a beautiful capture of his iconic sound from the place where music, poetry and romance intertwine....view item »

The Coral
The Curse Of Love

The Coral are... back!? That's far out. It's been four years since their last record, the neo-psych tinged 'Butterfly House', but 'The Curse Of Love' sees the band in a confident and strikingly ominous mood, making sharp and macabre tunes with marching drums, resounding strings and James Skelly's vocal, which sounds disembodied from his per...view item »

Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund
Split EP

For me, Trust Fund remains one of the most exciting developments British indie rock has seen in forever, an act with an endless wealth of musical versitality who never loses his emotional resonance in the mix. Ellis Jones can fill a bill with a bunch of folk punks who wear their beating heart on their burning s...view item »

Shinichi Atobe
Butterfly Effect

Schinichi Atobe was one of the most mysterious artists to release a record on Chain Reaction, one of techno’s most enigmatic labels. Set up in the mid 1990s by Basic Channel, the label released a series of 12”s and CDs (infamously packaged in destructive tins) by emerging producers whose experiments with minimal techno were taking th...view item »

Yorkston / Thorne / Khan
Everything Sacred

In which our favourite M&S jumpered singer songwriter teams up with Lamb man John Thorne and singer/sarangi-player Suhail Yusuf Khan for an album of gently meditative seemingly improvised folk tunes. Yorkston plucks away at an acoustic guitar, Thorne’s double bass is as warm as any played by Danny Thomps...view item »

The Pop Group
Honeymoon on Mars

Post-punk pioneers the Pop Group return with new LP 'Honeymoon On Mars'. A concept album of sorts, Mark Stewart calls it "hypersonic journey into a dystopian future full of alien encounters and sci-fi lullabies". Fans of their previous work won't be disappointed: 'Honeymoon On Mars' still pertains to the band's successful hybrid...view item »

Can't Touch Us Now

Madness really like London don't they? Love the place. Can't stop talking about it. It's a shame their previous album 'Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da' was as much of a dud as its title as the earlier 'The Liberty of Norton Fulgate' was a superb late period piece. From the sound of lead single 'Mr Apples' the nutt...view item »

Yerba Mansa

Ah yes, Yerba Mansa: the kind of band where the drummer wants the rest of the band to keep that racket down. As the band freely romp through any non-idea possible in their opening improvised marathon, their percussion just sort of feels it out, chilling hard against the glorious nonsense that is some guitars crashing about one another until ever...view item »

Hot Thoughts

Released especially for Record Store Day is this special Spoon 12” single, which contains two new and exclusive tracks! On the A-side is a remix of Hot Thoughts by Dave Sitek, of TV On The Radio and general super-producer fame, while the B-side contains a cover of the Elvi...view item »

Noise Addict
10,000 Kids With Guitars

Noise Addict is what happened when some Australian teenagers saw a Nirvana gig and decided to try and do it themselves. Wahey! They actually ended up making a decent impact with their noisy punk-pop, and Numero Group now present two LPs worth of their best cuts. 10,000 Kids With Guitars comes with a cha...view item »

The Caretaker
Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 2

Leyland Kirby’s second album to be titled ‘Everything At the End of Time’ continues his project’s life-long investigation into dementia and memory. Having sorta clumsily diagnosed his project with an illness -- by declaring, confusingly, that “the Caretaker has dementia” -- this edition is number two in a six ...view item »

White Hills
Stop Mute Defeat

New York psych juggernauts White Hills try something a little bit new here, winding in the guitars a little bit and cranking up the thick industrial production. Stop Mute Defeat is a bad-trip of a record, with influence taken from Cabaret Voltaire and William Burroughs. It's a heavy one...view item »

Hey Colossus
The Guillotine

After filling 2015 with more gloom than it could possibly handle, Hey Colossus attempted to take a break which really didn’t last long cuz here they are, loud and proud, with another full length record to cut you in half with on Rocket Recordings. Ah, yeah, I remember this, the impenetrable sludge of the Hey Colossus sound. There&r...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Purple Rain (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

Seriously exciting stuff here for Prince fans: as well as a remastered version of the deeply classic album Purple Rain, the CD versions of this reissue also include a whole disc of contemporary tracks from the great one’s immense and closely guarded archives, which haven’t even been bootlegged before! Revel ...view item »

Psychic TV
Allegory & Self

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Allegory & Self, released in 1984, is in fact one of the group’s most pop-friendly albums ever, a surprising move for the group led by Genesis P-Orridge and ...view item »

Psychic TV
Pagan Day

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Pagan Day originally came out in 1984, presenting raw versions of songs fleshed out elsewhere. Unlike the ornate full band recordings, these are four-track demos and sketches, recorded by Ge...view item »

Strictly Britxotica! Palais Pop and Locarno Latin

Join Jonny Trunk in his explorations of the weird and wonderful kitsch world of Britxotica: the music made by 50’s / 60’s British composers pretending to be from exotic international locations. Their dress-ups aren’t necessarily convincing, but they are fascinating and fun and groovy and good! Strictly Brit...view item »

Martin Hannett
Homage to Delia Derbyshire

Martin Hannett, then: Factory Records’ in-house producer that made some amazing, iconic records with OMD, Durutti Column and most famously, Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer&...view item »

Hype Williams
Rainbow Edition

Who the hell is Hype Williams? This is a question not asked due to journalistic naivety, but a question that is possibly on the lips of Hype Williams fans everywhere. Notorious pranksters Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are quite possibly doing the best tricksy business they can, ...view item »

Hiroshi Yoshimura
Music For Nine Postcards

I’d call this Hiroshi Yoshimura’s classic if he hadn’t released so many of them. ‘Green’ is perhaps his most formative work, a collection of half-operated melodies and simmering environments, but the gorgeous and plaintive ‘Soundscape’ deserves the accolade too. Known as a tape toiling in obscurity, a re...view item »

Joan As Police Woman
Damned Devotion

Damned Devotion is the 5th album proper album by Joan As Policewoman. It sees the Connecticut-born singer/songwriter returning to the emotionally charged music of her earlier releases, such as 2006’s Real Life. Damned Devotion has lyrics tinged with regret about her previous mistakes in love and life....view item »

Somewhere, Someday

Melorman returns with Somewhere, Someday, a friendly suite of bedroom electronica that shimmers and sparkles with warm, sometimes nostalgic synth pads. The vinyl release of Somewhere, Someday also comes with a download code for the bonus EP Away, so that’s another five tracks you are getting for ...view item »

Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler baby! ESP-Disk here give reissue to a 1965 live recording of Bells, originally released as a single-sided LP. Well this reissue doesn’t make you go hungry on the other side: it includes an extra track that has previously turned up on rare pressings of Spiritual Unity. Fiery New York free jazz...view item »

Efrim Manuel Menuck
Pissing Stars

After fully coming through on a long-term promise to deliver “a joyous noise” to a Godspeed You! Black Emperor record in the triumphant, communal, and all-loving ‘Luciferian Towers’, Montreal rock ‘n’ roller Efrim Manuel Menuck returns to the pits of doom. Th...view item »

Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

On this day of fervent and unforgiving snow, it’s nice to see an Anna von Hausswolff record hiding under my behemoth of things to review. Hausswolff nailed her low-key gothica into the walls of a grand cathedral on ‘The Miraculous’, centering her organ around eerie instrumentation for an unrelenting tour de force. She comes bac...view item »

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet

Substantial collaboration between musician and spoken word storyteller Laurie Anderson and San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet. Landfall, a multimedia project inspired by Anderson’s experience of Hurricane Sandy, blends skillful instrumentation with her powerful spoken word descriptions of the storm. On N...view item »

Sun Kil Moon
Ghosts Of The Great Highway

This prick again. Except not again; then. There was a time when Mark Kozelek’s music meant a whole lot more, when his voice was sweeter and his lyrics comparatively shorthanded. This was it. It was a time when we actually cared about his dad. ‘Ghosts of the Great Highway’ was his first record under the Sun Kil Moon moni...view item »


Clever. Apparently the 'Vi' from the title of this album refers to the fact that this is Editors sixth album. It is the most innovative thing about the entire release that's for sure. I'm finding it hard to actually put into words how bad opener 'Cold' is- I think I need to invent a new language. They've veered off into a vaguely electro-po...view item »

New Material

Sisters of Mercy fans rejoice as ominous people Preoccupations delve further into the bowels of the early '80s goth-rock scene. Their previous album was the worst thing we've ever heard and after struggling to sit through lead track 'Espionage' hopes for this are low. However these are people who were once very ...view item »

Manic Street Preachers
Resistance Is Futile

Everybody’s favourite Welsh radical-chic indie heroes are back with their thirteenth full-length album, grandly titled Resistance Is Futile. This one sits at the grander end of the Manic Street Preachers...view item »

Deepchord & Fluxion present Transformations
Bonafide EP

Join dubtech vets Deepchord and Chain Reaction/Echocord staple Fluxion, here bonded into one entity called Transformations, for a pair of trots through the sleepless sighs of The City on Bona Fide. This is the second Transformation transmission, following last year’s Accumulat...view item »

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto

Fans of stylish minimalist ambience can rejoice as the heroic duo of Nicolai and Sakamoto return on a release that's as much sound art as composition. This conceptual performance took place in a glass structure in September 2016, and is thankfully documented in all its calm, elegant glory, released on the ever g...view item »

Martha Ffion
Sunday Best

Warm bit of jangly folk pop from Martha Ffion. She has a wonderful ear for melody, and everything thing she does is so charming that it's impossible to dislike. Sunday Best is for fans of the likes of Laura Marling, and The Magnetic Fields, and those who just want to listen to som...view item »

Whyte Horses
Empty Words

“Too much of anything’s too much”, sing psychedelic ironists Whyte Horses as they jangle their way to a record that I estimate is about the 5000th record of this ident I’ve reviewed for this record store. This is what everyone - ever - happens to do, and Whyte Horses have very much come in at the end of the Too Much trans...view item »

A Certain Ratio
I'd Like To See You Again

I’d Like To See You Again was the 4th album by Manchester post-punk band A Certain Ratio, or ACR to their friends. It was originally released on the notorious Factory Records label in 1982. It was the first album with co-vocalist Martha Tilston. This reissue comes via Mute and is available...view item »

The Ex
27 Passports

The Ex have made about a billion albums starting in 1979 and still going strong. On each album they start with a blank canvas so you are never sure what you are going to get. This time it seems that that have created a trance-like opus that has been influenced by trips to Africa creating an infectious groove laden sound. ...view item »

Thundercat + OG Ron C & The Chopstars

Viz Top Tip. Save money on buying this record by slowing down the pitch of your record player by about a sixth and playing your copy of 'Drunk'.  Because that's all they've done here. Certain parts have a beautiful wooziness to them that is missing from the original, rather hyper record but the general feeling in the office is that ...view item »

Vanessa Amara

The most elegant of noise labels, Posh Isolation, continue their recent descent into kinder, more gentler experiments. Vanessa Amara made the lovely drone record You're Welcome Here a while ago, the duo offering low-key streams of sound with the occasional dramatic and bell-tolling payoff. They're back wi...view item »


Oh boy, am I excited: it’s Dalham time! Yes folks, Phil’s favourite electronics-bothering discovery of recent times have blessed us with ‘Janus’, their follow-up record to last year’s winning ‘Waves’. Also, it’s time to do something we haven’t done in a while and… just… can&rsqu...view item »

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