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Lucifer (Mort Garson)
Black Mass

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

UK EXCLUSIVE! From the label that brought us reissues from Ruth White and a live LP from Coil's Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson comes a long overdue official reissue of Mort Garson's cult 1971 occult synth fantasy 'Black Mass'. Blackened timbres meet trippy modulations from the dark side of the Moog. Reissued on 180g vinyl complete with download code. Recommended for fans of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ghostbox, S…view full details.

We say: Domeheaded ambient lord gets cinematic.

Brian Eno
The Ship

12 people love me. Be the 13th...

A new Brian Eno album is always something to get excited about, but particularly after a four year wait and in collaboration with the iconic Warp records. The Ship is Eno on classic form, creating beautiful ambient music built from minimalist drones. Here he's also particularly fascinated with looping voices and has included a Velvet Underground cover for good measure. …view full details.

High Passes

9 people love me. Be the 10th...

Excitement alert. Brand new album from Chris Adams (Hood/Downpour/On Fell etc) under his Bracken moniker. Now you will all remember that his previous album 'Exist/Resist' won our coveted Album of the Year award in 2014, previous to that he released his debut 'We Know About the Need' on Anticon and go even further back in time you'll remember his group Hood with albums such as 'Cold House (2001). This new opus is an incredibly…view full details.

Burn Down Babylon

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Kaiju are preparing a full-length album for your imminent pleasure, but for now you’ll have to revel in this white label 10”. Burn Down Babylon has 2 premium examples of Kaiju’s slick updating of the crucial old dub styles, complete with skanking rhythms and reverbed toasting. Out on Deep Medi Musik.…view full details.

Pye Corner Audio / Dalhous
Run for the Shadows EP

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

The Run For The Shadows EP is a split between Dalhous and Pye Audio Corner, each providing a pair of new tracks. Pye is orientated towards dark dancefloors, while Dalhous produce real songs. Though both artists, it must be said, have an incredible ear for textures you could almost reach out and touch. The 12” is released by Lapsus Records.…view full details.

We say: Heavy psychedelic bruisers rare recordings vinylized.

The Heads

12 people love me. Be the 13th...

7/10 according to our Robin

Ohwoaowowwhwhwwhahhh Wahh Wahh hWooaoh Woaaah! It’s the Heads! They sound literally exactly like that; I have reduced them to psychedelic onomatopoeia. A year or two ago someone thought it’d be a good idea to reissue their gnarled-trip behemoth ‘Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere’, and since then they have been resurrected in a series of LP reissues of random, rare CDs and t…view full details.

We say: Rambling collaboration now on vinyl

Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

6/10 according to our Robin

I woke up this morning at eight forty five am to an alarm ringing off pretty loudly and I thought wow I haven’t got time for this and the note that came with it read “have some coffee before you get up” and I thought about how I never make the time to do that and as I flushed the toilet next to my bedroom I was struck by sadness about the daily routine and the way it comes abo…view full details.

She Drew The Gun
Memories Of The Future

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

She Drew The Gun is Louisa Roach’s spoken-word / music project, and Memories Of The Future is her debut full-length. She has a frank approach, providing the kind of political poetry that’s guaranteed to go down well at most festivals. And the backing music has some welcome mersey-psyche-pop stylings. Out on Skeleton Key Records…view full details.

We say: Sunny, sexy, laid-back pop from French people.

The Liminanas

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

The Liminanas are a French band, though you don’t need me to tell you that: just listen to those breath vocals! Malamore is their fourth album, and it finds the band very relaxed in their sonic niche: sunny, sexy, laid-back pop. It must be said, they do it well. Malamore is released by Because Music.…view full details.

Jack White and The Electric Mayhem
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Jack White isn’t working with The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather or his own solo backing band on this single. No, here he is playing with The Electric Mayhem, the in house band for The Muppets! Together they perform the Stevie Wonder classic You Are The Sunshine Of My Life: lovely stuff. 7” on White’s Third Man Reco…view full details.


1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Pumarosa are new enough that this is only their second single. But their dance-angled rock sounds like it has plenty of cutting-edge hit potential, so maybe jump onboard now! Cecile could accompany a summer yacht party, at least up until the point of the relatively heavy instrumental breakdown. This 12” single (on white vinyl) is out on Chess Club.…view full details.

We say: 60s styled psych pop library music re-unleashed

Death And Vanilla
Death And Vanilla

31 people love me. Be the 32nd...

9/10 according to our Phil

This is mint! The label got in touch with us and asked if we wanted to carry this and I wet myself when I listened to the soundclips. Anyway we bought a bunch cos it's great and if none of you buy one then I'm gonna have 'em all as it's really that good. If you're into '60s …view full details.

The Glowing Man

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

The gargantuan behemoth that is 21st Century Swans comes to a close with The Glowing Man, another large double. A very wide array of instrumentation is in play here, all feeding into the need for these songs to expand and explode. Presented on 2 CDs or 3 LPs, all in varnished and embossed card packaging. On Mute.…view full details.

We say: The band all the guitar bands want to be compared to.

This Heat

53 people love me. Be the 54th...

8/10 according to our Clinton

Absolutely essential re-issue of the second and final album by these Brixton post-punkers who were one of a clutch of bands around the turn of the '80's who completely re-shaped how music would sound, were fearless and innovative and sat in that perfect bit of music making where experimentalism meets pop. And yes prepare for freeform experimental composition- closer 'Hi Baku Shyo' is four minut…view full details.

The Durutti Column

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

The second Durutti Column album, LC, was first released in 1981, and it still carries a certain remarkable feel to it. These expanded reissues present the original album in remastered form, and add in a number of compilation tracks, demos, and other rarities: the exact number of bonus tracks varies depending on whether you fancy CD or LP versions.…view full details.

We say: First on 4AD from restless composer.

Tim Hecker
Love Streams

61 people love me. Be the 62nd...

10/10 according to our Laurie

Here he is. The man of the hour, the one who said a nervous ‘hi’ to me at Belgrave before disappearing behind a thick wall of dry ice. The one who loves streams so much that there isn’t a stream for this in sight. The one who silently accepts that one of the 4AD fools (citation needed) has ruined the surprise by letting the whole thing out early. The one who has paved the way …view full details.

We say: Anagram-friendly new one from Leeds post punk crew.


3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Leeds favourites Eagulls make a slight move away from the hard-and-fast rush of their debut album with this follow-up. Ullages finds the band diving head first into the territory of 1980’s post-punk: think along the lines of early Cure cut with a little shoegaze. I must say, they wear it well. Released on Partisan Records.…view full details.

We say: Berserk, psychedelic prog-metal from unstoppable polymaths.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Nonagon Infinity

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

7/10 according to our Robin

Psychedelic skin-shedders King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (oh my God with that name) can be your favourite band one week and your least the next, depending on where you park your sub-genres and what your mileage for impulsive guitar improv is. Their last three records alone have been exercises in escapology: ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’ was a distorted and distanced c…view full details.

Death in Vegas

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Death In Vegas return with their first album in 5 years, and it’s a big one: Transmission’s vinyl edition fills 3 records. Here, main Vegas man Richard Fearless enlists the vocal assistance of artist / actress Sasha Grey, giving a human presence to the detached drones and pounding techno beats. Released by the Drone label.…view full details.

Adult Jazz
Earrings Off!

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

After their success with Gist Is in 2014, gaining adoration from Bjork and David Byrne (not the worst fans you could have) Adult Jazz have taken pages from their experimental endorsees and moved way into leftfield electronic experimentation. Bizarre off-kilter synths and horns coupled with unnerving vocal processing.. They’ve found the perfect place to release with as well with Tri-Angle records.…view full details.

The Digging Remedy

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Brand new material from Warp electronica veterans Plaid. As ever, they have a patient, subtle approach to sound, much more focused on weaving fine textures then on big obvious ‘moments’. That said, there is some lively beat activity here and no mistake. The Digging Remedy is out on Warp Records.…view full details.

We say: Collection of out of print raw disco 12"s.

Golden Teacher
First Three EPs

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

The first three EPs from Glaswegian 6 piece Golden Teacher are compiled on vinyl LP and CD for the very first time. Those original 12” pressings are long out of print, so it’s a thrill to hear the group’s rough-edged and raw-as-hell disco again. By making no-wave synths rub alongside sensuous hand claps and distant vocals this group prove themselves to be the true heirs to Arthur Russell.…view full details.

Parquet Courts
Human Performance

19 people love me. Be the 20th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Here we are again, in the court of Parquet Courts. Okay, that didn’t work. Last time we checked in with these slackbros, they were doing their guitar music in MS Paint, scribbling their guitars in and out of places and accidentally filling the whole thing in with garish colours. It was called ‘Monastic Living’ and everyone hated it because there were no real songs, but what do…view full details.

Malcolm Middleton
You & I

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

A taster for his upcoming ‘Summer of ’13’ album, this is a much for electronic work from the less bearded half of Arab Strap. I think Malcolm Middleton is a great guitarist so it’s a shame not to hear his gentle pluckings on the title track but I like this slab of Scottish misery-tronica. The beats and synths are rathe…view full details.

Aesop Rock
The Impossible Kid

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Aesop Rock’s first solo full-length since 2012 is The Impossible Kid, and it swings and flows very fine indeed. The dude produced the whole record as well as carrying off the MC duties, and he shows his indie credentials by name-checking Einsturzende Neubauten and The Peel Sessions. The vinyl edition is pressed to 1 green and 1 pink LP, and both vinyl and CD come with a double-sided poster.…view full details.

Ultimate Painting / Woods
Into The Darkness / Know Your Minute

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Ultimate Painting and Woods recently went on a tour together, and the best way to celebrate something like that is of course a split 7”. Exclusive tracks from each artist here: one is pretty poppy, one sinks into a very fine jam. Limited edition of 1000 copies, joint-released by Woodsist and Trouble In Mind Records.…view full details.


5 people love me. Be the 6th...

The second album from Raime lands with a bang: 8 tracks of precision-tooled bass-shudder and industrial wobble. Tooth feels like it has a huge amount of power kept tightly under control, the spindly guitar lines and post-dancehall dynamics acting as a straightjacket, keeping the tension high. A strong return, out on Blackest Ever Black.…view full details.

Sun Araw
Live Kraniche bei den Elbbrücken

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Cameron Stallone’s space-dub noise-hippy project Sun Araw presented these sounds to a live audience in Hamburg last year. With a three-person line-up using synths, guitar and a ‘Bambus Sax’, Live Kraniche bei den Elbbrücken is a nice deep trip. 300 copies (each LP comes with a postcard!) on Hafenschlamm Records.…view full details.

From Bone To Satellite (Deluxe Expanded Edition)

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Originally released, and very quickly sold out, in 1999 now finally repressed by the guys at Temporary Residence. If you’re a fan of Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Dorena you’ll love this. Includes the remastered original 7 tracks plus 6 bonus tracks of unreleased and rare material. A fair whack of instrumental post-rock for you. …view full details.

Dark Dark Dark
Wild Go

9 people love me. Be the 10th...

8/10 according to our Mike

This is pretty interesting. Dark Dark Dark play piano-led chamber folk with predominantly girl vocals. It's dark-tinged but not as downbeat as their name would have you believe. More brooding than maudlin, I want to compare them to The National but there's a sense of wonder here that I don't get from that band. Similar kind of shuffling propulsiveness from the drums, though. The arrangements ar…view full details.


13 people love me. Be the 14th...

8/10 according to our Robin

And so continues the long Norman tradition of not watching the thing the soundtrack was for. ‘Atomic’ is yet another score by Mogwai, the same notorious Band Who Can’t Help Themselves who were baited into making music to follow Zinedine Zidane around with. This soundtrack goes after a different kind of documentary, one about the atomic world that scopes out both war and scient…view full details.

We say: Post punk legends unleash unheard recent recordings.

Nocturnal Koreans

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

Robotic post punkers Wire really do write some great songs. This should not be forgotten.  Their previous album ‘Wire’ had a clutch of great ones including ‘In Manchester’ which I was pleased to see soundtracking one of the many features on Manchester on BBC 6 Music. They have an economy of composition that is really effective and it is all displayed …view full details.

We say: Delicate and rich folk fables from master of the genre.

Matt Elliott
The Calm Before

13 people love me. Be the 14th...

9/10 according to our Clinton

Matt Elliott’s move from drum’n’ bass ’n’ noise troubadour with Third Eye Foundation to dark folkster could never have been predicted but on this his eight (is that right?) solo album he has reached a career high point in terms of his songwriting based work. 'The Calm Before' is a beautiful album of gentle cla…view full details.

We say: Collection of obscure B-sides and rarities from future-synther.

John Foxx
Burning Car

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Metamatic continue their obsession with John Foxx by compiling this collection of incredibly obscure B-sides, singles and rarities, some of which have never been pressed to vinyl before. The songs on Burning Car come from 1980, at the peak of Foxx’s skill in crafting sinister, futurist synth-pop.…view full details.

Psychic Ills
Inner Journey Out

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Psychic Ills’ new record is another ecstatic piece of psychedelic quality, working on an especially large scale. A broad cast of friends helped out with the recording, including Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. Inner Journey Out is released by Sacred Bones, with sleeve art that imitates a battered old thrift-store record.…view full details.

Requiescat In Plavem

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Neil Young has lost it. The Pono is weird; ‘The Montano Years’ was a bad record; he has spent too much time with Jack White. I say this because Krano’s new record, ‘Requiescat In Pavem’, begins like a mischievous version of “Out On The Weekend”, bringing me back to a time when Young was m…view full details.

Hey Colossus
All The Humans (Are Losing Control)

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

7/10 according to our Robin

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. And sometimes you always gotta do what you gotta do. Hey Colossus take up that lesser known second-mantra with glee, continuing to adhere to low-end doom traditions with a three-cut tape of lucid slow-burners. “All The Humans (Are Losing Control)” is a no frills stoner single that stays loyal to its chord sequence forever and ever and e…view full details.

Floorplan (aka Robert Hood)
Music / Tell You No Lie

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Floorplan is Robert Hood’s outlet for groovy, gospel laced, funky-as-hell, disco house. Music and Tell You No Lie are tracks featured on his upcoming sophomore album under the Floorplan moniker. These two tracks will stick in your head until your dancing legs can’t hold you up anymore. Sunshine, joyous, funk.…view full details.

Youth of America
Night of the Comet / Navigator

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

This is basically the whole of Trembling Bells further mining the decade that gave them their sound  - the 1970s. However, whereas Trembling Bells are influenced by the complicated folk rock of the decade this is more in thrall to it's glam rock/pub rock scene. You can imagine this coming out alongside Brinsley Shwarz and Rockpile records in that …view full details.

Man Made
TV Broke My Brain

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Man Made are a new Mancunian indie rock band! This particular group have focused their thinking on the other side of the Atlantic, with an American alt-rock tinge to the vocals and to the production, handled by Ray Man. I’m probably also obliged to mention that the band’s Nile Marr is in fact related to *that* Marr… Out on Soul Kitchen.…view full details.

Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon
Two Changes

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

2 very inventive artists join forces here on Two Changes: composer and DJ Beatrice Dillon and former Sian Alice Group founder Rupert Clervaux. They melt down their considerable talents and wide stylistic range into 2 side-long tracks that use acoustic and electronic drums, field recordings, synths, zithers, bass guitar… Stacks of sounds here. Out on Paralaxe Editions.…view full details.

Public Service Broadcasting
The Race For Space / Remixes

7 people love me. Be the 8th...

In news that gladdens all of our hearts, Britain's worst band* get the remix treatment from lots of actual good bands. Field Music, Dutch Uncles, Maps, Vessels and others take the cash to try and bring some interest to the post rock/lazily slapped on samples. Probably the final nail in the coffin for music as we know it but an alarming number of otherwise sane and good tasted people are fully on board with this lot and find o…view full details.


5 people love me. Be the 6th...

9/10 according to Jack (customer) on

This album still sounds amazing today here in 2016 - that’s when you know you're an icon. Prince brought a sound we never heard before to the music industry and this album was like his re-introduction to yet another generation of music lovers. You never would have thought that after this master piece there was so much more to come. This was one of the best albums Prince ever made - Rest in peace my friend, I like to think I knew you through your music, memories and the special moments i…view full details.

Cold Pumas
The Hanging Valley

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

This is the first we’ve heard from Cold Pumas in quite a while: their debut album was released 4 years ago. Now with a slightly tweaked line-up, the band remain in fine form, and The Hanging Valley charges forwards with as much kraut-motorik power as they ever had. Co-released by Faux Discx and Gringo Records.…view full details.

We say: Dark Souls II fan whispers dubstep secrets.


75 people love me. Be the 76th...

8/10 according to our Clinton

Ah 'Untrue'. To me the pinnacle in the Burial catalogue and that is despite my ongoing issues with the amount of vocal snippets that litter some of the songs (I'm dealing with it...since 2007). Musically however it is utterly gorgeous with those murky garage beats underpinning glorious late night atmosphere's that he excels at. Take 'Archangel' as a blueprint for th…view full details.

We say: Bowie-produced sludge pop from smiley, drug-addled man.

Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

30 people love me. Be the 31st...

9/10 according to Jack (customer) on

Andy Warhol said he could never understand why this guy didn't make it big but he's the opposite of a flash in the pan. Forty years later he's still going ballistic. If you heard the recent interview with Terry Gross where he ascribes his stellar health despite all the drugs to sex and chi gong, and ranks on the Hilton sisters for their suburban epitomisation of wannabe stardom, you know with James your dealing with the real thing. Passenger, Neighbourhood Threat, Lust for Life--this …view full details.

Alex Turner
Submarine (Original Songs)

33 people love me. Be the 34th...

8/10 according to our Brian

Well, there's a girl very close to my heart who's a bit in love with Richard Ayoade (amongst numerous other wise-cracking contemporary comedians) and she informed me he was making a film. It's one of those coming-of-age comedy drama things but I reckon it'll be proper sound. Especially with these dinky songs forming a dreamy soundtrack of sorts. It's that lad from T' Monkeys doing a solo acoust…view full details.

Mac DeMarco

43 people love me. Be the 44th...

9/10 according to our Clinton

Despite the sleeve depicting him as some kind of buffoonishly made up grandson of one of the New York Dolls, I fell very quickly in love with Mac DeMarco’s debut 12” (though long enough to be an album) ‘Rock and Roll Nightclub’, I must have played it about a th…view full details.

Parquet Courts
Light Up Gold

43 people love me. Be the 44th...

10/10 according to our Mike

I’m convinced this lot have impressed me before somewhere but this seems to be the first of their records we’ve stocked so who knows where I previously encountered them. That’s not important, though. What’s important is that we’ve got their debut LP right here in our office to sell to you, and it’s really good. They’re one of those bands who throw toget…view full details.

Blade Runner

40 people love me. Be the 41st...

9/10 according to our Ian

This is truly the greatest soundtrack ever created, the now legendary Vangelis-produced ‘Blade Runner’ OST has made a long awaited comeback to the world of vinyl and it is worth the wait. Interspersed with dialogue from the film itself which gives it an even more atmospheric quality, Greek composer/musician Vangelis pulled out all the stops her…view full details.

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