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Mommy & Daddy
What is The Function?

Mommy & Daddy are back with a new 7" single called What Is The Function. On Big Cat again it's an electroey indie ish tune which reminds me of someone.... I can't think who though. Dirty post punk electro for them who like that....view item »

Ads / Mr Fist

Trying to find audio for this on the internet wasn’t that easy. You try searching on Movie Ads... Well this starts with some promising enough with some wonky guitar before the Madness ‘Our House’ rhythm section kicks in. I can confirm this has a funk, in fact I’d describe this as a weird indi...view item »

Misty Roses
Puce Woman

'Its Christmas time...there's no need to be a cunt...' outake from the 'Do They Know It's Christmas Time' sessions. Geldof had been out the night before and had quaffed enough whisky to drown a whale and staggered into the studio and tried to get a track going and was wrestled to the grou...view item »

The Grey Lynn Homeless Set

Yikes, I'm never really sure what to make of stuff like this. On this 7” here we've got four short pieces of anti-music from MHFS. The final track has some hushed and decayed vocals underneath some scratchy, percussive, arrhythmic guitar but that's very much the closest we get to any...view item »

Sam Mccarthy

This is a 500 copy, limited 7" release on Bumpman original 45's by Sam McCarthy. Sam plays folk/country rock and the A side 'Cherrytree' is a well polished, super produced country rock track something like those made popular by the likes of Garth Brooks but it sounds more like the Pogues to me. The B side 'In It to Win It' is a notable contras...view item »

Fall At Your Feet

here's a new single by Magnet the band. Well I've been listening to it whilst writing that rant and it sounds pretty great. Orchestral melancholic stuff somewhere between Radiohead and Goldfrapp. Fall At Your Feet is out noooo...view item »

Think Cynic

Lads lads.... it's great being in a band but why follow a sound that's sailed a year ago. Here is LINEAR and their new single Think Cynic and if wasn't for every other fucker already established producing this sound then they might just have a chance. Having said that its not without its merits and I quite like the singer, and with...view item »

Islands Lost At Sea Vs Soft Priest
The Way We Played It Yesterday

A new split 7" release on Akoustik Anarkhy sees Islands Lost at Sea pitted against Softpriest. ILAS's debut "The way we played it yesterday" is synthetically backed experiment in feedback guitar noise with a breakdown that utilises what sounds like finger pianos and a kazoo. An ecelectic approach like that should make the long player...view item »

The Social Club Nº5

I.U.D: 'Ffing' 7" (Social Registry) Limited edition Social Club no.5 series 7" single (750), utilises eerie film samples on the introduction giving way to a freeform scree and primal dirge layered with vocal yelpings and doom-mongering, primitive sounding drums.The flip side goes further back to nature with Gang Gang Dance style guttural ...view item »

The Honeymoon Machine
Faith In People

The Honeymoon Machine have a new single out of plodding mundane sounding indie with an obvious affinity to Oasis without The Beatles infatuation. If that sounds as appealing as I think it does then you know what to do!...view item »

The Grief Brothers

I have this single here by The Grief Brothers on Country Mile Records. I'm going to break with tradition here and review the B side first as its the most interesting track. Its kind of oddball country with clanging percussion. Fats reckons Billy Childish and the Blackhands........and I'm a little stuck  - I'm think...view item »

The German Measles
Color Vibration

The German Measles are from the Vivian Girls label. They are peddling a raucous garage rock sound, that sounds like it was made in some seedy basement in Noo Yawk. Actually it has a slight Phil Spector-esque production sound, really textured and swathed in reverb. I guess that's where the Spector comparisons must end, as these gents wont start shoo...view item »

Gay 90's

You know times are hard when the flexi's start making an appearance. It's getting real expensive to produce 7”s nowadays so maybe it's the way to go. Either that or it's purely for novelty reasons...who knows. This flexi 7” on Italian Beach Babes features the talents of the gr...view item »

Come and See the Lights

There's a good picture of these lot on the internet with an afghan hound each. I think they are afghan hounds - I'm not a total expert on dogs but its a good photo nonetheless. The music is in the angsty post Bloc Party/Foals genre with a lot of bluster and a singer who has obviously been listening to his Band of Horses. Big rock music for mount...view item »

Family Underground

This Family Underground 7" is gonna be great, I can feel it in me bones. So it's started and it's inflicting righteous damage upon me. 'Commiseration' sounds like Keiji Haino riding a synth shaped like a wah-wah pedal while Jandek strums away over the top, it's pretty ace but then it's finished. That must have been like 90 seconds? And it's sev...view item »

Fake Male Voice
Fake Male Voice

Fake Male Voice is a bloke from TV on the Radio who I'm fairly ambivalent towards, I do think they've got some great tunes and that though. I guess the band name on this self-titled picture 7"/DVD set (in the same series as the ones we've had from Liars and Of Montreal in the recent past) is a bit of a sly pisstake of himself, especially ...view item »

Crayonsmith/ Elk
Heaven Is An Aeroplane / Wet Stars

The split single. An amazing way to hear two bands for the price of one. This offering from the label that brought you such classics as 1985's Screwdriver/Bad Brains split “Ebony & Ivory” sees two quirksome pop bands vying for position on the starting grid of life. Forcing ...view item »

Desmond Pot & The Des Pots
Statutory Sector

Desmond Despot & the Des-Pots' strange wibbly echo drum machine & synth insanity (with vocals that sound uncannily like the fella from McCarthy!) ...view item »

Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds
You Let Me Go

Cheeky Cheeky & The Nosebleeds are up next with 'You'll Let Me Go'. Yawn... It's sending me to sleep this one. Apparently the NME and Jo Wiley have been biggin' these up so there you go... The gods have spoken ...I struggle to find a single element that I like about 'You Let Me Go'. Not that I hate it or anything. I don't hate anything... Apart...view item »

Butterfly Bangs
Junk Sky

Goodddddd! Help me please! Now i've got the Butterfly Bangs. 'Junk Sky' sounds like Gene with some wailing berk who's half Kevin Rowland, half Alex Kepranos over the top of this...this...THIS TURGID NONSENSE! This is just conveyor belt jangle pop for the radio. It's like a frigging meccano set for 4 year olds. Constuct yr own 3rd rate &qu...view item »

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