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Cry Baby

I hope the term "prog-metal" isn't TOO pretentious, but that's how I would define bands like The Mars Volta and Mastodon, and that's definitely where I would place Ungdomskulen. In fact, they remind me a lot of The Mars Volta, from the guitar picking and jazz influence, to lead ...view item »

The Count and Sinden Ft Kid Sister
Beeper CD2

i love this redsoul remix, beeper beeper!!! sound of 2008 ...view item »


The next one is by Dels. 'Lazy' sounds like a lazy version of Kano with production by Joe Hot Chip who I'm guessing is from the rent a remix band of the same name. It's not offensive by any means just a rather average hip hop track . The flip 'Myself Malfunction' is a lot heavier with robotic vocal, darkside rave stabs. Its one of those itchy, tech...view item »

Diamond Hoo Ha

I don't understand why these guys aren't bigger. I mean damn whats a band got to do? This album got lukewarm reviews but don't believe them. This album starts out great and gets better with each listen. This album is like a burst of seratonin. Check out the crazy sax break in 'Whiskey and Green Tea and you'll know what I mean. Plus these guys ha...view item »

Red Pine Pasture

Here's a quirky album by DOF called 'Red Pine Pasture'. His last album (Sun, Strength & Shield) was one of the finest examples of folktronica (I fucking hate that word but it does the job sometimes) that has graced my fat ears. On this new album you get a bunch of brand new tracks and a bunch of remixes. The new track see a change in direction ...view item »

Vincent Oliver

Vincent Oliver: 'EP3' (Loaf) This six track EP opens up with a glistening, shiny, metallic and glassy sounding effervesent grower as remixed by one Nathan Fake. In fact the whole EP is made up of remixes from the likes of Hrdvision, Isan and Rothko with an extended live version of a track called 'Her Doorbell'. I don't think I've had the ...view item »


How could a group featuring such underground Chicago musical royalty as Robert Lowe, Ben & Adam Vida and Todd Rittman not be one of your favourite bands already? Maybe because on first listen this record might seem like an unholy mess. Add to that a front cover which encompasses a photo of a scuffed up piece of lino and you're probably stood...view item »


From the first time I heard this music, I was hooked. I have always been drawn to music that is discordant, rapturous, off the beat, bending notes, time and my mind. They're not afraid to go slow and the use of spoken word, stream of consciousness rambling comes off Kerouac sweet. Sound comes in like a ghost and brings the unexpected. It is strange...view item »

Daniel Menche
Glass Forest

Glass Forest is a wonderfully evocative title isn’t it? It really captures the feel of this release: glistening and pure, but also dark and entangled; organic and mossy, but also sharp and artificial. Daniel Menche is a remarkable music-maker, and this CD release on Important Records captures both his harsh, noisy...view item »

Ceci n'est plus avioth.../Ils chantent pour vous

I always think that 1 sided vinyl is a waste of plastic but I'll still buy into it if I like the record, for I am fickle. This R.O.T 12" is one such record and has a really ace screen printed sleeve. 'Ceci n'est plus avioth...' is the work of Laurent Cartuyvels Floris Vanhoof, Christophe Piette, Bram Borloo, Ferri and D Trep. I know nothing ab...view item »

Grand Archives
The Grand Archives

Grand Archives is a project out of Seattle by Mat Brooke who split from Band of Horses, this is after both he and Ben Bridwell split from Carissa's Wierd to form Band of Horses. Their sound is harmony driven indie folk/pop music and Mat Brooke and crew have created one of the most enjoyable, beautiful albums I've heard. Songs range from mellow t...view item »

Adam Green
Sixes &; Sevens

Adam Green looks far too young to make the music he does. He's a fresh faced whipper snapper yet he croons like Sinatra. I guess it's a timeless style though. 'Sixes & Sevens' are some moments that are a bit country with a huge dose of stinky gorgonzola. Billy Ray Cyrus was just mentioned.His songs are interesting though with some good black hu...view item »

The Rank Deluxe

I think I reviewed something By the Rank Deluxe a bit ago... I could be wrong though as the one brain cell I have left is slowly diminishing. Onto their single 'Tight-Rope' this is a testosterone fueled oldskool London punk track with the south London accent prominent. It doesn't rally move me but it has balls I'll give it that. Out on Fat Cat. ...view item »

First Nation

Some tripped out psychedelic madness for you now on Paw Tracks. First Nation Coronation's 'Braided Metal' has a vocal which is almost meditative, with guitar and drums that build the tension of the track making you expect something bad will happen, but it doesn't. It goes all pretty. The perfect trip, somewhere between The D...view item »

Going Places

Personally I find albums including different artists make that album more of a "Various Artists" album then their "own" album. It's great to have some others do "remix's" on a separate album but Montag shouldn't have focused half his album to "who-are-they" artists. These "contributing" artists don't add much to Montag's image but just add "blah...view item »

Disco Drive
Things To Do Today

Lastly from me is the new CD by Disco Drive. On Unhip, Italy's premier post-rock lovin' indie, 'Things to do Today ' splices up strands of Dischord inspired math rock (see Q and Not You etc) & Liars' voodoo percussive workouts into a whirling, compulsive soup of hypnotic, loud funky alt rock. Straddling the chasm between punk funk and edgy post...view item »

Kyon & Dyems

An interesting record has landed in front of me. Kyon & Dyems 'Overnight' make some clever sounds and dope electronic beats but the first thing that really hits you is that there is a scottish guy dropping rhymes. Edinburgh and Fife aren't places you associate with hip-hop but Bambatta's virus has spread throughout the globe so in those terms i...view item »

Tau Emerald
Travellers Two

Onto a couple of CD's on Important. The 1st one is Tau Emerald which is Tara Burke from Fursaxa and Sharron Kraus of Espers fame (and about a million other side projects). From the off 'Travelers Two' is the most fiddly dee folky thing I've heard in ages. I've got an old Warner Chappell LP of medieval folk songs (some of them date back 100's of y...view item »

Ljudbilden & Piloten
One Hundred Fifty-Five

I've been digging a bizarre new CD on Nosordo, a Swedish affair by Ljudbilden and Piloten. The sleeve is a right old Rene Magritte homage which wins points. Flicking around to get a sense of this (in) coherence, i'm blessed with an album of accessibly abstract shimmering avant-folk/post rock & blissed neo classical chamber pop! With sketches bu...view item »

Supernatural Superserious

What a great song! All the elements of a classic REM record are here: a catchy hook, a spirited vocal from Michael Stipe, it has a great guitar riff, the harmonies between Michael Stipe and Mike Mills are present, and it has a stronger sound that is somewhat lacking with R.E.M.'s recent releases. This song sounds like a mix from something out of...view item »

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