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Chow Chow
Chow Chow EP

CHOW CHOW are a new signing to Fantastic Plastic. They're new self titled single is limited to 500 copies one each format and the 7" comes with a bunch of crayons so you can draw all over the cover. Alternatively you could crack the crayons out and add some colour to your living room wall. The blandness of the white be...view item »

Sportsday Megaphone
Less Is Less

Hey who's this daft apath, as my gran would say. It's Sportsday Megaphone: "Less and Less". All contempory sounding being all kooky with cheap casio electro sounds and drum beats. Goes good at the end with some old school computer game tune. A bit like The Research and Napolean 3rd with their mixture of fawning boy voice and retro keyboar...view item »

Alexander Tucker
Old Fog

Record of the year for me so far is this scintillating effort from Alexander Tucker called 'Old Fog' on ATP records. I was supposed to write about this last week but the review went missing in cyberspace and got left off the update. So here we are again. This record is really a revelation. It's an eerie wander through carefully ...view item »

Tokyo Police Club
Elephant Shell

After not being keen on the recent single, I've managed to land Tokyo Police Club's debut full length 'Elephant Shell'. CD comes with Ltd bonus disc which features two exclusive tracks and remixes from Dntel, Tom Campesinos!, Flowers Forever, The Goodlife and Field Music. Brian has taken a moment out and stopped thinking about badgers and piped up ...view item »

Look Up

Oppenheimer release a new 7" on Fantastic Plastic called 'Look Up'. Their album came out a while back on Smalltown America but Fantastic Plastic picked it up and if you ignored the reissue and you're not sure then maybe this 7" is a fun place to start. Hugely energetic indie rock which reminds me Ash when Charlotte Hatherley was involved....view item »


And over to KUBICHEK who have their debut Nightjoy re released. I think it's been re recorded.... it certainly sounds like it's been buffed up and polished. When it started I thought it sounded like The Cult and then he started singing and that went away pretty quickly. Thankfully.... The main problem I have with this is the f...view item »

Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore

Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore: N. (self released CD) Two sound artists come together to create an audio/visual installation commissioned by Sheffield's (UK) long running Digital Arts festival: Lovebytes.This 45 minute CD is part of the project in that it is a composition based on the "sonification of North Pole weather data from 2003 to 2006&...view item »

Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell continues his soul takeover of Warp with Jim, though this time, he seems to channel a feel-good 60s vibe right off the bat on "Another Day" and "Green Light." "Wait For Me" continues this, but "Out Of My System," "Little Bit Of Feel Good," and "Hurricane" dive head-first into the funk-soul. Lidell seems to be engaging with funk on a...view item »

Tickley Feather
Tickley Feather

Tickley Feather: S/T (Paw Tracks) On the Animal Collective related label is this twenty track collection of naievty and lo-fi whimsy. All recorded on four track and collected from the past four years experimentation, Tickley Feather is lone female; Annie Sachs known for touring as support to Animal Collective with whom she shares a love o...view item »

Eliot Lipp
The Outside

Eliot Lipp continues to represent American electronic music with The Outside, which kicks off with some lo-fi electro-tinged IDM on the title track. Lipp keeps his beats on this side of straightforward hip-hop, though the layers of synths usually take over the tracks. "The Area," however, lets a hint of the Caribbean slide in at the start, and "...view item »


Delays: Hooray (Polydor) Shout-a-long, saccharin, orange squeezed pop that's all over the media at the moment. Starts of all symphonic with strings and that, only to crashing in with snapping drums and strings. The lyrics are angsty and anthemic at the same time if that's possible. If he's 'a garbage man tonight' what's he gonna be when he wakes up...view item »

Club 8
The Friend I Once Had + 6 bonus tracks

I heard Club 8 on a college radio station on the way home one day. I waited through a bunch of other songs to find out who they were. The song I first heard was "Someday." When I got home I checked out a lot of their music. Club 8 are a duo consisting of Johan Angergard (all instruments and songwriting) and Karolina Komstedt (vocals). Johan writes ...view item »

Irmin Schmidt And Kumo
Axolotl Eyes

'Axolotl Eyes' is more accessible than I had expected - in other words, it's not as weird as one might have thought it might be. Tracks here that prove this over-seventy (now) player can still put some worthy music out some forty plus years after he first began are "Kick On The Flood", the eight-minute title cut "Axolotl Eyes", "Etruriz Waltz" a...view item »

Sparkle In Grey
A Quiet Place

Sparkle in Grey: A Quiet Place (Disaster By Choice) I've been trying really hard to get a handle on. The nearest thing I can think of by way of comparison is the collaboration CD: Lume Lume, led by Alexander Balanescu. In much the same way, this set combines lots of different forms of instrumentation and approaches to sound and music to create a fr...view item »

Monika Barchen: Songs for Bruno, Knut And Tom

Various Artists: Monika Barchen Songs For Bruno Knut & Tom (Monika) A fifteen track compilation from Gudrun Gut's pop/electronica imprint that opens with a glacial, gamelan like, serial grid from To Rococo Rot's Robert Lippock. This well curated compilation, moves steadily through some highly melodic guitar led pop vocalisations with sy...view item »

Experimental Dental School
John Doe Loves Me

Although Deerhoof may be the torch bearers, Experimental Dental School are certainly one of the most distinguished bands to emerge from their scene. Hailing from Oakland CA, they've managed to create one exciting album here. An album that encourages repeated listens and manages to avoid predictability. It encapsula...view item »

Dz Vs Morcheeba
World Looking In (DZ Remix)

Absolutely sick tune, the intro takes a couple of goes to find a good way of cueing it to keep the bars matched but its really satisfying when u get it right. Wicked off key bass hits and solid drums. Get this tune!! ...view item »

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