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Bonfire In A Dixie Cup

I am loving every minute of this, particularly the up-tempo tunes ("Bonfire In a Dixie Cup", "1st Place", etc.). Punky dirty guitar & drums. Gilmore Tamny doesn't write the standard relationship-angst tunes, her lyrics are quirky and thought-provoking. Also, her chord changes are beautifully bent and twisted, entirely non-standard. And Jon Davidson...view item »

Lock Me Up

Kicks are the latest proposition from an industry which sees fit to shoehorn any gang of average lads into some new designer togs & thrust them pouting into myspace world. A cross between Pigeon Detectives, Manic Street Preachers & early U2 is the last fucking thing I need when i've got a mountain of work to do. Come on now, honestly, I ...view item »

Songs From The Ivory Tower

Westphalian composer Cornelius Waldner has recorded an exquisite album of German romantic music, featuring an array of talented contributors, with lyrics from classic German poets like Gottfried Benn and Stefan George and contemporary poet Timo Kölling. Some might compare this musically to Current 93's Soft Black Stars, or Penitent's Beauty of Pai...view item »

Cotton Museum
No Face in the Bog

This week we have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 new releases on Qbico. Like buses they travel in packs. Not sure if I'm gonna review all of them but here's the 1st one by Cotton Museum called 'No Face In The Bog'. This reminds me of the time when my wife flushed young Ant...view item »

Time Waits For No One

I've always been reasonably intrigued by Beequeen. I like the name.... yet despite a number of releases on Infraction, Korm Plastics, Mille Plateaux, Important etc I'm yet to hear any... til now that is. After a quick hunt around the internet I discover it's Frans De Waard and Freek Kinkelaar. Two Dutch Musicians from the Netherlands who make music...view item »

The Hot Puppies

Moving swiftly on from Free Kitten to Hot Puppies... I like the baby cats and dogs theme. I'd much rather be playing with puppies and kittens right now... So soft and cuddly wuddly. Our Phil couldn't do it though cos he's allergic to them... I really feel for him. My brother is allergic to rag worm blood but that's not all that bad.... So these lov...view item »

O Fracas
Fits and Starts

I wasn’t sure 2008 could top last year for music releases, but it’s off to a great start with some incredible albums firmly under its belt, and it’s only May. Now we have O Fracas to join the likes of Portishead, Lykke Li and Midnight ...view item »

Dexter Bentley
Killer Kane/Swansong

Dexter Bentley has a 7" out on Blang which is a great little melodic number with wonderful harmonies, a strummy stroll down memory lane called 'Killer Kane'. It's got that old fashioned classic radio hit all over it with impassioned campfire folk vocals, rustic acoustic guitar and a foot stomping spirit. I'd like to think he looks like David e...view item »

My Darling You
16 Major Problems

A Swedish indie duo on a Peruvian label? What the chuff? Goteborgian's MY DARLING YOU! provide effortlessly catchy indie pop, some acoustic, some electric, all supremely good quality. Smart, wry lyrics, warm production, accomplished arrangements, they appear to have it all in spades. The South American label Plastilina loved t...view item »

Scott Kelly
The Wake

There is something about this album that sends chills down my spine. Scott Kelly's voice is deep and soulful, reminding me of later Johnny Cash, and the minimalistic acoustic guitar suits it well. "Saturn's Eye" is by far the best track on the album, unfortunately the rest of the album doesn't match this song, b...view item »

Islands (Arcade Fire)
Arm's way

I was apprehensive. I enjoyed the previous Islands album... I liked how they experimented with their sound and style and each song was a departure from the last. However, this album is full, instrumental and cohesive. It's an album to listen to from start to finish. I love the hints of Russian/Eastern European themes throughout. It's hard to pic...view item »


An equal mix of classic Minimalism (i.e. John Adams's Shaker Loops) and techno-savvy, duo Klangwart make wonderfully patient music. To give a little preview, Stadtlandfluss is divided into seven tracks, this marvellous piece begins with an anticipatory hush, a sustained major chord, hardly swelling with harmonics, and obviously pointing somewher...view item »


Adem then. Lordy me. I seemed to remember quite liking the odd song by him when he was a whippersnapper. Now he's got to that point in his career when he either can't string an album of his own songs together or he's throwing together an album of 'live favourites'. As he has released a covers album featuring 12 songs of largely good songs played in...view item »

The Brian Jacket Letdown

The Brian Jacket Letdown are a band that are new to me. I wonder if they are related to The Brian Jonestown Massacre? What is it with Brians? They're taking over the world. Anyway 'Piratas' is melodic rock music that's not really inspiring me with adjectives although it's innoffensive and kind of lacks passion, however I'm sure ...view item »

Maga Bo
Confusion Of Tongues

If your after a mix CD this week you could do worse than snap up the Maga Bo 'Confusion Of Tongues' mix. He mashes up loads of dubplates and tracks from Enduser, Filastine, Timeblind, Nettle, Slaughter Mob etc. Every variation of the breakbeat is thrown into the mix, jungle, dubstep, baiile funk, middle eastern rhythms,hip hop, dancehall etc. For f...view item »

Chow Chow
Chow Chow EP

CHOW CHOW are a new signing to Fantastic Plastic. They're new self titled single is limited to 500 copies one each format and the 7" comes with a bunch of crayons so you can draw all over the cover. Alternatively you could crack the crayons out and add some colour to your living room wall. The blandness of the white be...view item »

Sportsday Megaphone
Less Is Less

Hey who's this daft apath, as my gran would say. It's Sportsday Megaphone: "Less and Less". All contempory sounding being all kooky with cheap casio electro sounds and drum beats. Goes good at the end with some old school computer game tune. A bit like The Research and Napolean 3rd with their mixture of fawning boy voice and retro keyboar...view item »

Alexander Tucker
Old Fog

Record of the year for me so far is this scintillating effort from Alexander Tucker called 'Old Fog' on ATP records. I was supposed to write about this last week but the review went missing in cyberspace and got left off the update. So here we are again. This record is really a revelation. It's an eerie wander through carefully ...view item »

Tokyo Police Club
Elephant Shell

After not being keen on the recent single, I've managed to land Tokyo Police Club's debut full length 'Elephant Shell'. CD comes with Ltd bonus disc which features two exclusive tracks and remixes from Dntel, Tom Campesinos!, Flowers Forever, The Goodlife and Field Music. Brian has taken a moment out and stopped thinking about badgers and piped up ...view item »

Look Up

Oppenheimer release a new 7" on Fantastic Plastic called 'Look Up'. Their album came out a while back on Smalltown America but Fantastic Plastic picked it up and if you ignored the reissue and you're not sure then maybe this 7" is a fun place to start. Hugely energetic indie rock which reminds me Ash when Charlotte Hatherley was involved....view item »


And over to KUBICHEK who have their debut Nightjoy re released. I think it's been re recorded.... it certainly sounds like it's been buffed up and polished. When it started I thought it sounded like The Cult and then he started singing and that went away pretty quickly. Thankfully.... The main problem I have with this is the f...view item »

Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore

Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore: N. (self released CD) Two sound artists come together to create an audio/visual installation commissioned by Sheffield's (UK) long running Digital Arts festival: Lovebytes.This 45 minute CD is part of the project in that it is a composition based on the "sonification of North Pole weather data from 2003 to 2006&...view item »

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