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Baby Dee
Regifted Light

With Regifted Light it is revealed, as eight out of twelve tracks on this new work are instrumentals. Baby even abandons her beloved harp to sit in front of a gleaming Steinway piano courtesy of Andrew W. K., who also acts as producer. Accompanied by a small ensemble that comprises cello, tuba, sousaphone and as...view item »

Bacanal Intruder

Bacanal Intruder then... No it's not something you use in the bedroom when your marriage is collapsing around you (though I'm not saying it wouldn't help). It's the name of a beat combo from somewhere or other and here's their CD album called 'Lulo'. I know nothing about these whatsoever. Seriously... I know as much about these as I do a ...view item »

Badly Drawn Boy
It’s What I’m Thinking

Right. That beardy Mancunian man is back in our lives and we should be grateful. He makes the majority of us look like Christian Bale (though Brett already does - wooooh! Hold it ladies!), even after we've been on a tequila & kebab marathon, shat ourselves & woken up face-down in the gutter afterwards. No longer blatantly ripp...view item »

The Autumn Defense
The Autumn Defense

More fully produced than prior discs by this Wilco side project, this self-titled third release is built on the duo's core strengths of crafty songwriting, rich harmonizing, and interlaced acoustic guitars. Autumn Defense then adds lightly detailed piano, flute, and strings, so that the set coalesces into an autumnal ...view item »

A Vibrant Struggle
Black Hole Meditation

We got a bunch of well limited CDr's on House of Alchemy this week. The one I picked up is a CD in a brown cardboardy pack thing by A Vibrant Struggle which is Bjerga, Iversen and Staplerfahrer. The former 2 I'm reasonably familiar with as their super productive noisey/ droney types... the latter chap I'm not familiar with but it would seem he's a ...view item »

Awesome Color
Electric Aborigines

I haven't given this album as much of a chance as I would like to, but on first listen it's not as immediate as their first album and doesn't seem to be any more interesting. The only really immediate track is "Already Down," probably because I'm a sucker for minor-key arrangements. This album not only has more songs, they are also longer, so it...view item »


Aus: "Lang" (Preco) This is the work of one Yasuhiko Fukuzomo, who on first listening summoned up comparisons to Kieran Hebden's Fourtet project. This is very much discernible through the use of twinkling melodies, chiming textures and glistening colours tempered by percussive beats and good use of space between sounds. Not quite as organ...view item »

After All

Japanese artist Aus AKA Yasuhiko Fukuzono has a new album out on his very own Flau label. After All begins with 'Water Paintings' which features Sylvain Chauveau on vocals. His vocal is deep and dark, almost gothic. Then the second track has a vocal (from Cokiyu I think) which is a really stark contrast. It's feminine, delicate and ghostly. Very pr...view item »

Arrington De Dionyso
I See Beyond The Black Sun

The best thing about this album is how it all flows in a sequence carrying you along on a mood, on a journey, with purpose and emotion, and a great ending. The Les Grenouilles de Cherbourg is like a fun encore, but to me the album really ends spectacularly with Pluto in Capricorn, which is how it was originally conceived. If you like this album,...view item »

Olafur Arnalds
Dyad 1909

'Dyad 1909' is the new release from Icelandic composer Olafar Arnalds which is a contemporary dance score commissioned by British choreographer Wayne McGregor, inspired by Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev. Olafar Arnalds work is unique in so much as he is able to bridge the two worlds of classical composition and contemporary electronica with relative ea...view item »

Olof Arnalds
Innundir Skinni

Don't make the same mistake as me - this is a lady has absolutely nothing to do with Olafur Arnalds as far as I can tell. What she does have something to do with is being chums with Sigur Ros, playing a fine bit of folky guitar and having quite a gorgeous voice, one which is really difficult not to compare with Kate Bush. The A-side here (sung i...view item »

Dolly Dolly

Berkshire based artist and poet David Yates, here using the alias Dolly Dolly, has a head-scratching album of cut and splice oddness for us on Exotic Pylon this week. His spoken words are accompanied at various points over the course of the album by a long list of interesting characters which includes the likes of Ek...view item »

Apostle Of Hustle
Eats Darkness

This LP and band/group I have never heard of, but I was looking up a list of Indie Rock artists and this band popped up. I thought I'd check into them, and as I shouldn't, I before hand already assumed that it probably would be just okay. To my surprise, it isn't. In fact, it's pretty good and quite unique. If you want something pop, light rock, bu...view item »

A Mountain of One
Collected Works

Thank you Mountain of One for existing and releasing their song Innocent Reprise, I always come back to it and it's one of those songs you're thankful for after going back and hearing it. So now I find myself listening to this album on spotify, wondering what else hides here. But all I know is that this is a collection that is worth being judged...view item »

Amps For Christ
Canyons Cars and Crows

Fresh from their recent split with the mighty Woods here come Shrimper veterans Amps for Christ with a brand new record. You can see why they were paired together, Amps for Christ have the same ramshackle back porch acoustic strumalong stylings as their younger companions but with much more of a nod towards folk inspi...view item »

Bishop Allen
& The Broken String

I should start off by saying most of the songs on this album are rerecorded versions of songs from the 12 EPs Bishop Allen put out in 2006- one per month, 4 songs per EP (except August, which was a recording of a live show they performed in Boston). Some of the new versions here are markedly different (none more so, I feel, than "Corazon"), and ...view item »

This City
We Move

This City. 'We Move' is generic, emo tinged anthemic indie rock that sounds like 26,000 bands I've heard before. They probably think they're up there with Fugazi & Les Savy Fav but they sound like a shit sandwich shuffling slowly into a bin to these ears. 7" only on Alcopop....view item »

I Got The Answer/ Sunflower Clock

With a name like SUPERCLUSTER i was expecting something a little more epic and powerful in a space rock sorta vein but instead i'm confronted with a real indie-pop oddity. The press release tells me these folks are a SUPERGROUP featuring members of the following bands; PYLON, THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, THE NEW SOUND OF NUMBER...view item »

Six Nation State
Where Are You Now?

Six Nation State have a new single out on Jeepster called Where Are You Now which is some bouncy proper old school indie. Reminds me of someone.... on the tip of me tongue.... bollocks....view item »

My Old Lady

Super limited to 300 of which i'm reviewing number 288, 'My Old Lady' is release number two on the awesomely named Stumparumper records by Scribbler. This is a curious little release that is not easy to describe but it's most certainly a bedroom produced effort. Really minimal guitars with hints of reverb and a vocal is pretty much all you get. Sor...view item »


When you try and do a search on the old interweb for these cheeches you get fuckloads of information about rapids (like those that Meryl Streep rides down in A River Wild, you know water velocity and turbulence and all that) and a number of hotels in Michigan. Couldnt really find owt straight away for these guys so I, like a serial killer in a d...view item »

Ring The Alarm

Quintron returns with two slices of Swamp Tech (TM) Party fun on bachelor records. Quintron is the work of Robert Rolson, a Germany born organist, punk club entrepreneur and inventor (most notably of the Drum Buddy (TM): a kick ass light activated drum machine that looks as good as it sounds) who makes lively, toe-tapping fun music for dancing. ...view item »

Rainbow Arabia
Without You

Well it's chillwave time here and I intend to pit my reviewing wits (mediocre) against the might and fashionable nous of Rainbow Arabia (probably quite powerful). These guys remind me of Zola Jesus mixed with summat like... erm Washed Out. My knowledge of any genre is quite limited. (aside from Yacht Rock). This record has the following elements...view item »

White Crosses

I’ve not come across this Population band but I trust HoZac so I’m giving it a go! They’re peddling some kind of synthy ‘80s teen movie angle on goth-punk. Opener ‘White Crosses’ is full of yelpy Cureisms but with a bit of ...view item »

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