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The Faint

Unlike their previous three albums, Fasciinatiion doesn't really have any overarching theme, instead jumping around from childhood injuries to the price of fame to the problems of mixing religion with war. The Faint have always been at their best when their lyrics coincide with their music, and when it comes to th...view item »


New Zealander Ladyhawke has said that she wanted to write new music that would make people feel instantly nostalgic. Well, she has succeeded. When I heard the first track, "Magic" (one of the best here), the 80's rushed at me, begging to be recognised. This song, and several others, would be right at home amid the music of Berlin, Laura Branigan...view item »

I Wish

Now BRINKMAN with I wish. After a single on Label Fandango they're signed to EMI, made them resurrect the His Masters Voice label and cobbled together some guitar pop songs. Very traditional sounding English brit pop from the Blur, Travis Kinks camp. Not demanding in anyway and as a result a bit ...view item »

Ida Maria
Fortress Round My Heart

There is a nuanced beauty that's not quite apparent the first time you listen to this. Ida Maria's voice is very interesting. There is a dynamic power of being a strong, intrusive voice. But there is also a lot of eccentric personality going on... a la ( a little bit) Regina Spector. There is also a lot of confidence in her delivery and phrasing...view item »

Angela Desveaux
The Mighty Ship

Angela Desveaux is a great new talent and, if there is any justice in the music world, she will garner a lot more attention in the near future. A very gifted songwriter and singer, allmusic.com categorises her as "Country", but she is much more "Alternate Country/Rock" or "Country/Folk" than pure "Country". Any one who enjoys the music of Lucind...view item »

The Uglysuit
The Uglysuit

I stumbled across this at the local library and have just fallen for it completely. Such accomplished songwriting and playing--the layers of instrumentation, evocative harmonies, warm melodies that make you so glad you took the time to listen. I don't really know why, but listening to The Uglysuit has put me back in touch with my favourite old ...view item »

Noa Babayof
From a Window To a Wall

I thought Noa Babayof was just a nice female singer/songwriter with nice voice, as people tend to blow over proportion almost everything ('amazing' and 'masterpieces' are overused by many). I take it all back. This record is so beautiful, sad, thrilling, emotional and unique, shimmering and enchanting that it can actually bring one to tears. Del...view item »

Capitol K
Notes From Life On The Wire With A Wrecking Ball

It's been a long time since I've heard anything of Capitol K and he seems to have undergone a bit of a transformation in the meantime. Notes From A Life On The Wire With A Wrecking Ball kicks off like Damo Suzuki-era Can, particularly Future Days, spacey guitar pickings bubbling around a severely motorik base until trancey rave stabs come in out of...view item »


Hazaar... there's a new Fumble record. The last one was one of my total faves from last year and this is 5 track EP not hugely different to the earlier stuff. Floaty ambient slightly dubby in places nice pieces of music and don't they do it well. Minimal dubby techno if you're after an instant soundbite........view item »

Silvah Bullet

Summertime in England this year is typically rainy. The sun rears it's smiling face only very occasionally. To counteract the dull weather I've been immersing myself in a shitload of sunny Jamaican music from dub through dancehall. Particular highlights have been the ground-breaking dancehall styles from King Jammy's and also King Tu...view item »

Party Weirdo
Chart Your Cycle

Party Weirdo... No it's not Brian it's a band who have a 7" out on Stitchy Press called 'Chart Your Cycle' in a lovely screen printed blue and pink sleeve that will please both genders and possibly people who are both genders. These lovely ladies from Dublin probably drink pints of Smirnoff Ice. I went over there on the lash once and amazed th...view item »

Martyn Vs Marcus Intalex
After Seven

Dutch geezer Martyn has teamed up with Leeds' old skool drum and bass don Marcus Intallex for a pretty wicked EP that has them dropping the D&B beats in favour of the more dubstep style that Martyn has been doing recently. The widescreen Berlin inspired chords are really doing it for us here. there are some sweet little acid squelches and ...view item »

It's A Musical
The Music Makes Me Sick

It's a musical are a Swede-German boy-girl positive pop duo. Single 'The music is makes me sick' tells the tale of a pop duo right miffed with the state of modern radio (get DAB enabled yo!). It's a pleasant little pop ditty that would sound just perfect on the radio. No guitars, nice vocal harmonies and the ever-reliant presence of a Yamaha organ ...view item »

Various (Otto Von Schirach, Eats Tapes, plus a million others!)
(Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 Milliseconds

Speaking of comps here's another one, this time on Ratskin. This one features 215 artists over a whopping 99 tracks. Triskaidekaphobia (13000 Milli Seconds) is it's name and it's a ridiculousy busy comp. If you imagine a normal compilation being something like a quiet country road, this behemoth is like a massive 215 car pile up on the M1 with live...view item »

The Verve

Most "reunion" albums are disappointing and many are downright terrible. Verve breaks the trend by offering 10 tracks that range from good to great. Most tracks are closer to "good," but there's no denying that this CD stands fine along side with Verve's 3 others from the '90s. If anything the tracks we get this time are more akin to their first...view item »

The Girl I Love

Hamfatter were on Dragons Den a while back. I quite like that programme... I heard they were gonna be on but I missed it. Oops. I was reasonably impressed by the marketing scam involved as they got loads of coverage. Anyway I thought I'd check 'em out to see if I'd invest in them and they're not too bad either. The Girl I Love has Strokes esque gui...view item »

Teenage Filmstars

Here's an album I stumbled across courtesy of a troll on a music forum. He insisted, that Teenage Filmstars were vastly superior to My Bloody Valentine and were makers of "true" experimental music, whereas MBV I guess were a bunch of hacks. While I didn't believe him, I figured the band was at least wort...view item »

Jaguar Love
Take Me To The Sea

Comprised of singer Jonny Whitney, guitarist/bassist Cody Votolato and drummer/keyboardist Jay Clark, this outfit manages to push a lot of buttons at once. Clark and Votolato do a great job at keeping the listener off their toes. "Videoscape Seascape" does a 180 that never gets old and the "Highways of Gold" remains an impressive romping track. ...view item »

Those Dancing Days
Run Run

Now the third single from Those Dancing Days called 'Run Run'. This is pure upbeat chirpy Swedish indie pop on Wichita with a foot tapping beat and it really builds in intensity. They're a wee bit more rocking than some of the Scandinavian indie pop stuff. Vocalist Linnea has a lovely voice. May appeal to folks that dig The Long Blondes, The Pipett...view item »

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