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The Crisis Is Over

Lately the CD's on Distant Noise seem to be finding their way into my review pile. Not that I'm complaining as they're always a welcome listening experience for when things get a bit hectic you can just switch into chill mode. So the latest lovely 'The Crisis Is Over' comes from US producer Phasen who's released stuff on U-cover. Pretty melodic ele...view item »

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis
City & Eastern Songs

My brother gave Jeffrey Lewis a lift recently & said he was a lovely bloke & not at all like most of the wankers that inhabit the music industry. Anyway when you hear first hand how nice someone is you tend to want to like their music more (yes I'm that shallow). Apparently James Blunt is a lovely feller  - so nice he...view item »

Champagne Diamond / The Brilliant Light

Why, what marvelous packing on this Champagne Diamond/The Brilliant Light split CD on Kaleidoscope.  Whack the CD on and you'll be greeted with watery acoustic shimmers, interesting mountain top indie-folk in an almost Fleet Foxes style, rabble-rousing rockers like Glasvegas gone experimental and My Bloody Valentine-esque feedback droneou...view item »

Hotel Hotel
The Sad Sea

'The Sad Sea' is apparently an audio document charting an abortive mission to discover the whereabouts of the "real" Marie Celeste. It's a sweetly packaged CD (all poshly letterpressed) by Hotel Hotel, a Texan "post-rock" band who have quite a colourful biography, what with absconding drummers and eccentric sea-faring chums. The...view item »

Chicks On Speed & The No Heads
Press The Space Bar

Oh and here's a new Chicks on Speed album with the The No Heads. Who they? Well they be Christian Vogel, Joe Robinson (from Mum & Dad) and probably other people. The insert has text all over the show and I can't be arsed fighting my way through it. Musically it's a departure from the last polished more ele...view item »

(k)no (w) here

(k)no(w)here is vaster and more generous than the past two Wilderness albums. You will be hard pressed to find a more perfectly paced album right now. Wilderness have created a singular piece of music which may only be fully appreciated in its entirety; (k)no(w)here's haunting logic simply demands multiple encounters. It's constitution reminds m...view item »

The Operators

The future of rock & roll! Tight, 80's style disco beats. Can't shake the hook outa my head! xx ...view item »

Up In The Clouds

I always liked the idea there was a band called Keith. Brian has just parped up he sounds like Six By Seven's Chris Olley's son. That's about as good as I could do on their new 7" 'Up In The Clouds' which is far from inspirational but it does have a reasonably rousing chorus that makes me think it's not that shit after all. ...view item »

Mira Calix
Elephant In The Room: 3 Commissions

Mira Calix makes reasonably difficult music. I'm sure none of you out there would disagree. Here's her brand new CD on Warp Records called 'The Elephant In The Room: 3 Commissions' Which I can only assume means good ole Mira was commissioned by some arty types to make some relevantly arty soundtrack to compliment the work. Not seeing the original w...view item »

Simon Bookish

On to Simon Bookish who is a right theatrical chappie. His new album 'Everything/ Everything' has landed courtesy of those quirk pop lovers Tomlab. And they don't come much more quirkier and poppier than Mr Bookish. When I hear him he's everything I wanted Patrick Wolf to be without the twatty jumpers. Part poet, part musical genius he strings toge...view item »

Oh, The Places We’ll Go

I think of this band as a good example of the latest of what's happening in the northwest indie scene. There are elements of twee in this, but with more complex instrumentation and arrangements than what's typically associated with "twee pop". You can tell there's a strong desire by the musicians to simply make great pop music, without really wo...view item »

Sunburned Circle
The Blaze Game

Sunburned Circle: 'The Blaze Game' (Conspiracy) Is a seven track collaboration, as you may have guessed, between Sunburned Hand of the Man and Circle in which the two bands played and recorded together in Finland. Totalling 11 players, split across a multitude of instrumentation and vocals in a sprawling, freeflowing heavily percussive improvisat...view item »

El Guincho

I really like this CD it has a lot of influences but overall it has a Caribbean/tropical/festival feeling which is something I haven't really heard before. The songs are mostly up beat and depending on the listener all that comes to mind is bright colours & excitement like a kaleidoscope on every listen. Try to give it a good listen to see i...view item »

The Paper Chase / Red Worm's Farm
The Paper Chase Meet Red Worm's Farm

Here is a split CD between The Paper Chase and Red Worms Farm. Red Worms Farm do an edgy rock thing that sounds a bit like the Candies with hints of Interpol or The Stills. They're Italian. The Paper Chase we all know and quite like. They have a big fat drum sound like Shellac and their singer makes the feller out of Bright Eyes sound like Art Garf...view item »

Digital Penetration 2

BRIANDisco disco disco. If I were actually in a stable relationship with some nice bossy girl who wanted me to work off my well Northern lager & curry gut i'd only accept going somewhere as horrendous, pointless & sterile as a gym if I could listen to the new Digital Penetration 2 compilation on loop on my MP3. Brett hated this, p...view item »

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