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Elvis Perkins In Dearland
Elvis Perkins In Dearland

'Elvis Perkins in Dearland' presents his new single 'Hey' and sees the group on fine form mixing lush vocal melodies with complex yet uplifting instrumentation. The band are clearly in playful spirits having as much fun as is possible when committing ideas to tape. The group sound comfortably at ease with the presentation of their music. A quality ...view item »

Mixed Signals Remixes

First up is the Tristeza remix LP (Mixed Signals remixes). I reviewed the CD some time back and finally the vinyl from Rocket Racer hath arrived and worth the wait it was. There's 3 bonus vinyl only remixes by Fridge, Astorria and Djjims whoever he may be. A lovely looking t...view item »

Drone Works For Differeng Digital Audio Formats And Encoding Methods

If you're into drone and tone records here's what looks like a very serious thing indeed. Ophibre with their snappily titled 'Drone Works For Different Digital Audio Formats And Encoding Methods'. As you'd expect it's not chocka full of top 20 hits and especially with song titles like 'Aiff 20.3 MB, 44100 Hz, 16 bit, PCM, 1411 KBPS'. In fact all th...view item »

Circus Devils

Not content with his extremely prolific career with Guided By Voices or his similarly prolific solo career, Robert Pollard has released twelve albums with Circus Devils. The group are a three-piece and Pollard is joined by Todd and Tim Tobias. "Gringo" is their seventh a...view item »

The Show Is The Rainbow
Wet Fist

This album contains a lot more ambient work and interludes than their previous albums combined and Darren Keen's voice has mellowed out some and isn't so much of a complex whiny falsetto. At some points it gets back to the pitch of his previous albums, and I rather enjoy his new tone just as much. The lyrics are just as wild, but are a bit more ...view item »

Black Lips
200 Million Thousand

In their attempt to recover sounds of old, the Black Lips have brought back something that should have stayed in the sixties: the front loaded album. It has been my unfortunate observation that too many sixties rock and rollers stuffed all the goods on side A in what I assume is the belief that when it comes time to flip the record the listener ...view item »

Love Is All
A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night

Yes! Top scratchy new-wave pop Swedes Love is All have returned to the fray with a brand spanking new album. Don't know why but their songs make me shiver with delight, I think it's the slightly "hauntological" way they sound trapped in this post X-Ray Spex bubble whilst being totally distinctive master song writers beamed in from the pla...view item »


On their sophomore album Kicks, 1990s return to writing punky pop songs that are often times silly and sarcastic and carry this pseudo "Berlin" vibe. Those looking for any profound meaning in these songs are definitely in the wrong place. The last third of the album goes through some weird transitions and references. "The Box" is reminiscent of ...view item »

Stonewater EP

Moving onto Cubs on Rusted Rail. It's a (rather) cute 3" CD called The Stonewater EP and it's got a whopping 8 tracks on it. I can't even work out how much tracks per inch that is as the numbers aren't even. It's a lot though. Probably at least 10 (ish). Cubs contains folks from Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Mirakil Whip, Agitated Radio Pilot ...view item »

Miriam Ingram

MIRIAM INGRAM'S "Trampoline" on her own Mariana Trench Music is, to be frankly honest and surprised, not quite what we expected. From the cover artwork we expected another form of singer-song-writer "mum pop", instead we were lulled into Joni Mitchellesque kookiness complete with some very interesting ...view item »

Idyll Intangible

After their scratchy debut assault on the senses (last year was it?), Sheffield's angular agit rock chimps Navvy have blossomed mightily with their itchy, minimal sound template with their debut full length CD through Angular. 'Idyll Intangible' hits me as a tightly meshed concoction of galloping drum machine, twangy cow-punk guitars & yelped s...view item »

Its A Buffalo
Don't Be Scared

"Don't be scared" is the first full length effort from Manchester's very own It's a Buffalo. These guys are playing the kind of modern indie rock that you'd expect to hear from The Cribs or many fellow Mancunians The Courteeners but they've got a little bit of country rock in the mix to separate them from the crowd. They sound like an exc...view item »

Howling Bells
Radio Wars

I saw the video for the last single from the new Howling Bells album the other day and it ruined my night. The singer's very pretty and all (the main thing, obviously) but her practiced rock star poses, combined with the overly simplistic high drama of the lyrics, did my nut in - I couldn't help but think of a sort of Aussie Placebo gone country ...view item »

Various Production & Gerry Mitchell
The Invisible Lodger

I'm just giving this Gerry Mitchell/ Various Production 'The Invisible Lodger' album a second listen and I must say there's some magic happening with this collaboration. I think they first teamed up with for a remix on a 7" and it seems the relationship has been most fruitful. The most striking thing about this album is how good Various Produc...view item »

Underground Railroad
Pick The Ghost...EP

Have we reviewed Underground Railroad before? Who are they? There's a 5 tracker CD in my sweaty paws and I kind of like the bombastic wall of treated guitars but think the slightly vague, raspy vocals sound like a million angsty post grunge bands, like possibly early Soulwax crossed with Annie Christian, these repeated lyrical codas and ad-libs tha...view item »

The Plot

We got some Refreshers to send out with orders this week. I can't stop eating them. Man they're tangy.....That has nothing to do with Whomadewho who I thought I'd check out as I'd not heard 'em before. This lot are lumped in the electro rock scene and whiff a bit of LCD Soundsystem and Soulwax.... Maybe a bit of Zoot Woman in there as it's kind of ...view item »

Palace Songs

"Hope" is an EP or mini album released in 1994, from the early part of Will Oldham's career. Its brief 18 minutes prove that quality and not quantity is the key to great music. "Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow" opens proceedings is typical of Oldham's sound. It has the refrain "If you wait another day" repeated as the song builds in a ramshackle yet beau...view item »

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