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Where Were You When It Happened?

Well it took some Israelis from Tel Aviv to remind us what "American Rock n' Roll" is. Monotonix is loud, dirty, fuzzed out with guitars backed by sledgehammer drums and fronted by a mustached wielding wild man. This follow up to their Body Languag" EP is more of the same. Tis an epic mix of retro/classic 70s rock mixed with Cali-stoner metal that ...view item »

Donna Regina
The Early Years

The Donnas are a truly awesome band. They are cool, they are edgy, they are unique. They know how to rock and aren't afraid to do so. Their music isn't bubblegum teenybopper pop like so many other "girl bands"-- they're real rock 'n' roll musicians with a lot of talent and a lot of attitude. This CD is for those of you who aren't afraid of doing yo...view item »

Blitzen Trapper
Black River Killer

This is the story of a serial killer that keeps getting second chances either by man or a higher power and inevitably reverts to his baser instincts. It has a driving rhythm and I love the sound of the singer's voice, but the eerie flute riff is what sticks with me. It's even creepier when you hear the flute listed as one of the killer's possession...view item »

Round the Bend

A total surprise to have VCV album 'Round The Bend' drop this week. An album of Jandek adaptations created by Brian Grainger and David Tagg. These tasteful versions pay tribute to to the originals with the artists adding their own dimension. If you're feeling...view item »

Kid Harpoon
Stealing Cars

Kid Harpoon is my dad. Serious. 'Stealing cars' b/w 'Don't cry on me' is his new single. I'm not sure how i feel about my father embarking on a rock'n'roll career so late in his life but you know, he's my dad so i should show a little encouragement, love and support. So here goes, buy dad's new single!! It sounds like Arctic Monkeys before they got...view item »

The Fiery Furnaces
I'm Going Away

Fiery Furnaces are that rare beast of a band that are loved by a large pocket of total weirdos globally, whilst repelling just about everybody else with both a/ ears and b/ a brain. The way they schizophrenically combine progressive lo-fi pop, blues balladery, rattly caberet rock & tedious 70's AOR should be commended but I constantly feel like...view item »

His Name Is Alive
Last Night

I must admit that after the pop-collage technique of the first few albums (which nested so well with the rest of the 4AD roster), I was not expecting His Name Is Alive to become a soul/R&B band. I was used to the music taking weird twists (and in fact this and SDMBWCTE are just extended examples of that), but this move was unprecedented in the HNIA...view item »

Life On Earth
Look!! There Is...

Life on Earth is the side project of multi-instrumentalist Mattias Gustavsson from Dungen (one of my modern fav psych bands). This is a concept album of sorts with all the music on this album written to celebrate the wonderful phenomenon of life on planet Earth. Mattias teams up with a couple of the Dungen dudes and a handful of other space cadets ...view item »

Solid Gold
Bodies of Water

I'm not getting the Depeche and Pet Shop Boys comparisons here at all. I am, however hearing, if anything, The Mary Onettes or Sneaker Pimps. Most of the songs run at the speed of a smooth gallop (not too fast/not too slow) and they humm and whine with great use of wheezy keyboards and a very funky/slap bass sound. Great instrumentation - deep pian...view item »


That silly bald man who isn't me is playing Brett & Business lady's fave band The Lovely Eggs too loud as i'm trying to think of kind things to say about 'Reflect' by Response. Seems to me like a warm, twinkly semi-ambient journey full of hazy synths, cute motifs, pleasing harmonies & found sound, neo-classical passages married with spots o...view item »

Throw Me The Statue

Parts of this album I could give or take, but what makes me give it a higher rating are the few tracks that get stuck in my head and won't leave. The overall sound is kind of laid back but also charged with rock/pop energy. Some of the songs have almost annoying riffs in the background that remind me of the beats generated by a kid's keyboard you'd...view item »

Black Strobe
The Other Side- Paris

Really cool Black Strobe CD/DVD set courtesy of Time Out called 'The Other Side..' which takes you on some virtual journey through the hip & happening modern day metropolis that is Paris, France. Not usually a fan of their stylish electro noir but bloody hell, to mix Front 242 seamlesly in...view item »

Zak Riles
Zak Riles

This is superb instrumental work by one of the prominent, influential members of Grails. If you like Grails' music, then this is a must-have. It becomes clear very quickly that Grails have drawn much inspiration from Riles, and some of the song titles are even the same, as the Grails versions appear to be adaptations/variations. The Middle Eastern ...view item »

The Most Serene Republic
And the Ever Expanding Universe

This is a very talented band and I imagine they will be around for awhile. Like most indie-rock bands from Canada, they play around with a lot of different music styles, tempos and instruments. The one thing that is consistent is their playfulness. Playful, but not in a "hey let's see if I can figure this violin out!", don't get me wrong, these guy...view item »

Taro Kawasaki
Sing Me A Song EP

Before I take another shower I'll tell you about a CD that is equally as sweet... A lovely 3 inch disc on Drifting Falling from Taro Kawasaki.'Sing Me A song EP' is a playfully curious 4 tracker of sparkling bell tinkles, gently plucked acoustic guitar melodies and sparse beats. There are hints of abstraction, but the melodies win the tussle in the...view item »

Patrick Kelleher
You Look Cold

Patrick Kelleher 'You Look Cold' is up next for a spin... This is an interesting listen from the off... It has a very evocative feeling about it that mixes dramatic electronics and acoustics. His vocals sit neatly in the mix and the overall style of a few of the tracks I find reminiscent of David Sylvian. This man is clearly an a very talented arti...view item »

The Shadow Orchestra
The Shadow Orchestra

Now I got the debut album by The Shadow Orchestra which has been 2 years in the making. I'm reading composer Chris Bang's press release here, and it says its a "sumptuous mix of electronica, folk, jazz and acoustic instrumentation." Its sounding very electronic to me and not like an orchestra at all. He's citing his influences...view item »

Les Savy Fav
Let's Stay Friends

Les Savy Fav are the most Superchunkish band that aren't called Superchunk. Their cover of the 'chunk's "Precision Auto" was a favourite at live shows and you can hear the influence of them permeating through "Let's Stay Friends". It is similarly filled with furiously performed catchy, punky indie rock, albeit wi...view item »

The Willowz
Talkin Circles

I'm a bit surprised that young punky types from California, The Willowz weren't more popular. Their short, melodic pop-punk blasts fit right in with the likes of The White Stripes or The Strokes. Their first releases were in the early 2000s, right on cue, they just weren't...view item »

Record in Red

The album's simplicity belies a deeply psychotic streak in this Hoosier hoedown: talk of monsters speaking in the singer's voice ("telling me what to do"), artists as Green River Killers, etc. Tremendous, creepy stuff. Pretty simple execution (indie guitar, bass, drum rattle) but with nice parsley on the side: echo, keys, sha-la-las. For fans of...view item »


Supersoul with a slightly more commercial thing. Cut up hip hop - musically extremely  interesting,  vocals a bit obvious but still very worthy. Somehow it reminds me of a cross between early Scritti Politti and Tricky....view item »

The Loungs
Armageddon Outta Here

Onto THE LOUNGS have a 7" out on Akoustik Anarkhy called Armageddon Outta Here. This is their 2nd single I believe. I'm not sure how to pronounce the name and when I tell folks their name they say who? And I end up saying it's like The lungs but with a random 'O' placed in. I've written 2 lines and already the song has finished. This sounds a ...view item »

Tack Till
Would That It Were EP

Tack Till is some guy from Friendly Fires and the main guy from Wax Stag. If all of that didn't seem like the chap is incredibly busy enough here he is under his Tack Till guise on the Years Without Art label. It's a nice little ditty this one... I guess it's instrumental tinkly post rock if I'm to undertake the task of pigeonholing. It reminds me ...view item »

Barry Dransfield
Barry Dransfield

A masterpiece of modern psychedelic british folk. Wonderful and earthy interpretations of an eclectic song selection (ranging from traditional fare to Michael Hurley's 'The Werewolf', which has never had better treatment) on a recording considered one of the best of it's kind. Great fiddle playing and char...view item »

Twisted Wheel
We Are Us

Saw TW support The View in Sheffield and love them.I can't wait for the album to come out -just hope it include's Oh what have you done.They keep bringing out more and more good tracks and i think there gonna be massive .Anne ...view item »

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