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White Out (with Spencer Yeh and Carlos Giffoni)
Live at No Fun

White Out are an improvising duo who use percussion, electronics and voice to map out new sonic territory. Often they are (relatively) quiet and exploratory, but this performance from New York’s No Fun noise-fest sees them dragged into noise-blast territory by one-time collaborators C. Spencer Yeh and ...view item »


Dean Fertita's new solo project Hello=Fire is a selection of fresh tracks that show us a different side of the man's exploits as part of QOTSA and The Dead Weather.Enjoy an intimate psychedelic session of airy syths high on drugs and vibrant guitars, stringed to nostalgic lyrics to deliver the energy of a Colonel Parker. (...view item »


Laudanum have a new CD out on the lovely Monopsone label of France (previously released stuff by Epic 45, AKA, Below The Sea, Piano Magic, Klima, Schengen, Velma etc..) You can see they're a decent label with strong heritage of decent releases. You should totally check down the AKA S/T CD they released back in 2001... Brian and me go crazy for that...view item »

Mayor Daley
Facial Expressions

'Facial expressions' is a strange and unforgiving beast conceived by the Chicago trio Mayor Daley. Presumably named after Richard M. Daley, a democratic politician and Chicago's potentially longest serving mayor, Mayor Daley play fucked up sounding Black Sabbath baiting improv noise rock. The riffs are totally killer and the droning vocal chants gi...view item »

Muck And The Mires

Muck is-f---ing awesome! Can't wait to spin the vynal and go to see these guys/gal Friday night!!! How the hell do you spell vynal??? ...view item »

The Felice Brothers
Yonder is the Clock

The Felice Brothers fall into a category of Americana that I think of as "Heartland Gothic." That is, they use traditional Appalachian folk forms and mix them up with bits of New Orleans and dark concepts to create a sound that owes as much to Tom Waits and other musical explorers as it does to traditional American music. It helps that they seem...view item »

James Husband
A Parallax

James Huggins -- or as he is now calling himself James Husband -- comes to the public with an exciting and at the same time quaint solo debut. Famed for being part of the psych/indie/pop/baroque/genre Athens band of Montreal, Husband usually is at the back playing the drums behind a prancing Kevin Barnes. Mr Husband/Huggins sounds like a man fro...view item »

Pete Fosco
Crescent Avenue

Pete Fosco has had a couple of release out before on Digitalis and the Reverb Worship label. Here's a new one on Dead Pilot which is packaged in a lush digipak with holes cut out of the artwork. Well nice! Inside the sleeve is a nice bit of blue paper with a cool pattern on which pokes through the holes. Suddenly the need for holes is making sense....view item »

The Proper Sex

The Proper Sex comes with the increasingly ubiquitous download and one of the most disturbing posters I've ever seen. It's of a goat-headed woman centaur, smiling and covered in blood, all badly scanned with a random bit of a psychedelic fractal thrown in for good measure. Brian's had to go out to collect himself after being shown it. IUD is a lady...view item »

Wolfmen & Sinead O'Connor
Jackie, Is It My Birthday?

I have to admit that one of my favourite guitarists of the '80's was Marco Pirroni. Check out those Adam and the Ants records - great swathes of noise married with a Morricone twang. Back in the '90's Pirroni assisted Sinead O Connor with her mega hit 'Nothing Compares to U'. Finally she has returned the favour by singing on the new single by his b...view item »

Government Bookshops

Appreciate a cold minimal aesthetic? Of course you do. This cassette tape from Government Bookshops is untitled, and contains exactly ten minutes of music on each side. And just check out that cover artwork. The sounds are as stark as you might expect, and good thing too. Released by The All-Clear in an edition of 50....view item »

Electricity In Our Homes
We Agree Completely

Electricity In Our Homes new EP 'We Agree Completely' is a total winner. I think i've heard a couple of singles but they've not quite sunk in as effectively as this 12" EP. They've got the whole post punk style well down!!! Message of Joy reminds me of the bands like Gang of Four, ESG, Contortions and The Slits. On a contemporary note they als...view item »

Sandro Perri
plays Polmo Polpo

Moving swiftly onto SANDRO PERRI Plays Polmo Polpo which is a CD/LP on Constellation. Well it's a mini album of sorts. What you get for your money is 5 tracks totalling about 26 mins which doesn't seem enough considering the price. Mind you Constellation gear ain't cheap and they know you'll buy it anyway. The packaging on ...view item »

A Fire Is Meant For Burning

on Silber this is a CD by Vlor featuring members of Remora, Aarktica, Rivulets, Jessica Bailiff, Labradford, Windsor For The Derby & Aarktica (they're down on the sticker twice.....) Not heard it yet but it's apparently essential if you're into rock or noise.........view item »

The Kabeedies
Petits filous

The Kabeedies are great and actually seem to enjoy making catchy music. This is one of their earlier punky songs with a dubious line changed in this version.  See them live if you can!!! ...view item »

Turning The Mind

I was downstairs making a cup of tea when I heard the sound of what I thought was Mercury Rev coming from the upstairs speakers. It was the new album by Maps. His last album was praised to the skies despite it having a few dodgy moments and not being a patch on his early singles. so what comes next? Well more of the same it seems from the opening t...view item »

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