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The Mekkits
Holiday Song/ The Animals Left The Zoo

Now the Mekkits with Holiday Song. A pop song made by a bunch of good mates all having fun. Not really breaking any new boundaries but sitting happily with bands such as The Bees (Dead Kennedys says Phil). Other side sounds like Bat Man and a bit Magic Numbers. Kinda throwaway but for the trumpet action which gives it a latina feel!! Debut on Forec...view item »

Anthems From The Phantom

Anthems from the Phantom- Alternative Sounds from the north- CD on Phantom Power Records.... Awesome compilation of indie bands from... You've guessed it... the north. Wouldn't exactly call them alternative though. If you've heard of the Arctic Monkeys then you wont be in for much of a treat with some of these bands. There is clearly a lot of talen...view item »

Abbas Mirza

This album is fantastic, I managed to get one of the few signed copies! Take Me Away really rocks with it's blusey verse & grungey chorus; the vocals seem to tear through any other instrument. Plastic Smiles comes across like an acoustic sea wave with crashing guitar sounds & backing vocals clashing for attention. Hope turns To Di...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi & Sparkle In Grey

Italian industrial-noise-man Maurizio Bianchi runs up against Sparkle in Grey, who are an actual band! Sparkle in Grey improvised around some material that Bianchi brought to the table, and then handed the results back to him for processing and mixing. The resulting Nefelodh...view item »

Smokers Die Younger

Loved the ramshackle nature of the last Smokers Die Younger album. They've been low key for a while but return with a rollicking little single called 'Sketchpads'. The vocalist sounds like he's been on the hard fags, his rusty yelp of a voice more than adequate to prop up this slightly schizo old skool indie wonkathon. It starts with a fairly Smith...view item »

A Classic Education
Best Regards / Rest

A Classic Education have achieved a rare and beautiful thing on 'Best Regards' and that's a consistently good clap sound on record. Notoriously difficult to record, the clap is a precious percussive sound that can enhance almost any indie rock single and give the necessary boost to get the kids dancing. This single is recorded in a strange and ghos...view item »

Hey Weirdo!

Belladonna are a two super tough punk chic's from Darlington. They cut their teeth playing the rough working men's clubs of the North-east so, you know they are like, totally bad ass. 'Hey weirdo' is their debut album, it's a husky and sexy hard. Imagine if Queens of Noise made a record, this is what it would sound like. ...view item »

Bipolar Bear/ Hiroshima Rocks Around

Just got a bunch of sweet imports from the Kill Shamen label. First up is a split 12" from Hiroshima Rocks Around and Bipolar Bear. Hiroshima Rocks Around are an Italy post punk band affiliated with the duo Trouble Vs Glue and they make an awesome rockin' noise. The vibe is garage rock orientated but i can hear the XBXRX, Weasel Walter, Load reco...view item »

No Going Back/ Friend (demo)

Rough Trade are keeping busy these days releasing a bunch of stuff that is so far removed from the great records they used to be involved with that it makes me wanna weep. No cut and paste covers and d.i.y pressing here just smooth UK R&B courtesy of Rox. Don't no much about the artist but the tune stinks of Amy Winehouse, Little Boots and Duff...view item »

Findo Gask
One Eight Zero

Findo Gask are a new one on me so I'm hoping this 'One Eight Zero' 7" might be the start of an adventure. Now it's started and the only adventure it's taking me on is up Mt. What the Fuck Can I Say About This. Erm.. It's nice enough indie pop stuff that sounds quite a lot like later Simian. I wouldn't have known that myself, I had to cheat and...view item »

Chrome Children

The Chrome Children comps are a great introduction to the Stones Throw label. You get great examples of work from many of the big hitters, Madlib features heavily as artist and producer, J Dilla pops up too as do Oh No, ...view item »

Big Up / Threat

Dub Assembly Four from Australian dub-step-plenty-bass producer Mundo is "Big Up" and "Threat". Have you noticed these days how new underground dance genres stay underground. It's because major label fools haven't got a clue so can't take the risk. It's just as well ehh! Scenes like this can flourish now without hindrance, let t...view item »

Aidan Baker
Broken & Remade

This was previously issued on CD in 2007 on Volubilis Records and is on wax for the first time. This shows yet another side to this multi-faceted artist and when I first listened I was unaware it was Baker and would never have guessed in a million years. Here he plays acoustic and bass guitars, flute, synth and does vocals while he is joined by ...view item »

Everybody Come Outside!

The Pomegranates second full release shows the band maturing with fuller, more developed songwriting. Their sound is similar to the first release, which is somewhere between the Afro beats of Vampire Weekend and the melodic experimentation of Los Campesinos. This is very good indie rock. Interesting narrative across this release, which deserves ...view item »

Jeans Team
Oh Bauer

Jeans Team! remember them????? No???!!! Well, we have a 12" & CD called 'Oh Bauer' (which I'd love to translate as Oh Bollocks...) & It's got a piss funny retro 80's house mix from Christopher Just, and the gayest disco fucknuttery on the other side. ...view item »

Nosferatu D2
Nosferatu D2

Nosferatu D2 are a to piece from Croydon fronted by Ben Parker whose lyrical style and emotive vocal has impressed a bunch of label dudes and media types around the UK. Entitled 'We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise' Nosferatu certainly know how to string a catchy album title together yet the title does re...view item »


BLARGHOWNYAGGIWGOWGOSGUYUURRGH! Ant and Phil have just been talking about the most painful things that've ever happened to them and Malfeasance by l'Acephale was the album wot got them going. I don't want to hear about bad things happening to good feet anymore, I'd rather listen to this horrifically ace combination of black metal, power electronics...view item »

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