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Nmperign w/ Jake Meginsky
Selected Occasions Of Handsome Deceit

It's always a pleasure to get something on Rhode Island's Rel label... This limited edition LP of 188 1 sided copies sounds gloriously strange. Jake Meginsky handles percussion, Greg Kelley is on trumpet and Bhob Rainey play saxophone. The record is an exploration of extremes, from precise low volume minimalist restraint to experiments in pitch, ne...view item »

Slow Six
Tomorrow Becomes You

Tomorrow Becomes You is an astonishing record, combining elements of post-rock, modern classical & ambient composition. The cast of musicians wheel their way around Christopher Tignor's song structures with the interplay between violin, drums, guitars & electronics in places is as close to prefect...view item »

Strange Boys
Be Brave

I like singers that yowl & growl like cats. The guy from Strange Boys does that, like Iggy on helium. He sounds kinda cute, like he's fronting a cool garage band but he's only 12 years old. This band grow on you like fungus. They've got a traditional sounding lo-fi thing going on with nice touches of echo & reverb. It sounds like they use o...view item »

Andrew Perry / Dead Wood
The Sweetest Meat

The 'drone' tag is rarely this self-descriptive, but on The Sweetest Meat Britain's Andrew Perry and Adam Baker (Dead Wood, also runs Dirty Demos) hypnotically drift their way through three utterly miasmal meditations. Opener 'The Presentation' starts off shimmering and pretty but bends towards ...view item »

Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore
Dear Companion

I went to see Daniel Martin Moore way back in 2011. This was the only one of his albums I didn't have at the time so I bought it at the gig. Just looking at the CD now, I found a piece of paper inside with Haley Bonar's name written on it. He covered her brilliant song "Wendy Bird" during the gig. Afterwards I d...view item »

Paul Vickers And The Leg
Itchy Grumble

This is Paul Vickers' unique way of a rock opera & with some fresh original ideas it works out well. The story is about Itchy Grumble who became immortal after he drank the tears of a witch. As always Paul creates fine melodies & rhythms out of all the mayhem, & sees him generally moving further away from the DOTR footprint. There is...view item »

Glass Rock
Tall Firs Meet Soft Location

Glass Rock are a band made up from Tall Firs - a band clearly influenced by the like of Pavement and Sonic Youth - and Soft Location, a band I know nothing about other than they have a female singer who sings on this album. They decided to collaborate after Tall Firs heard and liked a song on the radio by the apparently then defunct Soft Locatio...view item »

The Brothers Movement
Blind / Sister

Shit, who let Richard Ashcroft in? Shit,this also reminds me of Starsailor. This is epic sounding rock with HUGE guitars and HUGE vocals. It has a massive chorus.The drums are HUGE. Did I mention it sounds like Starsailor? This is music for people who consider Oasis and a hundered other BritPoppers (ShitPops) cutting edge. Its not my job to warn yo...view item »

I Was A King
I Was A King

Norwegians, I Was a King have made one of those anachronistic efforts from the 00s for people who miss the early 90s, which is fine by me. Guitar driven with melting melodies and a trick or two borrowed from the likes of Teenage Fanclub (see “Step Aside”) and ...view item »

The Doozer
Great Explorers

This one came out on CD a bit ago but when Siltbreeze deem fit to stick something out on vinyl it usually pays to sit up and take a bit of notice. The press release mentions proper good shit like Syd Barrett and The Shadow Ring and it's to The Doozer's credit that this one-man band doesn't suffer from the comparison, combining the whimsical oddn...view item »

In The Field
In The Field

Does anyone remember the excellent Dissolving Orchestra CD that was released almost a year ago to the day? Well the follow up is an album by/called In The Field that pushes all the right buttons for me simply because there are field recordings of birds. I could listen to birds singing all day long. This is a very interesting project coming from The...view item »

Spin Spin The Dogs
Leave Me In Leicester

Spin Spin The Dogs are in the house! Formed a while back, this London based avant rock band have been doing the rounds for sometime, finally settling on a solid line-up that includes original members Vincent Larkin, Dean Hinks and John Wilson and new addition Luke Younger of Birds Of Prey/delay/etc infamy. Musically the group sit somewhere amongst ...view item »

The Magnetic Fields

Realism does away with the distorted guitars of the band's last effort and finds them returning to the chamber pop sound of 2004's "i". The songs are full of acoustic guitars, strings, piano and other natural instruments that lend the music a more realistic (a hint at the album's title perhaps?) feel. But while the music sounds beautiful and pri...view item »

Walter Pico
My Alter Ego

Here's a CD by Walter Pico. He's a new chap to the towers... I like his name. It's nice. The opener of 'My Alter Ego' is a 60's spy fueled hip-hop scratch-a-thon instrumental job which nicely leads you into the varying styles of hip-hop on the album which our walter has apparently grown up with. It's an 11 track EP which varies in quality but throu...view item »

Farmer Dave Scher
Flash Forward To The Good Times

This album is really something to behold! True passionate indie psychedelic folk surf grooves from a cosmic sound farmer. Its like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Incredible String Band, the Beach Boys and early Bob Marley blended and served in a glowing space cocktail on the perfect beach with the Girl from Ipanema walking by. It's not slick,...view item »

This Town

This Medication album came from the distributor with a bit of paper on it instructing us to 'Play this loud', something which always seems kind of necessary with these echoey lo-fi garage rock jobs. They always seem to play some sort of trick on you whereby they doesn't sound particularly loud even when they're up at deafening volumes, it must be a...view item »

Good Shoes
No Hope, No Future

Poor old Good Shoes. I always find it the saddest when it's a stomping, rocking and joyous indie band that crumbles into obscurity rather then those cold ones with monotonous sounds that have no emotion. Whatever your gripes with indie bands from the noughties (I had that so called 'word') leave them at the door....view item »

In The Loop: 5

Occasionally Dublab like to "present" us with a 12" LP from their ongoing series, 'In The Loop'. We're on volume 5 now, now released through Anticon, and my first encounter with the sleeve is fantastic! With great tracks comin' in yr ears from The Ruby Suns (turning in a very Beach Boys-esque number), Teengirl Fantasy (mogadon euphor...view item »

The Loungs
We Are The Champ

Now The Loungs with their new album We Are The Champ out on Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings. Sprouting from St Helens they've got a style than never strays far from melody. It appears that they're an all singing 6 piece and have created some big harmonies over simple poppy music. Each bar has been painstakingly fussed over and its not without its Magic...view item »

The Bon Bon Club
Sex On Fire

The Bon Bon Club had a single out a while back on Thee SPC. Their 2nd single has just landed on an offshoot of Angular Records called Rare Breed records. It's a cute 3" CD with a postcard packaged in a pink and white stripey paper bag which immediately made me want a quarter of Yorkshire Mixture....been a while. If you're not familiar with the...view item »


Delphic are one of this years top tips for glory within the pop world. With popular singles on French fashion boutique label Kitsune, debut LP/CD 'Acolyte' is the sound of young Manchester. Combining widescreen, epic stadium pop, a New Order-y electronic/rock hybrid sound, anthemic Hot Chip style future-pop hooks and a smooth, glossy production, I ...view item »

Fuck Montreal
Winter Mange

Fuck Montreal.... Actually I was thinking of moving there as that's where all the big videogame companies hang out and I thought I could get a job there with my many talents of err.... running a record shop. probably not gonna happen so I'll review this Fuck Montreal 7" which has just landed on the Stumparumper label. This is some grotty scuzz...view item »

Umm Na Nagay

Thank god for Sheffield rabble rousers Chuck then sending us a slightly less berserk second single on aqua blue heavyweight blue vinyl. They've still got that mad Mexican barroom insanity thang going on throughout this rather brilliant rising & falling stomp-along, 'Umm Na Nagay'. The flip, the superbly titled 'We Got Squeezed (insid...view item »

Monster Bobby
Heaven Hides Nothing

Hey this is a cheeky number. Its Pipettes guitarist during it for himself working under the name Monster Bobby which is the first release on Remake/Remodel records. Quirky, using cheap sounding keyboards on the verge of distortion and casio beats. Sounds like a demo to me......a bit empty but its alright this. His press re...view item »

Neils Children
Stand Up

Next I have the new 7" single by Neils Children on Half Machine Records. I've read a lot about these fellows recently. They certainly seem to get a lot of press so you can guess they going to sound like all those new beautiful young trendy bands of the moment... and they do I guess. Well they sound 80's a...view item »

Screaming Mimi
Dorothy Millette / Bumblebee

On the same label Phantom Power we have SCREAMING MIMI. Phil's spouting bands again Throwing Muses, The Specials, Long Blondes. Its a slinky sultry female fronted sound with a 50's retro undertone. B-side is driven by a driving bass like a car chase. Former Normans single of the week winners these lot and...view item »

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