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Clare And The Reasons

There's a wonderful variety of lyrical and musical material here, mixing soft rock, pop, blues, cowboy songs, the Beatles, Beach Boys, even a moment of Ravel! Clare Manchon writes subtle, witty, and often poignant songs featuring sweet melodies and interesting harmonic structures...view item »

Peeesseye & Talibam!
Peeesseye & Talibam!

Ok, here we got ourselves a collaborative effort from then insane improvers Talibam! and the Gothic Junk folk experimentalism of Peeesseye, both emperors of the NYC improv scene playing in all sorts of outfits including the outstanding Storm and Stress. Anyway, after years of mutual friendship and touring activity they decided to get tog...view item »

Copper Glove
Surviving The Garden Of Hate

Copper Glove is a new project from Baltimore noisester Door, formally known as Earth Crown. He has had a couple of split sevens out, the most notable being a split with Kites (whose creator C.F. is responsible for the sweet artwork). This industrial outing is a departure from previous efforts with distorted vocals, synth manipulation and tone gener...view item »

Paper Planes
The Sway

These guys are pleasant enough. The vocals are nice.The musicianship's tight. The melodies are catchy. The sleeve's crap. I guess it sounds like Be Your Own Pet. Or maybe Belly. The title tracks got a crappy disco beat, so It should end up on Skins or some yoof programme in the near future. Its not too bad, but I'm not raving, Mary......view item »


When I was 18, this was my favourite record. In the intervening 20 and a bit years, I have bought it again 3 times. Accessible enough to instantly hook angst-ridden teenagers and mature enough to still speak to someone pushing middle age, this record is a half-hour blast of honesty. If I'm going to be honest, I've always thought Judas Cradle is ...view item »

Infinite Body
Carve Out The Face Of My God

Infinite Body is the work of Kyle Parker who has previously been active as Gator Surprise. 'Carve Out the Face of My God' is the first thing I've heard under the Infinite Body name and it's quite far removed from his previous output. 'Carve Out the Face...' is more in keeping with the experimental noise/synth/drone stuff you hear so much of nowaday...view item »

Let's Just See What Happens

I'm loving the artwork on this LP.. There's a wee snakey thing all tucked up in bed. Soundwise this is off its tits. Phrases going around the office as I type include 'someone trying to eat a clock', 'a madman running around a farm' who's 'feeding stickle bricks to the animals' and I'll also add 'someone gargling with their own mind'. It's sur...view item »

Tam Rush
Living Souvenirs

Don't know much about this record other than it features Richard Walters and Andrew Mears of Youthmovies as well as Einar from Eberg... That technically makes it a collaborative cross-channel super group uniting the forces of France and the UK in post-post-rock harmony. Musically 'Living Souvenirs' is not easy to define, it begins with a Current 93...view item »

Double Dagger

Double Dagger are a punk rock trio from Baltimore. Their sound is made up of Drums, Bass and Vocals. "Masks EP" was their penultimate release and came out in 2010. They sound very much like you'd expect from a punk band on the Thrill Jockey label, i.e. like a band on Touch & Go. There's definitely a Steve Albini influence to their sound - dr...view item »

Space Weather
Low Earth

Space Weather is a 3 piece project featuring the talents of Andrew Paine. 'Low Earth' is their second "voyage" into the realms of deep cosmic progressive drone. With the odd low-end synth squelch, this begins its journey based on gently shifting buzzing tones and atmospheric textures; the second track "The Harrowing" being ...view item »

Bomb The Bass
Back To Light

Tom Simenon of Bomb The Bass has largely ditched the sample-heavy Hip Hop sound of his earlier hits (songs like "Beat dis", "Megablast" or "Winter in July") for a more sublime Eurodisco sound (akin to Pet Shop Boys or Delphic) more in line with 2008's "Future chaos", although this is a bit more upbeat than that largely melancholic effort. My fav...view item »

Human Skab
Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags

Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags is genuinely provocative and cause for serious consideration and contemplation, but also pure fun and entertaining the whole way. I'm not sure if this record is special because it documents our child character, or because it just documents the chaos and creativity of childhood in general. Who didn't run around, beat ...view item »


This really is a lovely album of sublime and moody techno/ house. Some of the tracks are very soulful, some lush Detroit vibes and the warmth and emotion of classic house. There's a bit of a Balearic feel at times, other moments recall Fourtet or Pantha Du Prince, then dubby house styles, bits of Artificial intelligence era. The production is super...view item »

The Happy Hollows

The Happy Hollows released Spells on October 6th 2009. The Happy Hollows can be seen playing all over Los Angeles, and they have opened for Silversun Pickups on multiple occasions. The debut album from local LA favourites is jam packed with goodness. The Happy Hollows have released an album that is compris...view item »

Adam Pacione
Still Life #5: Evening Colours

Fuck's sake - who am I, Jeff Drone? Phil's just dumped twelve Adam Pacione 3" CDs in my lap and barked "REVIEW THESE" at me like R. Lee Ermey or something. Alright, well I'll do it overview styles. Luckily for me Adam knows what he's doing on the old ambient front, I test drove two of these cute little critters (each signed and indiv...view item »

Taylor Hollingsworth
Life With A Slow Ear

Taylor is a great musician, some may have a distaste for his voice. However, let me say that if you like Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band (especially songs like "Air Mattress" and "Snake Hill") than you will enjoy this. His voice, albeit unique, works great with h...view item »

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