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Luther Russell

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Luther Russell previews his upcoming double album The Invisible Audience with this diverse six-song sampler. Variety has always been one of Russell's strong point, and here he offers a mix of hypnotic modern rock, drifting country-folk, chugging minimalist blues, gutsy power pop, and an airy piano waltz. Even mor...view item »

Menace Ruine
Union Of Irreconcilables

If you could put together the sounds of Nadja and Merzbow with a tiny hint of black metal, then you have Menace Ruine. The seven tracks that make up 'Union Of Irreconcilables' are abrasive and often screeching slabs of sound, but unlike many drone/noise bands, this is perversely an album ...view item »


Mem1 is an artist I'm not familiar with but when we gave their '+1' CD a whirl the other day it sounded rather good. This is the work of Mark Cetillia on electronics and Laura Cetilia on cello and electronics. They use the cello as a source which then becomes manipulated with technology. The range of sounds they achieve is pretty good, ranging from...view item »

Black Breath
Heavy Breathing

Black Breath are a difficult band to categorize. The vocal approach is pure crusty hardcore, the riffs are sometimes crusty but more often indulge in a tremolo-heavy sort of death-thrash. The guitar tone is pure Sunlight Studios worship and the drumming has enough d-beats to please and Discharge fan. This debut album wouldn't sound out of place ...view item »

Absolute Belter

Another great find from Finders Keepers/B-Music!  Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Barcelona-based label.  My favorite tracks are the fuzzy "Un Consejo" by Los Roller, Rudy Ventura's "Soy Un Sonador" (cool horns and psyche sound effects), "Farsa Del Buen Vivir" from Fusioon, and Albert Band's "Ella Tiene El Cabello Rubio."  ...view item »

Magic Bullets
A Child But In Life Yet A Doctor In Love

Now the Magic Bullets with a Child But In Life Yet A Doctor In Love. Its quite a traditional chiming guitar pop sound with The Wedding Present Talking Heads and Gang of Four Referenced. The vocals sit over the music like him from the Strokes or the geezer from Arcade Fire. SO many references makes me worried that they're treading a familiar path. T...view item »

The Complete Short Stories
One Blank Channel

I like them big books of complete short stories. I'm dipping in and out of this chocka H.G. Wells one at the moment and it's well satisfying. If you're into your indie rock you'll find this single pretty satisfying too, I'm sure. I like this; there's something about the sweet, poppy female vocals combined with a slightly symphonic overall feel and ...view item »

Sam Spence
Sam Spence Sounds

Hmm, here's an interesting one! Skimming the lengthy biography on the back of the LP Sam Spence seems to have gone from traveling around Europe studying composition to becoming involved on the periphery of the Krautrock 'scene' to working on music for advertising to finally contributing tunes to shows like The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, Sponge ...view item »

Broadcasting On Ghost Frequencies

We got a bunch of CD's in this week on the Moving Furniture label. I picked one up with my eyes closed and I got Erstlaub. Nice. It's called Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies and that's exactly what it is! It sounds like a load of harsh white noise with something trying to break through. All I can think of is that small woman from Poltergeist with ...view item »

Songs About Fucking Steve Albini

Miguel De Pedro, a.k.a. Kid 606, has long been a twister of the accepted aesthetics of electronic music and noise. With S.A.F.S.A., he leads you to believe that he's entered the harsh, drum-machine driven guitar clatter of Albini's best known band, Big Black. Everything from the cover art to the typography referen...view item »

Culver/ Karst
Quarter Mile Volcano

CULVER AND KARST ~ QUARTER MILE VOLCANO  cdr ( Striate Cortex )   The third in a series of  slow-burning epics, this pair of drone/noise makers seem intent on mining the sound of twisted power lines. Akin to the sounds captured of some prison detail ploughing an endless granite field with a hill of...view item »

The Hideous Pariah Dog

I once had a house mouse. It used to leave droppings behind my toaster after it had scoffed all the crumbs i'd left. I could never have caught it though for it was far too cute & no bother, really. I don't know why people kill mice, they really are cruel bastards (I eat burgers!). I loved the idea of my mouse having a massive network of tu...view item »

Main Control Board

I'm probably not the best person to attempt a review of this Lagunamuch compilation so you'll have to bare with me. 'Main Control Board' is a spiritual sequel to the Deep Sea Shipping compilation they put out a while back but this time the theme is 'black space with its microgravity, adventures and unpredictability'. These songs have been carefully...view item »

Epilogue ( Ramadanman Mix)

A few cool dubstep bits have just arrived...a new 12" from F on 7EVEN called 'Epilogue' which is a pretty mellow and deep little groover, flip the plate and there is a Ramadan remix in his excellent minimal but funky percussive style. A bit of a samba shuffle and woodblock percussion make for a sexy rump shaker....view item »

Girl Talk

Girl Talk continues his copyright-smashing on Unstoppable, a marked improvement over Secret Diary. He's starting to pull his ideas together here, so that "All Eyes on Me" has a solid line to unify its snips and cuts. The dirty-minded "Non-Stop Party Now" has some of his (soon-to-be-famous) juxtapositions coming in; "Bodies Hit the Floor" continu...view item »

A Dragonfly For Each Corpse

Chicago noise polluters Panicsville have been on the fringes of the confrontational theatre circuit for years now, dressing up in latex and throwing shit at their audiences, kind of a bit like Gwar or something but with better sounds. This lovingly packaged LP & 7" set is not what I was expecting. Unsettling indeed but not a barrage of squ...view item »

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