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Deleted Scenes

This one has me wanting to climb inside the speaker to try and figure out what's happening with this dynamic piece of sound. It is the debut CD from Marion Wörle aka Frau W (Laptop) and Maciej Sledziecki (Guitar) and I'm reminded at various points of Fennesz. There is lots of interesting stuff happening with piano and strange unidentifiable...view item »

Serenade My Enemy

Bring on the dark dark ambience yo! Savier is Gregg Davies whose MoMT debut 'Serenade the Enemy' is a claustrophobic urban nightmare of an EP. We get four tracks here and all of them are intense odes to inner city anxiety. Lapse kicks things of with industrial electronic drum loops and slide in and out of the mix in a sinister manner whilst dist...view item »

Trifler's Revenge

This 4 track CD comes in a wallpaper sleeve not unlike many kitchens from the 70's. The one I'm holding has a tasteful brown floral pattern which I'm wishing was lickable (ala Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) just cos I right fancy tasting some brown flowers. This is a weird distorted mix of hauntology and evil sound manipulation. As much as...view item »

South Central
Castle of Heroes

South Central with a limited 12" called Castle of Heroes on Young Turks (home to the well expensive Jack Penate first single). A-sides a techno trance cut up gurn- fest with pounding bass drum and repeating sythn action to make epileptics nervous. Enough drop outs, drum fills, tempo & pitch experimentations to keep the party...view item »

Muruga / Robinson Dyad
Bubble Waves

Brett has just walked through the door and reported that The Jesus Lizard are reforming to play some live shows... Bloody exciting that like.. The latest batch of Qbico vinyl has arrived and I've landed the 'Bubble Waves' long player from Muruga/ Perry Robinson Dyad. Avant/ free jazz/ impov is the deal here. Muruga beats and tinkle with a whole bar...view item »

Wounded Lion
Wounded Lion

Once I heard the first couple of tracks of this I played it all the way through, remembering "Hungry?" and finding "Creatures" much the same, but there is another vocalist and they stretched out a little more on the jammy areas. If a song like "Psycho Killer" drives you up a wall, go look at American Idol for some inspiration. If the cacophony of "...view item »

Free Energy
Stuck On Nothing

When music isn't challenging, it better be fun and catchy if it wants attention. Stuck on Nothing aims for the latter path, but it does so rather unapologetically. It doesn't aim to re-invent a genre, but to continue down a familiar path that would be less enjoyable if altered. Most of the elements feel immediately recognisable, the reference po...view item »


Dunno much about Fax. 'Primario' Sounds intriguing. Dubby, hypnotic, percussive, soulful. Clicky, aquatic, howmanyadjectives? Makes me think of some of the more adventurous & peculiar stuff on Scape. Another case of treated & blurred acoustics mixed with organic electronic rhythms to form a cohesive & hugely pleasant r...view item »

Marcel Dettmann

Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Joey Beltram, Damon Wild, Mike Dearborn, Frankie bones, Adam X, DJ Skull, Steve Stoll, Surgeon, Tresor, Synewave, Juan Atkins, Transmat, Basic Channel, Mike Dred, Woody McBride, The Mover, Surgeon, Robert Armani, Dave Clarke, Vainio, Kim Rappati etc. etc. These producers/ labels have undoubtedly been the soundtrack of my...view item »


Separations isn't sophisticated, but the music doesn't suffer as a result of this. What's possibly disappointing about the album is that Jarvis's lyrics seem a bit too sincere, but they're not nearly as clever as, say, the touching, beautifully observed portraits of women you get on His n Hers. Still they're better than most bands' lyrics. It's ...view item »

David Cronenberg's Wife

I don't like David Cronenberg's Wife as a band name...it cunjures up images of other rubbish band names I have seen like Sean Beans Legpit or Rumpleforskin (Actually I like that one!). The new LP retains the Fall-esque sound of their other releases, rambling stream of-conscious vocals, tight musicianship and "humourous" lyrics. The first track is...view item »

Dead Western
Suckle At The Supple Teats Of Time

If someone else shouts "put it on the right speed Clint!" I'm going to explode. Its on CD - I simply can't speed it up anymore. Its true to say that the vocals on this are odd. Kind of like the already odd sounding Wild Beasts guy at 16rpm. Takes some getting used to. The music is nice gently folk stuff with plucked acoustics and haunting violin...view item »

The Hold Steady
Heaven Is Whenever

The Hold Steady make exciting albums. Listening to Separation Sunday even today sounds so in my face; a unique record and band. Their albums since then haven't quite matched that, but they have come close and contain thrilling songs. This album doesn't have the edge of the others. It still contains good tunes and I like it, but I don't love it. ...view item »

Nobody's Daughter

This one came when Courtney Love parted with her original Hole bandmates, and things had to be started from scratch rather than extend the progress of "Live Through This" and "Celebrity Skin". It takes some getting used to, but the time spent here is still quality time. There is enough to enjoy for a good long time so it can be played routinely ...view item »

Calories / William

I've never heard of these guys before, but I have to say I quite enjoyed listening to it. Side A is the Calories side and its an enjoyable romp. I think the first song "Mortal Boys" is a real winner. Quite poppy but with a shouty Hardcore feel. The William side isn't too bad either .Kind of like a female fronted Idlewild I guess. Both the...view item »

Good Hood / Iodine

The cover of this single is a bit disturbing. Loads of folks dressed in gas masks looking well unnerving. Possibly a bit My Chemical Romance but that's where the similarity ends! It starts of with a super energetic abrasive guitar riff and pounding drums with the guitars high up in the mix totally sucking you in. I like it. Very new wave sound...view item »

Yair Yona

Another good album! I picked up the Israeli copy of this a few months ago and it's not been out of the car since then. Yair had a 7" out on The Great Pop Supplement a while back and he got in touch and one thing led to another and we ended up getting a bunch in stock cos it's ace. It's just Yair playing guitar with the exception of a couple...view item »

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' is, you know, a Kasabian album, which isn't a crime in and of itself. It was originally released in 2009 and saw a changing of hands in the song-writing department, as Christopher Karloff took the record as an opportunity to fuck off forever and left Sergio Pizzorno in charge of things. And so "Where Did All Th...view item »

Nom De Guerre
Love Thy Neighbour

Nom De Guerre are a group i know very little about which is odd because these guys are screaming to be heard. From the of it's apparent that these guys write ambitious, excitable pop music for folk who enjoy a good time. According to the press release, 'Love Thy Neighbour' is a concept LP based around on the classic whodunit murder mystery theme wh...view item »

Luther Russell

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Luther Russell previews his upcoming double album The Invisible Audience with this diverse six-song sampler. Variety has always been one of Russell's strong point, and here he offers a mix of hypnotic modern rock, drifting country-folk, chugging minimalist blues, gutsy power pop, and an airy piano waltz. Even mor...view item »

Menace Ruine
Union Of Irreconcilables

If you could put together the sounds of Nadja and Merzbow with a tiny hint of black metal, then you have Menace Ruine. The seven tracks that make up 'Union Of Irreconcilables' are abrasive and often screeching slabs of sound, but unlike many drone/noise bands, this is perversely an album ...view item »


Mem1 is an artist I'm not familiar with but when we gave their '+1' CD a whirl the other day it sounded rather good. This is the work of Mark Cetillia on electronics and Laura Cetilia on cello and electronics. They use the cello as a source which then becomes manipulated with technology. The range of sounds they achieve is pretty good, ranging from...view item »

Black Breath
Heavy Breathing

Black Breath are a difficult band to categorize. The vocal approach is pure crusty hardcore, the riffs are sometimes crusty but more often indulge in a tremolo-heavy sort of death-thrash. The guitar tone is pure Sunlight Studios worship and the drumming has enough d-beats to please and Discharge fan. This debut album wouldn't sound out of place ...view item »

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