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Haulin' Grass and Smokin' Ass

A very odd album that always seems to satisfy. Incomprehensible flashes of lyrics mesh with shifting tones creating the predictably unexpected at every listen. Simple and always beautiful. ...view item »


Tricky has a new single out called Animatter. Yep that crazy dude from Bristol is back on Anti recs (offshoot of Epitaph). Led by lady vocals this has a rather upbeat and pleasant groove. Not depressing or morbid in anyway shape or form. Quite like this. On clear vinyl 12" or enhance...view item »

Telephone Jim Jesus (Restiform Bodies)
A Point Too Far To Astronaut

Here's something new on Anticon by Telephone Jim Jesus who is a member of Restiform Bodies. It's instrumental music in that Anticon style of not really being hip hop but not really being anything else either  - think Odd Nosdam, Dosh etc. The first track is incredibly Christmas-y. All cut up spoken...view item »

Next We Go Sublime

Next a CD by Supercilious on Monopsone. This is good hip hop flecked electronic stuff  - dark like DJ Shadow, Massive Attack or Sixtoo. Some more electronca ish stuff with lady vocals and the Aphex Twin beats and bloops over something a whole lot more ethereal. This is one of those CD's that takes influ...view item »

Towers Of London
Air Guitar

What do Towers of London look like? I'll tell you what they look like. Somewhere between early Motley Crue, Rod Stewart circa 1976, Black Lace  and ex Portsmouth footballer Alan Biley. Anyway despite their terrifying appearance I actually quite like this new single of theirs. Its a catchy radio fri...view item »

Knifehandchop/ Parasite
Get Yourself Ready

'Get Yourself Ready' is actually the title of the new Death$ucker EP by Knifehandchop and label head honcho Parasite. This has a whiff of the old gorgonzola to it if I'm honest. It's really what you'd expect from the collaboration. Jungle breaks, Rave / Ragga samples and gabba beats. The flip is hard as nails repetitive ...view item »

Jason/ Shinobu
Dispel Space Time Lust

Another week, another fine drone/ambient release, this one is from Jason and Shinobu through the mercurial Install. Slow waves of evocative drifting textures are randomly assaulted by sinister outbursts of grizzled fuzz, creeping up the sides of the stately walls like curious splashes of acid whilst someone in the distance metrononically taps a len...view item »

Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra

Smudge are an Australian band led by Evan Dando cohort and songwriter extraordinaire, Tom Morgan and feature the drumming skills of Alison Galloway who was the inspiration for The Lemonheads "Alison's Starting To Happen". "Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra" was their fourth and final album and was originally released in 1998. "Hot Potato" and "Breadcrum...view item »

Micah P. Hinson
And The Pioneer Saboteurs

Quick, dust off them spurs, pardoner, don your stetson and marry your sister, The new album from Micah P Henson is here. Its a sprawling opus of wonder and grandiosity, a bit like the Old West itself or a night out with Keith Chegwin,if you will. This record sounds really great. All the songs are spacious and very much rooted in the mysticism of...view item »


Jesus H. Corbett I wasnt expecting this. It looks a bit death-rock (judging from the sleeve), but in fact what we have here is something that could have been knocked out by Robert Pollard. Not that thats a bad thing. It's a nice song, slightly psyche in its production, and could even be accused of being a bit Beatles-esque. It's a fairly straigh...view item »

Little Pieces Of Sky

Indie Compilations are sometimes really crap but this one looks ok to me. And sounds quite good too! On Satellites & Clouds records 'tis called 'Little Pieces of Sky' & contains gems from the likes of Jet Johnson, Glider, Econoline, Disoma & Ann Arbor. Track 7 is a secret &...view item »

DJ Rupture, Kid 606, Various
Paws Across The World 2003

Not a week goes by that I don't have a couple of CDs thrust into my paws containing slavering, gibbering laptop shenanigans made by spotty herberts with deranged minds. Tigerbeat 6 appear to be the scene leaders as usual, with a 2nd 'Paws Across The World' compilation appearing this week for the year 2003.Contain...view item »

Violet Ray Gas And The Playback Singers

'Violet Ray Gas & The Playback Singers' is a "personal soundtrack to Futurist and Avant Guard cinema" created by Violet and released on Sentient Recognition Archive/ Zero Moon. The vibe is pretty dark throught with drones that give off a feeling of paranoia. There's some quite dramatic changes between eerie subtle atmospherics and big...view item »

Philadelphia Grand Jury
The Good News/Ready To Roll

There's 2 great things about the record. The cover has action figures of Mexican wrestlers on the cover. The 2nd thing is the band consist of Berkfinger and MC Bad Genius. After that I'm on thin ice.... They're Australian (obviously no bad thing), there's a nice repetitive piano thing (Roxy Music-esque) and other than that it is an average-ish p...view item »


This is from a live performance that involved processing organ sounds. If I'm not mistaken I suspect a Kaos Pad is being used, but really fuck knows? It's well cool sounding though, with some sinister Coil style vibes coming at me along with lots of blips and bloops. It sounds like there is some analogue synthesizer twiddling occurring but again...view item »

Go Kayashi

I've heard a couple of CD's on this label and it sounds pretty cool. It's all experimental electronics, knob twiddling, wave form manipulation and it's all super precise. It reminds me an awful lot of the Raster Noton gear only it's from Japan instead of Germany. It's all packaged in suitable minimal artwork and the music on this Slit album is s...view item »

Jaguar Love
Hologram Jams

As with the now defunct Blood Brothers, Johnny Whitney once again seems perfectly content to carve out his own niche based on a singular vision of progressing his own shrieking avant-garde post-punk farther into indie/synth-pop territory. Where the Blood Brothers were floating between the hardcore and indie scenes, and unable to fully be cleared...view item »

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