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Native America Calling: Music From Indian Country

I want to hear that music, I like Indian music because they have a very peaceful rhythm. ...view item »

Social Junk
Born Into It

I'm not familiar with Social Junk but 'Born into it', thier second full length album is a corker. Social Junk are the duo of Heather Young and Noah Anthony of West Virginia and they know how to make a proper noise. 'It just isn't the same' kicks off with a cataclysm of electronic pulses, discordant organ drones and ghostly vocal contributions. I li...view item »

Soft Return

On Soft Return, an enjoyable homage to light rock and blue eyed soul of the early 80s, Grovesnor offers an album's worth of 80s romantic comedy soundtrack singles which his band skillfully delivers with authenticity, often besting the material of source inspiration. The deal-breaker for many listeners will be the cheese factor. The artist can't hel...view item »

Roland White
I Wasn’t Born To Rock ‘n Roll

I Wasn’t Born To Rock ‘n Roll is a nice showcase for White's Monroe-style mandolin, which is in fine form here and is nicely recorded. Banjo picker Alan Munde pretty much steals the show at every turn, delivering solos that are rock-solid and classic-sounding, but with intriguing new wrinkles in the note-choice and technique. White's lead singi...view item »

Arkpocalypse Now

Wonderfully off-kilter, Ark's album Arkpocalypse Now avoids easy comparisons or a single descriptor. "House of the Dead," for instance, sounds like twitchy voodoo, with vocals samples, seemingly random, floating in and out of the mix, while "Obamark" takes Barack Obama's famous campaign speech and sets it in Chicago deep house ("Rising" also approa...view item »

Jack Rose with D. Charles Speer
Ragged And Right

I sometimes find it a bit weird these posthumous new releases keep arriving. I guess it's the nature of the industry these days. A lot of folks are worth more dead than alive these days. We get emails from distros when popular artists die offering us their back catalogue cheap within hours of their deaths being announced. It's creepy and a bit w...view item »

Pernice Brothers
Goodbye, Killer

“Goodbye Killer” is The Pernice Brothers 6th studio album. It is more immediately upbeat than the uninspiring “Live A Little” that preceded it although Joe Pernice’s vocal comes across a little like Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) “Bechemel” which is just w...view item »

We Are Scientists

This time around the boys from Brooklyn come out with a masterful album, after the off-kilter Brain Thrust Mastery. Barbara combines the catchy punk-pop of With Love and Squalor with the pop 80's style they went for in their second album. Along for the ride is new drummer (and former Razorlight member) Andy Burrows. I'm not sure if the inclusion of...view item »


More Richie Records rock in the form of Factorymen who dish up yet another tasty plate of outsider, fuck-over style noise rock. It's a truly mixed bag they be serving up here. One moment they're tinkering with synths and the echoplex and next minute they're harnessing good time Kiss-style riffage into the mutant disco broth. Brief compositional ...view item »

The Soft City
The Soft City

Missed Comet Gain last week, they were supporting The Clean in Brighton & I was ignorantly stuffing my chops with Tapas round the corner. Gutted! At least this Soft City CD may relieve the edge of disappointment clouding my brittle heart. I think it's summat to do with a CG member (Phil Sutton) and they're from NYC I believe. Comprising...view item »

The Acorn
No Ghost

The opener "Cobbled from dust" immediately introduces you into the sound and tone of the album. Lyrically its warm, and heartfelt yet being experimental and familiar all at the same time. Theres "rock" songs to be found here as well. "Crossed the Wire" is a monster of song, throwing you into an entire different pace from soft spoken songs like "mis...view item »

Sekkutsu Jean + Kawabata Makoto
Sekkutsu Jean + Kawabata Makoto

Looks to be another one of the many side-projects of Acid Mothers Temple's head honcho, guitarist Kawabata Makoto. Best described as noise-metal. Might be too noisy for some. Couple of these tracks I thought that had managed to stand out from the rest were the jamming "Werghsukaxgh", the sort of Gong-ish "Vokkoshemmra", the frantic "Aathychkiwzhi" ...view item »

Lily Allen
It's Not Me, It's You

The best fucking album ever made.................................................................................................. ...view item »

Blitzen Trapper
Destroyer Of The Void

So, it starts off like the Beach Boys, the harmonies, the bass, then after a minute we hear a little Brian May style guitar followed by backing vocal ahhhhs that are lifted directly from Queen’s “March Of The Black Queen” and more May guitar. The rest of the title track is reminiscent of Queen&r...view item »

Her Space Holiday
The Young Machines- Remixed

Wichita (again) have joined forces with Mush (US alt hippety hop label) to bring us a CD by Her Space Holiday. Not very hip hop you'd think and I'd be inclined to agree with you. Though when you look at the list of shiny remixers, namely, The Album Leaf, Arab Strap, Matmos, Super Furry Animals, Dntel, Blockhead, Broken S...view item »

Nana Grizol

It's damn disappointing that this terrific band hasn't garnered more attention than this. This is the sophomore release from Nana Grizol, part of the famous Elephant 6 collective (Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, and many other terrific bands). This album smoothes out a lot of the streetpunk, live sound of the first album, and refines ...view item »

Modern English

the name of the band is the only link to that era, first eighties, of pathos and tensions of which they've been absolute frontrunners. Unfortunately, beside good production and execution, there's not much more for those who worshiped the 4ad epopea. In a way, it's like listening to some latest Adrian ...view item »

Kevin Dunn
No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985

It's hard to believe this music has languished unavailable for so long. Kevin Dunn really was an unsung hero of southern underground music -- importing influences from across the pond (Eno, Roxy, Fripp, Sparks*, etc.) in an era when such music was genuinely subversive and hard to come by, Dunn (both on his own and as...view item »

Another Another Green World

Here's an interesting thing (well maybe interesting to some of you!)... It's a compilation CD called 'Another Another Green World' and it's basically the entire Another Green World album by Brian Eno all covered by a load of Dutch electronic artists. Hence the extra 'Another'... it's all well clever. On the album you've got Rude 66, Legowelt, Hydru...view item »

Secret Chiefs 3
Sattelite Supersonic Vol.1

If you like the crazy, circus-y, more "bungle" sounding material, start with First or Second Constitution of bylaws. Keep in mind that the first one goes into "noise" after about the 6th song (the first 6 are absolutely ridiculously good). But there is more! Keep listening and you find gems throughout the "goof-off" noise. There are two new song...view item »

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