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Speaking of the Duds I was gonna release a split single with them and Querelle some time back but then gave up on the label after I realised just how fickle the record buying public is. ah the bitterness is still strong within. It's a shame really cos Querelle are quite fantastic and Sink & Stove have the honour of brin...view item »

Robert Pollard
Music For Bubble

So Guided by Voices split up earlier this year sparking a mass suicide pact by writers at Magnet magazine (only thwarted when they were coaxed down off their ledge with the promise of a new Death Cab for Cutie album and a Neutral Milk Hotel re-issue). Phew - for a minute there I thought I'd never have to read about ...view item »

Out Of Here

Sometimes I really can't be arsed reviewing indie records. There's too many of them that are woefully average. Most of the tunes I buy these days are predominantly electronic. That's not cos I've gone off guitars. Perish the thought! I've never listened to Pixies as much in my life. The thrill hasn't gone of hearing an original & s...view item »

Painting Monsters On Clouds

We gots two albums in from Qua on Mush.'Forgetabout' and 'Painting Monsters On Clouds' I've just clocked the press release and I'm going to quote it here. A total fucking cop out I know but it does relly sum up their sound by someone that clearly has better ears then me 'The album's eleven tracks bring to mind the playfulness of Mouse on Mars, the ...view item »

Mum Smokes
House Music/ Easy

Aussie quartet Mum Smokes have this fine double set out on Sensory Projects, they're a Melbourne collective writing sublime breezy, easy going indie pop with a classic edge whilst retaining a sense of homely modesty. To begin picking at the 31 tracks over this 2 album retrospective is ridiculous but I can hear Felt, B&S, Eggs, later era Pavemen...view item »

Ruined Parabola

Not heard Chora before though I'm familiar the Sheffield free noise and improv scene they are associated with. Predominantly a duo of Ben Morris and Rob Lye they have been known to supplement their line-up with various collaborators including Pascal Nichols, Patrick Farmer, Kelly Jones and members of Helhesten & The Hunter Gracchus. 'Ruined ...view item »

Mare's Tails

What we have here is a fine collection of intimate, folky lullabies from this Leeds-based project. For the most part we're in pure acoustic guitar territory but there are occasional flourishes from other instrumentation and low-key rhythms do rear their heads, contributing heavily to the predominantly waltz-like air of the album.. Apparently thr...view item »

Wolther Goes Stranger
Dandies Play In Office Time

Secret Furry Hole presents another radical shift in style whilst retaining its cute dinky 3" identity. This one comprises atmospheric & deep cosmic disco, sometimes with strong mogadon house shades. Compared to some of the awful Kitsune endorsed remixes and current hipster "dance", this offering from Wolther Goes Strange is a real treat - th...view item »

Franck Vigroux
Camera Police

Ah what a fine way to end the week with this head rinsing third album from this French artist, whose setup consists of analogue synth, drum machines, samplers, turntable etc. After the 'Police' intro 'Camera' takes no prisoners with its heavy, abrasive distorted electronic beats and gargantuan blasts of noise. Immediately the recent Pan Sonic al...view item »

If We Meet In The Future

Todays indie stars just don't seem to have the same brazen disregard for fashion sense & drug laws. Saloon are either named after a nice family sized car of somewhere you get your hair done if yer a lady. Or even a drinking hole in the old wild west like in them John Wayne films. 'If We Meet In The...view item »

The S-1 Committee
Ref. #: 13.841

Now the S-1 Committee with their debut album REF.#13.841. The vocals are recorded in the toilet school of reverb and dominate the mix making it sound a bit psychedelic like Jesus and the Mary Chain. It's a pretty DIY album which touches on cheeky pop disguised beneath a wave of atonal vocals that struggle to hit the right notes. If I was Simon Cowe...view item »

The Last Days of Rome

Last time I heard anything on the Hymen label it was mental electronica/ breakcore gear. So when I banged this Snog CD on imagine my surprise when it sounded like a cross between Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails.... Still I've always been a fan of their artwork and they're called Snog which carries some weight. The features 1 track extra and 5 fur...view item »

Henning Schmiedt

This is the 2nd CD we've had from Henning. After his last album which was created for his pregnant wife to help her pregnancy (she'll still have been kicking his face of during labour mind you) here's his new opus 'Wolken'. Which does exactly as you'd think it would. He's a German virtuoso and here he plays in a cheeky lively style which reminds me...view item »

Blitzen Trapper
Field Rexx

This is one of my favourites. I love the weirdness; it's blue-grass, with some experimental quirkiness, with a definite indie-rock feel. I would say their sound is original pop/newgrass, rock, somewhat country? "Asleep for Days" was the first song of theirs that I had heard when I listened to the album. On first hearing the song, I thought that Mod...view item »

Psy Valley Hill

Shit, these guys have absolutely no right to be anywhere near as blazin' as this at their age. Mani Neumeier (drummer extraordinaire and all-round backbone of Krautrock legends Guru Guru), Ax Genrich (also a Guru Guru member during their most fertile early-70s period) and Guy Segers (formerly of immense Belgian chamber-prog tykes Univers Zero) a...view item »

Hamper McBee
The Good Old-Fashioned Way

It's an informative record sleeve. You know immediately it's by Hamper Mcbee, you know he's from Monteagle, Tennessee and you know he knows how to handle a woman after a few drinks. He looks like he means business. Also worthy of note is the killer moustache on board Hamper's face... it's nothing but genius. The album was recorded in 1977 and it...view item »

Archie Bronson Outfit
Hoola (House Of David Remix) / Hoola (Moscow Remix)

Before hearing this I assumed that the Archie Bronson Outfit might be indie fops or horrid acoustic rock in the vein of sandal wearing, surf ponce Jack Johnson. Or a total pub rock band. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as one of my all time favourite bands are the amazing Ducks Deluxe. Archie Bronson are more like 80s wrestling film "...view item »

Koes Plus
Dheg Dheg Plas & Volume 2 Nights

please make record all original record this is fantastic be full appreciate for all your guys to preserve a good music especially from Indonesiaamen...view item »

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