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Al Margolis/If, Bwana
An Innocent Abroad

  The ever interesting and cutting edge Pogus label have a CD out by Al Margolis/ If Bwana. 'An Innocent Abroad' Is a strange blend of electronics, voice and flute, this has a slightly oriental feel a...view item »

Light Pollution

Light Pollution are a four piece rock band from Chicago who dabble in a modern form of indie rock, encapsulating elements of psychedelia, Indie pop and, to a lesser extent, Chillwave and other such post modern genres. In essence they are a well produced and fairly bankable sounding indie indie. Their press release compares them to Animal Collect...view item »

Idiot Box

It's a bit of a slow-burner, this PUDGE album.  I had extremely high hopes for it, and to be honest I wasn't overly enamoured on initial listening, but as so often proves to be the case with these things, it's become one of my favourite albums of the year.  A lot of high-pitched television feedback sounds and samples run throughout...view item »

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
(Baby) Hold Me Tight / Buggin' Blues

I have a soft spot for Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. I think it's cos reminds me of yesteryear when things were less shit and less complicated than they are now. Maybe I'm just being all nostalgic and all that but it has that kind of appeal to me. (Baby) Hold Me Tight is poptastic slab of 50's Hawaiian influenced rock 'n roll. It's supremely quaint and...view item »

The Intelligence
Crepuscule With Pac-man

Another great Intelligence release! My personal favourite tracks include a raw and very enjoyable " I Walk In A Lonely Light". Another favourite is "Crushed Up" which is one of the more psychedelic and experimental tracks off the albums. The opener "My Ears Are Dust" is a great opener and introduces the album brilliantly....view item »

Tyson Vogel

The album starts gently with some lovely sounding acoustic guitar. They are picked strings, bell like, warm and full in tone. Someone's done a good job on the recording here. Now, the second song is still brimming with the acoustic guitar but backed up with a slow, sonorous drum and cello. And vocals, and now piano. This beautifully recorded...view item »

Archie Bronson Outfit

Here is the new single from Archie Bronson outfit. The first track is bluesy rock that at least has the decency to turn up with a tune in tow. Its produced by Hotel. Isn't that the feller out of The Kills? I think so. If you like your rock nasty and bluesy out of the back of pub (with beer soaked carpet) then you might lik...view item »

TK Webb
TK Webb

Here's another of those fancy flash Mexican Summer jobs in fat cardboard sleeve on high quality virgin vinyl with a download code limited to a paltry 750 copies. I know nothing about this dude at all aside from his name. It's a nice name as well.... I'm toying with changing my name to TK Phil... that's gonna be mint. Anyway this guy has had a fe...view item »

Bio Muse
Occasionally in a Way

What magical treat will fall out of my wizards sleeve now????.... The Bio Muse 7" on No Label Recordings!! I was drawn to this record as it comes with a free tea bag. Always a winner in my book as there's never enough tea breaks in the day.... If that gimmik didn't get you running to put the kettle then it comes with a free...view item »

Slow Go

Follow that with some daft gabber breakz. Apzolut is the Dutch Shitmat, judging by his reviews. There's a spot of Bong-Ra in there with those silly compressed metal riffs underpinning the fast & furious jungle beats he chucks at you with glee. I don't really dig much of this stuff these days after my heads been bludge...view item »

The Acutes
Set On You

Leeds' very own THE ACUTES: "Set On You", A duo of drums, vocals and guitars reminiscent of the jangly indie-pop of yester year- think Postcard records minus the spiky ness of JOSEF K but with the rythmic intensity of say ORANGE JUICE, as you'd imagine the lead track is a typical tale of yearning, I'd recommend they listen to Big Flame's ...view item »

The Longest Time

Ant here with the latest 7" on the highly collectable Transgressive imprint. It's been a wee while since we had anything from Battle. 'The Longest Time' has moments that remind me of a less Oasis sounding Kasabian. It's catchier than a dose of clamidia at the indie disco. This comes in hand printed sleeve. By that I mean the sleeve actually ha...view item »

Agent Simple
Shaking An Egg

More indie! Good lord! Gothenberg's Agent Simple are up for perusal now with their 'Shaking an Egg' 7" EP. Now this is really cool. Nice sing-song girly lyrics with a bittersweet content, joyous kitchen sink percussion, maracas, whistling, that lovely old shambling, chiming guitar that Half Man Half Biscuit used to deliver. The second track ha...view item »

Terror Danjah
Power Grid

This is all decent fun on this 8 tracker, from heavy rollin' gangsta grime vibes with some sinister atmospherics to sleeker R&B elements. What is consistent through out is his beats. What I like in Particular is that occasionally you get a little vocal sample that sounds like some sort of munchkin, maybe that's thee Gremlinz. There's a coupl...view item »

Bobby Jackson
The Cafe Extra-Ordinaire Story

Bobby Jackson looks to be some kind of jazz super dude as he not only managed to run a successful and thriving jazz venue in Minneapolis but also found a little time to tickle an upright bass from time to time with the results documented here on The Cafe Extra-Ordinaire Story. This LP tells the tale of this jazz enthusiast and all round good guy...view item »

Death in Plains
Mustard Polo EP

Death In Plains is the work of Enrico Boccioletti, a Pesaro-based musician with a taste for psychedelic 16-bit slow dances. This 10" features four party numbers that sit somewhere between recent taste makers Future Islands and Washed Out. It's part synthpop balladeering, part melancholic dancefloor fillers, basically. Heartfelt vocal melodies si...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Know My Name

Nightmares On Wax have a cracking discography behind them (him) however for what it is worth I reckon the period this track came from is the weakest link in that chain. The album Mind Elevation is far and away the most disappointing LP released by George Evelyn. I'm not knocking NOW, I'm a big fan, indeed ...view item »

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