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Thomas Bey William Bailey
Progressive Lycanthropy

Now this is just the ticket to end your humble writers hard warking day... Three tracks constructed from a "feraliminal lycanthropizer" drone which was apparently used by the military as an "audio truth serum". That won't work on me though.... Shit what's happening to me????? It was me who put salt in the sugar bowl... Yes mum I did take 30p fro...view item »

Chofu, Ekoda, Koenji

Apparently Miminokoto is the project of Koji Shimura who can boast of involvement with much of the royalty of Japanese underground psych over the past twenty years including Mainliner, White Heaven, High Rise and various Acid Mothers incarnations. That alone should give you a vague idea of what to expect from this obi-stripped import job but it ...view item »

Good Works

The new Candidate 7" (Good Works) sounds like they've eaten the Beta Band and some guitars and shat out the silly noises. Very tuneful and we like this here. The best thing they've done by far. Mary says it has a really nice rhythm and I think she right....view item »

Ben Calvert
The State Of Travel EP

Ben Calvert releases a 7" called The State of Travel EP and it's very Nick Drake/ Belle & Sebastian singer songwriter acoustic folky type stuff....view item »

Modern Rituals

Very good songs, skilfully crafted, and pleasing harmonies. The album's closing song, "Night and Day" is one that will really hook you and not let go. Overall, this is not exactly the "70s rock" influence that I had heard about, but you'll find plenty of very good songs that could fit in almost any recent era of modern rock. The music sometimes ...view item »

Hot Hot Heat
Future Breeds

Future Breeds doesn't sound like any other previous HHH material. The album has a 'live' feel to it, and you can really hear and appreciate every instrument and how tight these musicians are - it doesn't sound like every inch has been scrubbed major studio clean. The songs are great, lively, to-the-point, and have some really excellent bridges a...view item »


This is pretty nuts. I've no idea where to start on this one. Gibberring electronics or perhaps more accurate would be experimental IDM which could possibly be reminiscent of some of the quirkier wierd side of Spymania if anyone remembers that label. (I should hope you do though as it was mint!) I know nothing about the guy or the release aside ...view item »


This is one of a few releases we have on this Swiss label, but fear not, there is no cheese to be found here, just some well executed electronics with some strange backwards sounds. I'm particularly enjoying 'No Bit, No Hit' which rides a sort of squashed hip-hop groove and and makes me think of an Autechre tune that I just can't put my finger o...view item »


At first you would immediately label this album 'cheesy' and simular to music that was made on a child's toy. The thing is the longer you let it play the better it gets and then when you play it again it shows it true grit!! Aksel Schaufler from German, aka Superpitcher, really does know how to make some tunes and the arrangement/production on t...view item »

Chamber Music

Someone else I've never heard of is Blueprint which is an instrumental album featuring guest vocal appearances from Aesop Rock, Vast Aire etc.... Go figure.... It says on the blurb that it's instrumental hip hop in the vein of DJ Krush, RJD2, DJ Spooky or DJ Shadow. Wow! It kinds of sums it up though as it sort of does w...view item »

Tetuzi Akiyama & Toshimaru Nakamura

Tetuzi Akiyama & Toshimaru Nakamura are a pair of improv dwelling familiars from Tokyo, Japan and 'Semi-Impressionism' is their first collaborative release. I've no idea how to review the sound of rumbling friction textures picked up by a strategically placed microphone, sparse, deconstructed meandering folk, minimal steel string plucking, inte...view item »

Of Montreal
False Priest

When did Of Montreal get so big? I'm not entirely sure what happened to make 'em as popular. It can't just be that the sister of Beyonce is a big fan. There's got to be more to it than that? well if you plunder the depths of their back catalogue you'll find some choice morsels (including the single I released knocking on 10 years ago which was s...view item »

The Intelligence

One of the most underrated bands right now "The Intelligence" has released another new album this time called "Males". This album continues with there surf rock inspired sound but also has a slight post punk sound as well. The album starts with the great "Bong Life" which sets off the fast exiting sound of the album which continues throughout th...view item »

The Thermals
Personal Life

Well, actually maybe they won't warm your heart, but they just may rock your socks off. It is a bit different from their previous albums though as it isn't as high energy (with the exception of "I Don't Believe You"). I read somewhere else that this album is a "grower", and I would agree with that as I started to like the songs more the more I list...view item »

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