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Giuseppe Ielasi
(Third) Stunt

This is the 3rd part in a series of vinyl releases where the source material is one turntable and a bunch of records. Time for Mr sample....From the start I was sucked into this one. The opener is a weird alien sounding glitchy looped beast that reminds me of Sutekh or something from the clicks and cuts era a while back. The strange cyclical loo...view item »

Tomorrow's Void

RST sounds like some sort of wrist injury. In fact I feel it coming on now. I might have to go to hospital and get a week off work.... I wish. Well RST are really a New Zealand experimental outfit who've had releases on Corpus Hermeticum, Ecstatic Peace and Last Visible Dog. A reasonable calibre of labels there I'm sure you'll agree. 'Tomorrow's Vo...view item »

Sore Eros
Second Chants

I love a spot of dreamy cosmic Americana me. Sore Eros (featuring the supremely off-kilter genius of Gary War & friends!) are the latest psych-Yank hopes launched onto these humble shores, a curious long player arriving in my fat lap through the Shdwply imprint. Being scared of vowels is of no real concern when yr putting out records like this....view item »

Clement Marfo & The Frontline

Wow, this one's good. Five stars lads ........................................... ........................................... ..............................................view item »

Mystery Twin
Mystery Twin

Ooh! Pretty pictures! All done by Cailan Burns, aka Mystery Twin. The music's similarly lovely and, combined with the fact that the sun's just popped out for its brief daily afternoon jaunt around these parts, is making me want to go and find a field to run around in. I guess mellow instrumentation and light, laid-back and airy electronica style...view item »

The Psychogeographical Commission
Patient Zero

In case you didn't know what a patient zero was it's the original source of an outbreak of a contagious influence within a population. I was always convinced I was gonna be the 1st to get bird flu in the UK but then it never really took off. Patient Zero is kinda apt if you don't get it as well. The concept of this album was to soundtrack the mi...view item »

Lianne Hall
Crossing Wires

I like this record. I think she has a great collection of songs with a voice so strong and true. She recorded/played most of this album herself and has released it on her own label. The name of the album comes from how many wires she had to cross while recording it. Class! The songs are extra brilliant when she sings, I almost hear violins. My f...view item »

NME Radar Compilation

I'm always excited to hear new, good music, so getting a collection of twenty different songs by twenty different artists made my day. I listened to this CD after hearing "Pumped Up Kicks" on the radio. I love indie, so this is a pleasure to listen to. As with everything, there are personal favourites. Some songs I loved, and others I didn't, al...view item »


First up this is insanely packaged in an oversized folder with a book inside which is stitched to the textured sleeve and inside there's a sweet nipple for you to house your CD on. Mmmm... It looks amazing and the 1st time I saw it (the packaging) I thought we want some of this baby. It brings together poetry and sound and design. The music is b...view item »

The Loneliness Of Empty Roads

Apparently this is a blues album. Yeah you read that right. Milieu in blues shocker. Well it's been on for a few minutes and it's not really like any blues I've heard before but in concept it is. Here Mr Brian Milieu Grainger is playing a guitar with nothing else, no overdubs or anything. It's just been recorded live to tape. It's just a few sin...view item »

Jungle Reaction

This one's quite pleasing on the ear - a bright and almost poppy sounding mix of processed sounds and vocals backed up by light electronic rhythms. For the most part it's got me thinking of bands like Lucky Dragons and High Places, that sort of psychedelic electronic-augmented indie sort of sound, but the comparisons don't seem totally apt as th...view item »

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