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Wop The Groove

The gaffer's really bustin' my balls this morning. Now he's just given me the new Cornershop single to review and is telling me I want to do dirty stuff with Pete Burns. He wont brake me though. I've mistakenly put the B-side on first and its surprisingly quite fun. It has a spoken word vocal talking about Dixons D90 series audio ...view item »

The Internal Tulips
Mislead Into A Field By A Deformed Deer

This is the work of Brad Laner (Electric Company/ Personal Electronics/ Savage Republic) and Alex Graham (Lexaunculpt/ Medicine). This is basically an experimental pop record inspired by the Beach Boys and The Beatles with added laptop trickery. It really does work as they use the technology really well, not over doing things but adding that extra ...view item »

There's A Fault

First Paper Jones, then Tiago La, then S.A. Andree. I love the production skill and mysteriousness of his lyrics – can’t tell if they’re profound or complete nonsense at times. This album is definitely more electronic than his previous ones, but it is a good one to lie on your bed and trip out to. The tracks sound rather simila...view item »


Another cover that fools, rollerskates would suggest something more upbeat and danceable, what you get is three minutes of fizzing, fuzzy fun with a slightly gloomy edge. The guitars recall Interpol, the drums Jesus and Mary Chain era Gillespie but the overall feel is closer to Black Tambourine, Shop Assistants or any female fronted noisy indie ...view item »


Oh no. A Witch House compilation. I merely thought this stupidly named genre was the responsibility of some idiot fashionista type working at a Nathan Barley style rag! Yet it seems to have infiltrated the minds of the people who work at Robot Elephant too as they've sent us a nine track compilation of the stuff. I cannae hear much house, se...view item »

Sean Smith

Nice 'rootsy' version of carols played and sounding like John Fahey. I like Sean's take on the John Fahey sound and his is more musical, less jarring in comparison, although I am partial to some Fahey also. Nice alternative to the many mellow Xmas guitar CDs and this one is still mellow but rootsy at the same time. This album was a pleasant surp...view item »

Soft Circle
Shore Obsessed

Okay so the speil on this is that it is the work of Hisham Bharoocha who was apparently a founding member of Lightning Bolt and Black Dice. It's pretty much a one-man band type affair with the dude rocking the drums, electronics, bass, guitar and vocals. Benjamin Vida takes pity on his tired hands and helps out with guitar and synth. Together th...view item »

Sleepwalking Into The Underworld

Reviewing press releases? I love this shit! Since we've got no means of watching this forty-minute DVD job that's all I've got to go on here but luckily it's a beauty! It ranges from the conceptual ('self contained, autonomous systems, usually with an inbuilt “fail” system removing the technical purity and adding a more organic edge'...view item »

Outer Limits Recordings

Sam Mehran a.k.a. Sam Meringue returns with another dose of Outer Limits Recordings fun. 'Julie' is Meringue's British power pop ballad that dwells on dramatic themes of love/suicide/reincarnation etc. By comparison to previous O.L.R. releases this effort is very much consistent with the concept of a proper pop song, featuring coherent vocals an...view item »

Deas & Denton
Deas and Denton's Inferno

These guys had a CD out on Blackest Rainbow a while back and this is part deux (see my superb command of the French language?) of their collaborative efforts. If I'm honest (I like to be honest as lying gets you nowhere in life) I can't remember the first volume. Cam Deas I'm familiar with as he's one of those guitar pluckery fellas who strums a...view item »

Jason Collett
Rat A Tat Tat

Fans of Jason Collett's know his sound tends to veer on the poppy side with a little "throw back" edge to it. I like to call it music from the "Quentin Tarantino Soundtrack" era. While fans of his previous work may be thrown off by the mellower tracks on this album. What makes him different from every other pop rock John Mayer clone is that his ...view item »

Sword Heaven

I loved the 'Entrance' record this duo did on Load a few years back so landing this one is quite the score. From the moment you hit the ignition you're in for one hell of a messy ride. It sounds like a T-Rex is playing drums, smashing away while shrieks of a tortured one howl in sorrow and pain. 'Dead End' is a monolithic slab of primal heav...view item »

Banjo or Freakout
105 / Dead In The Snow

This single from Banjo or Freakout is like being rocked to sleep by Hightower from Police Academy. It's gentle yet oddly stoic. It can also throw pigskins at you and catching it will propel you through a wall. It reminds me of Grandaddy. It's psychedelic and quite folky and it doesn't do anything offensive enough to make you hate it. It also has...view item »

Eux Autres
Broken Bow

The Larimer siblings third LP has more of a flourish about it than earlier recordings, adding a touch of professionalism to the band's bouncy, sixties styled indiepop with dashing results. Heather's vocal contributions as ever steal the show, with single 'You're Alight' packing an emotional punch, the insistent repeated title and cascading piano...view item »

V/A (Mantles, Ducktails, Fresh And Onlys, Woods etc)
Welcome Home / Diggin’ The Universe

Woodsist are the up and coming label that remind me of the type of imprint I slavishly followed as a young man, in that they are American, have great quality control and a slew of good lop sided lo-medium fidelity bands. Woods have yet to strike a proper chord with me (surely only a matter of time) and their opening entry is lovely lo-fi pop, ev...view item »

Small Town Boredom
Notes From The Infirmary

This is quiet, very quiet indeed. I can hear the footsteps of the last remaining Norman Records workers over the top of it. The guitars are picked delicately and intimately and the vocals are hushed in the extreme. The vocals immediately remind me of something, I guess one could be Tindersticks and also Sophia but there's something else - its on...view item »

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