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John Vanderslice
White Wilderness

Despite releasing 10 albums to date under his own name, John Vanderslice mainly plies his trade as a producer and is an absolute obsessive production nerd. His production techniques are experimental and have given us some superb songs, "Too Much Time" from 2009's "Romanian Names" being a particular highlight of his career. Given his desire to ex...view item »

Jason Urick

Husbands shows off more of the beauty in Jason Urick's cold ambient leanings. His solo debut under his own name after work with WZT Hearts, it's an attempt at creating accessible "pop" music in a framework of droning fog. Further proof of Baltimore's thriving experimental scenes and the strangely affectionate sounds that can come f...view item »

The Wax Heel

Rob Lye, Ben Morris, Karl Brummer and Ben Nash return to your home speakers with eight mind-benders recorded in Camberwell 2010. These guys are presumably playing all the time while amassing a tidy little catalogue on labels like Blackest Rainbow, Chironex,...view item »

Tony Cook
Back to Reality

Interesting release from Stones Throw rather than an essential one. Tony Cook produced boogie funk disco tracks and in some quarters has been associated with assisting in the development of House music. It is this association that has undoubtedly lent to the desire to put this co...view item »

Phil Manley
Life Coach

Phil Manley is an awesome guitar player. You know dis. The man (ley) has paid his dues to the underground music community tenfold with bands like Golden, Trans Am, The Fucking Champs and Oneida plus he now engineers for a living so he's passing on his skills to a new generation of musicians! Aw bless! I'm surprised it's taken him this long t...view item »

Everything Judged By Success Alone

'Everything Judged By Success Alone' is a CD by Tracks who is Oliver Griffin that used to be in knives. It opens with 'Starts With Cans' which has a vocal sample narrative of an alcoholic who killed his wife and kids drink driving. Depressing stuff which sets the tone for the rest of the album. It strikes me as a highly personal record. It's one ...view item »

The Phoenix Foundation

Fuck, this is mellow as. Not one to lift your flagging insomniac mind-body (dis)construct in the mid-afternoon but quite nice nonetheless with its gently driving, lightly psych-prog flavoured indie pop-rock shizzle. I feel like I used too many hyphens there but never-mind. It's a sunny-sounding (COCK!), expansively produced record from start to ...view item »

Brainwashed Youth
The Trilogy

This is a ridiculous 7" single courtesy of a bunch of punk rocker types called Brainwashed Youth. Featuring members of Inmates, H-100s, Wolfdowners and even Integrity, these lads are basically in it for punk rock kicks playing music that owes a massive debt to early english hardcore and Oi stuff whilst still sounding very much like an American p...view item »

Jahdan Blakkamoore
Babylon Nightmare

I'm rather enjoying this slab of contemporary roots reggae, Jahdan's voice hits the spot and the intelligent and spiritual lyrics are just the ticket. 'Flying High' being particularly good. This guy has collaborated recently with Major Lazer and in the past everyone from DJ Premier to Lee Perry and Dead Prez. 'Down In The Ghetto' samples Eek a M...view item »

Amazing Ghost
I Gettupa / Tiny Raindropz

Funky! This is well disco sounding! Not heard of these guys before but I was drawn to the sleeve with some crap looking ghosts on.... I love crap looking ghosts... Probably played too much Pac Man as a nipper I did. There's something really crap about this but something utterly charming at the same time. It's pure disco pop.. I don't really know...view item »

School Knights
Rush s.k.

I kinda like this label. They introduced Cloud Nothings to me who have been floating my boat for a wee while now. They chuck out these limited CDR releases and the majority of the ones I've heard are dynamite. School Knights is a chap from Weed Diamond and here he's teamed up with Zack Roif to make a strong 4 track power-punk-pop EP. It's not a ...view item »

Thollem / Scodanibbio
On Debussy's Piano And...

Some experimental classical gubbin-a-rama for you tweaked-eared psychonauts. This is the culmination of two respected soloists going hell-for-leather on Debussy's actual piano (the one he owned for his final fourteen years) and a double bass. So it falls more in the realm of jazzical. Yes, this is often crazed, sometimes graceful but never dull....view item »

St Catherine's Home For Lazy Infants
Old Ghosts

Best name of the week goes to 'St Catherine's Home For Lazy Infants' and they're brand new album 'Old Ghosts' on the Slow Loris label. What a great name for a band!! The CD is packaged in a '2-layer stenciled and stamped chipboard sleeve with insert.' It's a lovely looking thing. Whack it on your beatbox stereo system and you'll be instantly wowed ...view item »

5 : Five Years Of Hyperdub

The man has informed me that after doing a mountain of grimy washing up (we must run a trucker caff, on the sly) that I have to write a review for this stunning Hyperdub 2xCD comp. '5 Years of...' is a largely superb round up of past, present & future glories, classics & exclusives spread thickly over two tasty silver discettes of broodi...view item »

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