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Sondre Lerche
Dead Passengers

Next up is Sondre Lerche 'Dead Passangers' EP. This is some folks from the same town as Royskopp and Kings of Convenience out there in Norway. Its more like KOC in that its light jaunty pop with a bit of a bossa nova feel but then it breaks into some kind of rock solo half way thro...view item »

Rykarda Parasol
For Blood And Wine

Rykarda Parasol is a musical genius. In a perfect world critics and fans alike would be throwing themselves at the feet of this amazing self-producing singer/songwriter. There are numerous highlights on this, her second full length record, including: "Covenant", "One for joy!", and "Hold back the night". Rykarda is often described as the female ...view item »

The Luyas
Too Beautiful To Work

Debut album from artsy Canadian experimenters who create gorgeously strange, echo-ish space age faerie noise dream pop; where tender fragility is tied to an exploratory sense of adventure by angelic strings of wonderment. These are otherworldly forays into sparkly star-float realms of mischievous Elvin innocence. Includes members from ...view item »

Distinct Stance

A mighty strange E.P. from Dev 79 on Zenapolae. It says fucked up electronics on the label and offers up 6 tracks of distorted slo-mo hip hop with a really interesting array of shades & effects. Quite sinister in places. Can't quite place any direct comparison with anything but It's one of the most ear...view item »

Triptyque de l’oeil

Am super pleased to announce we are now stocking a few of the latest releases on this fine sound art/ experimental label. Each edition comes in pristine and functional, superbly designed metallic vacuum sealed packaging. There are some truly wondrous and out there sonics to be heard across all three releases. For me to attempt to articulate the ...view item »

Mr. Lager
Kailas / Runaway

They call me Mr. Lager you know. On a friday I can't get enough of that golden nectar, I pour it down my throat then wash the whole delicious brew down with a glorious piece of meat from the big spinning stick. Anyway here he is, the other Mr Lager on Various Production. On the A side we have an atmospheric dark dubstep tune with thumping kick d...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Helen In The Mirror

The next thing I have for you is a long playing record by Red Stars Over Tokyo. This is on the Hot Hair label of Belgium. Speaking of Hot Hair someone told me the other day that they knew someone who used to burn their hair rather than cut it. Is this normal? I would have thought that a scissor would be easier.Anyway this is entitled 'Helen in the ...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Not Moving

Red Stars Over Tokyo return with a new selection of minimalist drones and ambient compositions on the Hothair label. What can i say about this guy? Previously he's been known to touch on neo-classical type stuff whilst occasionally drifting into minimalist techno. Now he's in it purely for the electronic drones, crafting dreamy sleep inducing to...view item »

Towers of Sparks

Now for some Austrian free-post-classical-rock-jazz. Oh yeah baby. You know you want it. Right in yer ears, all the way. Easy does it! There! How do you feel? What? Your blinking brain hurts? Oh dear, I think I pushed it in too far. Now let's see, if I can just ease it out a tad.....there we go! How's that? Better you say? You like the violin? W...view item »

Charles Albright
I'm Happy, I'm A Genius

This Charles Albright band are fucking nuts! Not quite as nuts as the serial killer they take their moniker from but still pretty nuts all the same. They ply their trade in ultra lo-fi experimental punk rock meaning this 7" has been recorded in the lairiest, noisiest possible way. Think Guitar Wolf noisy. We are talking serious tape saturation a...view item »

Televised Crimewave
Help The Girl

Televised Crimewave are a relative new entity spawned from the ashes of the much hyped Leeds "art-punk" band Black Wire. Not sure what happened to Black Wire but I didn't pay much attention in the first place so i guess it doesn't matter. Nowadays the lads are playing downbeat garage rock type stuff that is occasionally referred to as death rock...view item »

Vvolves EP

Apparently Ant used to "get given" all the Welsh bands because he "understood them" more. This was always amusing as he'd sit in his little chair, head in hands, trying to make sense of some feeble jangly dirge with wet lyrics whilst we all rolled around laughing. This may have only happened once or twice but it was so funny it may well have hap...view item »

Mains De Givre
Esther Marie

If you're into violins then this is one for you. Mains De Give is Thisquietarmy's Eric Qualch (officially a busy guy) and Emilie Livernois. They're part of the Canadian underground scene you know. Emilie plays beautifully eerie and moving violin whilst Eric makes feedback a plenty on his guitar and also does FX (I'd like to think he makes latex ...view item »

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Tao of the Dead

Oh man, I used to bum these guys so hard around the turn of the century. Quite how they went from being one of the most thrillingly vital live bands around (also knocking out a couple of belting albums along the way) to plodding out plonkerful MOR bombasto-prog in the space of a couple of years I'll never know, but I'll always have a soft ...view item »

Pine Smoke Lodge
Songs For Sucking Spirit Darts

Nicer to have something new drop by Matt McKeever and Hillary Dickerson. This is working for me.. Like being lost in some thick fog in a forest while being threatened by evil spirits. Ritual drone music from the ultra mysterious zone. Suffice to say if you've been transported by their recordings for Dead Pilot, Blackest Rainbow and Existential C...view item »

The Sidewinders
Flatfoot Hustlin'

Jazzman continue the eternal quest for the ultimate rarities with their 'Holy Grail' series. This time around they've uncovered a rarely heard gem of an LP from Canadian (?) Funk & Soul outfit The Sidewinders. Nova Scotia seems like an unlikely place to discover a full on Funk band of any discernible quality but I guess if you're looking har...view item »

The Phantom Family Halo
Music From Italian T.V.

Going into this as a total virgin to The Phantom Family Halo's world I'm not sure what to make of the first couple of minutes and I'm certainly not confident about rattling off a load of shite telling you what this album's like because it sort of seems as though it could go just about anywhere and by the end might have completely contradicted wh...view item »

Byrds of Paradise
Teenage Symphonies

You can't spell your band name like that, guyz! Been done like. However, I, Judge of All That is Right and Good in the World, will let you off because I'm finding that your record's quite tasty. It's definitely one of the finest examples of scuzzy, super lo-fi garage noise-pop that I've heard in a long time, effortlessly evoking many a classic b...view item »

Terror Bird
Human Culture

I remember us getting a 7" in by Terror Bird a while back and thinking 'that's some nice Gothic infused pop music'. Well, Terror Bird return with a full on debut LP thanks to the lads at Vendetta and Night People ('night night people people...'). It's been said before, and i think it's fair to repeat the claim that Terror Bird's stuff is basical...view item »

Alex Durlak

This is part 4 in the Rural Route series of 3" discs. These things are a bit crazy as they're 3" CD's in nice foldy out business but they include a download code? Not seen many CDs that come with downloads. I guess 3"'s aren't as friendly to Macs so maybe that's why? Who knows... It's novel and I'm here to tell you that this is happening right h...view item »

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